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    The latest Planes Fire & Rescue trailer is up: Plus a soundtrack clip: Tweet This Post

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    I had been anxiously awaiting the start of Session 1 for Artful Gathering and was so happy when class finally started on June 6.

    This is my 3rd year taking online classes at Artful Gathering and I have to say I have loved each and every class I've taken. The instructors are fantastic and I've had a blast in each class learning something new and, best of all, making wonderful new friends.

    There were so many fabulous classes to choose from this year it was hard to decide. I really only had time for two and decided to take Julie Haymaker Thompson's Let's Go For A Ride class in Session 1 and  Mary Jane Chadbourne's The Imaginarium: Anthologies of an Art Doll class in Session 2. Both classes dealt with mixed media, which I've been anxious to try.

    So, for the last two weeks I have been taking my 4th online class and working on my project. The project called for making an adorable little mixed media shadow box scene with 3 pets sticking their heads out the window of a car that was driving over a hill. The class looked like it would be a lot of fun to take.

    A kit was available for purchase from Julie's Etsy shop so I ordered one as it's a lot easier to do that than run around to get supplies. The kit came with everything you needed to create the project including thread and needle. It was fabulous.

    For my online classes I like to view all the video's first and then go back to watching them as I follow along with the instructions. Here's where my Ipad comes in really, really handy. It's great for this as I can zoom in and out of the video pictures, advance and reverse them as needed, etc.

    I tend to be a bit of a rebel when it comes to my classes. For the most part I follow the instructions, but sometimes I just have to be me and do it my way. Such was the case with my "Let's Go For A Ride" project.

    The project called for using two twigs for trees in the front of the shadowbox but I decided to go with silk floral instead. Now I know my using silk floral will come as no surprise to any of you as I love silk floral, but this time I had a really good reason for using it. You see I'm allergic to poison ivy so there was no way I was going to get anywhere near the woods let alone touch twigs. Improvising with silk floral was the perfect solution. Worked for me anyway.

    Plus, the kit that I purchased came with a box that was deeper than the one Julie was working with in the video's so adding some silk floral to the front of my shadow box versus using the two twigs for trees was a perfect solution for filling up the depth difference.

    To do this I cut a rectangle of 1/2" tall florist's green foam about 5/8" deep and wide enough to fit in front of my hill and then glued it in. Once it was dry I painted it with several shades of green acrylic paint to match my hill. Then I inserted the small sprigs of silk floral (mainly grasses) I had cut to fit the height of my scene into the foam. Voila! Filled the area and best of all, no poison ivy!

    Instead of creating two dog heads and a cat head sticking out of the car window I decided to go with three doggies. I had to change my doggie heads once the clay was dry as they were too big to fit into the area for the open car window. So I sanded them down quite a bit so they would fit.

    I decided to paint one of my dogs gray, one black and white, and one dark brown and black. I should have painted the dark brown and black one a lighter brown color as Julie had done as the three heads I painted are quite dark and a lighter brown would have been better.

    The dogs were supposed to be more whimsical looking then mine turned out to be. I had to sand the whimsical noses down as they were just too big for my doggie heads once they were sanded down to fit in the car window.

    Painting the doggie heads was a bit of a challenge as they were really small and I couldn't keep my hand, paint brush and/or pencil from shaking when trying to paint their little eyes. So, instead of painting the eyes with a paint brush and/or pencil I used a toothpick. Painting faces is not my forte but they came out good enough for this project.

    I didn't realize when I decided to take this class just how involved the project would be and how many different techniques I would learn. It was fabulous and Julie was so easy to follow along with. For me the fun is in the learning and I learned a lot in this class.  If you'd like to see a picture of Julie's finished class piece you can find it here.

    I had so much fun with this project that I decided to order a few unfinished mixed media items from Julie's BisBeeBliss Etsy shop so I could experiment some more with mixed media and collage. What I'll make and how they'll come out remains to be seem. The fun part is experimenting with some of the techniques I learned in Julie's class and seeing where this takes me.

    Thanks for the ride, Julie. It was a blast.

