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  • 02/27/12--02:37: TOYSREVIL Turned Seven
  • Dearest Blog,Just realized the TOYSREVIL-blog turned 7 years old on February 19th. I am sorry I have been remiss in my celebration of your existence. Tis not that I do not treasure and cherish you, but I've a lot on my mind, and plate lately, and unfortunately let the date slip … but i'll let you have a break this weekend, maybe just to ease that burden of bloggery, just a little bit … Happy

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    Here's an interesting piece of Bat-History! The photo up above features an original drawing of the World Heavy Weight Boxer Jack Dempsey fighting in the ring with the Dark Knight himself, Batman - illustrated and signed by Batman "Creator", Bob Kane!

    The story goes that Bob Kane was enjoying a night out at Dempsey's Bar and drew this art piece for the famous Boxer, who was a fan of the Caped Crusader. A funny note, Kane may have been a little tipsy as he misspelled Dempsey's name on the title of the fight! The piece is signed by Bob Kane and inscribed to The Champ! The piece is framed at 24" X 33." This thing was sold on eBay recently and did pretty well.

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    A Little Bit On The Low-Bit Akira Side: The iconic Akira movie poster gets a derezed pixel remix by Caleb Hystad.

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  • 02/27/12--02:37: Stress Relief
  • With all the stress that accompanies buying and selling real estate I find that injecting some doll activity into my day really helps.
    We made a nice little visit to the Tonner Store this afternoon. I don't even have to buy anything to feel good there. The Doll Doctor, Noreen, is always ready for a chat. I can check out whatever new dolls have shown up and gaze at dolls over and over again. Such delight.
    Of course the only camera I had with me was my iPhone. Lizette is much prettier in person than the promo picture showed.

    Ms. Beetlejuice did not disappoint. She's just as strange and wonderful in real life as she was in the promo.

    I saw the Nu Mood dolls, the new wigs but none of the separates were there yet.  Next time I go over there, I promise to take a real camera. Famous last words.

    I'm a sucker for free shipping - as if the costs weren't built in to the dolls already. Barbie just has to send me a free shipping notice and I'm all over it. I put in my order for the club Silkstone, Afternoon Suit Barbie, and the Walking Suit Barbie. I used my first $20. coupon. New York State took $11.20.  
    Ugh. I don't want to go off into a rant about taxes but I feel like ranting anyway.

    There is an adorable new tote bag on the site. I love the graphic which is different on each side. 

    Speaking of tote bags, I was able to order a few Jason Wu for Target items recently, one of which was the cat tote. It's adorable. I also got the cat scarf and the cat t-shirt. I ordered a large which is way too big for me. I figured that it would be cut small since Jason's clothes look like they're for a teenage body. I was wrong. If someone out there has a brand new, unworn medium cat t-shirt they'd like to trade for a large, let me know.

    The scarf is beautiful and quite large. I rarely wear scarves but I will find a use for this one.
    I also purchased two handbags and the blue pointelle sweater. I love the sweater!!!
    I can just see myself in this dress with the socks and loafers and the German Nanny hairdo.

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  • 02/27/12--02:37: Kid o Bilibo

  • Pre-kindergarten toys - Kid o Bilibo

    Kid o Bilibo

    Kid o Bilibo - Designed in Switzerland, this toy has won countless awards for design and play value. Its simplicity is deceptive and modeled after extensive study of children's play patterns. Bilibo is a completely open-ended toy that stimulates a child's imagination. It can be a helmet, sit and spin, doll cradle, train tunnel, shovel, water basin and much more. Let your imagination run wild. Nearly indestructible, suitable for indoors and outdoors. Measures 16"L x 16"W x 9"H.

    Kid o Bilibo
    • Made of non-toxic, recyclable, high-density polyethylene
    • Stimulates imaginative play
    • Open-ended toy provides hours of fun play
    • Almost indestructible
    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor play

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - Kid o Bilibo...

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    Dark Knight Rises Icon statues, Amazing Spider-Man statue and Arkham City Deluxe action figures at

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    Toy Fair 2012: Hasbro - Marvel screenshot

    Spider-Man! The Thing! Iron Man! None of these superheroes were present at Toy Fair, but action figures of them were. Hasbro was showing off their latest entries in their long-running Marvel Universe series. The company will be releasing a mix of both popular and obscure characters, so expect to see everyone from Hulk to Spider-Man to Puck and Nighthawk.

    The biggest news though was the return of Marvel Legends, which is coming back after 3 year hiatus. There will be two lines released this year that include Arnim Zola and Terrax build-a-figures. Most exciting, for me anyway, is the release of the first ever action figure of Fantomex.

    [Images via ASM]

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    OK, here at the BAT-BLOG.COM we totally love us some Papercraft Projects! But we gotta warn ya, they are totally addicting! Here's a brand-new toy figure created by an Artist named Ninjatoes. It's BATMAN from the, now classic, Animated Series TV Cartoon and it looks really cool! It also looks pretty complicated too. These Paper Toys are usually pretty simple, sort of cube-like, but this one is almost like a serious model kit. But, the end effect is great and I think it would be worth the time. For FREE Downloading of both the pattern and Instructions click HERE!

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    No discussion of Fearless Photog can be complete without first mentioning this article on,* the seminal 1980s kids’ culture website by Matt Caracappa. At this point, anyone with even a passing acquaintance with Masters of the Universe knows the story: in 1985, Mattel held a “Create-A-Character” contest. Children were invited to send in their ideas [...]

