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    The Anti-Clerical Pro Sex Toys group targeted an archbishop and conservative headteacher with exploding vibrators.

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    Boba Fett: Terrible. At. Everything.

    ::fart noise::

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    Play Arts Kai Man of Steel Superman and General Zod Figures Back at SDCC, Square Enix announced the acquisition of the Superman Man of Steel license, but we haven’t really heard much about...

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    MattyAFiLogoTwice a month the gang from Mattel are kind enough to answer five questions from AFi readers.  The Mattel marketing and PR team, have replied with the answers to our latest round of questions that AFi readers have posted in our forums. Here is our latest round of questions and their answers: Q1. What retailers [...]

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    The weather was brutal on 2008 fishing opener at Upper Red Lake, but at least there was open water. This year, some northern lakes are in danger of being ice-covered come the May 11 fishing opener.

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    Just in is a preview of the Transformers Spotlight: Hoist Comic Book from IDW. Thanks to iBooks we get a look at three paged from Spotlight on the Generation 1 era Hoist character. FACE OFF! HOIST has always managed to fade into the background: until now. Trapped on an alien planet with a narcissist, half a scientist and a creature that may or may not turn into a catapult, the Lost Light's mild-mannered maintenance engineer must confront the five most dangerous DECEPTICONS ever.

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    Takara Tomy's very own TFYuki has posted a new teaser of the Transformers Generations Metroplex action figure. This one shows Metroplex sneaking up behind Fortress Maximus with his eyes glowing bright and a hand on his should. It is almost as if he's saying, "Step down back Fort Max. There's a BIG bot in town." Check out the new Look From Transformers Generations Titan Metroplex below.

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    This is my second post on the legendary Lego. Let's take a look at what goes into making the Lego toys that every child (and adult) in the world finds irresistible. The data bears this out -- the number of Lego bricks sold in 2012 would reach more than 18 times around the world, according to the 2012 Progress Report of The Lego Group. Lego factories have been very busy places this year. In 2012 ...

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    Today's example of being startled by a full product after viewing just the thumbnail comes to us from Plum and the admittedly interesting sounding eroge Koikishi Purely Kiss. Despite the fantastically Engrish title, I can't help but finding myself intrigued by the plot involving some kind of knights--one of which appears to be Miss Yuu Fujimori here. From a brief skim of the source, I can definitely get behind this art, and Plum did a great job converting her to figure form.

    While she's certainly on the NSFW side despite being technically covered up, I'm really loving this one a lot. I've been satisfied by Plum's work in the past, and they look to just have really upped their game with Yuu here. The source's very cool uniform design translates well to Plum's vivid but soft coloring, and the added pillows look plush and comfy enough to lay on.

    While Koikishi Purely Kiss might be fairly unknown to Westerners, I'd think anyone with a love for the naughtier side of PVC might want to keep an eye on this one. She'll be hitting shelves in June for around ¥9,500.

    [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi ]

    [NSFW] Koikishi's Yuu only has the bare essentials screenshot


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    Out of all the companies out there, one that's often stood out in my mind as just "not that great" has been Clayz. When I see a Clayz figure, I immediately think of the company's namesake--bland, featureless, boring clay. Thus it is with heavy heart that I see this collaboration between Tony and Takeshi Miyagawa handled by such an apathetic producer.

    It's never been a secret that I love nearly all things yuri, and tossing in catgirls and maids into the mix seems like a surefire recipe to success. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case. Between the stiff, awkward pose, the strange pastel blue coloring that isn't doing either girl any favors, and the downright trading figure-quality facial detail, I can't help but wonder just what Clayz was thinking--especially when these two are a sizable 1/6 scale and not even particularly small.

    Much as I'd like to wish otherwise, these two look like something out of the most generic of poorly illustrated eroge, and I'd think even a diehard yuri fanatic would have trouble coughing up the ridiculous ¥14,096 asking price for their May release.

    These two kitties aren't quite the cat's meow screenshot


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  • 04/20/13--22:00: Who Made Those Hot Wheels?
  • And who would pay more than $70,000 for a miniature hot rod?

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    (Below-Left: INKTEN in-action / Below-Right: "Pile Up" by CLOGTWO)

    Just-Writing-My-Name-RSCALS_2 Just-Writing-My-Name-RSCALS_3

    The international Graffiti Session" known as "Just Writing My Name" happens April 20th at Yogyakarta, Indonesia - specifically at Kridosono Stadium - and here are some snaps of street art (Pics via Ink&Clog) from Singapore-writers CLOGTWO, INKTEN, ANTZ and SPAZ from local urban art collective RSCLS! Sponsored by Montana Cans, check out past images via (maybe), and eventually via the RSCLS-Facebook page, I reckon.

