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    Previously made available at San Diego Comic Con, Tokidoki's 5-inch tall COMIC CORNO vinyl Unicorno can be had at the coming STGCC via Booth F14. And while price is unrevealed at this time, this particular design is produced to 1,000 units.

    Truth be told, it has become somewhat of a "staple" for me to purchase a tokidoki product at the local tycoon, ironically having never met nor introduced to Simone Legno at all thru the years hahahaha … and if the rest of the SDCC toys are available here as well, my wallet might be in a bit of trouble hahaha

    The bagged-n-tagged item shown above in an alternate colorway, was an exclusive to Toy Tokyo (priced at US$30 per). Somehow I wish there would be another alternate colorway for STGCC though… perhaps even the header-card?

    [#STGCC covered #onTOYSREVIL / Available @ STGCC 2013 on Facebook]

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    The Outcast by Japes Tyrannosaur Submit your Flickr photos to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day!

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    More Wonfes coverage - better late than never ^^; I'm actually in Malaysia now prepping for Culture Ja...

    0 0's Featured Comic of the Week is "A Rage In Heaven!", the twelfth and final issue of Transformers: Generation 2 and Marvel's final US Transformers comic. Written by Simon Furman, Pencils by Manny Galan with inks by Jim Amash for Parts 1 and 3, Art by Geoff Senior for Parts 2 and 4.

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    Crummy Gummy will be releasing two resin toys - that he has collaborated with Manny X - this Friday August 9th via
    "They will only be available for the weekend in an open run with a 36hr window to order. Once the clock strikes midnight PST on Saturday the 10th we will no longer be taking any more orders. All orders include a sticker pack!"

    Named "Heisenberg Blues" and "Ewing's Sweat", they are priced US$30 for Regular sized (3") and US$17 for Minis (1.75"), with 1 out of 5 will be a special “Taste Test” chase.

    The first 10 people to order a "Heisenberg Blues" (Breaking Bad Reference) receives a little baggy of the blue stuff (Rock Candy) and every order of Ewing's sweat will come with a Patrick Ewing basketball card.
    "The spectacular Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks was our inspiration for this Crummy Gummy. We wanted to obtain his magical basketball abilities, so we snuck into his pimped out house and bottled up gallons of his sweat from some of his used socks (bigfoot sized socks fyi). With it, we created a Gummy Bear that has the "Flavor" of Ewing's sweat! We are still not sure if it can make you a better basketball player, but our guess is "Sure, why the Hell not?""

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    Thanks to CM's Corp who have posted new images of the Excel Suit with Spike and Daniel action figures that pay homage to the G1 characters, We first saw the figure at Wonderfest in just the suit mode here we get a view of the suit in its transformed alternate vehicle mode with Daniel inside. Check out the images of these figures below for all the details.

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    Plaseebo introduces the first in a new series of Great American Kaiju inspired by real monsters! The “D C LOBBYIST” will debut at the CREATURES show opening Friday at FOE Gallery. This one of a kind 11" high resin hand paint with internal motion activated color changing LED units, and comes signed and dated. as well this piece will be accompanied by the 18" x 24" limited edition print of the same name:

    Great American Kaiju inspired by real monsters.

    "It is my opinion that the influence peddling lobbyists hired by special interest groups have hijacked our government. In fact America is no longer a democracy, it has become a daily auction of our principals and assets going to the highest bidder ! “We the people” are no longer represented by our congressmen and senators.

    Profuse daily distractions of forever war in some foreign land, forest fires in the west, politicians caught with their pants down, the IRS cheating, periodic threats of the next pandemic that never quite seems to get here, on and on, keep our attention fractured and so oblivious to the theft right under our nose.

    The lobbyists lurk just below the surface like greedy sharks overfeeding in a frenzy on the unsuspecting public as we swim in circles of illusion. If America is to return to a democracy, “we the people” must demand an end to this lobbyists system of unequal representation NOW !

    It seems ironic that the solution is also part of the problem. Our most powerful tool for equal representation is the potential of the internet for mass communication and organization. Yet with all devices we carry with us so faithfully, we keep them focused on meaningless trivia.
    We need to refocus on the bigger picture and rid Washington of these parasites."

    -Bob Conge

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    Disney Interactive has announced that Disney Planes the video game is available at retailers worldwide. The game is exclusive to all Nintendo platforms including the Wii and Wii U systems, as well as the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS handheld systems. Inspired by Disney’s animated comedy-adventure film, Disney Planes continues the storyline with Dusty, a [...]

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    Thanks to ACToys member who have posted new images of their next release the KFC CST-02NS Nightstalker Edition. This figure is a recolor of their KFC CST-02/02J Ironpaw figures scaled to cassette tape-bots that will work with the Takara Tomy MP-13 Soundwave. Check out the images of the KFC CST-02NS Nightstalker Edition Out of Box and with MP-13 Soundwave now for more details.

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  • 08/08/13--07:19: Supahcute Turns 5 Today!
  • Today I’m celebrating Supahcute’s 5th anniversary!! Thank YOU for visiting my blog, supporting my art shows, and sharing your love of cute on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I really appreciate all of you! While I have your attention, I … Continue reading 

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    Button Lab has announced a new series of pinback buttons featuring 13 established and emerging artists from the underground art and toy world. The "Button Lab Artist Series" button packs include limited edition art buttons that are blind bagged - 4 buttons (3 x 1", 1 x 1.25") to a pack. Artists include: Abe Lincoln […]

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    • Almost 2,000 products were recalled in EU countries last year • Number of dangerous goods removed rose by 16% Toys and childcare equipment such as bikes, baby walkers and cots dominated the list of almost 2,000 dangerous goods withdrawn from sale in EU countries last year, it was revealed today. The number of dangerous products removed from sale rose by 16% in 2008, according to the latest ...

