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    Buy Now Ancient Silverback (Magic the Gathering : 9th Edition #230 Rare)'s price decreased by 100% from $3.77 to $0.01 at ... click (more...) link for details ...Sale Price: $0.01, Vendor: Full Details Sale Price: $0.01, Vendor: and/or Merchants


    Here are current coupons and promotions from this store. To utilize the coupon you should click over to the site from the coupon banner, then find the product listed above and order it.

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    A Little Bit on the Android Soldier Side: Hot on the heels of the awesome Don Pablo Calaveroid is this Toy Soldier Android Mini Collectible, designed by Gary Ham and produced by Dyzplastic. It will be available Wednesday the 14th at 11AM Eastern, then again at 11PM Eastern at the Dead Zebra shop. The coolest part? Each one has a key to plug into the figure’s back. Very neat.

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    Tomopop Review: Sega Prize Kirino Kousaka, Irony ver. screenshot

    Without a doubt, this fun-looking Kirino prize figure, meant to be paired with a similarly dressed Kuroneko (who I didn't buy), is one of my more anticipated releases from 2011. She just looks so cute! I love the idea of the two main girls of OreImo dressing up like the duo that sings the OP (Irony by ClariS), especially since the results are so visually pleasing.

    Follow me down to check her out from head to toe; find out whether she's worth the scratch!

    Figure Name: Kousaka Kirino Irony ver.
    Figure Maker: Sega
    Retail Value: ¥1,500
    Available at:


    The box isn't anything special, so let's just get it out of the way. You'll notice Kirino isn't in there - it's because I couldn't resist pulling her out the second I got her in at home. The box also came a little damaged, but I'm alright with that. The sides each have the same graphic on it, the front a big window, and the back our usual information. Moving on!

    front kirino

    Here she is from the front. Now, the first thing I noticed when I pulled her out of the tray is, dang what an ugly base! It's just a big, round, pastel pink plastic base. What gives?

    side 1 kirino

    After putting all this together and building a background that matched, it turned out to be just right. The base went perfectly with my setup here!

    Now, just looking at the two above images, you've already got lots of features to take in. She's got this sheer sort of skirt over her white and gray striped one, socks and heels (which are one piece and share the same coat of paint), some jewelry, hair clips and a microphone with an octopus hanging from it.


    For a prize figure, there is plenty of detail to take in. Some of them have their molding or paint flaws to be sure, but as is usually the case, you only see them when you're focusing on the scuff marks and blotches.

    hat goof

    If anything, the only truly distracting issue I had was this particular smudge: A hair-colored goof on her pastel pink hat! I'm not going to be looking at her from behind most of the time, though, so it didn't upset me too much. I haven't tried cleaning up the figure yet either, so who knows, this blotch may even be removable.

    right foot

    Another issue I had, and to some folks this might seem like more of a big deal, is her right foot didn't go flush on the base (this is more apparent in the full-body images than just above this text). On top of that, it looks like the peg is breaking. When it didn't set on the base properly, I took her off it and tried again, etc. Now it looks like the peg hole just wasn't the right shape, which is unfortunate and hopefully just my personal issue. Aside from this, you'll see above what I meant about the socks and shoes being one painted piece. Not a deal-breaker.

    side 2 kirino


    Going back to better points, here's another look at her skirt and waist. She's got some blue beads around her waist and her chemise has some nice molding to it. The skirt itself is, as I mentioned this white and gray striped thing with some frills under and a sheer layer over it. The sheer layer looks different depending on how I look at it. Sometimes it looks nice and liquid-y, other times like a fogged up sheet of plastic or even wax that was molded over the skirt. I think the better lit she is, the better it looks.


    This particular image is supposed to be more about the hair than anything else, but since she's all in focus, you could also see some of the detail on her glove, there. She's got a bracelet, or watch, or something on, and a little smudging in the paint.

    The hair itself is great. I really like the flow, though the shading is a bit off. On one side of the seam her hair is much lighter than the other side. Like I said, though... the hair is great. I forgive the shading issue since I got nice molding.

    hair back

    Here we go. See? Nice and clean and even. I love this hair!


