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  • 07/12/14--09:53: Offstring Regenerations 4A
  • Learn how to do the Offstring Regenerations 4A Yoyo Trick.

    The post Offstring Regenerations 4A appeared first on

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    Diamond Comics Distributors has released some information from its June sales charts, naming (among other things) the top ten figures and games in terms of sales.

    So who made the cut? Details after the jump.

    Diamond reveals its top 10 selling figures and games for June screenshot


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    Artist Josh Nizzi has posted a large gallery of his Age of Extinction concept art, showing Optimus Prime's Sentinel Shield at various stages of design (accounting for both toy versions) as well as Prime in a thoroughly Gundamesque action pose showing off his new weapons and body. Also present are the Knights and the Creators who both play a part in the backstory of the film. Click to see some samples, then check out the full gallery at Nizzi's own site!

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    Just in are new official images of the New Knights of Unicron Transformers SDCC Exclusive figures set. Get a first look at the tour guide and stickers that come with the set along some news and previously seen images of the figures on stage and in their heavy metal robot modes as well as looks at their alternate modes. Read on for the full details.

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    Gentle Giant announced their sixth San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive, the R2-KT Maquette. The maquette is limited to 500 pieces worldwide and retails for $80.00. The R2-KT is a special droid, created by Albin Johnson, Jerry Greene and the R2 Builders Club, that travels around the southeastern United States making charity appearances. The name R2-KT is a tribute to Albin Johnson’s daughter “Katie”, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor back in 2004. For those of you looking to pre-order the R2-KT Maquette, it is already sold out on the Gentle Giant website. But, you’ll be happy to know that $10

    The post R2-KT Maquette By Gentle Giant appeared first on Statue Reviews and News.

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    Furrybones will be releasing their SDCC Exclusive Manekineko Mao Mao figure at the CovenTree Olde World Market booth #4632. This 4” tall reisn figure is limited to only 1000 pieces and are individually numbered and handpainted. You gotta respect a toy with that much care to detail. They are priced...

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  • 07/12/14--13:15: R2-D2 (Black Series)
  • When I learned about the sightings of the first wave of 6-inch Star Wars Black Series in my city, I was reluctant at first but after a little pondering, my intention shifted from getting just the one Sandtrooper to maybe picking up the R2-D2.

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    If you haven’t found the Radiator Springs 500½ Diecasts yet (technically embargoed until 8/1/2014), Amazon has them in stock for $7.99. A few bucks more than Walmart but you do get it delivered to your front door. Off Road Lightning McQueen Sandy Dunes Shifty Sidewinder Idle Threat … and Blue Grit. Tweet This Post

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    Jon Paul Kaiser has gotten his paws on a couple Smiley Grin Vinyl Banks by Ron English and this is what he’s created! On the left we have “Scribed Murphy”, an homage to Robocop and to the right we have the Dark Night Joker. The details on these pieces are...

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    Those who have visited the Disney Parks in the past year or so have no doubt noticed the plush baby Disney characters, all bundled up in themed blankets and begging to be bought. The series draws from a wide spectrum of the Disney universe, ranging from cherubic princesses (such as Ariel) to adorable critters (like Bambi) to beloved characters (Buzz and Woody, for example). One area that has so far not been touched, however, are the villains. I can kind of understand why; finding the right balance between cuddly and evil is pretty hard. But that gap will soon be filled.

    The Disney Parks Blog revealed that starting this Fall, the darker side of Disney would represented in the Disney Babies series. Maleficent and Cruela De Vil (not pictured) will be available in November 2014, followed by Ursula's release early next year. Of the two shown, I definitely like Ursula better. Something about Maleficent's pink cheeks really put me off. I'm leaning towards giving this new line the benefit of the doubt, despite the first two designs being a little odd. For starters, I think the idea has a lot of potential. Also, it is a ways until these toys see store shelves and there is still time for improvement. As they say, "this isn't even my final form!" or something.

    I hope they give animal villains a chance, too. I would love to see a baby version of Dragon-form Maleficent or Scar from Lion King (the second one especially so). Are their any characters you want to see added to this line?

    Baby Disney villain plushes leave me with high hopes screenshot


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    Dan Goodsell, the creator of Mr. Toast will once again be at this years SDCC. With him he will bring the masked Luchador Mr. Toast plush! These plush measure 7” tall and will be available at their booth #5250 at $10 each. It’ll go great with your other Mr. Toast,...

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    Killer Bootlegs and Mike Egan have teamed up to bring to you their SDCC Exclusive Bone figures! This 3.75” series are inspired by Star Wars, GI Joe and Adventure People are limited to 20 pieces each. You will only find them available at the DKE Toys booth #5045 at $100...

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    The Giant Robot booth #1729 will be carrying some plush goodies by Flat Bonnie, including an exclusive Black Smoke edition of Sparq the Baby Dragon. Each piece is hand cut, sewn, and designed by Flat Bonnie and you will notice that in the amazing quality of each piece. So be...

