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    0 0 have posted an image on their forum by the third party toy maker Fans Want It. The image shows an image of the Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime leaders class figure with a large black shillouttte behind him that look at lot like wings with massive jet thrusters off to the side. It is unclear what they are looking to offer, but one can only guess this is some kind of homage to the Jetfire scene in the movie. See the image after the jump for the full details.

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    Released at the recent Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention via TOYSREVIL Booth F52, The Philippines-based artist Anjo Bolarda's custom Yoka figurines named "BEAR-JUJU" are going to be made available for sale via my online shop! Limited to only 10 hand-painted pieces by Anjo in 5 x RED and 5 x BLACK colorways - with gold tribal accents - the 3" tall figurine comes housed in it's own box. (

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    Smokescreen (Deluxe, 11-24-2012) ID number: AM-26 Accessories: Arms Micron A redeco (and potential retooling) of Knock Out, Smokescreen is (currently) exclusive to the TakaraTomy Prime toyline. He transforms into a low-riding sports car. As part of the Arms Micron gimmick, he has extra 5mm post-holes in both modes, allowing him to use the weapon-bots. He comes with a (currently unknown and unnamed) Arms Micron;img src=quot;

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    Released at the recent Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention via TOYSREVIL Booth F52, UME Toys' TOYSREVIL-Edition DEE DEE will be made available to purchase online via! Limited to only 8 pieces total made available at STGCC 2012 (4 x Regular Swirls and 4 x Chocolate Sprinkles), the figurine is priced at US$32 per (with an additional US$12 for shipping+handling)! Each

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    Released at the recent Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention via TOYSREVIL Booth F52, The Jelly Empire's TOYSREVIL-Exclusive "JELLYBOT V.2" will be made available to purchase online HERE! Limited to only 6 pieces made in resin by Argonaut Resins (the 6th piece will be heading to NYCC!) the custom-painted figurine features articulation and is priced at US$40 per (additional US$8 for shipping+

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    Thanks to YouTube memeber and toy seller Kapow! Toys who have shared a new video review of the Transformers Generations GDO Sandstorm scout class action figure. This little guy is a repaint of the Hunt For the Decepticon Dune Runner mold into this Generation 1 rendition of the character Sandstrom. If this mold looks familiar, you have also know it as Dune Runner, Beachcomber, Crankstart and Rollbar. Get the scoop on this figure in the video review after the jump.

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    This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Buffalo Wild Wings for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. It’s almost football season and in Oregon that means college football season. See we’re pretty big Duck fans around these parts and rightfully so they’re one awesome team. One of the best ways to... [Continue Reading]

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  • 09/09/12--07:46: Akihabara Electronics

  • After Japan lost the war in 1945, the many radio technicians and electronic engineers stationed around the world came back home to Japan. At the time, there wasn't many jobs going round and all most of them could do was to make things like electric rice cookers or pots.
    They wanted to contribute to the reconstruction of Japan and called out to all the Japanese engineers to gather at Akihabara. At the time, radio was the only form of enjoyment in an era where printing and other forms of entertainment was scarce - thus the engineers focused their efforts in bringing the people more radios.

    Many children's books at the time depicted Akihabara as being a "city of the future."

    Between 1960 and 1970, Akihabara started to see many electronic stores selling white goods - TV's, washing machines, fridges and so on.

    Today, while the area has become known for being an Otaku haven, Akihabara today is still popular for its electronics. Today we take a gander around two of the more popular electronic stores - Super Potato (retro games) and Sofmap (covers all electronics).

    Today I'm filming with model, photographer and good comrade Julie Watai!

    First off we start at the Electric Town exit at Akihabara station.
    [gmap=35.698170, 139.772285]

    Super Potato located below!
    〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田1-11-2 北林ビル3F/4F/5F
    [gmap=35.6994028, 139.770712]
    They have a few stores located across Japan which are listed here.

    And here is sofmap - they have a few stores in Akihabara - some focused on Eroge and media - this one on hardware.
    [gmap=35.699781, 139.771642]

    If you are not a resident in Japan, dont forget to take your passport when shopping - you get duty free in a special way. In other countries, one usually pays the tax first and then fills out a form to get it stamped at the airport - Japan is much simpler - the tax is deducted when you pay.

    More Akihabara related photo posts listed up below.

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    TransFormers Subscription Service Questions and Answers with Pete Sinclair

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    The Tim Bruckner Shop has released a new bust of the American author, poet, editor, and literary critic; Edgar Allan Poe. Follow through for additional details and click the thumbnails above for a closer look.

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  • 09/09/12--08:32: Picnic Time!
  • Her Majesty has ordered in some beautiful weather for Texas today. It’s a glorious day for a p

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    Action Figure Fury Action Figure Fury - Action Figure News, Reviews, and Guide

    Action figures can come in many different sizes. The sizes are commonly referred to as action figure scales. When you are buying toys from other collectors you will notice that the use the action figure scales to describe the figure. It is all part of the action figure language. If you were to look up scale

    Action Figure Scales – All You Need to Know

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  • 09/09/12--08:47: Portal Cookie Cutters
  • Buying Portal Cookie Cutters Available : In Stock. Usually ships in 24 hours See Discount Price Port

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    What do WoW fanatics do when their internet is down? Well, they play the World of Warcraft Monopoly from ThinkGeek of course! This game is still like the old Monopoly game we have loved as a child the only difference is that it is particularly based on the popular game: World of Warcraft. Product Specifications:...

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  • 09/09/12--09:25: Texas Palace
  • Her Majesty is taking a stroll around the grounds of the Texas Palace.