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    "5 Ways My Blog Changed My Life" was the topic of my speech / 5-minutes story-sharing session at the recent GOOD STORIES event (6 Strangers. 6 Stories about Social Media) , organized by GOODSTUPH (for Social Media Week Singapore). A pretty-apt topic, especially now in ode to my blog (and it's belated blog-birthday - which ironically was two days after the talk happened ;p), and as well a chance

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    Rotofugi is on board the Gipper Reagan Bust train, with their exclusive Red Edition by Kozik. Standing 15” tall with removable “Destroy” plaque, this piece is limited to 50 pieces worldwide at $200 each. You can find him available HERE now!

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    Tomopop Review: One Piece Kuttari Cushion Minotaurus screenshot

    Bandai's One Piece Kuttari Cushion series has been around for quite some time. They have had three waves of releases, and the latest one included the strong-as-an-ox Minotaurus. As soon as I saw him on pre-order, I knew he had to be mine. The other four plushes that I own from this line have all been of the very best quality, and I couldn't find a single thing to complain about with them.

    Will Minotaurus carry on the line's quality, or will he break my record of great experiences with this series? Hit the jump to read the review!


    Plush Name: One Piece Kuttari Cushion Minotaurus
    Plush Maker: Bandai
    Retail/List Price: ¥3,800
    Available at: HobbyLink Japan

    Meet Minotaurus

    Got tissues?

    Meet Minotaurus. He's a big guy standing at 20.5 inches long (from hooves to horns). Minotaurus' body is made up of a variety of fabrics. The main white part of the body is a soft velour fabric. The black spots on his body feel like they are made of a kind of vinyl fabric. His manly six-pack and lips feel like polyester. His horns and hooves are a spongy, textured fabric that I am really quite fond of, and finally, his little drop of snot is felt. 

    Meet his tag

    Like all the tags in Bandai's One Piece Kuttari Cushion series, Minotaurus' tag is spectacular. It features a picture of the plush in a cartoon background on a glossy, thick paper. The tag is an impressive 5 inches long.

    Meet his face

    Come closer, my dear.

    Minotaurus' face is amazingly detailed and very fun to look at. I love the ridges on the bridge of his nose, which give his face some structure. His eyes and nostrils are embroidered thickly and securely. Minotaurus' lips are hilarious, I think. They are slightly stuffed so they stick out a little from the face. As for the snot droplet, it seemed secure enough to me. I think it was glued on but it didn't detract from the appearance at all.   

    Meet his manly six-pack.

    The muscles on Minotaurus's abdomen are embroidered in the same secure fashion as his facial features. No stray stands to be found. The belt buckle is painted felt. It is glued to the brown "belt" which is the same polyester material as the plush's stomach.

    Meet his pants

    The plush's pants are part of the body, as opposed to on top of it. The bottoms of the pants stick out from Minotaurus's legs, which is a cute touch. The pants' red stripes are painted on. His legs are floppy, like a rag doll (his arms are, unfortunately, stuck in place, but it makes sense given their shape).  

    Meet his back

    I wish he had a tail

    Here you can see Minotaurus' broad shoulders and slouching "neck." At the longest portion, his shoulders are about 18 inches wide. At the top of the shoulders is a hump and beyond that is where his head starts on the other side. His backside is also where the majority of his spots are located. 

    They've already met

    Bandai's One Piece Kuttari Cushion Minotaurus continues the trend of high quality plushes. With fun details, and a good mix of materials used, I am more than pleased with him. Whether you are a fan of the anime series or just enjoy a well-made and quirky plush, you'll find something to love in Minotaurus. I whole-heartedly recommend the purchase of this big guy.

    [A big thank-you to HobbyLink Japan for sending us this review sample!]

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    Channing Tatum Talks About 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' And Duke

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  • 02/27/12--02:37: The Organic Child
  • …..explores, imagines and creates! We just got back from the fantastic Nursery World show where The Organic Child was presented for the first time. It is a beautiful group of like minded people that all believe in children, open ended … Continue reading

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    lt;img src=quot;; /gt; The ridiculous distribution problems in the US with First Edition Prime toys have definitely helped decrease the desire of a very vocal portion of the fandom towards subsequent, easier to find figures. I must admit I've been suffering from this myself to a degree. But even so there was one figure in the first batch that I had quite an inclination towards even as the rest of the assortment would consistently elicit little

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    New G.I.Joe Retaliation TV Spot

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    ?Fred informed people in regards to best personal injury attorney los angeles its caffeine can be accurately functions throughout the very own exists. The woman as well as a George got together with a certain injury accident as you are these firms sailed in which to Usually Are to achieve your spouse related’s marriage ceremony [...]

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    Mater & the Easter Buggy. Cute new story about Mater & the whole VW Dune Buggy as the Easter Bunny/Buggy story bringing giant bolts/nuts & oil cans … er, not exactly like the Alsace tradition of an Easter Hare bringing Easter Eggs but close enough*. But of course, the more important – will we see [...]

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    One concept I just could never buy into was the idea of Man-E-Faces as an actor. If so, he’s an actor with a fairly limited range: he can play a guy in  big blue mechanical suit with a domino mask, a guy in a big blue mechanical suit with a robot face, and a guy [...]

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