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    The toy industry in India is concentrated mainly in the small and cottage sectors, with about 4000 manufacturers in all, adds the study.

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    School days were always fun? Not really. From the mid of July, we all were forced to practice for the 15th August parade. Nothing used to work: scorching sun, rains, stomach ache, head ache or any other ache we could think of.  The only part I loved was, practicing for other curricular activities. Two reasons for the happiness- Firstly, classes were suspended. Secondly, singing and dancing was fun.

    After slogging for days and nights, we used to welcome 15th August with a smile. The only thing we children waited for, was a surprise return gift. The gift was handed in the end, usually comprising of – laddoos. We luckily, also had a chocolate and an ice cream twice or thrice. The grand show would start with the morning prayer. Welcoming of the chief guest was the next major act. It was usually with the use of flattery words. The flagship event use to start, followed by the parade. No matter how irritating the practicing seemed initially, the final moment gave all of us a sense of pride. The feeling of being a part of the parade, with drums beating around was a heavenly experience. At that time, every single child would dream of making India proud.

    That entire day use to be inspiring. Perfect environment created to make anybody fall in love with their country. While coming back, I can hear small children saying “I want to be the Prime Minister of India”; “I want to make India proud”. I too said the same thing though.

    Time really changes fast. As our 67th Independence Day is around the corner, I asked my 8 yr old nephew about his 15th August plans. All I could hear was- “what 15th August?” “We have a holiday that day”; “I will wake up late, watch TV and play video games”. I was startled at his answer. At the same time, I was proud and thankful to my school, for giving me enough reasons to understand and celebrate this historic day.

    Today, we as parents can teach our children the significance of this day. Not by talking about history or preaching anything. But, in some way that is fun and learning at the same time.

    Certain practices can be carried out on Independence Day-

    Sing the National Anthem at the stoke of midnight on 14th August (make sure you wake your neighbors).

    Do some craft activities with your kids, making tri-colored clips, hairpins, bracelets or any such thing.

    Watch a movie with kids reflecting Independence Day feel.

    Take a trip to a National Monument.

    Read books about Independence Day with your kids.

    Throw an Independence Day party at your place, make sure you make your favorite Indian dish (preferably, tri-colored).

    Play some game with your kids like- Paint the FlagQuiz and Puzzle talking about Independence Day or Pass the Balloon in the relay race(only tri-colored ones).

    Don’t make this day just another holiday for your child. At least, we can take some time out from our busy schedules and teach our children the importance and value of this day and also of being a proud Indian. I would end this note with a thought-provoking question for all, rightly remarked by Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru –

    We end today a period of ill fortune and India discovers herself again. The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievements that await us. Are we brave enough and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge of the future?

    Happy Independence Day to all!

    Jai Hind!

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    Button Lab has announced a new series of pinback buttons featuring 13 established and emerging artists from the underground art and toy world. The "Button Lab Artist Series" button packs include limited edition art buttons that are blind bagged - 4 buttons (3 x 1", 1 x 1.25") to a pack. Artists include: Abe Lincoln […]

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    LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. has announced that LeapPad Ultra, the learning tablet for kids, is available for sale online and at major retail locations across the U.S. The new LeapPad Ultra is kid-tough and works with LeapFrog’s library of more than 800 educational games, creativity apps, eBooks, videos, music, and more. LeapPad Ultra features a kid-safe web [...]

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    Dan Goodsell, the artist behind Mr Toast, has started a Kickstarter campaign to produce the next Mr Toast doll. The new guy is Vince the videocassette. The main perk of the Kickstarter campaign will be an Obsolete Vince plush that will only be available via Kickstarter. Each plush Vince is 8" tall.And funding levels of […]

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    My first thought was "Are they serious?" Did anyone look at this doll's hair and face before releasing the photos? He is one of the worst looking Kens I've seen and there have been plenty. This dude needs manscaping - especially those huge eyebrows.

    Is the mole supposed to be attractive? I'd have that removed immediately if I were him. 

    Interestingly, the suit appears to fit properly. That's a plus. 
    I want to know what the doll on the left side of the picture is wearing. It looks really pretty.
    Ken does his Titanic pose.

    Description from BC.Com:

    Designed by: Robert Best
    Release Date: 8/14/2013
    BFMC® celebrates its 2013 collection, direct from the atelier. A perfect escort is always impeccably dressed in a bespoke suit of quiet elegance. The epitome of exquisite black tie, Ken® wears a classic tuxedo. The beautifully tailored, single breasted jacket features stylish peak lapels and a single vent. His crisp white shirt is worn with a white satin bow tie and a vest. Tailored Tuxedo Ken® captures the look of modern formalwear at its best. Tailored Tuxedo Ken® doll is available exclusively to members of The Barbie Fan ClubSM.
    Release date: 08/14/2013
    Body Type: Silkstone® Ken
    Skin Tone: Classic Beige Silkstone®
    Facial Sculpt: Silkstone® Ken
    Fashion Sewn On?: No
    Eyelashes: No

    Included with doll:
    Stand, shoes, bowtie, jacket, shirt, vest, belt, pants.  [mole]
    There is a limit of 1 doll per BFC membership while supplies last.

    I apologize in advance to anyone who is offended by my mole humor. I'm just having fun. Some moles will not do anything medically bad. Others need to be watched carefully.

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    Disney Consumer Products has launched range of back-to-school items inspired by Disney, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Marvel characters. The range includes apparel, backpacks, school supplies, home décor, books, and digital apps. The items from the back-to-school collection are available at retailers including Target, Walmart, Kmart, jcpenney, Forever 21, Hot Topic, Nordstrom, and Claire’s as [...]

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