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  • 07/12/14--16:02: BoomCo Blaster Toy Reviews
  • Disclosure: I received the following BoomCo blaster toys for review, any opinions are my own. Blasters are popular with boys in the tween, teenage and adult age ranges. Recently, Mattel released a new line of blasters, BoomCo. These plastic dart toy blasters are air powered, without any batteries required. They travel distances around 20 yards […]

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    set database: LEGO 6607 service truck

    image courtesy of bricklink

    image courtesy of peeron

    image courtesy of avante
    set number: 6607
    set name: service truck
    theme: town
    year: 1982
    pieces: 20
    price: us$na
    minifig: 1
    nice town set.
    come with a service truck.
    minifig included a worker minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    Gaming Heads is releasing a Jak and Daxter 2 statue based on the game “Jak II”. In this statue, Jak stands with one foot on his JET-board with Daxter perched behind his legs. It comes with swappable faces, so you can choose to pose Jak with or without his bandana. The Jak II statue was sculpted by Khurram Alavi and stands 15 inches tall. It is limited to 850 pieces worldwide, retails for $209.99 and is expected to be released in Q1 2015. Click here to see the Exclusive Edition Jak II Statue.

    The post Jak and Daxter 2 Statue by Gaming Heads appeared first on Statue Reviews and News.

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    Pinch me!  Or in this case, better yet, "Pinch" me!  Ever have that feeling when a wonderful Steiff item just makes its way into your collection, like it was meant to be?  Well, that's how Steiffgal felt when a somewhat rare - and totally adorable - vintage Steiff dog recently joined her hug.  Check out this captivating Steiff canine and see what makes him so interesting from the design and historical perspectives.  

    This sitting sweetie is none other than Steiff's German Pinscher dog.  He is sitting, head jointed, and made from long mohair that was tipped in brown when he was new.  His face is detailed with oversized brown and black glass pupil eyes, a prominent black hand stitched nose and mouth, and a center-seamed muzzle.  His pert triangular mohair ears are lined in pink felt, and as is customary to the breed, he has a proportionally very small tail.  He has black hand embroidered claws on his front paws; his back paw stitching has been lost to time.   Pinscher is in a very appealing and authentic sitting position; his back legs are angled and bent in the way a real puppy sits - especially when they are trying to be compliant for a treat!  This handsome hound retains his long trailing "f" Steiff button and red ear tag; his collar and pendant were made by Steiff but are modern and not original to him.  This Steiff Pincher pattern was produced in 17, 22, 28, 35, 43, and 50 cm from 1914 though 1931 overall. 

    So how much is that doggie in the window?  Steiffgal cannot reveal this, but she can share that she found this Pinscher in the booth of a dear dealer friend at the 2014 Steiff Sommer Event in Giengen, Germany.  And indeed, it was love at first sight!

    German Pinschers have a far back but somewhat limited history in the Steiff product line.  The first ones appeared in 1903 and were five ways rod jointed; in many ways they looked quite similar to Steiff's earliest rod jointed cubs with their simple expressions and gutta percha noses.  These earliest Pinschers were made in 35 cm only from 1903 through 1906. These are extremely rare; one at Christie's in London realized $12,862 at auction in 2010; he is pictured here on the left.  The next Steiff Pinschers in the line were like Steiffgal's new friend as discussed above -  the ones produced from 1914 through 1931.  The last prewar Pinschers produced by Steiff were made from 1935 through 1943.  These pretty pets came in 17, 22, and 28 cm and were also sitting and head jointed.  However, they were produced in grayish brown mohair and had a slightly updated body and facial pattern.  As far as Steiffgal can tell, Steiff has not had a German style Pinscher in the line for over 70 years... perhaps the time is right again soon?

    Like many popular dog breeds today - like dachshunds -  Pinschers of many types originated in Germany.  You can check out a real-live German Pinscher here on the left. For over two centuries, German Pinschers have traditionally has their ears and tail docked. You can see these details on Steiffgal's Pinscher under discussion here. The early belief was that docking the tail was "thought to prevent rabies, strengthen the back, increase the animal's speed, and prevent injuries when working" ... while cropping the ears "prevented injuries while working and increased the intense appearance of the canine and eliminate the subdued, puppy look of droopy ears." Today, both of these procedures are primarily done for cosmetic reasons and many owners do not elect them for their dogs. It is interesting to note that it is thought that German Pinschers came close to extinction in the first quarter of last century.  Thankfully, a gentleman from West Germany named Werner Jung began breeding German Pinschers after World War II, and is credited with saving the breed. 

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion on Steiff's delightful pre-war Pinschers has been as welcomed as a loving pinch on the cheek!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more. 

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    At the 2014 Allentown Comic Con there was a cosplay contest judged by celebrity cosplayers Riki Lecotey a.k.a. “Riddle” and Nicole Marie Jean. To keep the crowd entertained while they deliberated, they asked a spot-on Peter Griffin cosplayer to take the mic and he completely KILLED it! Fox should hire this guy to go on tour or something.

    Check out this real life Peter Griffin in the video below.

    CHECK IT: More cosplay posts
    BUY: Laugh It Up, Fuzzball: The Family Guy Trilogy (Blu-ray)

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    Gaming Heads is releasing an Exclusive Edition of their new Jak and Daxter 2 statue, based on the game “Jak II”. In this statue, Jak stands with one foot on his JET-board with Daxter perched behind his legs. It comes with swappable faces, so you can choose to pose Jak with or without his bandana. Also, for the Exclusive Edition, both Jak and Daxter have been coated in a special bronze finish. The Jak II statue was sculpted by Khurram Alavi and stands 15 inches tall. It is limited to 350 pieces worldwide, retails for $219.99 and is expected to

    The post Jak and Daxter 2 Statue – Exclusive Edition – by Gaming Heads appeared first on Statue Reviews and News.

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