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  • 03/20/14--17:58: COSMOS (2014)
  • TRANSFORMERS : GENERATIONS The other day I bought two new figures from Hasbro’s “Transformers: Gener

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    Rhinox was my favourite character in the entire Beast Wars series. I am already quite partial to rhi

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    Ume Toys' Rich Page is working on a new sculpt, and like some of his other pieces, he's pulled a bit of pop culture into the collectibles realm. This time, it's a replica of The Joker's mask from the bank robbery scene in the intro of The Dark Knight (which is also one of my favorite cinematic scenes). Right now, all we've got is this black and white shot of the unpainted prototype, but it's looking pretty close to the real deal.

    Rich says he'll be casting it in resin once the sculpt's done, so we might not be too far away from seeing the first test pulls. It might be a pretty fun piece to see colored, or even in something like a translucent red resin. What do you think?

    Ume Toys goes serious with a Joker mask sculpt screenshot


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    LANCASTER — Don’t be surprised to see some low flying aircraft buzzing around the fairgrounds Saturday morning. That’s when the 39th annual FORKS remote control model show and swap shop is set to take place at 8:30 a.m. at the AAA building on the Fairfield County Fairgrounds, 157 W. Fair Ave. Tony Scott, one of […]

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  • 03/21/14--20:04: 1A #1 The Sleeper
  • The Sleeper, trick #1 of the String Trick Ladder of the Yoyo Sport Ladder. Learn the Sleeper Yoyo Trick Here.

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    Side-Throw aka World Tour, trick #2 of the String Trick Ladder of the Yoyo Sport Ladder. Learn the Side-Throw here.

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    There never is a time not to help when you can. These days life is so busy and hectic with people being away from their loved one, families not making as much as they need, and so many other things that it can become so stressful to even make the plans to get it all… [read more]

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    DC Collecibles' latest batch of solicits (pre-orders open) features a slew of heavy hitters, although none heavier than an incredible statue of Darkseid fighting Superman over a fire pit (presumably on Darkseid's homeworld of Apokolips). Other selections include that new Harley Quinn bust, sketches of new Scribblenauts Unmasked figurines, and the new L'il Gotham figures. Details after the jump.

    Darkseid throws down against Superman in latest DCC solicits screenshot


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    "Nurse Hannah Anna, Helper To All!" is one of the members of the "Nurse Series" of cloth dolls and they are all getting ready for the "Emergency Worldwide Disaster Drill."

    You see, you can never be prepared enough for a natural disaster or disaster of any nature - even a global one. So, they like nurses all over the world are all getting ready to do whatever is required of their nursing position during the drill.

    They all took an oath to save lives and that is what they all intend to do. But, they and we all know that their jobs aren't just about saving lives - their jobs also entail caring for the patients, encouraging the patients, and teaching the patients how to care for themselves.

    Nurses are vital to the health care profession and anyone who has even been in a hospital anywhere in the world knows that hospitals cannot function with nurses. They are the heart and soul of any hospital and heart and soul of the health care profession.

    So, the nurses are getting ready. I have no doubt they will be. No matter where in the world they are.

    "Nurse Hannah Anna, Helper To All!" is a 16" primitive raggedy Annie cloth nurse doll. She has a muslin body and embroidered face with black stitched eyes with white water coloring, orange water colored nose with black embroidered stitches, and an outline embroidered mouth with orange water colored lips. Her eyebrows are embroidered as are her eyelashes and she has bright orange water colored and blushed cheeks. Her boots are black and cross-laced.

    Nurse Hannah Anna has a mass of raggedy straight red yarn hair glued all over her head. Her nurse's cap is lined, has a red cross on the front, and is attached to the top and back of her head.

    She is wearing fringed bloomers that are gathered at the waist and legs. Her nurse's uniform is fringed on the sleeves and gathered at the neck. A lined collar surrounds her neck.

    Her blue nurse's fringed apron has a front bib, cross straps, and waistband that is tied in a bow in the back.

    "Nurse Hannah Anna, Helper To All!" is actually the the youngest of the nurse's and probably the most eager. You see, this is her first drill so she is anxious to do everything right.

    She's wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl and follow in her Mother's footsteps. So, she wants to make sure she doesn't make any mistakes during the drill.

    She's ready, able, and eager to be of assistance. "Helper To All!" that's Hannah Anna.

    If you want to make your own "Nurse Hannah Anna, Helper To All!" please CLICK HERE for her new e-pattern.

