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    NECA has now officially revealed all of the Predator Series 10 Cardbacks. We have previously seen the front of the packaging, now it’s really nice to see the cardbacks. Now you can read the...

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    Phat Company's 1/8 scale Swamp Witch Metallica is currently available for pre-order. This wickedly cute witch is the star of The Witch and the Hundred Knight, which released in Japan earlier this year and is slated to appear in the West as well.

    I love Swamp Witch Metallica's general style which I feel has translated beautifully to figure form. The pose is lively, showing a fair deal of the character's energy, even before getting into the wide array of elements present and vibrant colors. As such, Phat Company's Swamp Witch Metallica is something of an eye-catcher. Swamp Witch Metallica features a removable hat.

    For those enamored by this figure, Phat Company's Swamp Witch Metallica is slated for an April release and is currently available for pre-order with a ¥12,190 list price.

    [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi ]

    Phat Company's Swamp Witch Metallica rocks pre-orders screenshot


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    Since I just recently started to post YouTube videos… How about we celebrate with another Giveaway?!?! In the giveaway you can enter to win TWO Marvel Select action figures, thanks to Diamond Select Toys. What you need to know about the giveaway: - Giveaway is open to WORLDWIDE viewers, but I will only pay $10 […]

    Action Figure Fury - A Toy Blog with Toy News, Action Figure News, Reviews, and Guides
    Enter To Win TWO Marvel Select Action Figures – GIVEAWAY

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    Since I just recently started to post YouTube videos… How about we celebrate with another Giveaway?!?! In the giveaway you can enter to win TWO Marvel Select action figures, thanks to Diamond...

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    Mega64’s Shawn Ruins GTA V Midnight Launch

    Shawn of Mega64 ruined this Grand Theft Auto V midnight release launch. What a jerk, right?

    Edit: This video doesn’t really spoil anything, it’s a prank.

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    Little Tikes is introducing new products for the holidays. These products range from ages as early as 6 months up to 5 years. These toys allow kids to interact with art, funny characters, and animals. They all support early development, including learning to crawl. These products include: Lil’ Blabberz: Oolie is a funny, crazy character in [...]

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    Incredible Photos of Mexican Fireworks Fight

    These beautiful photos captured by photographer Thomas Prior show off the Mexican city of Tultepec and their annual fireworks fight held every March 8th. The city is most famous for its fireworks export, so every March 8th the city goes outside to celebrate by firing off fireworks with each other and having a city-wide fireworks fight. Check out more photos of the Tultepec shoot at Prior’s official photography website.

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    To restore or not to restore, that is the question!  Steiffgal is frequently asked whether a vintage Steiff item should be restored or not.  Everyone has their own opinion, and there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to repairing vintage Steiff treasures.  Check out this information from a reader in Connecticut, and see what you think about their family heirloom bear who may be a candidate for some expert TLC...

    "Dear Steiffgal,

    Thank you for looking at our family Teddy bear.  

    We believe the bear came into the USA in 1910 when Uncle P. and his mother came here from Europe. We have always been told that the bear accompanied P. on the trip here.  

    The bear is 15 1/2 inches long and still has the button that is stamped Steiff in his left ear.  

    As you can see from the photographs, his right front paw  has some serious issues.  He is also quite faded and very well loved.

    What can you tell us about this bear?

    Thanks and best,

    Let's get centered and take a good hard look at P.'s bear.  From what Steiffgal can tell from the photos, this is a very early turn of last century center-seamed Steiff bear.  Given his "Steiff" imprinted button in ear, he could be as early as 1906.  This would make perfect sense given the timeline provided by the family.  This Ted certainly has classic early Steiff proportions: his torso is twice as long as his head; he has long limbs with his arms extending to his "knees;" and his feet are long and narrow and are in a ratio of 1:5 to his height. His claw stitching is consistent with his age and his back hump is quite pronounced.  In addition, his facial features are representative of Steiff bears from the very early 1900's:  he has black wooden, or "shoe button" eyes which are set deeply on his face and his nose is vertically stitched on a relatively long pointed snout. For bears his size, the typical nose from 1905 and 1906 is stitched like a bar, with a few stitches in the middle reaching down to join his simple "V" shaped mouth.  
    Let's not get ahead of ourselves here and forget to discuss this Ted's great noggin.  This bear has a somewhat unusual head construction.  In the early 1900's, every 7th bear that Steiff made had a seam down the center of his face to make the most efficient use of the fabric. The dimensions of the fabric from the factory were such that they could get six full heads from it, but there was some remaining material from this cutting process. Steiff's production team found a way to "patch" these remainders into another head and therefore not waste any fabric.  Because of their rarity, these "center seamed" bears have great appeal to collectors.