    Her face is pretty sweet, too. Now that I've mentioned all the other stuff, it's about time I got to the main feature, right? Her bangs have some smudges on them I'll try and clean off later, but her face was perfectly clean. She's got those moe blush-y marks and a big smile. Her eyes are nice and clean, which is a relief.

    top to bottom

    Scuff marks and stuff (like the hair shading issue I mentioned, which is much more apparent in the above picture) come with the territory when it comes to these prize figures, but most of the time the price is (still) right. I love that a bunch are coming out for Kirino since I like the character so much; and to be honest, despite being a "schoolgirl" type my Kirino collection contains more figures of her without the school uniform than with.


    Photographing Kirino was a fun time. I haven't done any sort of creative set ups for my figure reviews in a while, so it was nice to combine my love for outdoor shooting with some better backgrounds for a change. Huzzah for great weather!

    I didn't buy the Kuroneko counterpart figure because I've simply not been interested in any of the ones I've seen. Now that I've received and thoroughly fallen in love with this figure though, I'm actually tempted to get the pair so they can sing a duet on my shelf! If that ever happens, I'll be sure to do another shoot featuring the both of them together. While Kirino is mostly sold out where I've looked around for her, Kuroneko is thankfully still available at some places.

    Until then, be sure you check the gallery for other images of Kirino or details I mentioned which didn't make it to the body of this post!

    For you folks who did purchase this figure, I'm definitely interested in knowing whether you had any similar scuffing or painting issues, and especially if you had any problems with her foot pegs! Be sure to leave a comment below.

    close up

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    A Little Bit on the Skeevy Side: I recently fulfilled my destiny of buying a Japanese Xbox 360 Slim. They’re not being made anymore, so I figured now’s the time. Along with all the shmupy goodness that came with the console was a hilarious instruction manual featuring a skeevy Ron Burgandy style spokesman.

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    [Business Wire] - Hasbro, Inc. announced that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.30 per common share. The dividend will be payable on February 15, 2012

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    Here’s a nice bundle deal from Walmart in their video game department: Buy 2 Get 1 Free Xbox 360 Value Bundle. You get two games for $30 and then an extra one for free. Not a bad deal at all! Choose from around 30 to 40 titles for each selection. Some of the Xbox 360Read More

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    The number of out-of-stock toys is increasing at the websites of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Target Corp. and Sears Holdings Corp.’s Kmart chain while Inc. remains almost fully stocked, according to a Bloomberg Industries analysis.

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    G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer Preview

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    you saw the design the other day, now we can show off Kotobukiya's upcoming Marvel X Bishoujo collection Classic X-Men Storm Statue. Click through for images and information on this awesome Dave Cockrum inspired collectible.

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  • 12/11/11--04:00: MiraiClock3

  • Fresh out into the App Store is the Mirai Suenaga iPhone and iPad app MiraiClock3 - tis free so please do give it a whirl! The app has currently made it into the top 10 charts for free utilities on the app store ^o^

    Just like Working Mirai, this is a clock application but this time round it features an interactive Mirai-chan. Have a look at the video below to see what's possible.

    At the moment shoe does not do much apart from look at you but she does so in a very sweet way.

    Depending on where you touch her, she may get angry like this.

    Pinch to zoom and move Mirai about.

    Turn upside down and...

    The app is universal and works on your iPad too.

    The quality on the iPad is much higher than the iPhone - not sure why actually ^^;

    A battery indicator will change color as you run out of juice - indicator is turned off when you plug into power.

    So cute!

    Never feel ronery again as it feels like Mirai is right there with you.

    And if you take a photo at the right time it looks like a yandere Mirai.

    In the next version there will be different costumes for Mirai and she will speak too. She will tell the time and teach Japanese to us!

    I think I asked before but what phone are you using? Gimme some time to work on the Android version - but priority for now is the iOS version due to my limited budget and resources.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    MiraiClock3 joins the growing line of Mirai goodies which include the Mirai figma figure and mousepad with built in WSS.

    Folks who are watching the second season of Culture Japan will know that Mirai also appears each week on the show as my co-host. She is developed by Cybernoids who also worked on the Oreimo PSP game for Bandai.

    When I first saw the Oreimo app I thought it was 3D and was flabbergasted when I discovered that it was created from a 2D illustration. In this case she is illustrated by DMYO-sensei.

    Here you can see a load of nodes being mapped onto Mirai-chans eyes which control movement - her lower pair of eyes are also mapped and folks who watch Culture Japan Season 2 will notice that they bounce from time to time ^^;

    Every part of Mirai's body can move and you can even see behind her plats.