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    Definitely space age … 1980′s Space Age. More at Fast Company. Or preorder at Amazon. Tweet This Post

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    GotFrank sends along pics of Lizzie 2014 (Left) v. Lizzie 2006 … “BMW” notes the rim on the back spare tire is wider. You can check out more photos here. Thanks GotFrank for the nice photos. Tweet This Post

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    set database: LEGO 75042 droid gunship
    image courtesy of Grogall

    image courtesy of amazon

    set number: 75042
    set name: droid gunship
    theme: starwars, episode 3
    year: 2014
    pieces: 439
    price: us$50
    minifigs: 4
    come with a droid gunship.
    the gunship has dual side mounted spring loaded shooters, a bomb release function, adjustable front laser cannons, a detachable front section, an openable cockpit and retractable hatches.
    minifigs included a chewbacca minifig, a 41st elite corps trooper minifig , a battle droid minifig and a super battle droid minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
    must have for starwars lovers.
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    Little Orbit has partnered with DreamWorks Animation to bring the How to Train Your Dragon 2 video game to consoles across major platforms. The release of the game will coincide with the theatrical release of How to Train Your Dragon 2 this June. The game lets players go on an adventure as a dragon rider, [...]

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    The Elusive Icons exhibition was a chronological visual illustration and comparison of Black fashion dolls over the past 46 years to the present. The collection of over 60 dolls showed the chronological progression of representation, from one doll to the multiple dolls with different skin tones and facial features presently available. In this exhibit an attempt to trace the development of a multi-dimensional representation and evolution of Blackness was made. The dolls exhibited were from doll collectors across Canada.

    According to the exhibit's website, the collection created an opportunity to start a dialogue that empowers Black women. These discussions ranged from representations that many have never known or have ever seen before. Questions of race and identity are inherent in the collection of these Elusive Icons The exhibition was held in two other locations: School, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands- – a health centre catering to Black Women and Women of Colour, and the Brockton Collective gallery space, all during last February. The exhibit was very well received and was seen by over 500 people during its two-week installation. It is Frantz Brent Harris' hope that he will be able to install this exhibit in other cities.

    The artistic vision is two-fold; a small part of Black History is exhibited - the progression of the representation of idealized female Black beauty by mainstream doll manufacturers. The dolls were displayed on a long zigzagged shaped platform, created to look like a miniature runway and were arranged chronologically by dates produced. Each doll stands upright, labeled with the name and release date of the doll. There was also a printed guide available to all, with additional history and significance of each doll. 

    Additionally, Franz Brent Harris presented his own hand made dolls as his representations of feminine Black beauty. His sculpted dolls are a response to the current manufactured “icons” available which usually have an unrealistic and unhealthy body type. Black women possess a wider range of different beautiful body types, from slim and nubile to thick and voluptuous. However, most of the naturally occurring Black women bodies are not reflected in most fashion dolls. The dolls that he created possess an athletic body-type and project a healthy body image; this contrasts against the "anorexic" dolls produced by most manufacturers The dolls he has sculpted were placed on individual pedestals and dressed in haute couture designed by himself and project power and awareness.

    Harris tells us about the reason for the exhibition: "Elusive Icons is about awareness. It is my hope that the audience viewing the exhibition will become more aware of their own beauty and relevance. A doll is an influential object; fashion dolls are the society’s representations idealized physical perfection. A Black fashion doll therefore becomes a very powerful form of validation, especially for black women and girls. This fact was evident from the comments I received from my two previous doll exhibits, most recently “The BLK Barbie project” mounted at B.A.N. D., Many of the Black women who viewed the shows had never seen a Black fashion doll, many were deeply affected by them. There is still the controversial issue surrounding the negative body image that most fashion dolls project on society. They are presented as unnatural ultra –skinny and large breasted body type".

    "In response to this critique, to the absence of what I considered a normal healthy body type representation of a Black Woman, I created a doll that depicted just that. The dolls I have sculpted and created are my attempt to present a more realistic and healthy morphologies. It is my intention to represent the varied and beautiful body shapes of Black women. My vision is to represent and in some way validate the varied morphologies of Black women’s bodies. I am currently in the process of creating two additional bodies a slim healthy body and a very full-figured voluptuous body Presently, many representations of Blackness come from individuals who are not Black. I think it is of some significance that I am a Black artist presenting my interpretation of my own Blackness with these dolls which are loving portraits of my sisters and in part, myself. Black people have come very far, we make our presence and contribution to the Western world known. We are proud, our economic and political power has increased through the years. Observing how the representations of Black beauty, reflected in a fashion doll have also changed over the past 46 years is fascinating and illustrates our progress in a very simple manner. Recognizing our presence, the mainstream market has progressed from having only one Black fashion doll in 1967 produced by Mattel (Mattel is the maker of Barbie) to nine distinct Black facial sculpts by 2013, for that company alone, in addition to other companies, numerous other Black dolls presently are available".

