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    Pre-kindergarten toys - Vtech - MobiGo Software - Chuggington

    Vtech - MobiGo Software - Chuggington

    Vtech - MobiGo Software - Chuggington - In the land of Chuggington, trains come to life and your child can be part of the fun. Help Wilson, Brewster and Koko earn their badges by completing the games on the the MobiGo Touch Learning System from VTech. Appropriate for kids ages 3-5, this game will teach shape matching, problem solving, classication and memory. As your child completes various challenges, they can collect Chuggers to display in the Chugger Showroom for added incentive. Games feature characters from the TV show--Players can play as the trainees, Wilson, Brewster or Koko. Each game has a "challenge mode" to encourage players to try more difficult questions. Players can earn and collect badges by completing the games. Players can collect Chuggers to display in the Chugger Showroom as they complete challenges. Includes 4 touch screen mini-games that teach shape matching, problem solving, classification and memory.

    Vtech - MobiGo Software - Chuggington
    • Games feature characters from the TV show--Players can play as the trainees, Wilson, Brewster or Koko
    • Each game has a "challenge mode" to encourage players to try more difficult questions
    • Players can earn and collect badges by completing the games
    • Players can collect chuggers to display in the chugger showroom as they complete challenges
    • Includes 4 touch screen mini-games that teach shape matching, problem solving, classification and memory

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - Vtech - MobiGo Software - Chuggington...

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  • 01/27/12--12:17: Fig-lab Finger Five
  • Don Kratzer (Fig-lab) has revealed a project that has been in the works for some time now. The Finger Five will consist of five finger puppets from five excellent designers. Paul Kaiju, Suckadelic, MonstreHero, Onell Design and L'amour Supreme will all be represented. Much better than those creepy monster finger puppets we used to have [...]

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    We have a pretty good idea of what’s coming in February in singles case D & singles case E. This singles list for March-April looks like this but keep in mind, it’s not set in stone and not officially confirmed so call it a probable mini sneak peek … (some CARS without names might actually [...]

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    Second time is a charm!  Travel Channel is giving fans a chance to watch the pilot episode of “Toy Hunters” one more time, this time in Prime Time!  If you missed it on the 15th  you can check it out THIS SUNDAY Jan 28th at 6pm (Check your local listings.) and see what the collecting [...]

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  • 01/27/12--12:17: REVIEW: Kidrobot’s ‘Bots
  • Background Recently, Kidrobot released a blindbox series of 3-inch tall vinyl toys based on their namesake – the Kidrobot. Named 'Bots, the series consists of eleven different figure designs in various attire. Some of the figures might look familiar, some might look completely new. For this review, I pulled the Boxer 'Bot. The Facts

 Kidrobot [...]

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    I’m a sucker for an infographic.  Something that can relay a lot of data, but, in a very pretty and effective format.  Some people think they are getting overdone, but, to that … I say they are viewing the wrong ones. Take for instance this new “Toying with the World” infographic from Frugal Dad.  There...

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  • 01/27/12--12:17: 8 Great Phantom Menace Toys
  •   Who else stood in line at midnight at a Toys R Us or a Wal-Mart in 1999...

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    The season finale of Transformers Prime ended in quite an epic way: after surrendering the power of the Matrix to defeat Unicron, Optimus Prime lost his memory, reverting to his Orion Pax days on Cybertron. So, with the second season about to begin on February 18, 2012 at 8:30 PM on The Hub, MTV is debuting the trailer of the first episode of season two titled quot;Orion Pax Part 1.quot; The video catches the viewer up from last season, and shows a lot of the epic action carried over from the season final

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    Kuso Vinyl has been steadily posting photos of figures from their upcoming Spiki Chisaai Thundercraps Series by Rotobox and Mai Hiro. So far we’ve got Evil Lion-Oh, Siberian Tigrowl, and now the female fatal feline, Cheatarah. Are Panthro and Wilykit and Wilykat in the works? Let’s wait and find out!

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    A Little Bit on the Shmup Side: What’s this? A Cave shooter is getting a physical release in North America? Yep. Rising Star, who published a PAL version of DoDonPachi: Daifukkatsu are expanding to North America and their first gift to us is horizontal shooter, Akai Katana Shin. This is Cave’s weakest shmup in a while, so I’ll be more than happy to buy this release rather than the real deal Japanese version.

