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    As we mentioned a few days ago, Luke Chueh has collaborated with the metal experts at Fully Visual on his first bronze sculpture, ‘Jack’. The new wall-mounted taxidermy style piece should immediately remind collectors of ‘Jacked’, Chueh’s beloved painting of a rogue rabbit who has unceremoniously removed (‘jacked’) an antelope’s...

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    Today Funko has announced a little something for the kiddos, and a little something for the adults in their Pop Vinyl line… Yo Gabba Gabba This adorable POP line depicts some of the cutest, most colorful characters on television! Yo Gabba Gabba is an extremely popular Nick Jr. children’s show… And the next set of [...]

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    Just when I've gotten over wiping the drool from my chapped-lips over the news+peek of Winson Ma's Transformers-custom for Cybertron Con 2012, he fills my inbox with an abundance of even-more drool-worthy studio snaps of his version of an arctic "Transforexplorer" from an Optimus Prime!"This is the first time invited by Hasbro to make a model of Transformer and I have added some Apexplorers

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  • 03/07/12--08:58: Something to Bugsta you with
  • Something to Bugsta you with screenshot

    These little jewels are called Bugstas. They are hand crafted in resin by a German craftsman named Michael Krenzin (a.k.a. Bugshub), who paints every Bugsta by hand with a gloss finish and signs them all individually. Each Bugsta stands about four inches tall and comes in a wide variety of colors.

    Michael Krenzin does an excellent job creating creepy and interesting creatures from his own custom figurines as well as Dunnys and making his own modified Lunartik Bubble Teas! If you like bugs and other crawlies I suggest you look at his blog (linked above).

    [via Tenacious Blog | Michael's store]

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    Even if you actually  tapuki see the tabloids, investigate internet or even keep close track of this social networking internet sites, you simply can’t are not able to see every time a hollywood begins the latest outfits path. This specific has turned into a somewhat common party in our modern culture, which usually shows us [...]

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    Vocaloid's Luka poses for her debut with Max Factory screenshot

    Funny. Mika-tan must have heard me yesterday on Twitter when I brought up how I was on the fence for Max Factory's upcoming Luka Megurine Tony ver. figure. Her blog has been updated with a full preview of this upcoming Vocaloid character giving those like me a clearer look at this figure and helping us with that decision of whether to purchase her or not.

    The 1/7-scale figure is beautiful figure. There's no doubt about that but I've always found Luka's outfit to be interesting and attractive. The pose definitely screams of idol and really fits Luka. I'm just glad she doesn't do any spine breaking twists or other ridiculous poses like the Miku Tony ver. figure. The mold is looking exceptional with the stretch marks on her top and dress, the hanging belt, and the shape and detail in the boots. The eyes are sharp and the smile is looking sweet. I like that her smile has a painted edge to bring it out more. Even the hands with the extended fingernails looks great. 

    I do have some complaints about the figure, though. The first being her face. I've always seen Luka as this older type and with a longer face but this version seems a little round. This could be because of the hair, though, which is my second complaint. With the way it's sculpted, it makes her head, again, look very round. I also don't like that they went with the clear PVC for it rather than a flat color. It stands out way too much on this figure almost like it's glowing.

    Despite my complaints, it really is a beautiful figure overall and it's not often a Vocaloid character that's not Miku get a figure release like this. I was on the fence about this but after seeing this preview, I'm caving and pre-ordering her which begins March 8, 2012. Who else will be pre-ordering her and who would you like to see next? I'm sure the ladies are still waiting on Kaito. I for one would love to see the other mature looking character, Meiko. ... who I would also like to pair up with Kaito.

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    This week, in “Brothers,” the dark warrior Savage Opress is on a quest to find his long-lost brother. Could Darth Maul truly be alive, after more than a decade since his gruesome bisection at the blade of Obi-Wan Kenobi? Savage voyages into the depths of a twisted planet to find whatever became of the fallen [...]

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  • 03/07/12--08:58: Serviced apartments London
  • When you are in the market for serviced apartments London; there are a dime a dozen such like entities in the real estate world that can meet all your  accommodation needs to a tee. These real estate agencies deal with the provision of serviced apartments in the London region. These agencies will typically offer the [...]