    Now let's take a paws and consider the bear's condition.  Of course, it is impossible to evaluate any vintage Steiff collectible with absolute certainty without seeing it firsthand.  Photos cannot show subtle condition issues like if the mohair has dried out; if he has any weak/bad areas; if there are any excelsior or stuffing issues; any bad odors, etc.  Those things most definitely impact value and longevity. What is obvious with this bear is that there is a problem with the felt on one of his hand pads.  This is an issue for several important reasons:  it is bad to have this kind of damage as it invites further damage and insect infestation; it also makes the bear more fragile overall; and it is less attractive to a certain segment of potential future buyers, if the owners ever considering selling the bear in the future.  

    There are two point of view when it comes to dealing with gaping, obvious condition issues like this on vintage Steiff items: 

    1.  The first is to just let it be.  Some collectors like things in their original, authentic condition and shun any repairs at all.  They feel that restoration detracts from the appeal, and sometimes the value, of an item.  If they were to sell the item in the future, they figure that the next owner can make repairs if they are so inclined.  

    2.  The second is to get the item professionally restored.  This will not be attractive to some collectors as mentioned above, but there are those that feel that such repairs can in a practical way add years to the life of the bear, as well as improve the bear's "curb appeal."  

    Of course, if any repairs are done, it is critical to document them with the bear's history, and give full disclosure of these restorations in any future transaction concerning the bear.  

    It is also important to note that both of these options are completely valid and are simply a matter of personal choice.   

    Here are a few factors to think about from the collector's perspective when considering structural (i.e., repairs that deal with holes, rips, breaks, and stuffing) restorations:

    • The item's history:  If the item has a long family history with you - or you know the provenance of the item, which has personal or historical interest - and you want to insure that the item is around for the next several generations, consider structural renovation for its longevity.
    • The item's value:  If the item itself is quite valuable to start with, regardless of your personal connection to it, consider essential restorations to at least stabilize the item's condition.  This in turn should help retain, and in some cases grow, its value over time.
    • The item's rarity:  If the item is quite rare, and there is little or no chance of you finding another one in better condition, perhaps consider some structural restorations.  If the item is relatively common, and does not have personal history or great value, you may want to think about "upgrading" with another example instead of restoration.
    So, given all of that, what should the family do in terms of restoration?  Of course, the choice is entirely up to them.  If this bear was Steiffgal's - because he has history, value, and rarity (the center seam and button really help in these last two categories) she would probably would invest in his professional restoration.

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion on this lovely vintage Ted and restorations has helped to repair your day in a most positive way. 

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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    Why ‘The Angry Beavers’ Was Cancelled

    As a child watching this toon of two beavers that enjoyed yelling at each other, you kind of just watch cartoons fade away and become replaced with another generation of animation and newer shows. The Angry Beavers was canned in the early 2000’s. After 62 episodes being aired on Nick, it was done. But it never had its finale because it never aired on television. And as a child you might have not known that, or the reason why Nick wouldn’t allow it to air on television.

    Truth is, The Angry Beavers did have a series finale planned out. It was titled "Bye-Bye Beavers," and it involved the show’s two stars, Daggett and Norbert, breaking the fourth wall and directly mentioning that they were being cancelled. According to Micah Wright, a staffer at Angry Beavers, Nick didn’t like that very much.

    Off his official website:

    Norb has to break the horrible truth to Dag that they are only cartoons. Nickelodeon hated this episode because it actually told the kids the truth: that the show was ending!

    There are rumors stating that Nick has a strict rule on cartoons breaking the fourth wall and telling kids that they are actually cartoons. I’m not sure how true this is, but I actually don’t ever recall a cartoon other than Ren & Stimpy (maybe?) pushing that boundary in any way. Plus, it’s one thing to tell Nick’s target demographic they’re not real. It’s another to tell kids they’re being cancelled. And it’s a whole different ballpark to literally make jabs at the network that’s presenting your cartoon.

