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    For 2014, Diamond Select Toys will be adding to their line of art bust statues based on the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Show, and this one is no joke! Hot on the heels of Batman, it's THE JOKER, as played by the Actor, Cesar Romero, with his painted-over mustache and all!

    This bust measures approximately 6 inches tall, and is a must-have for any serious "Batman" fan. Designed by Barry Bradfield and sculpted by Jean St. Jean. Retail Price will be about $59.99 and you can look for it around July 30th.

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    Check out these fun photos of an amazing custom statue made by our friend, Marcos Caldas, who lives in Brazil. He is a HUGE fan of the Bat-Blog and of course "Batman". He recently made this extremely cool figurine based on a famous scene from "THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS" Graphic Novel, the one created by Frank Miller.

    It's a scene we all know very well. It's the moment where Batman catches up to the Joker after a major battle which ended up inside "The Tunnel of Love" at the local State Fair. (Thanks Marcos)

    To see more artwork by this Artist, please CLICK HERE!


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    The Toy Industry Association (TIA) will sponsor Safe Kids Day 2014, hosted by Safe Kids Worldwide. The events for the nationwide initiative will take place on April 5th in Los Angeles and April 12th in New York City. The TIA will provide attendees with free tips, tools, and guidelines for choosing age-appropriate products to play with [...]

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    Thanks to TAG Hobby and Cybergundam, we have scanned pages from the latest issue of Dengeki Hobby magazine showing the upcoming Masterpiece figures. While much of these are the same or similar to images we've seen recently, new tidbits like Wheeljack interacting with MP-10 Prime, and new angles on Spike's Exosuit in transport mode are shown for the first time. Check them all out below!

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    X-Transbots has posted a video on their Facebook page showing a fantastic stop motion recreation of the the assembly of Bruticus in Fall of Cybertron, using the EchoTF Boosticus upgrade kit to fill in the toy's gaps. We don't get stop motion with Transformers a lot, and this one is done really well. Check out the quick video clip below!

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    The second and highly anticipated resin BJD from Kingdom Doll, Nelson, goes on sale Thursday, April 3, 2013 at 6:30 PM British time. (No UTC/GMT offset) However, on March 30, Europe starts Daylight Savings Time so the time will go forward by 1 hour.  Believe me, I'm confused, too.
    If you live in my time zone, this is what you would pull up:
    Here is a link to a world clock for you to calculate what time it is in your own city when it's 6:PM in London. Make sure to use it after BST begins.

    Now that time zones are out of the way, are you going to try for this beauty?

    Alexandra sent me these gorgeous pictures.

    No, the chair isn't included. It looks like the deck chair I have from one of Sandra Stillwell's events.

    Brighton will be $675, she is dressed in wide legged trousers, her top is different from the FDQ cover as the actual fabric we used is Ralph Lauren tissue silk very expensive and gorgeous, she has a boating sweater, wood effect high heeled wedge shoes, a working miniature umbrella, a matching canvas tote with the KD logo on it with rope handles......inside the tote is a perfect miniature Luis Vuitton journal, a coffee cup, a chocolate bite, three vintage postcards from Brighton with a pencil and a small sea shell. (she also has a hand made hard cap wig by Ilaria.)

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    Holidays are not only fun for people here at the Aquarium, the animal husbandry staff also create fe

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  • 03/27/14--11:45: wool felting - the twins.
  • “They just love each other so much. “

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  • 03/27/14--11:57: Beautiful things
  • Personal photo

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  • 03/27/14--11:59: Jill and Joey
  • I had never seen an amigurumi kangaroo pattern, nor had I thought about making one until I saw this

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  • 03/27/14--12:11: Galactolunk (c)
  • Prototype and proof coming together.

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    At 21-cm tall, FuRyu's Colossal Titan is big enough to tower over your Attack on Titan figma... even if he doesn't exactly scale well. The recently released soft vinyl figure has received a decent-sized photo gallery that shows off the worksmanship (and packing) but, sadly, no flashy shots involving fake cities.

    Although the figma line is purportedly getting its own Colossal Titan, the FuRyu version might be the perfect thing to titan... errr, tide you over until that one comes out (assuming that it will be produced at all). That aside, FuRyu's Colossal Titan is a really neat item on its own.

    Be sure to check out the additional images in the gallery.

    Biggish gallery appears for FuRyu's biggish Colossal Titan screenshot


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  • 03/29/14--13:38: Meow!

  • Just added a dozen mini kitty cats into the SHOP

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    Hey, let's play!  What Steiff enthusiast can resist that offer?  Of course, most of Steiff's delightful vintage items were designed for fun and play, but here's one who's design and naming origins insist that this is truly the case!  Take a look at this dear transitional period Steiff elephant and see what makes her so interesting from the design and historical perspectives.

