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    The only word I could think of to describe today's post is "Extravaganza!", ha ha! We did one of our BATMAN TATTOO ART Posts yesterday and was shocked later to get, not one, but THREE messages from Bat-Blog Fans who have got some bat-ink done! They all sent some wonderful photos of their amazing Batman-themed Tattoos. So, let's check 'em out!

    The 1st one, in no particular order, was submitted by a friend named Ryan. It features both Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy done in a "Batman Animated Series" style. Just think "Bruce Timm" artwork. It also features the Classic Logo for THE JOKER.

    Next up is a photo sent to us by a Tattoo Artist named Trish. She told us she did this BATMAN BAT-SYMBOL LOGO for her Friend's Son. It's freakin' SWEEEET!!!

    Last, but not least, is this great pic from Victor. We kind of get 2 views of this large Tattoo that has both The Dark Knight AND Catwoman, Meow! I like the BATS Motif in the background, a nice touch. Wow! So thanks to everybody who sent us these cool photos, you people ROCK! We also want to extend invitations to everybody else who has had some ink done. Showcasing Batman Art and Creativity is just one of the many functions of this site. Thank You.

    CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight Rises and Joker!

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    Figure of the Day has returned as a contest sponsor to TVFT, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier to bring everybody a chance to win a really great set of GI Joe figures. The theme of this set is Cobra. Packed with some favorite army builders and a couple of updates to [...]

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    Geek Ink: Akuma from Street fighter by Samael Cahill.

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    Yea, Justin Bieber rules all with “kids.” The NPD Group’s May 2011 KIDS survey asked (kids), “What would the kids you know say is the hottest new thing these days? It might be a celebrity, movie, TV show, toy, game, hobby, sport, website, brand, or retail store.” The group fielded answers for three weeks, compiling [...]

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  • 02/16/12--05:04: Zombie Kittens x 2

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    Get into your retro chair and get comfortable! The next entry to our 2012 Toy Fair photo galleries takes a look at what Bif Bang Pow! had on display in their booth, including the new Six Million Dollar Man series they are totally stoked about... (and we think it is pretty neat too. After all, any company that is cool enough to produce Scott Ian figures gets props.)

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    Keyrock the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer!

    The winning bidder in the auction not only gets my plush (which comes with a certificate issued by Phil Hartman's estate), but helps to raise money for Heal the Bay, a cause that was dear to Phil Hartman's heart. Here's the link for the auction, and to find out more about this cause, click here.

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    Our Toy Fair coverage comes back again to the girls toys with a new photo gallery showcasing all the new dolls on display in the Madame Alexander showroom. We know this isn't for everyone, but some of you might like them, so if you do, follow the above link to check them out.

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  • 02/16/12--05:04: Toy Fair 2012: GIANTmicrobes
  • Toy Fair 2012: GIANTmicrobes screenshot

    GIANTmicrobes and their horde of comically portrayed organisms were in attendance at Toy Fair 2012. Their booth showcased some of their new plush and vinyl figures along with some functional health kits (hand washing or first aid). The plush offerings included new test tube vials that contain three blood cell plushes within, bone cells (reviewed), skin cells (reviewed), dengue fever, and a sperm and egg two-pack that are magnetically attracted to each other.

    Besides plushes, there were also petri dishes containing a collectible vinyl figure surrounded by putty available for viewing at the booth. The first aid kit has what one expect from such a package, like different kinds of bandages, along with things you would only find from GIANTmicrobes, like a plush microbe. The hand washing kit is similar, but substitute bandages for a variety of hand sanitizers. Sounds functional yet fun. 

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    A Little Bit On The Custom Toy Side: Darth Vader Dunny by Michal Miszta aka The Modelmaker.

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    I think many of us would agree that there are already too many William and Catherine dolls available.
    On 3/22/2012, this new pair will be available for the tidy sum of $100.
    Gold Label® Designed by: Robert Best  Release Date: 2/14/2012 Product Code: W3420

    Here is the promotional text from Mattel:
    This Royal Wedding® Gift Set includes exquisite portrait dolls of the bride and groom now bestowed with the titles, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Catherine doll wears an elegant, yet chic, gown inspired by the original and features lovely ivory taffeta trimmed with lace and faux pearl buttons. Also includes wedding bouquet, silvery tiara, earrings and engagement ring. Continuing the elegance is Catherine’s handsome prince. William is dressed in the brilliant scarlet uniform of the Colonel of the Irish Guards, proudly decorated with royal blue sash, metallic cummerbund with bow trimmed in golden fringe, golden buttons and medallions.

    William and Catherine Gift Set (two dolls)
    Do you think this will ship to Great Britain for any collector that might want a set? BarbieCollector ships only to the United States (all 50), Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories and Canada. However, this set will also be available through doll dealers for the same price. Many ship overseas so if you are wanting this set, go for it!