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  • 09/09/12--09:36: Snake Baby Toy
  • My new free knitting pattern. This time I have two pdf versions:  full version with pictures to expl

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    Steiffgal's about to share a GIANT surprise with you... because it certainly was to her!  One of the most magical things about Steiff is that "new" vintage treasures seem to always appear "out of the blue...." and in this case, that's exactly what we have here!  Take a look at this note from a reader from the northeast part of the USA who asks about a larger than life family heirloom. Jeanne writes in part:


    I was hoping that you would have some information about our big Steiff Teddy Bear.  Here is a photo of him wearing a top hat and ribbons on his ears. 

    Our Teddy was given to my grandmother when she was a child; Grandma is now 91 years old. My great-grandmother was shopping during the Great Depression when she saw this huge Teddy Bear is a shopkeeper’s display window. She wanted to buy it for my grandmother who was her only child. She brought the Teddy Bear home on the bus; I guess it was quite a struggle. The Teddy took up a whole seat by himself! My great-grandmother lived way out in the country so it was a long ride.

    Soon afterwards, my great-grandmother passed away and my grandmother was raised by a nanny.

    We really don’t know too much about our Teddy Bear. He’s got blue eyes and he’s very large. He’s about 75 cm while sitting. He’s got enormous feet; his foot pads measure about 10” long. He’s got a Steiff button in his ear. He’s in okay condition considering that he’s been mauled by a dozen grandchildren over the years. He’s been very well enjoyed by the past 4 generations of our family.

    One of his ears has a tear near his head. He’s got a few loose threads hanging from his nose. One of his foot pads has some loose stitches. His feet have a few small stains. His fur is a bit threadbare and faded in a few areas. His growler doesn’t work. He’s getting droopy from age. But we still love him!

    My grandfather used to display the bear on floats during parades. He enjoyed dressing the bear up. 

    I really enjoyed your website. I love to see pictures of Steiff bears.

    Thanks so much, 


    WOWZA...Steiffgal's gotta catch her breath on this one.  What Jeanne has here is a humongous Steiff Petsy bear.  This bear is simply awesome in so many ways, including the fact that his entire history with Jeanne's family has been documented over the years.  From the historical and collector's perspective, Petsy had a very short, but very sweet, appearance in the Steiff catalog, only appearing from 1928 through the very early 1930's.  What made him different than past designs, among other factors, was his prominent middle facial seam which ran vertically from his forehead across his snout, and his metal lined ears, which allowed them to be posed in many fun and comical ways. 

    During his years in the line, Petsy was produced in two "flavors."  The first was a brown tipped mohair version with blue eyes (like Jeanne's here) with pink/red facial and claw stitching.  Some of these tipped Petsy bears had black and blue traditional glass pupil eyes; others had the more playful black and blue cartoon style eyes.  The second Petsy version was made from brass mohair; they were detailed with brown and black pupil eyes and black facial and claw stitching. The tipped version appeared in ten sizes ranging from 15 to 50 cm sitting (or 22 to 75 cm standing) while the brass version was only produced in one size:  22 cm sitting or 32 cm standing.  Tipped Petsy was also produced as a musical Ted in 17 and 20 cm (or 25 and 30 cm standing), on a four wheeled rolling cart in 20 and 25 cm, as a 17 cm puppet, and as a 17 cm purse. 

    Notice that a 75 cm sitting or 115 cm standing version of Petsy is not mentioned here? 

    Steiff's big bruins have always generated huge interest with collectors and those interested in the company's product design evolution.  And there is evidence and precedent for 115 cm sized bears in the late 1920's and early 1930's.  For example, the 1892-1943 Steiff Sortiment book documents the following three bears in 115 cm (standing size): a "Happy" Teddy bear, in the line in 1926; a Teddy clown in the line from 1926 through 1930; and a Dicky in the line from 1931 through 1935.  Clearly, the company produced a 115 cm Petsy as well; perhaps so few were made that the company did not keep a sample of one for the archives or just unintentionally omitted keeping a record of their manufacture.  

    Now for the big question, the really big question... his possible worth.  As always, Steiffgal is not a formal appraiser, and fully believes something is worth what someone will pay for it.  She has also not seen the bear firsthand -yet- so she cannot truly take into account structural issues that cannot be captured on film well, such as rips, tears, odors, and dry rot.  It is interesting to note that a 35 cm/49 cm (sitting and standing size) brown tipped, blue eyed Petsy sold for £23,600 or close to $40,000 at the 2012 London Toy Auction; this gorgeous example is pictured here on the left.  Given that Jeanne's bear is an original, early Petsy (one of the most sought after Steiff bear designs of all times,) his unusual, uncatalogued size, and fabulous provenance, and assuming that he is in as hearty condition as his owner describes, he may value in the $40,000 to $50,000+ range today.

    Steiffgal hopes that this discussion on Jeanne's Petsy has got you dreaming about Steiff in a super sized way!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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    Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Binoculars Usually ships in 24 hours Review For Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Binocu

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    Taking place at the Japanese American National Museum is Giant Robot’s Biennale 3. This exhibition will feature the works of Rob Sato, Deth P. Sun, Ako Castuera, Eishi Takaoka, Saelee Oh, Sean Chao, Albert Reyes, and Zach Gage. Not only will these artists have paintings, clay worlds, and a life-size...

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    After an exciting weekend at STGCC, Mighty Jaxx has found some time to make available their show exclusive Blood Lotus figure. This Glossy Red edition is limited to only 25 pieces worldwide, with only 5 available in his store HERE for $135. While you’re at it, you should check out...

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