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    Duck season? Tweet This Post

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  • 06/21/14--03:57: Smart Doll
  • Everything you need to know about Smart Doll and More! And sorry for the lack of updates ><

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    This week we review Daredevil #4, Elektra #3, Avengers #31, and Original Sin #4. Check out our thoughts in the video below.

    SPONSORED: Mail-order comic subscriptions & more at 1upCollectibles

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    set database: LEGO 6367 semi truck

    image courtesy of bricklink

    image courtesy of peeron

    image courtesy of avante
    set number: 6367
    set name: semi truck
    theme: town
    year: 1984
    pieces: 152
    price: us$na
    minifig: 1
    nice town set.
    come with a truck with a trailer.
    minifig included a driver minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    A full-scale Thomas & Friends attraction is set to debut in South Carver, MA next summer. This marks the largest permanent Thomas & Friends attraction in North America. This family amusement park – which is currently in development with HIT Entertainment, a division of Fisher-Price – will be conveniently located within Edaville USA, near the [...]

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    This month's scans had a pair of Wonder Festival exclusives from Medicom Toy's RAH line: Annie Leonhart and Mami Tomoe. Annie certainly looks cool and collected. Although she comes with two face plates, it's difficult to tell their expressions apart.

    Another exclusive featured on the same page is Mami Tomoe in her school uniform. That one isn't terribly exciting to me as I haven't seen Madoka Magica yet (yeah I know, right).

    It's a shame that Annie's a WonFes exclusive. Hopefully there will be more Annie figures down the road!

    [via 2chan (may contain NSFW content)]

    At last, someone's making an Annie Leonhart figure that I can't have screenshot


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    [Update: TFormers has photos of the updated display with all of the newly announced 2014 figures!]

    Hasbro held their Transformers brand panel at BotCon 2014 moments ago and made several exciting announcements. They were surprisingly light on revealing new Age of Extinction figures, aside from the previously announced Lockdown, which will indeed have a gun head, and a repaint Crosshairs in blue as Hot Shot. They did finally give those wolf creatures the name Steeljaw and one will be included in the One Step Changers line which may actually look decent next to the movie Generations figures figures, going to have to wait on photos to say for sure. I'm sure they'll have a lot more for San Diego Comic Con after the movie has been seen.

    On the non-movie Generations line side they've made several popular announcements that are sure to get fans excited!

    2014 Legends:

    • Nemesis Prime (Optimus repaint) with Spinister
    • Cliffjumper (Bumblebee repaint with new head) with Suppressor

    2014 Deluxe:

    • Chromia - all new motorcycle mold people are comparing to a Tron bike.
    • Arcee - all new mold, apparently it's very G1!

    2014 Voyager:

    • Brainstorm - all new mold and an actual Headmaster!

    For 2015 they're redoing the package design. Deluxe figures will continue to come with comics while Legends, Voyagers, and Leaders(!!) will have collectors cards (like in Japan).

    2015 Legends:

    • Powerglide - all new mold
    • Thundercracker (Starscream repaint, Skywarp possible later)
    • Windcharger (Tailgate remold)
    • Bombshell - all new mold

    2015 Voyager:

    • Optimus Prime - all new truck mold!

    2015 Leader:

    • Megatron - new tank figure that looks near G1 in bot mode. Has working rubber treads and a sticker sheet that includes Autobot stickers.
    • Armada Megatron - probably a remold of the previous announced Megatron.

    2015 Masterpiece:

    • Sideswipe
    • Bluestreak (same colors as Takara Tomy version)

    Of course they saved some reveals for later, we are still a year away on the 2015 figures. They didn't show any Deluxe figures, but they say they have 16 planned, and they're going to follow a theme: Combiners! A Silhouette of Superion (the Aerialbots) was shown! Hmm, 16 divides into four pretty easily and the only Voyager shown was Optimus. Maybe they've learned from the Combaticons and will do a proper four deluxe figures and one Voyager this time around. They also have plans for more Legends and Leader class figures so that's something to look forward to.