    Photo of first AA Francie from 1967 (courtesy of Fashion Doll Guide)

    "The first Black fashion doll was merely a “white doll” colored brown, now doll makers are producing Black dolls that mirror our facial features and are targeting the Black consumer. The Black fashion doll is still a scarce commodity in Canada; a fact easily illustrated by my recent trip to Toy’R”Us and Wal-Mart where no Black fashion dolls were even on their shelves.’ Before sculpting my own doll I was collector of black fashion dolls for 3 years. During this time I sourced, purchased and gave as gifts over 75 black fashion dolls to school aged girls via friends and colleagues. Instinctively I sensed that a child having dolls, none of which had any resemblance to how she looked must be harmful in some way. I received a great amount of satisfaction doing this because the doll I gave as a gift was usually the first black doll they had ever received and became the child’s favorite doll. Always the parents of these children spoke their frustration of never being able to find black dolls. I think my belief in the importance of seeing and having black dolls is summed up in a quote below:
    "Without dolls that accurately represent their own image, children end up looking up to white dolls, and seeing the white image as being powerful and what beauty is," says Phillip Jordan, author of a study on racial preferences among black children. "For children to have an image of self that is black and embraces your language and ethnic features is a very positive development." -The Guardian, Friday 5 October 2012
     One of the greatest Black leaders, Marcus Garvey understood this; in the 1920s the Jamaican pan-Africanist backed his African pride and self-empowerment movement with a factory line producing a black-skinned doll with African features."

    I was not familiar with Frantz Brent- Harris' work at fashion doll. A commonn friend on Facebook posted the event and soon enough I was looking at some amazing dolls, all works of Mr. Harris, that are part of the exhibition. He is also a graphic designer, illustrator and sculptor. His line of 16" dolls is called Sonadolls and was created when a friend, upon seeing his doll collection, commented about the visible joints. Mr. Harris then proceeded in creating seamless jointed dolls.

    Frantz Brent-Harris is Jamaican born Canadian Artist and Sculptor; his current focus is realistic figurative sculpture, fantasy surrealistic creatures and exquisite exotic art dolls. He has been practicing for over 20 years and his work has been exhibited in many galleries across in Ontario, these include Robert Langen Gallery (Wilfrid Laurier University), the BAND Gallery and the Canadian Sculpture Centre Gallery. Frantz Brent-Harris expresses complex and serious social and emotional subjects through his sculpture and simultaneous manages to seduce his viewer by creating a visually beautiful object of art. 

    I was not familiar with Frantz Brent- Harris' work at fashion doll. A commonn friend on Facebook posted the event and soon enough I was looking at some amazing dolls, all works of Brent-Harris, that are part of the exhibition. He is also a graphic designer, illustrator and sculptor. His line of 16" dolls is called Sonadolls and was created when a friend, upon seeing his doll collection, commented about the visible joints. Brent-Harris then proceeded in creating seamless jointed dolls.

    Since the dolls are all handcrafted by Brent-Harris, they come out in very limited editions. He designs and makes everything, from the doll and her wig, to the fashion and the accessories. The dolls have a very complex internal rod, spring and wire skeleton that took him 4 years to develop and perfect. The end result is a new invention, carefully designed to be break resistant and be a very flexible poseable doll.

    His creative work with dolls began as a result of his need to find a resolution for his conflicted relationship with women, motherhood and femininity. Relating to and creating dolls allowed Brent-Harris to objectively observe women and provided him the insight he needed to embrace femininity as essential, beautiful and positive; thus, transforming his internal misogyny to appreciation and respect. This was a healing process for him and enabled him to fully own his own femininity. For this project Brent-Harris sculpted a 16” inch dolls to reflect a healthy athletic and respectful representation of black women’s bodies and outfitted them in fashions that represent his interpretation of the power and vulnerabilities of Black women.

    Brent-Harris is currently in the process of creating two addition body types to more completely represent the different shapes present among black women It is his hope that viewing this exhibit will open the discussion on body image, sexuality, gender identity and vulnerability through a post-colonial identity.

    All photos and information courtesy of Franz Brent-Harris

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    ![CDATA[Consumer watchdog EcoWaste Coalition warned the public that swimming toys may contain health-damaging chemicals called phthalates. The group said these toys may be loaded with phthalates, which are used to make PVC more flexible. EcoWaste said eight European countries ordered the market withdrawal of various types of swim rings because of the chemical risk attributed to phthalates. It ...

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    Thanks to Weibo member OscarFung who has posted some out of box images of the Transformers Generations Fire Blast Grimlock voyager class figure. Get a look at the retailer exclusive figure that is a red makeover of the Transformers Generations Grimlock out of the package in robot and T-rex alternate mode as well as with the now signature TF4 pose with Optimus Prime riding on his back.

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    Million Publishing have updated their official site with an announcement the Transformers Generations 2013 exclusive Rebel Infiltrator Starscream action figure has been delayed a week from March 25th to March 31st. Fans who are waiting on this remake of the Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron figure will have to wait another week to get theirs. See the translated update below for more details.

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    In order to make the upcoming Godzilla 2014 movie the biggest hit possible, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have teamed up with JAKKS Pacific to introduce a gargantuan 24 inch Godzilla 2014...

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    In order to make the upcoming Godzilla 2014 movie the biggest hit possible, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have teamed up with JAKKS Pacific to introduce a gargantuan 24 inch Godzilla 2014 figure. The figure, what is reportedly being called the biggest Godzilla figure ever produced, has 12 points of articulation, stands 24″ high (measured diagonally), and is […]

    Action Figure Fury - Action Figure and Toy News, Reviews, and More!

    JAKKS Pacific Reveals a 24 Inch Godzilla 2014 Figure

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