    Care to make a playdate with this precious Pachyderm?  Here we have a sweet and distinctively cheerful jungle gem named Young Elephant.  She is 22 cm, standing, unjointed, and made from short grey mohair.  Her tail is tipped with a tuft of longer grey mohair.  She has soft ears placed low on her head, and a simple long trunk which is lined in wire and poseable.  Her smiling, open mouth is lined in peach colored felt, and her smallish, black button eyes are backed by pink felt, and have a tiny touch of pink airbrushed highlighting.  Young Elephant wears a red felt saddle that is trimmed in yellow and is decorated with a green felt crescent and a yellow felt oval on both sides.  This blanket did have a small bell on the ends of either side when she left the factory in Giengen many years ago.  Unfortunately, these have been lost to time but the stitches that held the bells in place are still evident on the underside of her blanket.   In terms of ID, this piece retains her raised script button and linen US Zone tag in the seam of her right front leg. Young Elephant was made in this size only from 1950 though 1951.

    What's old is new when it comes to this great Steiff pattern. Young Elephant is actually based on a relatively vintage design that was introduced in the 1930's called "Play Elephant."  This pattern is distinctively childlike and endearing - made so by its simple design, chubby proportions, happy and tusk-less facial expression, and eye treatment.  The first Play Elephant debuted in 1935 and was constructed from an interesting material called curled wool plush.  This fabric sort of has the look and feel of very bumpy Persian lamb.  Play Elephant was made with a colorful striped blanket in 14 and 17 cm; the 17 cm version was also produced as a pull toy on eccentric green wooden wheels.  Curled wool plush Play Elephants appeared overall in the line through 1941. You can see an example of the curled wool plush Play Elephant here on the left, this photo is from Christie's.

    In 1938, probably as a result of wartime shortages and rationing, Play Elephant was made in grey artificial silk plush in 17, 22, and 28 cm.  This version had a red felt blanket which was trimmed in yellow with a yellow and green felt flower and a bell on each side as decorations.  Pre-war silk plush Play Elephants appeared in the line through 1943, about the time most Steiff toy manufacturing ceased.  You can see an example of a silk plush Play Elephant here on the left, this photo is from eBay.  Both the Steiff pre-war curled wool plush and artificial silk plush Play Elephants are very seldom seen on the secondary markets and today are considered quite collectible by Steiff enthusiasts around the world.   

    Anxious to regain its position as a leading toy manufacturer after the conclusion of WWII, Steiff immediately began producing some of its most beloved and best selling pre-war items as soon as the company reopened for business in the late 1940's.  These designs included Molly the puppy, Fluffy the cat, Jocko the chimp, a deer, and the Play Elephant design, among others.  Like the pre-war version, the earliest post war version of Play Elephant was also made in silk plush - but in only 22 cm from 1948 through 1949.  In 1950, Play Elephant was renamed Young Elephant and produced for the first time in standard grey mohair, also in 22 cm - but just through 1951. 

    To insure that their gentle giants were indeed kings of the jungle moving forward, Steiff decided to  re-engineer their elephant pattern in 1950 to make it more lifelike, easier to manufacture, and scalable in size. Known simply as Elephant, these sweet beasts were standing, unjointed, and made from lovely grey mohair. Depending on their sizes, they had felt or mohair ears, white tusks, black and white google eyes, and a red felt blanket. This classic style of Steiff elephant was manufactured in 7, 10, 17, 22, and 35 cm from cm from 1950 through 1978. The 17 cm version of Elephant is pictured here on the left.

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion on Young Elephant has been a playful intermission for you!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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    Promoting the upcoming release of Age of Extinction in China, statues of three Autobots, Optimus, Bumblebee, and Sentinel Prime, are being toured around the country. Standing as tall as fifteen meters (nearly 50 feet!), these statues are said to be rising taller than even some local buildings! We're not sure why Sentinel Prime is part of the touring group, but keep reading to get a better look and read from the original DailyMail article!

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    The news does not look good for the CLOWN CARS coming to San Diego Comic Con 2014. It was probably too much wishful thinking but it almost seems certain it’s something else. Are you sitting down? You should clear the room of kids and anyone who might think you have the onset of Tourette’s syndrome […]

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    I just love decorating my home with large silk floral arrangements and have made several large arrangements for the various seasons and holidays to decorate the right hand side of my dining room fireplace which is 41" by 48".    It's a large area to cover so it requires a large floral arrangement to fill it up.

    I was unhappy with the floral arrangement I had made several years ago to cover the spring and summer seasons and wanted to change it.  I wanted the colors to be bright and cheery and already had several dark blue, light blue, burgundy, and white silk floral I was going to re-use.


    I decided that I needed to add pink, royal blue and some other whites to the mix so last weekend I bought several 3' to 4' silk floral stems I thought might be suitable.


    For my large silk floral I like to add large silk floral grass stems, pussy willow stems, silk eucalyptus leaves stems, and white reed stems as filler.