    Even the arms can bend like so.

    I just love this smile!

    The way Mirai-chan is rigged enables her to tilt her head left n right, up n down too.

    Soon, we will be able to see Mirai turn so that you can even see her back! More details on how she was made and what software used etc soon.

    Look forward to seeing more of the Live2D Mirai in action but in the meantime - download the app for free!

    Download MiraiClock3 (free!)

    And there is more!
    Cybernoids have also just released a free app called Shizuku Talk which is also free from the app store - this is a more complete version where you can hear Shizuku-chan talk.

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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  • 12/11/11--04:00: Rotobox Mach Baron Qee
  • The guys at Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica (or Rotobox for short) just finished their latest jumbo custom Qee. Named Mach Baron, it's based on the 1970's live action television series  Super Robot Mach Baron. Oh yeah...if you wanted to purchase it, sorry, it's been sold.

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    set database: LEGO 5508 LEGO® deluxe brick box

    set number: 5508

    set name: LEGO deluxe brick box
    theme: creator, basic, brick buckets
    year: 2010
    pieces: 704
    prices: us$50
    minifigs: 2
    great parts collection.
    great for building small houses, vehicles, people and animals.
    come with basic bricks, plates and specialty bricks.
    colors included black, blue, green, light grey, lime, medium blue, orange, red, yellow, white and transparent.
    included a 16 x 32 stud bright green baseplate.
    minifigs included a male minifig and a female minifig.
    also come with an idea book and a brick separator.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    set database: LEGO 6161 LEGO® brick box

    set number: 6161

    set name: LEGO brick box
    theme: creator, basic, brick buckets
    year: 2007
    pieces: 221
    prices: us$20
    minifigs: none
    nice parts collection for starter builder.
    come with basic bricks, plates, specialty and printed bricks.
    colors included black, blue, green, lime, orange, red, white and yellow.
    also come with an idea book.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    The third wave of figures in McFarlane Toys' hyper-articulated 6" NFL Playmakers collection has been revealed. Follow the above link to find out more about this wave featuring figures based on the New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady, the Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson, the Indianapolis Colts' quarterback Peyton Manning, the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo, the Green Bay Packers' cornerback Charles Woodson, the Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receiver Mike Wallace, the Baltimore Ravens' running back Ray Rice, the San Diego Chargers' quarterback Philip Rivers, the New York Giants' quarterback Eli Manning, the Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, the Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, the Denver Broncos' quarterback Tim Tebow, the New England Patriots' wide receiver Wes Welker, the Dallas Cowboys' linebacker DeMarcus Ware, the Chicago Bears' linebacker Brian Urlacher, the Detroit Lions' wide receiver Calvin Johnson, the San Francisco 49ers' linebacker Patrick Willis, the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Michael Vick, and the New York Jets' cornerback Darrelle Revis. NFL Playmakers series 3 is slated to hit shelves in June, 2011.

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    New G.I. Joe: Retaliation Image

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    Buy Now Disney Mickey's Clubhouse Minnie Mouse Collectible Figurine's price decreased by 100% from $3.05 to $0.01 at are approx: 2" in height ... click (more...) link for details ...Sale Price: $0.01, Vendor: Full Details figurines are approx: 2" in height Sale Price: $0.01, Vendor: and/or Merchants

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    Head over to and send some fun Star Wars Lego e-card to some friends for the holidays.  Every e-card you send equals a LEGO gift sent to Toys For Tots.  It couldn’t be easier to help out kids in need!  Help spread the force this holiday season.

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  • 12/11/11--04:00: Nerf Guns: Vortex Series
  • The latest addition to the Nerf blasters is the Vortex series. Including four Nerf guns — the Praxis, Vigilon, Nitron and Proton — these blasters were released nationwide in September 2011. Painted in a toxic neon color scheme of including slashing stripes of shocking orange and slime green with gray metallic accents, the blasters have [...]

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    Teen pop singer Cody Simpson and The Wish Factory, Inc. unveiled two Cody Simpson dolls at Toys “R” Us Times Square today. I attended to learn more about the dolls and meet Cody Simpson. The collection consists of two dolls, both 11.5 inches, featuring the Australian singer’s side-swept surfer-styled hair and clothes Simpson wears. One [...]

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