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    Does your skin react promptly to both high temperature and cold? Does it quickly drop prey to sunburn and windburn? Or is the skin generally dry, delicate, and at risk of allergic reactions? Do some detergents, makeup products, and booze irritate the skin? For those who answered certainly to all these concerns, then you definately [...]

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    We Kill You is set to release their newest resin figurine - Presenting "Vishnu Paramata" (a 3" tall mini version of 2009's The Boss). As well as the main release, there will be a few "one-offs" made available as well. Check out the product press below:PRODUCT-PRESS: 'The first release "A Mystical Timezone" is an edition of 20 cast in clear orange with purple and blue spray and painted eyes. Each

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    The 2012 Lego Star Wars sets are up for pre-order at Amazon (click to see entire list). There’s also a nice mini Death Star set … While this Death Star is only about 3″ across, it is $390 less than the previous Death Star release. Tweet This Post

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    The BAT-BLOG.COM has a Friend over on Facebook named Erik who lives in Denmark. Erik was kind enough to send us some very cool photos of his BATMAN TATTOO Art. It looks like he has the DARK KNIGHT MOVIE Logo on the center of his back, the Classic Bat-Logo on his right shoulder, and I think the most recent is the BATMAN FIGURE on his lower back. The artwork is really cool. Now, that's a Serious Bat-Fan!! Thanks Erik for sharing these pics and please let the Tattoo Artists know that we think they have done an excellent job on all of these!

    CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight Rises movie!

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    Jennifer Love Hewitt was spotted shopping for toys at the Hustler store the other night on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Hewitt was solo and...

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    We've previously posted teasers for the Squadt-custom from dust - now here's the full reveal of "156st Dskunk Squad" and it looks pretty darn rad, I reckon! All decked out in dirty-black and with battle pouches and weapons, dude looks to mean business, doesn't he? Check out more images via THIS FB-album. And yes, this is a private commissioned piece.

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  • 01/29/12--01:01: REVIEW: Topozoo Owl
  • Background Topozoo is the first collection designed and produced by Geared For Imagination. The eco-friendly line of 3-D puzzles feature interlocking pieces of recycled wood and felt made from recycled bottles. The Topozoo series is released in single character sets or three figure playsets. We were sent the Topozoo Owl, which “includes a handsome owl [...]

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    "Isn't It Romantic?" - who has not watched Sabrina, with the incandescent Audrey Hepburn, and did not fall in love with the feisty, romantic heroine that transforms into a chic, independent woman. Not only did the film secure the rising star of Hepburn, it made an indelible mark in fashion and marked the beginning of one of fashion's most enduring relationships: the one between Givenchy and Audrey. It also gave us the definite little black dress, a staple of women's closets ever since, in a myriad of incarnations.

    Although Edith Head won the Oscar for Best Costumes for the film, most of Hepburn's outfits (if not all) were created by Hubert de Givenchy and chosen personally by Audrey. Edith Head refused to share a credit with Givenchy, so only she was given credit for the costumes - Parisian designers were not powerful brand names back then and Givenchy was still fresh and young. I am certain though that the Academy's votes were for Hepburn's attire. The film began the life-long association between Givenchy and Hepburn that gave us so many wonderful outfits. There's also a rumour that Givenchy, when Audrey first booked an appointment at his atelier, thought he was seeing Katharine Hepburn, was disappointed to find out otherwise and told her he had very little time for her, so she picked the stuff out of his collection.

    Integrity Toys, after their first foray into film territory last year with Breakfast at Tiffany's, now presents us with Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina®. Four dolls (two dressed dolls and two gift sets) are included in this collection and already it seems to be the hit of the year.



    Miss Fairchild Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina® is the dressed doll with the famous Little Black Dress (and white petticoat underneath). She looks lovely in it and the make up is exactly like Audrey's. I love the red insteps of her kitten heel shoes and she even has a daiquiri just like in the film! Brocade clutch bag, gloves and beaded knit cap included. Can you spell perfection?


