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    Dai Tran has expanded the world of Bitsumo. In addition to the original smaller Bitsumos, he’s also offering the new 7” Bitsumo XL, 7” enemy Pandit figures as well as the copper colored Yaocho – who brings his own chaotic energy as a wildcard in the struggle for supremacy between...

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    NYCC 2012: Exclusive look at MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka screenshot

    The highlight of Bandai's plamo plans for this year will culminate with the December release of the Master Grade Nu Gundam ver. Ka. It didn't come as a surprise to see it being announced, but the gimmicks involved have gotten fans to want to build a Master Grade Nu Gundam all over again. It's been 13 years since the original kit and the newest version inspired with the long legs of Katoki have already gotten many to get their pre-orders in.

    Today at New York Comic Con, we were able to get a detailed look at the kit. There's a lot to this kit and a huge run-down of features, so join me after the jump for this look at the Master Grade Nu Gundam ver. Ka.

    The first thing you should note about the kit is that the proportions have changed. This is in no doubt a Katoki kit, as the legs have been made longer and the chest a tad skinnier. This is in no way the same kit from 13 years ago. What is shared though is the kit's base, as it's simply the same symbol. However, what has changed with the base is that it will feature a new connection piece for display of the fin funnels.

    While they were not pictured at this event, the adjustable parts to hold the Fin Funnels will be attached to the stand from the back. Considering that the original Amuro symbol base used hide-away sections on the bottom to display the funnels, I'm really glad to see this improvement.

    In shaping up what's different, let's take a look at the torso. It has been slimmer made than the original Nu but still somewhat blocky. What does strike me as a bit odd are the points sticking up through the chest. I'm not sure what they're supposed to be, but they're there and someone will find an explanation. I tried myself but could not find it.

    The joints on the Nu have also changed, especially the shoulder and knee joints. The shoulder joints will be able to pop-out of the torso to allow for a greater range of motion. While this has been done in previous kits, the joint style appears to be new for the Nu. 

    If you take a look at the knee joints, it allows for an extended range of motion. The range goes so far as to push out the joint a bit more than it needs to be aesthetically, but will keep people happy when wanting to pose it. You can also get a pretty good idea of how the panels and lining will be having a lot of you busy with getting all of the details correctly marked.

    The weapons have been changed up as well to match the rest of the kit. They've got the Katoki slimness and deep panel lines, so expect some work to be done there when it comes time for painting. 

    The shield has been updated as well, giving you a lot more of panels and lining. The original missiles are still present at the end of the shield, so not everything has changed here.

    The backpack is a great update from the original. The kit, while not showing off the feature at NYCC, will be able to display the Fin Funnels on either side of the backpack. If you'd like to get adventurous, feel free to buy a second kit and make the double Fin Funnel version of the Nu. 

    As for other features, the Nu Gundam ver Ka will feature the ability to put an LED into the torso, which will light up the head as well as the cockpit. The kit will also feature individually articulated fingers. I wouldn't expect something like a Perfect Grade in terms of these hands, but more than likely something like the MG Sazabi.

    All things considered, I'm going to really enjoy this kit. Even though the Katoki style is hated by some, I wholeheartedly approve of this redesign. A lot of the changed to detail, such as the additional armor near the top of the arm and the rings in the forearms, have added detail that really sets it apart. Be sure to check out the full gallery which details about every angle you've wanted to see about the MG Nu Gundam ver. Ka.

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    NYCC 2012: Grab some free swag from Good Smile on Sunday screenshot

    If you've had the fortune of heading out to New York Comic Con, then you've had to come across Good Smile Company's booth located in The Block. With this being their first appearance in the States, they've laid out their booth with posters from their extensive collection of goods. They can't bring it all back with them so they want you to have it!

    All you need to do get the posters with included frames is show up to the GSC booth at 4:30. From there, they will be handing out the goods through a variety of contests. It's all free and free is good. Stop on by on Sunday, say hello, and hopefully walk away with some more ways to decorate your home with Good Smile goods.

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    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PULL-UPS® Night*Time for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Broolin is now 3 and as we wnet through potty training it would have been helpful to have training pants at night. In fact, that’s the only time we use them. We love products like... [Continue Reading]

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    From CW's new television series "ARROW" becomes a collectible statue of "Oliver Queen" clad in his green archer-cowl! On display at the DC Collectible booth in New York Comic Con, do you think the likeness of actor "Stephen Amell" is dead-on for the sculpt? The blue-eye detail is commendable tho :) Images via Cool Toy Review.