    (Above: ANTZ x KATUN / Pic via @katun_)

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    Thanks to YouTube member breaux man we have a video review of the "targetmaster" Quake aka Shockwave that was paired with the Fansproject re-release of Munitioner and Explorer with G1 colors. Pretty neat little figure...enjoy. Thanks for watching and leave a comment if you please.

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    Thanks to Ages Three and Up who have posted some new images of the Cyclops and Quake mini-figures. These are exclusives available with the MasterMind Creations Cyclops and and FansProjects Colossus Upgrade sets. These are some cool little figures. Get a look at both of them side by side in the gallery below.

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    The TOYSREVIL Facebook page has reached 11,900 "Likes" - and I humbly thank everyone for the FB-support thus far! It does mean a lot to me, more than I dare admit I think haha :)

    When the page hits 12K-"Likes", I will hold a contest to giveaway freebies = a mixed bag of eclectic awesomeness as what TOYSREVIL offers here daily LOL

    Thanks again for your "LIKES" and support, you awesome people, you!

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    And in the midst of diecast and non-diecast articulated figurines announced from Hot Toys and Play Imaginative, in pops Dragon Models (UML Group) into the toy/collectible-fray, with news of upcoming releases based on armors seen in the "Iron Man 3" movie! Dragon Models has been rolling out hobby kits of war-themed vehicular models for a while now, but the brand will always be synonymous with 1/6th-scaled figures for when I was active in the hobby a decade ago...

    Upcoming new figures in their 1:9 "Action Hero Vignette" line are the Mark XXXIX Gemini Armor and Mark XVII Heartbreaker Armor (seen above) for which advertising images and not product nor prototype pics revealed as yet - which joins their previously orderable "1/9 Iron Man Mark VII (Combat Version)" (priced at HK$838), Mark XLII and War Machine (HK$768 each / posted below):


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    It’s been nice to get re-releases from CARS 1 in the new series, many have been unavailable for a while or in the case of Final Lap CARS, hard to find to begin with … what’s nicer is that many of the re-releases have been “upgraded” to unibody all-metal diecast or higher quality production ones. [...]

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  • 04/21/13--02:00: Toy Break 257 : For Reals

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    The "dollies" and I have been hard at work developing our new "Alpacas Rock Product Gallery Line" for our "It's Raining Doll Parties Products Gallery." 


    The "Alpacas Rock" line of "It's Raining Doll Parties" is for boys and girls birthday crafting parties. The Alpacas Rock Birthday Crafting Party Line consists of graphics of some of the "dollies" alpaca cousins including Cosmo, Masquerade, Sunflower, Zinnia, and Ivy. The Alpacas Rock as a group have their own line of graphics and a large selection of adorable products to choose from.

    Whether it's a tea party, boys birthday party, girls birthday crafting party, crafting party, or friends party then you've come to the right place. "Alpacas Rock" can provide you with easy to make cut and sew cloth alpaca animals, beginner e-patterns that are very easy to make, easy to make paper alpaca animal e-printables, coloring e-books, alpaca party fabric for making all sorts of items, and handmade dolls and crafts that I've made.

    Our new "Alpacas Rock Product Gallery Line" can provide you with invitations, puzzles, cake toppers, kids aprons, wall decals, playing cards, ornaments, wristlets, table decorations, water bottles, posters, caps,  buttons, stickers, mugs, puzzles and so much more. We even have dartboards,  plaques and notebooks.

    It's raining alpaca parties at our "Alpacas Rock Product Gallery Line." 

    Time to have fun!

    Cake anyone!

    If you would like to see specific products like "caps" for our collections just click on the product type you want from the list below or enter caps in the search box at the top of the left hand column and click "Go."

    Our "It's Raining Doll Parties" and "Alpacas Rock"  product types are as follows:

    Invitations  Thank-You Cards Envelopes Stamps Notebooks Tote Bags, Wristlets, and Laptop Bags
    Plaques Mugs Wall Decals Caps Dartboard Ornaments
    Playing Cards Return Address Labels Puzzles Water Bottles Buttons Cake Toppers
    Binders Posters Skateboards Yard Sign Tee Shirts Aprons
    Bumper Stickers Stickers

    Our "It's Raining Doll Parties Products Gallery" is very easy to navigate. If you would like to browse through our design collections just click on the text link below or click on the collection name you want from the left hand column.

    Alpacas Rock Cousin Hillary's Secret Hawk Cousin Reginald Reggie Pinhead Hawk
    Dapper Devil Shamus Hawk Devilish Cousin Andy Hawk Ditsy Daisy Hawk
    Henrietta Hawk Penelope Pinhead Hawk Tangerine Lilly Hawk
    The Hawk Family Tom A. Hawk Toni E. Hawk
    Wild Irish Rose Hawk

    We hope you enjoy our "Alpacas Rock Product Gallery Line"  and hope you get a chance to see our new line.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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