    There's a little sale going on over at BC.Com for 25% off selected Barbie Collector dolls until 2/16. All the Mad Men dolls are on sale and I'm wanting Betty Draper. Actually I want her outfit but it's cheaper to buy the entire doll at this time than to just buy her outfit off the Show & Sell pages or eBay.
    Also, if you are already a member of the BCC club, you may order your first club doll and use your first $20 off coupon. The sale will not apply to the new doll but if your order totals a certain amount (possibly $100.) shipping will be free. So here's my twisted mind working. Let's say I order Betty who, on sale, will cost me $56.21. The new Afternoon Suit Barbie Doll will cost $65. after using my first coupon. That adds up to $121. plus NYS tax which eats up part of my discount at $9.70 for a total of $130.91.
    How much do I save by spending? Isn't that what it always comes down to? You have to spend to save. A twisted mind, I tell you.

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    I don't know about the rest of you, but I have fallen in LOVE with and have been in love with it for several months now.  If you haven't heard about the phenomenon by now you certainly will be.  It is by far the most wonderful way to organize everything and anything about "you."

    What moves you, what you like, what you're keeping tabs on, things you saw online that you want to remember, things you want to try in the future, places you've been, what you consider "beautiful", your creations, your interests, foods you like, websites you like, blogs you like, your dreams, future plans for a wedding, dream home, your decorating style, must haves, things you'd like to make, inspirations, DIY projects to try, tips for everything and anything, tutorials to try, your bucket list, beautiful pictures, beautiful colors, things for your kids, nature at its finest, beautiful animals, decorations for the holidays, and your favorites - whether they are artists, crafters, movies, pictures, collections, music, recipes, favorite hobbies, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Your boards and your page give your followers and the world a pictorial glimpse into the essence of "you."

    But, it's also become a great tool for small business artists and crafters online.  In fact, in my opinion,  it's become a "must" for artists and crafters.  A "must" not just because it is one of the easiest ways to promote your creations online, but one of the best ways today for artists and crafters to promote each other.  In fact, it could easily be called the best link exchange ever.

    For example, I am a doll maker and doll pattern designer who loves dolls of every kind and creation, who loves doll pattern designs, who loves art dolls, teddy bears, cloth dolls, etc.  However, I also LOVE artists and crafters blogs,  tutorials, patterns, projects, sewing, quilting, handmade goods, beautiful pictures, animals, etc.  As you can see my list go on and on and on.  Yours could, too.

    Well, what does is it allows me to organize my "likes", "desires", and "inspirations" into boards containing whatever I want to put there.  Everything and anything is fair game as long as there is a picture online and a page to link to.

    So, of course I have boards for my "Favorite Art Doll Artists", my favorite "Teddy Bear Artists", my favorite "Favorite Doll Pattern Designers", "Favorite Art Quilt Designers", "My Victorian Dolls", and "My Doll Patterns and E-Patterns". But, I also have boards for "Handmade Dolls To Create", "Gotta LOVE Raggedies", "The Best Free Craft Articles", "Creative Embroidery I Love", "Handmade Crafts To Make", "Quilt Items I'd Like To Make", "Gotta LOVE Softies", "Gotta Love Prims","For The Love of Cross-stitch", "Sewing Ideas, How-to's & Tips", "Love "Felt" Things", "Adorable Ornaments", "Crafts Books Worth Reading", "Top Blogs By Crafters", "Wish I Could Paint", "For The Love of Punchneedle", "Fun Paper Crafts", "Crochet and Knit Projects", "Floral Beauty", "Mixed Media I'd Like To Try", "Crafty Things For The Kids", "Gotta Love Handbags,Totes,Etc.", "Home Decor", "Cute Ideas For Womens Clothing", "Crafting Tips & Tricks", "Sweet Jewelry", "Stitchery and Cross-Stitch Fun", "Baby Shower Decorating & Gifts", "Sewing Creations I'd Like To Try", "For The Love of Fabric", "Fabric Painting Tips and Tricks", "Beautiful Pictures", "Gotta LOVE Animals", "ATC's I'd Like To Make", "Crafty Edible Treats & Sweets", "Gotta Love Miniature", "Who Doesn't Love Quilling?", "Beautiful Paper Dolls", "A Little Bit of History", "E-Zines I Love To Read", "Victorian Images I Love", "Craft Classes & E-Classes", "Craft Tutorials & E-Tutorials", and "Craft Patterns & E-Patterns."

    Just by looking at my boards you get a feel for who I am and what I like. And, it helps to keep me organized. For someone in the "baby boomer generation" any help in this area is always welcome.

    So, how does it help one small business artist or crafter? Well, if you look at my "Favorite Art Doll Artists" board you will find that I have 161 pins. Each and every pin contains a picture of one of my favorite art doll artists creations along with a link to the page I found it on. Plus, I'm a firm believer in crediting artists and crafters with their creations so every one of my original pins contains the artist or crafters name and is linked back to their website and/or blog, their Etsy page, etc.

