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    One of the absolute best things about the original She-Ra: Princess of Power cartoon is that Swiftwind is voiced by what appears to be a chainsmoking mall Santa. Instead of choosing someone warm and soothing and appealing like, say, Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson to voice the talking horsie,* it was decided that a better option for [...]

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    A Little Bit On The Cutesy Pokemon Side: Kat Brunnegraff has these Eeveelution and Gengar paintings for sale over on her Etsy shop. Go catch ‘em!

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    ty_po Droids come to Dragatomi today screenshot

    Ryan the Wheelbarrow has taken his ty_po design to a new set of custom Droids, which will be exclusive to Dragatomi. The 16 custom Droids feature dry-transfered lettering on glossy spray paint in two colors: white and silver. Eight of each will be available, with a special one-off variant for each color style: there's a white Droid with red lettering, and a silver Droid with blue lettering. You can check out a photo of those in the gallery.

    If you want to pick one up, they're US$80 each at Dragatomi, limit one per person. The fun starts at noon Pacific, 3 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m GMT. What do you think of these customs, Tomopop readers?

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  • 03/01/12--17:10: Does Mattel Hate Geeks?
  • Pardon the inflammatory title, but that’s more or less the gist of Paul Nicholasi’s recent post “Geek Is Still a Dirty Word,” detailing his shabby treatment at the hands of Mattel’s public relations people over the last two Toy Fairs. Money quote: More than anything, it saddens me that things like this kill my love of collecting [...]

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  • 03/01/12--17:10: Making Heirloom Toys Reviews
  • The Original Post is Located Here: Making Heirloom Toys Reviews

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    Hot Toys is proud to present the Batman Arkham City license from their Videogame Series. If you are a fan of the game, or just of Batman in general, you'll be interested in this line. First we had the Christian Bale Batman, then Michael Keaton, and now from a video game.

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    A little Birdie told me to tell you it’s time to vote for Small for Big! I’m so honored to say that Small for Big has been nominated in The Homies Awards 2012. Run by, the homies bring a big fat barge-worth of great recognition to deserving blogs that focus on homes, decor and [...]

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    We had the chance to infiltrate the Paul Kaiju compound recently, to take a few pictures of the goodies we can expect to see at his solo show. “Pauly Vinyl State of Mind” this Saturday, March 3rd at TAG. They should really change the name of this show to Paul...

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  • 03/01/12--17:10: New Fuzzy-Felt sets
  • Fuzzy-Felt is one of those toys that’s been around for decades and now there are four new sets available from John Adams.

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    Sekure D releases his custom-series "Mascot Season 2" - featuring work on Kidrobot's Mascot figurines, with the latest group running the gamut of characters from comicbooks to media-characters (we previously sneaked WIPs HERE) which admittedly steals my attention and geekloving-hearts - in a total of 9 customs, each sold separately via "blind box". Swell series indeed! Priced at US$65 each -

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    64Colors tweets a quartet of images of their superbly swell-looking custom-painted KRACKA, and I'm wondering when (if ever) it will be posted up for ale on their online shop? Or perhaps it might do you well to stay tuned to their twitter @64Colors for updates!

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    ThreeA's Metal Gear Rex on sale tonight screenshot

    The time is here: ThreeA Toys' Metal Gear Rex goes on sale in just a few hours. Via the special 3AVOX Rex newsletter, we have a ton of photos and some info on its dimensions. The 1/48-scale Rex in its sitting position is 36 cm (14.1 inches) tall, 36 cm (14.1 inches) wide, 50 cm (19.6 inches) long with a 59 cm (23.2 inch) railgun. The railgun will have LED lighting, as will the cockpit and other points on Rex. Articulation exists, but it is a bit limited. Still, are you really going to complain about that?!?!

    Again, the price for Rex is US$490 with shipping included. It'll drop in the Bambaland store at 9 a.m. Hong Kong time Friday, which translates to 1 a.m. GMT, 8 p.m. tonight Eastern, 5 p.m. tonight Pacific. I do not expect there will be another release of this for a few reasons (the cost, plus licensing stuff), so this may be your only shot at getting the mech. Are those of you who said you'll be picking him up still going to do so?

    [UPDATE: Sideshow Collectibles will be selling Rex as well at a later date, too, apparently. No details yet, but I don't expect it to be a large quantity.]

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    POW! ZAP! Check out this awesome ADAM WEST BATMAN TATTOO inked by "Bleeding Cool" in Grove City, Ohio. This photo was submitted by our Friend Frank who just got this artwork done showing the Dark Knight ( 1966 Batman TV Show ) doing The Batusi Dance! It's a great image, nice coloring, and also has a sense of humor. Nice choice Frank, do the Batusi!