    Overall Hasbro did not disappoint with the announcements this year, sticking close to G1 for the Generations fans. Sounds like Arcee and Brainstorm are going to be very popular figures when they're released late this year. Was hoping for a new Titan class figure, but maybe at SDCC. While I don't have photos yet hopefully Hasbro will send some official images along soon enough. In the meantime I'll toss some links along to other sites when they upload their pics. 

    Exciting stuff!

    Hasbro announces several all new Transformers figures at Botcon screenshot


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    I remarked on the borderline absurd amount of weaponry on Bandai's AGP Yamato back when it was revealed. I'm happy to write it doesn't look any less absurd in color. This is basically like when Gamagoori picked up nine of those suction devices to use in Kill la Kill. No one can work out the mechanics of wielding so much steel, but it's awesome.

    The magazine scan shows pretty much what you'll be getting in the package. Yamato will come with all the guns of course, a stand, her radar dish/umbrella, and some extra faces and hands. I've never bought an AGP figure before, but I might just go for this one...

    [via 2chan (may contain NSFW content)]

    AGP Yamato gets a paint job, still has lots of guns screenshot


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    Steel banks, tin toys, military memorabilia, weapons, helmets and uniforms, space toys, knives, arrow heads and legos- people collect all these things- but a “collector of collections?” It’s a description that might fit Ron Collas of Broomall the best. The avid collector has unique and extensive collections of everything listed above and then some.

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    Toy retailer appoints former AutoNation executive Michael J. Short as new CFO.

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    We still may be several months away until The Walking Dead returns for Season 5, though the show’s break hasn’t stopped Gentle Giant from pumping out more The Walking Dead merchandise....

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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    We still may be several months away until The Walking Dead returns for Season 5, though the show’s break hasn’t stopped Gentle Giant from pumping out more The Walking Dead merchandise. Their latest announcement was for the quarter scale Glenn in Riot Gear statue. Bright, loyal, resourceful, quick-thinking and brave, Glenn Rhee has been a […]

    Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More!

    Gentle Giant Reveals Quarter Scale Glenn in Riot Gear Statue

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    CE Planet has just announced their lineup of Exclusive CEs to debut at the coming Bangkok Comic Con 2014 (4-6 July). A pre-order will be made available via the CE Planet fanpage somewhen next week for fans who can't attend the fair, and CEs to be available at the event itself. Price(s) are yet to be determined. With a total of 6 designer CE Figurines to be had, here's a basic breakdown: 1. CE

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    With the launch of BE@RBRICK Series 28 at Medicom Toy Exhibition'14, comes ToyBeast's quest to hunt for the series' "Secret" BBs, with the fruits of their efforts featured below - which takes a look at Black and Red CLOT BBs, an alternate HALO B, and a swell Vending Machine BB! So which are your favourite(s), folks? Pics thanks to INSTINCTOY / @dar_plus

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    Start Wars Rebels is an upcoming CGI animated series that is being produced by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation. It takes place between Star Wars Episode III and Star Wars Episode IV, where the...

    [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

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    Start Wars Rebels is an upcoming CGI animated series that is being produced by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm Animation. It takes place between Star Wars Episode III and Star Wars Episode IV, where the Galactic Empire is trying to track down the last of the Jedi Knights as a rebellion against the empire is taking form. […]

    Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More!

    Star Wars Rebels Zeb Maquette coming from Gentle Giant

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    A new incarnation of BE@RBRICK on display at Medicom Toy Exhibition'14 - featuring he familiar BB body form now with a head with "rabbit ears"! Dubbed "R@BBICK", it remains to be seen if this is a limited edition piece, or the genesis of a new platform-figure to enter the toy scene! Pic via @grv1174 / @tks_yoshikawa / headsup via @fairlybleak :)

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    Everyone’s favorite Ewok is about to get the jumbo treatment from Gentle Giant. Come next summer, Star Wars fans are going to be emptying their wallets for the Wicket Jumbo Kenner Figure by Gentle Giant. Just like your vintage Kenner figures that you had when you were a kid, only much bigger! For these figures, […]

    Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More!

    Wicket Jumbo Kenner Figure joins Gentle Giant’s Epic Line

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