    I also like to surround the bottom of the arrangement with small groups of leaves and flowers and had several that I thought would be suitable for this arrangement.

    The arrangement I didn't like had a large ceramic pot that had been a Christmas present several years ago as a base but I felt it made the arrangement too heavy to carry so I decided to use a large basket that I had spray painted colonial blue several years ago as the new base.

    I filled the center  of the basket with two layers of four green floral foam blocks that I trimmed with a knife to conform to the shape of the basket and be within 1" to 1 1/2" of the basket rim.  You can glue the foam to the bottom of the basket and then glue the foam blocks to each other but I prefer not to as it makes it hard to re-use the basket and the foam if it's all glued together.  Plus, sometimes the glue makes it difficult to insert the silk floral stems.

    I never throw anything away and even save the bottoms of any silk floral stems that I may have cut because they were too long.  I use these to hold the green floral foam blocks together.  And, they become very handy when you need to lengthen a silk floral that is too short.  So, I added four cut off stems to hold the four blocks together and then cut the tops to make them level with the foam.

    I always add filler, leaves, and small flowers to cover the rim of the basket so I keep the top of the foam 1" to 2" below the top rim of the basket.

    I also never throw any of the green floral foam that I've previously  trimmed from various projects away and have a large supply ready to use for filling in the sides of the baskets.  I trim the foam so it completely fills the basket and is secure enough not to move.

    Instead of using moss to cover the foam so it isn't visible through the basket I add shredded paper that you'd use to fill an Easter basket.

    I filled in around the sides of the basket and then added enough to cover the top of the foam.

    I added 9 grass stalks that I spread out of cover the top of the basket.

    Next,, I added several clusters of large leaves around the rim of the basket.

    In the middle I put white reed stalks that were bendable.

    Then I added three large 3' eucalyptus silk floral stems - one in the middle of the basket and one each on the ends of the basket.  These would serve as a gauge for the overall height of the basket..

    I added three 3' blue hydrangea silk floral just behind where I had inserted the 3' eucalyptus silk floral stems.

    I  then added four 3' pink peony silk floral stems on the left and right sides of the blue hydrangea on the ends of the basket.

    Then I added six 3 1/2' white daisies - 3 evenly spaced on each along the length of the basket.

    To this I then added two burgundy peony silk floral in between the three blue hydrangea.

    Four 3' purple and white daisies were added - two for each side of the basket to the left and right of the pink peonies.

    To this group I then added six 3 1/2' dark blue delphinium - 3 on each side evenly spaced among the silk floral that were there.

    As I like my silk floral arrangements to be full I then added four royal blue silk floral daisies and four light blue silk floral daisies.  I also decided to add one additional burgundy peony so I had three burgundy peony evenly spaced within the center of the basket.

    To fill in the bottom of the basket I added twelve white floral about 18" - 24" in height.

    As I'm going along I keep turning the arrangement around and around to make sure my silk floral are evenly spaced and there are no holes that need to be filled.  In turning the arrangement around and around I decided to add  two white peony on the left and right sides of the blue hydrangea in the center of the basket.

    I also tend to like billowing arrangements so I  added several 3 1/2' pussy willow stalks and several 3 1/2' white reed stalks until I was happy with the way the arrangement looked.  The final step was to pull some of the silk floral out a little further so the flowers were at various heights as a fresh floral arrangement would be.

    I was happy with the way the floral arrangement looked in the fireplace.  It was very colorful and definitely filled up the area.

    I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and  like how my large floral arrangement came out.

    Please respect My Terms of Use: All patterns, e-patterns, e-books, tutorials, how-to's, and e-products © 2004-2014 Linda Walsh Originals-Designs by Linda Walsh. All rights reserved, including downloading, mass producing, photocopying, enlargements, reductions,and all other forms of reproduction, website sharing, Email, RSS feeds, or any other means of redistribution. Commercial selling or reselling by any means, including eBay or any other website by permission only.

    Copyright © 2014 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals, Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns, and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

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    “All the magic and excitement of the past, present, and future of Disney entertainment will come together once again under one roof when D23: The Official Disney Fan Club presents the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center the weekend of August 14–16, 2015. Each of Disney’s wonderful worlds will unite to celebrate what’s new […]

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    set database: LEGO 75034 death star troopers
    image courtesy of Grogall

    image courtesy of amazon

    set number: 75034
    set name: death star troopers
    theme: starwars, episode 3
    year: 2014
    pieces: 83
    price: us$13
    minifigs: 4
    come with a death star laser cannon.
    the cannon has a rotatable seat and a flick missile.
    also included 2 vibroactive force spikes and 2 new fireable blasters.
    minifigs included 2 imperial royal guard minifigs and 2 death star gunner minifigs.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
    must have for starwars lovers.
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