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    From Vertigo comes awesomeness in the form of Sandman and Death bookends (Morpheus with his helm was a nice touch), and a splendid Death statue! Seen on display at the DC Collectibles booth at New York Comic Con, I reckon the only true way to reflect the SANDMAN characters would be via fine art statues, rather than articulated action figures, as that would retain their "form", and thusly

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    Japanese animation studio MADHOUSE returns with an original direct-to-video animated film titled; "Iron Man: Rise of Technovore" - starring Iron Man, War Machine, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury and the Punisher! Watch for the release in 2013.

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  • 10/14/12--00:17: Kotobukiya @ NYCC 2012
  • [7 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing] Kotobukiya display at New York Comic Con booth #1757 (images courtesy of Superhero Hype), featuring characters from DC and Marvel Comics properties and other whom you can see from the KOTO-catalog posted below. [8 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]

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    Day Three of New York Comic Con on a Saturday. I don't see a whole lot of imagery for products for sale, so either vendors were so busy doing rip-roaring business, and had no time to tweet or instagram their wares, or they simply do not intend to advertise about them .. but looking at the insane crowd shots, I reckon it was the former LOL Nevertheless, these are some 'random' selection of

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    Sometimes when you see something you just have to say "Aw, that's cute! That's really cute!"

    At least that's what I said when I saw how my "Babies In The Pumpkin Patch" design turned out the trivet with wood frame from my It's Raining Baby Showers Gallery.

    I just LOVE it and think it's a great compliment to my "Babies In The Pumpkin Patch" penny rug design.

    What do you think?

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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    set database: LEGO 8417 mag wheel master

    image courtesy of chowrentoys

    image courtesy of Ibimportsuk

    image courtesy of scalerules!
    image courtesy of peeron
    image courtesy of lugnet

    image courtesy of bricklink
    set number: 8417
    set name: mag wheel master
    theme: technic
    year: 1998
    pieces: 315
    price: us$30
    minifigs: none
    medium technic set.
    re-released similar as 8430 mag wheel master by LEGO in 2002.
    main model is a sport motorcycle.
    can be built into a building alternative.
    building alternative included a chopper.
    come with 2 movable pistons, a movable chain, a movable steering and a working rear suspension.
    overall design is good.
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  • 10/14/12--09:07: NYCC Mattypalooza Panel News
  • It’s only been a few weeks since Power-Con, but Mattel had a few more reveals at their Mattypalooza panel over the weekend. Here’s the scoop from TNI: More concept art for Castle Grayskull, which will have a perch for the Wind Raider, and a Kickstarter-like pre-sale for $250 apiece . Pics at TNI. Clamp Champ [...]

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    The Pre Sale is NOW LIVE LINK HERE. There is no case assortment info yet but it seems likely there will be 2 of the non racers each and probably 6 Lightning’s so figure the remaining 14 CARS in the case are split among the remaining 4 racers. There are coupons codes that may or [...]

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  • 10/14/12--11:22: State of the Site
  • This week’s assignment from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers is to write a “State of the Site” post. I already do this sort of thing every so often, but it might be good to do a more thorough one. Direction of the Blog and Collecting Habits I don’t think it’s any secret I tend to [...]

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    Via UberFacts Posted at 5:47 PM October 11 “Ghengis Khan killed about 11% of the entire world’s population.” BTW, if you like historical fiction, I highly recommend “Genghis, Birth of an Empire.” Of course, not a lot is actually known about Genghis but Conn Iggulden does an amazing job of weaving together a story that [...]

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    Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey made their own rendition of the Batcave using over 20,000 LEGO blocks. They spent 400 hours each over three months to finish it. It was put on display at a few comic events including the Emerald City ComiCon last March. This cool custom set includes separate chambers for the...

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  • 10/14/12--14:13: EA IRS Education
  • Fast Forward Academy is a resource for an EA CPE to find materials needed to study for testing and their continuing their professional education in the tax industry . It is required by the IRS that preparers and tax agents complete a minimum of 16 hours annually and 72 hours every 3 years of continued... [Continue Reading]

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    Parents need good sleep as much as their kids, right? Of course, but we all know that realistically you’re never going to get the rest you need when you have kids-particularly young kids that are beginning to learn the routines of going to sleep and waking up on their own. Rest assured, today we’re taking [...]

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  • 10/14/12--16:31: NYCC: Kotobukiya Display
  • Now, we head on over to Kotobukiya's booth to check out what they have on display. Follow through for the full gallery and additional information of what's on display at Kotobukiya's booth. Also, check out Rebelscum to see the Star Wars items that were also showcased.

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  • 10/14/12--16:57: NYCC: Costume Gallery
  • While at the New York Comic-Con, you can guarantee that you'll see some amazing costumed attendees. Click the thumbnails above to view our full gallery of masks, props, make-up, costumes, and more!

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