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    I find myself mindlessly attracted to Etsy lately, especially now that I upgraded my iPad Etsy app – there’s just so many ways to browse and lose a little bit of time. I’ve been finding all kinds of goodies – lots of things I don’t really need, can’t afford, already have, etc. I mean honestly, [...]

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    Get the best of two worlds with RoHby's Unicorn Munny screenshot

    It's not often that I see the world of vinyl collide with robots. I mean, it happens, but not often enough for my tastes. When those circles do collide, you usually get awesome things, like RoHby's Gundam Unicorn Munny. Based off the design from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, RoHby has combined the decidedly serious Gundam asthetic with the whimsy of Western vinyl.

    What's neat about this custom is that RoHby has been making steady work-in-progress posts as he's been working on the Munny. We can go as far back as the beginning of June and see his first teaser image, jump a couple weeks later and see the head molded proper, leap forward another month and see the figure in its pre-painted state and see the final product as of last week.

    So, are you interested in owning this fine piece of art? Me too, but it is for naught. The Unicorn Munny was commissioned by a private collector, so there's no chance on getting your hands on it. Damn shame too, it's one of my favorite custom pieces that I've seen in my time at Tomopop.

    So, now that you've seen what RoHby has done with the Unicorn Gundam, what other Gundam's would you like to see done in a similar style? Personally, I'd like to see RoHby take a crack at some of the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE designs. While the show may be a festering pile of poop, the suits are one of the show's few highlights. An all-white AGE-2 or a Dark Hound? Yes, please!

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    Ed Speir IV Specialty: Toy collector and photographer; film collector and watcher Base of Operations: Located in Jackson, GA. My toy/figure photography can be seen here. Website: History: Long-time collector of toys/figures/statues; a sickness inherited from my father I believe (I would guess my father has one of the largest privately-owned toy collections in the [...]

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    Check out these page snaps of ABSoluteLEEME's "The Bunnybook - A 182 Days Illustration Project" [previously teased here] slated to debut at the coming Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Con (Sept 1-2) via her booth G28 at Artist Alley. Limited to only 50 copies printed, only 30 pieces will be available, each priced at SGD$48 per. Here's a preview of a few page images: And here's a first look (

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    W Club members are being offered the opportunity to order this Poppy Parker doll.
    She is called Lilac Frost and retails for $110.  Approximate shipping date is late fall - early winter 2012.
    What do you think?

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  • 08/13/12--06:55: Marvel’s Hawkeye
  • I wasn’t really expecting to see more of Hasbro’s Avengers line locally. I mean, the things seem to sell at a steady, albeit slow pace, but in my experience the stores in my city rarely order anything after the first wave of movie-related figures up until Christmas. With that in mind, it was very surprising to find Marvel’s Hawkeye hanging there on a peg the last time I went grocery shopping.

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    [NSFW] Pre-order this Kanu in lazy repose screenshot

    The never-ending stream of Kanu Unchou figures continue, this time with a rather sexy version of the Ikkitousen lady taking some time out to relax from constant conflict. It's been awhile since we've seen a Kanu figure that I really enjoyed, and being a big fan it's nice to see she's still not forgotten.

    Griffon's managed to produce one of the sexier Kanu figures without going all out in trashiness, which I definitely appreciate. There's no denying she's not a figure you'd display in polite company, but I feel like there's something to be said for her calm, relaxed demeanor rather than the forced cheesecake many seem to attempt.

    I particularly love her long hair swirled out behind herself as well, an aspect of her character I've always loved, and something that seems to stand out in most of her more well-done figures! I'd definitely love to add her to my collection, and she even arrives as soon as October for around ¥7,400.

    [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi ]

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  • 08/13/12--07:24: Odaiba in the Summer

  • The Japan Summer theme continues and this time we take a look at Odaiba - the reclaimed island located in Tokyo Bay which is currently filled with leisure spots like a beach, cinema's, restaurants, shops, arcade gaming facilities and once again home to the 1:1 scale Gundam.

    More photos from the Summer series listed up below.

    Odaiba has a very interesting history - following copy pasted from Wikipedia.

    The name Odaiba comes from a series of six island fortresses constructed in 1853 by Egawa Hidetatsu for the Tokugawa shogunate in order to protect Edo from attack by sea, the primary threat being Commodore Matthew Perry's Black Ships which had arrived in the same year.
    Daiba in Japanese refers to the cannon batteries placed on the islands. In 1928, the Dai-San Daiba (第三台場) or "No. 3 Battery" was refurbished and opened to the public as the Metropolitan Daiba Park, which remains open to this day.

    Dai-Roku Daiba (第六台場) or "No. 6 Battery", one of the original Edo-era battery islands, as viewed from the Rainbow Bridge. The developed area of Odaiba is in the background.

    One of the cannons of Odaiba, now at the Yasukuni Shrine. 80-pound bronze, bore: 250mm, length: 3830mm. From the originally planned 11 batteries, only five were ever finished. The modern island of Odaiba began to take shape when the Port of Tokyo opened in 1941.

    Until the mid 1960s all except two batteries were either removed for unhindered passage of ships or incorporated into the Shinagawa port facilities and Tennozu island. In 1979 the then called landfill no. 13 (now Minato-ku Daiba, Shinagawa-ku Higashi-Yashio and Kōtō-ku Aomi districts), was finished directly connecting with the old "No. 3 Battery". "No. 6 Battery" was left to nature (landing prohibited).