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    Stranger Factory gives us a headsup and preview images for two upcoming gallery shows happening in March 2012 - featuring Joe Capobianco's BLOOD PUDDIN' & Marie Sena's DARK AGES. Check out the summary of write-ups below, and see+read more on my Facebook-album!EVENT-PRESS: “BLOOD PUDDIN’” features world renowned pin-up artist and tattooist Joe Capobianco. Joe’s Blood Puddin’ gals are sexy, lurid,

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    I’ve been trying to figure out what Tamashii Nations is–evidently they’re “an umbrella label encompassing Japan’s top collectible brands” and, as far as I can tell, they’re run by Bandai. Anyway, the Tamashii Nations Facebook page has posted new pics of the S.H.MonsterArts Moguera and Baby Godzilla figures. For those who don’t know, S.H.MonsterArts (SHM) [...]

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  • 01/29/12--01:01: Weekend Film Fest 1/28
  • There were a bunch of wacky videos that came out this week. So enough talk. Hit the jump for the ALBOTAS Weekend Film Fest!

    Michel Gondry’s work can get pretty surreal, and so it’s only fitting that he’s done a Japanese commercial.

    Hope you know English because that’s the only thing that will keep you from getting kicked off Megan Fox island.

    Freddie Wong embarks on a quest for the Super Mario Bros. fire flower in his latest special effects-laden video.

    Coinciding with the PS3-exclusive character reveals earlier this week, Street Fighter X Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono visited the 1UP office. The crew did the only thing you could possibly do with that opportunity.

    Finally, Patrick Boivin made this stop motion video of classic Optimus Prime vs. Michael Bay Optimus Prime. It’s interactive, so you get to choose the outcome!

    Catch you next week! And if you have any video suggestions send them to

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    It is no secret that Poppy Parker is probably the best selling series of Integrity Toys dolls. And of course they would have some new dolls to show at IDEX. The big news here is Poppy's boyfriend, Chip, who is making his first appearance, after a small sneak preview back in October and Integrity's convention.

    Chips is presented as a gift set with his beloved Poppy. The set is called Baby It's You and Chip's full name is Chip Farnsworth III (so he's probably rich) and they're both in evening attire as they are attending a college dance. Chip looks very cute and will make a smashing couple with Poppy. Love his pompadour hair and his tuxedo. He is wearing suspenders!

    Poppy Parker looks gorgeous too - even in such a puffy prom dress. Her shoes are to die for and so is her make up. If I see another stud earring I will scream. I like the price - US$150 for a two doll gift set is fine.


    Moonlight and Kisses Darla Daley makes her appearance in an elegant long baby blue gown with matching shoes and clutch bag, a bracelet, studs (aaaargh!) and her very own microphone!The blue eye shadow is not to my taste but she looks beautiful. And the new Darla sculpt is not cartoon-y as the old one was. 

    "What, only three dolls?" you may ask. Well, not exactly. Check out the following post for the surprise new endeavour that Poppy Parker finds herself into.

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    MonsterWorship has just recovered from SuperFestival 58, which means they will be unleashing some left over goodies from the show! Available TODAY at 7PM EST, they will be dropping the Exclusive SuperFest 58 Grape colorways of Kusogon ($35), Altar Beast ($35), Altar Beast One-Off Rub (2 Available - $50), Greasebat...

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  • 01/29/12--01:01: Android Series 3 on the way
  • Android Series 3 on the way screenshot

    Since DYZplastic's Android Series 2 figures sold so well ... why not make Series 3? That's exactly what's going to be happening this year, featuring another round of 3-inch Android vinyl figures. Along with returning artists Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson and Andrew Bell, the Series 3 line-up adds kaNO, Huck Gee, Sket One, MAD, Kronk and Kelly Denato.

    Expect to see Series 3 drop in the second quarter of 2012. Anyone considering picking these up based on the names announced alone?


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    For long-time X-Men fans, one artist comes up in conversations more than any other (unless you are talking to someone who grew up in the 90's that is), and his time on the title has done more to define the mutant heroes than any other creator, save writer Chris Claremont. One of Byrne's coolest additions to the X-universe was his team of Canadian super heroes, Alpha Flight. Follow this link to check out an original art for a page from the issue they first appeared, X-Men #120, April 1979.

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    It’s very true that it does not matter what equipment you use — it’s what you do with the camera that matters. Nevertheless, there is certainly no question that when you happen to be hiking by way of a thick jungle in the middle of central america you wish to pack light. Although the Nikon [...]

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    Ok so a certain AWOL blogger is slowly recovering from the agony of missing the Fat Cap drop @ KRLA, thanks to the great photos the ‘bot posted to flickr. Series artists Sket and kaNO (sup D!) were on hand to meet/greet peeps and to sketch and doodle in books...

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