    When someone clicks through my board to the pin and clicks through to the original source they wind up on that artist or crafters website, blog, Etsy page, etc.  If they like my pin they can "like" it or re-pin it in which case the picture and all the links follow through to their board.  If someone sees their re-pin and likes it they, too, can either "like" it or re-pin it to there boards.  All of the descriptions, likes and re-pins for this particular picture are linked together on all the boards.

    Talk about a beautiful way for all of us to help promote one another. It doesn't get much better or easier than this.  My motto has always been, "What Helps One of Us Helps All of Us!" is a fabulous way to do just  that.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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    lt;img src=quot;; /gt;Before Takara Tomy's Masterpiece MP-11 Starscream even hits retailers next month, the company has announced that they will repaint the mold as MP-11S Sunstorm. According to Malaysian retailer Toy Wizard, the company will release the figure towards the end of May 2012. In addition to this bit of news, Toy Wizard also reports that Takara Tomy has separately announced Encore #23 as Sixshot. Encore is Takara Tomy's line of Generatio

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    Henge updates his Fast Mercy sculptures with four more! screenshot

    Perfection is something which everyone strives for but never obtains. So perhaps it comes as no surprise that Henge has revisited his Fast Mercy works which we posted before.

    These new updates show off newly redesigned limbs for the sculpture as well at two new colour schemes using a gold base. The gold sculptures also show off the body much more clearly than the older ones so we can now see that the figure has a very feminine build, something which didn't show up as clearly on the black sculptures. Furthermore, the gold ones are labelled as one of a kind, so once they're gone, that's it! The gold sculptures are going for ¥30,000 each while the black ones are going for ¥20,000. Perhaps a little expensive for some of our readers but totally worth it if you can afford them!

    A few months down the line and the sculptures still look gorgeous! If you want even more Henge stuff, they've also opened up a facebook page which you can like to your hearts content (well, just once). There's also a video after the jump.

    Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    Critters and People and Things of That Sort Featuring works by Danielle Buerli, JAW Cooper, Jessica LL Dalva, Tom Haubrick, Sinae Park, and Bryce Takara Opening reception on Saturday February 18th 2012 from 8:00PM to 11:00PM WWA gallery 9517 Culver Blvd Culver City, CA 90232

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  • 02/16/12--05:04: Toy Fair 2012: Squishable
  • Toy Fair 2012: Squishable screenshot

    Squishable's booth at Toy Fair 2012 had plenty of new stuffed stuff to share. Their Squishable Micros line, 3 inch plushes with removable plastic keychain clips, are set to grow with twelve new designs (there are currently only four). They were displayed at the booth on a christmas tree/coat hanger-like apparatus. I spy a T-Rex! A new plush from their 24 inch Massive line, the Narwhal, also made its debut at the event. 

    Squishable not only works with web artists like Nedroid and Dr. McNinja (the plush collaborations can be seen here and here) but also allows fans to vote on what animals they'd like to see made into plushes. The creators even ask for feedback on designs from their Facebook page's readers. 


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    There are more Lego Duplo sets coming this summer … Red … “Race Day,” Lightning & Jeff Gorvette My favorite new set with Siddeley, Holley & Mater … Siddeley looks pretty darn cute … And with a hook also! Thanks for the nice pics, “FBR,”   Tweet This Post

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    Good Smile's grumpy Mikazuki Yozora now up for pre-order screenshot

    When I saw this figure come up in our WonFes coverage and all that, it already looked like a great release. Now that I'm looking at the pre-order listings I notice that she's not a regular 1/8-scale figure, but an impressive 1/7-scale. (note: Good Smile's listing says 1/8, but retailers as well as MFC are saying 1/7. Apologies if this is cause for any confusion.) Not only is she [maybe] bigger, it means that Good Smile Company should be delivering some nice, clean detailing to be enjoyed throughout. If it gives you any measure for comparison, she's sculpted by Tashiro Kouji, who also worked on Good Smile's 1/8-scale Nessa of Fractale fame (reviewed). 

    I like both this rendition and Kotobukiya's upcoming short haired version, and have a hard time deciding which would be the winning release. They both have their strengths, and Good Smile did a great job capturing her unfriendly personality here more than anything else. What do you think, folks? Any Haganai fans out there going to reserve this beauty?

    She's set for release in July and Good Smile's retail price is set at ¥6,800 which isn't too shabby, especially if she ends up at that 1/7-scale (something I'm not 100% sure on, because she's about the same height as standard 1/8 scale, about 8.5", if their main listing is to be believed). At least by the meager four pictures I've included in the gallery here, she looks quite worth it either way. And green is just a pleasant color to look at instead of the usual blue and white school girl uniforms.

    [Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | HobbyLink Japan]

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    If you love those little hermit crabs called Xia Xia, then you’ll be very excited to hear about the new Xia-Xia video game coming to Nintendo DS on March 20th. You’ll also be excited to hear Cepia LLC has released eight new shells. Xia-Xia Nintendo DS Game From sandy beaches to deep blue seas, exploreRead More

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