    Isn't It Romantic Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina® is the second dressed doll of the series. She is wearing the big white ball gown from the film, with the black embroidery and huge train. I already have this one in the larger scale from Madame Alexander and have always wanted it for my smaller dolls. I wonder if the train will be detachable like in Madame Alexander's outfit. Gorgeous doll with perfect hair and make up.  Drop earrings, black kitten heels and white gloves complete the look.




    The tour de force of the collection is the Most Sophisticated Poppy Parker™ as Sabrina® gift set. It includes three distinct looks from the film, plus a myriad of accessories. The main outfit is the elegant Parisian suit she arrives at the train station in. Of course she has a lovely black bag, a white pleated satin turban, a suitcase, a beauty case, black kitten heels, gloves, hoop earrings and her poodle dog (with a diamanté collar!). And if this was not already enough, two more looks as well. First she has the shirt and shorts look from the scene at the boat and then the beatnik outfit with a long coat, black scarf, black cigarette pants and black blouse. Two more pairs of shoes are included for these looks. One of the best gift sets to be released ever.



    The Chauffeur's DaughterPoppy Parker™ as Sabrina® is the second gift set of the collection. In contrast to the previous one, this looks dull and plain. Here are the two outfits Sabrina is wearing before her transformation as well as a beige coat. Simple flat shoes (two pairs) and pearl stud earrings complete the set. The doll also has longer hair (in a pony tail) than the other three dolls of the collection. I am willing to bet this one is the least popular of all.

    A stunning collection from Integrity - I love the fact that they use Poppy instead of that dreadful Holly sculpt from last year. With the right make up and hair style she even looks more like Audrey. The outfits are amazing, the accessories incredible. Simply irresistible.

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    As I mentioned in a previous post, Poppy Parker must be the most popular Integrity Toys doll now. So it comes as no surprise that they decided to introduce a 16" version of her to capitalize on that popularity. This line will be called Poppy Parker Fashion Teen to distinguish it from the 12" line. It has a different body from the FR16 dolls but will be able to share shoes with them (not outfits). The style and look of this line is similar to the smaller Poppy dolls. The sculpt reminds me of Poppy but is more harsh.


    Spring Morning Poppy Parker Fashion Teen has a gorgeous outfit: tweed slim coat over a pale yellow dress with matching short sleeved jacket, bag and shoes. This is the way to handle yellow, unlike the FR16 yellow gown. The copper hair of the doll though is not a good match for it in my opinion. Can we get this outfit in 12" size please?


    Shop Around Poppy Parker Fashion Teen is the second doll. I don't like her braid but the hounds-tooth Capri pants look amazing. Lovely sunglasses too, a new design! She has a tote bag, lace top with sequins, shoes, necklace, bracelets and hoop earrings. She seems to be the most popular with collectors so far.


    Love Letters Poppy Parker Fashion Teen is the second most popular doll of this collection. She is wearing a nice lilac dress with a fur caplet and has a silver clutch, shoes to match the bag and pearl necklace and stud earrings. White gloves are a must - and they are elbow length. The dress looks amazing and I love the details  on it's décolletage and skirt. The doll looks like a popular Greek fashion model called Vicky Kaya



    Precious Love Poppy Parker Fashion Teen is the last doll of the collection. A bride doll. The dress is like a simplified version of Grace Kelly's wedding dress - in this scale, it should have been a bit more detailed. The veil is plain - some lace detail at the hem would have been nice. I will not comment on that head piece. A lovely white rose bouquet, white kitten heels, drop earrings and a ring finish the ensemble perfectly. But no gloves? That's something that was probably a staple for brides back then.


    You can see above some comparison shots: the first one shows the Poppy Parker Fashion Teen next to a FR16 doll and the second one shows the same doll next to her 12" counterpart. 

    I am not a fan of this collection, although I am collecting Poppy dolls in the smaller scale. I can see the appeal of the doll and surely it is a good business move for Integrity. It needs some fine tuning but no one gets it perfect from the start.

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    Angelic Dreamz revealed their new JAMIEshow dolls at IDEX this weekend.  JAMIEshow dolls are 16" resin ball jointed dolls.

    Click on any image to see the entire line.