    And that’s exactly what "Bye-Bye Beavers," did — it jabbed at Nick at every which way possible. Norb and Dag are going off about being cartoons, their show getting cancelled, and Nick making so much money off of reruns without getting the show’s creators a dime. Thus, the episode never got a green-light to air, and the series was cancelled an episode short of being finished.

    The audio of the script was released by Wright himself on his website. There’s also a YouTube link, for those who don’t want to download the .mp3 file. It’s a rough draft being read by voice actors Richard Steven Horvitz (Dag) and Nick Bakay (Norb), occasionally using improv between lines and calling themselves by their first names. The ending of the episode also had the two shouting “APRIL FOOLS!,” prompting people to begin rumors that this episode was meant to air as an April Fools episode, but was canned on the spot since Nick doesn’t like fourth wall jokes.

    Seeing on how it never even got storyboarded in the first place, I doubt the episode will ever see the light of day. The rough audio working may have just been recorded for the Hell of it, or because they simply worked backwards on their show. Don’t know, but at least the audio has surfaced on the web somehow.

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    We have some new images and updates on the Unicron Head Replica play set that has been revealed as the Original Refine Star Emperor. The new color images show the set featuring removable parts to change mode (normal / battle damage / evil) and Light-up eyes as well as expose inner elements of the Unicron head. Get a look at the new color and prototype images for a preview of what is expected to release sometime in December 2013.

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    Junko Mizuno will open her latest solo, ‘Rising’ at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra on Saturday evening (9.21). Based on four tales drawn from Japanese history and folklore, the new collection blends traditional Japanese imagery with Mizuno’s sexy blend of cute and cunning. For more images, check out Dailydujour’s preview. Junko...

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    Results are in from a series of polls conducted by Premium Bandai in Japan this year in honor of the release of the Master Grade Gundam RX-78-2 ver 3.0 kit. The "Best of My Master Grade" poll was done in four phases from June 24 to September 1 to decide which MG Gunpla was the fan favorite. Some 13,000 fans took part with each vote entering them into a chance to win one of 10 prize packages of 10 MG items. Not bad. 

    The results? They're interesting for sure, but with polling like this it's hard to say if the results are really for the model and not just for the particular Mobile Suit. Let's face it, Gundam fans are a pretty dedicated (to put it nicely) bunch, so this could just as likely be about having the loudest fan factor. Somehow all three versions of the RX-78-2 kit got into the top 10 despite the 3.0 kit not being released until the third phase and still ranking 17 in the second phase. 

    The top three looks like this:

    Gold: Nu Gundam Ver.ka
    Silver: EX-S Gundam
    Bronze: Turn A Gundam

    Follow the jump to see the entire results.

    [via Anime News Network]


    Japanese fans choose the top 50 Master Grade Gunpla screenshot


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    Toy Art Gallery celebrated its fourth anniversary with last Saturday’s (9.14) opening of a special Pollen Kaiser exhibition. Featuring customs from 50+ invited artists, the show offers new visions of Paul Kaiju’s towering sofubi. The creator took the opportunity to create two hand-painted customs and a beautiful highlight piece featuring...

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    Took a while, but the sixth figure, Chromedome, for the 2014 Transformers Subscription Service 2.0 has finally been revealed. He was among the first group of figures to be announced, but the last to be fully revealed. He's a blend of both the original G1 toy's color scheme and the IDW comic version's design key features. He's trading in his original square head for something much more angular. He'll also include his partner, Stylor, in Micron form. The figure use the Transformers Prime Wheeljack mold with a new head, yet doesn't quite match his TFSS comic self, especially the misstransformed shoulders and the missing windows on the chest, which is kinda odd. Considering this is mostly a cobbled together photoshop they'll likely make a few changes. What probably wont change is the strangely elongated face, but you never know. 

    And that brings us to the last of the TFSS 2.0 six-piece set. Chromedome will be joined by Thrustinator, Rewind, Fisitron, Barricade, and Treadshot along with the three Microns and comic. And that's not all, there's still the seventh incentive being added this year and only available to subscribers as opposed to on the club store where other sub figures have been found. 

    Still no details like price and sub periods have been announced, but I'll keep you posted when more is known. 

    [additional images via TFWiki]

    TFSS 2.0 finally reveals sixth figure Chromedome screenshot


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  • 09/21/13--19:05: Once Bitten, Twice Shy
  • I recently purchased an NRFB Sybarite convention fashion called Viper Byte. I'd seen beautiful photos of dolls wearing the fashion.  I had to have it.  