    There are a few ways to get to Odaiba - you can take the Rinkai line [りんかい線] and get off at Tokyo Teleport station [東京テレポート駅] or take the Yurikamome [ゆりかもめ] and get off at Daiba station[台場駅].

    These photos taken from the Yurikamome.

    Alternatively you can take the Himiko boat cruise from Lalaport Toyosu or Asakusa.

    Below is a map of the Odaiba area.
    [gmap=35.62850, 139.77751]


    Odaiba Decks - shops and entertainment for all.
    [gmap=35.629058, 139.776153]

    Sega Joypolis - for all your arcade gaming needs.

    Cool off on the beach on a sweltering Summers day.

    Statue of Liberty at Odaiba. That reminds me - I'm coming over to New York Comic Con this October!

    Events at Fuji TV.


    Would you eat this snack?

    And here it is - the 1:1 scale Gundam outside Diver City.
    [gmap=35.62527, 139.77574]

    Check out this post if you want to see how this Gundam was put together.

    You will be in the Gundam mood after looking up at the huge Gundam - ready to spend some money first on food...

    ...then on merchandise.

    Zak Curry and Acguy Curry!

    Time to check out Venus Fort - the 17th - 18th century European City right in the heart of Tokyo.

    Dishes for your dog.

    Huge Tetris!

    Cars look cooler when they are pokemoned.
    Check out more places to visit in Japan.

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    Fuller Design has dropped several new custom creations for collectors to purchase. There is the Joker and Harley Quinn Mini Munnys (sold separately - $125.00 each) and the Slimeballs ($60.00 each), which use 3" tall Dunnys as their platform.

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    While these puzzles with variant CARS 2 CARS seem to have disappeared off the US shelves, they are still available in Canada … Still more costly than in the US – even on “sale,” but I think these are hard to find in the US now. So, if you’re variant collectors, don’t forget these oddball [...]

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    Hot Toys' Hulk smashes into stores for pre-order screenshot

    The latest Hot Toys Avengers 1/6-scale figure is now open for pre-order, and it is the one and only Hulk! Yes, he's to-scale with the others (that is, despite being 1/6-scale, he's the biggest of the bunch at 16.5 inches tall) and comes with a nicely detailed headsculpt with rolling eyeballs on the inside. You'll also get a detailed green-skinned body with more than 20 points of articulation and built-in joints in the arms and neck; a pair of fists and open hands that are interchangeable; and some tattered gray pants to complete the Hulk look.

    You can pre-order the new Avengers Hulk for US$299.99 with a Q1 2013 release. Not exactly sure I'm feeling this one as much as Hot Toys' other releases from the series, but what do you guys think of this one?

    [Pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles]

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    Collector Kraig Furtado sent in a note about his webcomic/figuretoon Troops of Doom. In the comic, “G.I. Joe battles Star Wars for Lego technology. Check it out for a laugh. Started back in February 2008 with over 400 episodes. Updated as often as possible Monday to Friday.”

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    Mikie Graham shares with us snaps of his custom-piece completed for a DIY group art show, with a "difference". Debut at Five and Diamond in San Francisco, 30 artists from all walks of life were tasked to create their version of a "headdress" out of a 1:1-scaled leather flight helmet, and shown here is Mikie's sumission, titled; "HEAD HUNTER". ""Being the only toy artist involved I decided that

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  • 08/13/12--08:05: The Dream Team by COOLRAIN
  • Korean-creator COOLRAIN shares with us snaps of his recently completed project with sports-brand NIKE, resulting in a "Relive The Dream" exhibition, featuring a line-up of Featuring Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant - as promotional figures for nike NSW. Extremely cool-styling, with his visual aesthetics now surpassing "past" comparisons to Michael Lau, to stand out on his own, IMHO.

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    Jc Rivera shares with us snaps of my resin pieces currently available for sales here, with the above nifty BEAR CHAMPS priced at US$18 (featuring mix-n-match parts = Fun!) and the below BOKULLS at US$20 each, and yes, you can choose your fav colors. And especially awesome as they are all self-designed and made = Sweetness!

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    And while I first revealed images of the KAWS COMPANION (RESTING PLACE) here a couple of days back, today we have availability and product details to share! First up is the retail price for this sweetness: 25,200 Yen (approx. US$322). I wonder how exactly huge it is tho … As well, a lottery for numbered tickets will be given out to enter the store for customers who are in line in front of

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    The Air Mater & other Tales book Contest Winner is  jestref ! And the Lightning Hawk Contest Winner is AZcarsfan ! Email your address to me at metroxing (at) Remember the winner of the Lightning Hawk McQueen has to send us a review after a kid/your kid/you acting like a kid plays with it. [...]

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    Hi All! Part 2 of the spider march brings you Venom, the 2nd time around!  This time by Austin Billingsley who used the Brute template on his version of this classic [...]

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    As we mentioned back in March, Aurora came out with a new line of Raggedy Ann and Andy plush dolls. The company worked with Hasbro to introduce a new generation to these beloved dolls, who bring back such great memories to a lot of us. The dolls have a touch of both vintage and modernRead More

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    click the image below to view the entire gallerylt;img src=quot;; /gt; Thanks to the Autobase Aichi facebook page that have shared a new collections of official images showing off the Takara Tomy Transformers Prime Arms wave two Micron Gacha figures including: Bulkhead Knuckle, Arcee Blade, Megatron Cannon and 2X Dado shown in r

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