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    Ben rejoins George and Ayleen on the Toy Break couch for Episode 205. Entitled Stink Finger, I am somewhat afraid to see why (it appears to be a look at Twisted Toys' Keester Bunny). In this episode, they also take a closer look at Visible Anatomy Qee, Batman Black and White, and much more.

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    Has one of your kids asked for a LEGO Birthday Party? LEGO has the tools you need to throw the best LEGO Birthday party ever with this cool LEGO Birthday Party Kit. It just happens to be on sale for a very good price too. Regularly listed at $39.99, you can get it for aRead More

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    The Wet-Suit Maria - Glow-In-The-Dark Edition (from Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy) will begin hitting retailers shortly. This 6" tall vinyl is a limited edition of 50 pieces, each one retailing around $45.00. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

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  • 03/01/12--17:10: Name That…Pin Head
  • Pin Head scares the crap out of me. This guy, not as much.

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    Ever play “you nostalgia you lose”?  It’s a little game played on the internet that focuses your sights on something from your childhood and as the name implies… If you start drifting off and daydreaming about what is front of you, you’re done. Do you know what that is?  Did you lose? But there is...

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  • 03/01/12--17:10: Yuzusoft

  • Have been meaning to write this post since last year ^^; For Many moons, I've been a fan of Osaka based eroge game development company Yuzusoft. While I've not had the opportunity to sit down and play them, I love the artwork from Yuzusoft's illustrators Kobuichi-sensei and Muririn-sensei.

    Am over the moon that I've added another company that I've been a fan of to my list of clients. The official website for Yuzusoft has been running on our Mirai Gaia platform since last October. They Join Konami, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, King Records, Sega, Ascii Media Works and more in using the same platform that runs

    A poster of Yuzusoft's up n coming title DRACU-RIOT spotted in the office - signed by the illustrators Kobuichi-sensei and Muririn-sensei! DRACU-RIOT is due out on the 31st of March and our Mirai Suenaga is going to be in it!

    When visiting Osaka last Summer, I went along to Yuzusoft's office to meet up with the guy who runs operations - Rodo-san. I work with him on the website and other things like this.

    Rodo-san and I are interested in exploring ways to get their products to you. My thinking is that the original Japanese product text and language remain untouched but include inline English translations that can be turned on/off which would help one to learn Japanese. I also think that the kanji should have furigana so that you can easily look up words which can be added to a Learn List.

    I would add functionality to the International version so that you can export texts or send learned phrases to a mobile device so that you can also learn on the go as well.
    If you got any requests regarding how you want eroge to be made more available to you - just name it. If you want to be involved with the production or work in the eroge industry then just leave a comment and list your skillset. If you prefer to work in the anime industry then there is a post for that.

    If only I had eroge when I was learning Japanese - probably would have learned much quicker! Back then I didnt even have Internets ToT

    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Then its time to raid the office to see what goodies they have lying about. Here we have 3 of their recent titles - Nobel Works, Tenshin Ranman and Natsuzora Kanata.

    Tenshin Ranman was really popular and even got adapted to the PSP which still sold well without the ecchi scenes.

    Yuzusoft's 2008 title Burapan.

    Yuzusoft's first 2007 title ExE.

    A 1 billion yen note! ( 1,233,851 USD )

    Only managed to take photos of the tidy parts of the office - although the rest of the office is where all the goodies and action was going on ^^;

    So cute and ecchi!

    Yuzusoft also have their own wrist support systems.

    Rodo-san's desk.

    Rodo-san makes Gunpla during lunch breaks.

    Then its off round the corner to have some noms noms for lunch.

    Back in Tokyo to mysteriously find a load of Yuzusoft stuff in the office.

    This Tenshin Ranman wall scroll is so nice!

    As for how I got to know Yuzusoft, one day I tweeted asking somebody to introduce me to Yuzusoft - then Rodo-san replied ^^;
    The first thing we worked on together was this illustration of Mirai Suenaga by Kobuichi-sensei. I've not released all layers yet but she also drew the Solar Marine, Winter Uniform and Bikini layers. I'll distribute the Photoshop files later but for now you can get this wallpaper here.

    The illustrations done by Kobuichi-sensei where used to make a Mirai Itasha in Singapore. If you are interested in making your own Itasha and want to use Mirai's images - lemme know and I'll send the original files to you at no cost. Just lemme know which company you plan on using to plaster your car.

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    This is essentially a repeat post but since it’s been 6 months and someone may have missed it but here is what will be offered in June 2012 for Kmart CARS Day #8. Since CARS Land is opening June 15, 2012 – presumably they will ride the marketing coat-tails and the Kmart CARS Day #8 [...]

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