    The jacket along with the pants are the best parts of this multi-part fashion. The pants are very nice and fit beautifully. The t-shirt, which I did not photograph, is unfitted and the stitching on the stretchy fabric is poorly done. I took it off my doll.  The finish on the belt is very fragile and after closing the hook I noticed that a small part of the surface of the belt was scratched off.
    The bracelets are metal and there's no way they could have gone on unless the hands were removed or the metal was spread open. I chose the second method knowing that closing them up again would probably cause them to break. One did break. The heels on the beautiful shoes are as thick as the lead in a pencil and as fragile. Luckily I did not break them. This is the first individually purchased Sybarite fashion to cause me such disappointment.

    So last week it was Lawn and this week it's Viper Byte.
    Update on Lawn...she's been sent back to Superdoll and they are going to replace her with a new doll. Postage at their expense both ways - as it should be.

    My model above is a newly acquired Dionysis repaint by Yian wearing a wig by Cheryl Wood.

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    If you love alpacas and love woodland decorations then you'll be happy to now that I added six new handmade wool felt mini quilt decorations, pictures and set of mug rugs to my Linda Walsh Originals Handmade Dolls & Crafts website.

    Here's what I added:

    Adorable 6 1/2” by 8 1/2” wool felt mini quilt hand embroidered with an alpaca, evergreen trees, apple tree with leaves and apples, moon and fence. The wool felt mini quilt is lined and blanket stitched all around the edges and is hanging from an adorable wire and wood heart hanger.

    For more information or to purchase my new mini-quilt please CLICK HERE.

    Adorable 6 1/2” by 8 1/2” wool felt mini quilt hand embroidered with an alpaca, evergreen trees, adorable snowman, holiday wreath and fence. The wool felt mini quilt is lined and blanket stitched all around the edges and is hanging from an adorable wire and wood heart hanger.

    For more information or to purchase my new mini-quilt please CLICK HERE.

    Adorable 6 1/2” by 8 1/2” wool felt mini quilt hand embroidered with an alpaca, haunted house, tree, jack-o-lantern, ghosts, witches hat, spider webs, bats and fence. The wool felt mini quilt is lined and blanket stitched all around the edges and is hanging from an adorable wire and wood heart hanger.

    For more information or to purchase my new mini-quilt please CLICK HERE.

    Adorable 8” by 12” wool felt mini quilt hand embroidered with a grazing alpaca, evergreen trees, grass, clouds, sun and two fences. The wool felt mini quilt is lined and blanket stitched all around the edges and is hanging from a wood dowel with ribbon hanger.

    For more information or to purchase my new mini-quilt please CLICK HERE.

    Adorable 4” by 7” wool felt mini quilt hand embroidered with two alpacas, lazy daisies, cloud, grass and fence. The wool felt mini quilt is lined and blanket stitched all around the edges is enclosed in a 7" by 9" frame with a stenciled background.

    For more information or to purchase my new wool felt picture decoration please CLICK HERE.

    Adorable 4” by 7” wool felt handmade and hand embroidered set of two mug rugs with a standing alpaca and a grazing alpaca, apple trees, clouds, and fencing. Relax and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee or tea while enjoying my adorable mug rugs. Mug rugs are lined with matching wool felt and blanket stitched around all the edges.

    For more information or to purchase my new mug rug set please CLICK HERE.

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    Looks like CASE C of PLANES has arrived (for stores still stocking singles). Thanks for the heads up & photo “Snosno.” 86 LJH Special What the Disney Store called Navy Dusty, Mattel calls Jolly Wrenches Dusty Crophopper. There are 2 of each as the “NEW” PLANES released, the rest of the case is a re-release [...]

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    set database: LEGO 70205 chi razar
    image courtesy of brickipedia
    image courtesy of
    image courtesy of
    set number: 70205
    set name: chi razar
    theme: legends of chima
    year: 2013
    pieces: 68
    price: us$15
    minifig: none
    new legends of chima theme set.
    come with buildable chi razar action figure.
    the figure has 2 battle scythes, bladed wings, a chi orb chest armor and massive claws.
    the figure has movable arms and legs.
    can be combined with 70202 chi gorzan to build bigger figure.
    good playability.
    overall design is good.
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