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    set database: LEGO 9558 ninjago training set

    set number: 9558
    set name: ninjago training set
    theme: ninjago
    year: 2012
    pieces: 219
    prices: us$20
    minifigs: 1
    new ninjago theme.
    come with a snake tail training arena.
    included an orange fire spinner with silver crown, 6 regular weapons, a character card, 4 battle cards and bricks.
    minifig included a kendo kai minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is good.
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    G.I. Joe JoeCon Announcement – New dates and location announced!

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    Batman: Brave and the Bold was scary for many reasons: it had a light tone, it was not a Timm-verse Batman, and Oswald from “The Drew Carey Show” was BATMAN!!! The toys were even scarier, they weren’t in scale with JLU and they had crazy peg-holes, PEG-HOLES!!!!! The magic of the show won fans  over, [...]

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    Not too long ago I asked for folks to contribute images of Dragons, for me to post on the first day of Chinese New Year - to 'celebrate' the Year of the Dragon, and I was greeted with a swell selection of illustrations (both old and new) and even an image of a plush! A whole host has been published on this blog HERE, but you can see the entire selection posted HERE on my dedicated Facebook-album

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    lt;img src=quot;; /gt;In preparation of the pre-orders going live next week for their club exclusive figures, Fun Publications has released the final test sample image of their Runabout toy in robot mode. But hold the phone a second: the toy is no longer officially named Runabout, it is now Over-Run. The figure, along with Shattered Glass Drift, will be available for pre-order next wee

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  • 01/29/12--01:01: 2012 Integrity Toys Reveal
  • IT is unveiling new dolls at IDEX. 

    First up, the Monogram dolls are the clear winners. Someone (new, perhaps?) designed this line and made a 180° turn from the direction they had taken in the past year. They went from dowdy (Bemused, Envied & Passionate) and WWTT to stylish and classy the way they were the first two years and maybe even better.

    There are five dressed dolls offered. From what I can see, three of them (2,4,5) have the original sculpt and two have caught the puffy-Poppy-upper-lip-thing. All the fashions are stunning except the one in the middle which doesn't seem suited or fitted to the doll's scale and size. However, the accessories from that ensemble are lovely.
    The blonde one on the end seems to be channeling Hollywood glamour - maybe Marilyn. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked two of these five enough to pre-order them! SHOCK!
    The price has gone up $10 per doll to $160. Must be for the lashes. Yes, Monogram dolls now sport lashes.
    I predict there will be issues with the hair bump on #2 - as it looks uneven in this picture already.

    Congratulations to the designer of the Monogram dolls for this success. Don't let the bastards get you down.

    The other doll I was impressed with is the Gretel doll from the Hansel and Gretel Nu.Fantasy duo. The dolls are available separately - they are not a set.
    This description cracked me up: "This high fashion reinterpretation of the traditional German folk tale has Hansel and Gretel looking fabulous while lost in the woods.  They are ready to take on any old witch or fashionista." 
    I hope her hair is as fabulous in the production doll as it looks in the promo. I also hope the fashion doesn't stain her body. Why? Because I pre-ordered her, too.  ($135.)

    Poppy Parker shows up with Chip. When I read that name all I could think of is Chip and Dale, computer chips, corn chips and those California Highway guys on bikes, CHiPs.
    They should have named him Biff. Anyway, he's not a looker. He's just an expensive Ken with a blank, expressionless face.  His tuxedo and shoes are very nice.
    Poppy's dress is a vintage 50's prom dress style in deep coral. 
    Darla comes with the microphone. She is not part of the set. Her dress is more sophisticated as is her hairstyle. She has a little Jackie Kennedy style going on. Is she supposed to be older than Poppy?
    The Poppy/Chip set is $150. Darla is $89.

    There is a whole new line of dolls featuring Poppy Parker as Sabrina.
    Sabrina is a 1954 comedy-romance film directed by Billy Wilder, adapted for the screen by Wilder, Samuel A. Taylor, and Ernest Lehman from Taylor's play Sabrina Fair (in the UK, the movie has the title Sabrina Fair). It stars Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, and William Holden. This was Wilder's last film released by Paramount Pictures, ending a 12-year relation with Wilder and the company.
    The line features two dressed dolls and two giftsets. If you like Poppy, you will like these sets.