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    set database: LEGO 7043 firefighter

    set number: 7043
    set name: firefighter
    theme: town, world city, fire, boat
    year: 2004
    pieces: 68
    prices: us$8
    minifig: 1

    world city sub theme in town theme.
    come with a small fire boat.
    the fire boat has front compartment.
    inside the compartment has a water gun.
    minifig included a fireman minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is good.
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    lt;img src=quot;; /gt;The Hub has announced that they have renewed Transformers Rescue Bots for a second season and will premiere in the 2012-2013 lineup. Transformers Prime is also listed as returning with new episodes but it was rather vague if it was just season two, or a brand-new season. We reached out to The Hub and have learned that it is indeed a brand-new third season! The number of episodes has not yet

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  • 03/07/12--08:58: TazX Mickey Custom
  • Bruno GC aka TazX has sent us these photos of his custom Mickey for the upcoming Play Imaginative custom showcase. As with a majority of his previous customs, this one features a metallic look with added patina...and a few holes cut into the vinyl.

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    Daily Graffiti: 8-bit Metroid street art spotted at an underpass by chiptape.

    Check out the DAILY GRAFFITI ARCHIVES for more geektastic street art!

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    Kneesocks is hot, fabulous and up for pre-order screenshot

    Like, right now (at the time of writing). Seriously, go get 'er!

    Pre-orders have just opened up for Alter's fabulous Kneesocks (of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt) as of tonight! Her retail price is set at ¥7,800 and she's set to be let loose to the wild in July of this year. Can you handle her?

    This post will be updated with more pre-order links as she pops up in other places. See also: gallery.

    [updated with more pre-order links.]

    [Pre-order at Hobby Search | HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | Otacute]

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    Nanoha StrikerS' Fate is ready for her summer holiday screenshot

    I wasn't the biggest of fans of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS but if there is one thing I enjoyed about the title, it's the design of the characters. Just like their rounder than normal eyes, the shape of their bodies seem to have a rounder shape to them which I like. This is the reason I found myself interested in ALTER's 1/7-scale Nanoha -Summer holiday- figure back in December (also because it's no longer the blasted loli version from the movie).

    Now Nanoha's other half, Fate T. Harlaown, is getting ready for her summer holiday and is looking good. This one is not striking me as much as the Nanoha release did. With Nanoha, you had a interesting and different kind of pose but the leaner looking Fate is just standing there like any other swimwear figure we've seen before. It's actually disappointing that she couldn't be designed to have something more different that could also be used to dock with Nanoha. Really the only thing Fate has going for her here is her waving hair but we've seen hair like that pop up more and more.

    ALTER's Fate -Summer holiday- figure may be a treat for Nanoha fans that want their heroines as their older versions but this figure isn't really something I would consider a good pick. Especially a follow up to their Nanoha release. However, if you love Fate that much or can't bare to see Nanoha without her girlfriend, you can pre-order her now for a retail price of ¥8,800. Look for Fate to start her summer holiday in July, 2012.

    [Pre-order at Hobby Link Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Otacute | CD Japan]

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  • 03/07/12--08:58: the coolest herman I know
  • Need something unexpected for your more playful indoor spaces? Whether it’s playroom, nursery, or kitchen (see those apples?! ca-yute.) Herman Marie’s hand painted wooden plaques are a sweet dose of quirky. I think it’d be a perfect foil to break up a gallery wall of boring rectangular frames. For between $35 – $45, you too [...]

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      The Bobble Jug Filtering Water Bottle is a new design to an old concept, and the filter is now more effective than ever.  Of course, you can’t just go filling your water bottle with puddle water, that’s still incredibly stupid and unsanitary, but your regular water will get things filtered out of it and your drink will taste more pure than ever! There are a couple of great colors that you can choose from, so you should be able to find ...

    Bobble Jug Filtering Water Bottle is a post from: Cool Gizmo Toys

    Bobble Jug Filtering Water Bottle is a post by on Cool Gizmo Toys.

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    The BAT-CAT MUSEUM AND TOYS of THAILAND is set to open in about 8 days from now! Yes, the building is finally finished and all the displays are being placed. I think they're probably working around the clock on it, ha! Shown here are some behind the scene photos showing some of the special features. There are some incredible wall murals outside. Inside, they have specially designed Lighting, Display Cases, Wall Graphics, and even a Bar! Yes, there will be a Restaurant inside called, "The BatBARang Cafe", WOW! I can't wait to see this cool Toy Museum once it's done, it's going to be amazing!! Stay tuned to the BAT-BLOG and we will be doing more reports on this once it's opened. Plus, we'll be sharing more news on location, times open, websites, etc... Hey, if you go to the Grand Opening, please send us some photos!

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    The So So Happy x Toy2R Custom Qee Project is a collaborative traveling show between Toy2R and So So Happy. A full roster of artists have been invited to customize 8” Qees inspired by the So So Happy characters and brand. Over 30 artists are taking part in this project and the Qees will be [...]

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    Are the toys we buy for our children safe? Some may not be: A secret internal report at the Standards Institution of Israel reveals a significant number of imported toys were not inspected to see if they meet Israeli standards.

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