    These are the two dressed dolls. They retail for $125. each.
    The giftsets each have multiple outfits and accessories.

    And now for the part of the collection I think is the least impressive - the Avantguard16 (FR16) and the Giant Poppys.

    I am completely unimpressed with these four dolls. Their facial screening is cartoon-like and I don't care for any of the fashions. I did have the opportunity to examine the FR16 body and I will not be buying any doll on that body. I originally thought that these dolls might be good body donors for the Avantguard dolls I already have whose bodies are yellowed and floppy. The new bodies are just as lightweight and wobbly. The size has changed as well which will create more problems for redressers. Retail price $175. That's interesting. The 12" FR2s were also $175. I suppose a little extra vinyl and fabric doesn't amount to very much.

    The giant Poppys are unappealing. The fashions are acceptable enough for the era they are supposed to represent but with the increased size, that phony-looking upper lip has grown to what looks like  a clothespin has been pinching it. These dolls retail for $150. each.
    There's bee stung lips and there's deformity. each his own. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Seems like IT is counting on the success of the little Poppys and trying to bring collectors into the 16" world. They'd better be careful because if the minions start collecting 16" dolls, they might discover  a whole world of gorgeous 16" dolls out there that aren't made by IT and that have different lips from each other. I must do a collage of IT lips - 2011-2. Waldo will be in there for sure.

    This line is called Teen Poppy. Aren't the little Poppy dolls teens, too?

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    Occasionally we get asked to review products that fall outside of our normal wheel house (heh) and this is one of those times. The Fuller Brush Company provided samples of their wood floor care product to me and asked if we would post about it.  Rather than take a few bucks, I said I would [...]

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    McFarlane Toys Halo 2nd Anniversary Figure & Box Set Images & Packaging

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    Nu Fantasy is a way for Integrity Toys designers to re-interpret fairy tale characters into modern fashion, much like Tonner Dolls does with Re-Imagination (usually with much better results). This time around Hansel and Gretel are the dolls for Nu Fantasy.

    They look edgy (yes, this is edgy) and hip, ready for a night out in New York more than the woods. Do the faces look familiar?



    Hansel has the Pierre sculpt. He has rooted and flocked hair, facial hair (painted) and a bit of a make up too.  His outfit has a gorgeous jacket, hideous cropped pants (always hate that length in men or women) and a short sleeved shirt. But his accessories are the best: patent leather boots, matching back pack, watch, earring and hipster glasses. I want these accessories!


    Gretel has the twins sculpt (Eden & Lilith). Her dress reminds me a lot of the Versace Fall/Winter 1992 collection (the top) and the skirt has some lovely detail. Great boots and jewellery. Stud earrings complete the look (aaargh). Her hairdo is not to my liking but seems to be popular with collectors. If I am not mistaken, this is the first doll to become sold out at pre-orders from the IDEX preview.


    Most doll companies offer an exclusive doll at trade shows - Integrity always does. For IDEX 2012, the exclusive doll is Luminous Ayumi. The new sculpt of this character is not as good as the old one in my opinion. She looks like a failed attempt for a new Kyori (would not be surprised if this is the case, as sculpts cost a fortune to make and using a failed one from one character for another makes business sense). Here she is offered with an FR2 body (she used to be a Nu Face model). The great part of the doll is the outfit - it is a Jason Wu original miniature outfit, taken from his spring 2012 collection. The shoes are great and the cuff too. The sunglasses have been used before but look good. Earrings? Studs. Again. On an exclusive US$160 doll. WHY?

    This concludes the Integrity Toys preview posts from IDEX 2012. A very strong start for the year, with some gorgeous dolls. Let's see what will the main lines show.

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    Hot Toys has just revealed that the Iron Man Mark II Armor Unleashed Version figure will in fact be packed with the the display table seen in a couple of the images from the product reveal way back on April 21, 2011. Click the thumbnail above to see the latest image of the figure, and follow through to once more check out the original product reveal.

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