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    The most recent update to the figma blog was a quick preview of the upcoming figma Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver., slated for release quite soon -- sometime this month. This preview only really shows a couple of detail shots, and another look at her butt crack, but is otherwise largely the same as the prototype sample from the retail listings.

    There was a little bit of a note attached to the preview though, about her weapon and how to install it. The figma blog says to exercise caution when plugging the handle in. That's kind of it, though. Proceed with caution!

    Black Gold Saw TV Animation ver. figma, previewed screenshot


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    Headsup: If you're quick on the click, there is still a single Libertas Skull from Jon-Paul Kaiser available for online sales here - since it's debut at the recent ToyConUK, and as well items/tees from RhymeSquare clothing always available via … now ONWARDS with my Q&A with Jon-Paul, along with most images from Evan Morgan, with the one directly below via Kerry Dyer!


    TOYSREVIL: You've been to Cons in the U.S. before …. so how was ToyConUK for you? Your impressions? Was it what you expected it to be?

    JON-PAUL KAISER: ToyCon UK was excellently run, I think Holly (A Little Stranger) summed it up best when she spoke about the amazing sense of community and intimacy of the event. It was roughly what I expected it to be, though much busier than I'd anticipated. I took part in a couple of panels - one a Q&A where I was really nervous and a live painting workshop with Q&A which was more relaxed and both were packed out!


    TOYSREVIL: Tell us what you had on your table!  And which of your items had the warmest reception / best response?

    JON-PAUL KAISER: I shared my booth with Rich Page, which was a great idea as we had a good laugh. On my half I had a couple of customs, a set of Pandaimyo APs, some RhymeSquare tees and my Libertas skulls, several of which sold in the first few minutes!


    TOYSREVIL: Any suggestions to make the event even more awesome in the future?

    JON-PAUL KAISER: The event was extremely well run, thoroughly professional and still very fun. Honestly I can't think how you could make it better, perhaps a little bigger next year, though it was a great venue (and next to London's Natural History Museum - probably the most popular and famous museum in the UK).

    (Above image via Sherylsbloggyblog / Result of custom seen HERE)

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    Launching Saturday, April 13th (6-9PM) @ LeBasse Projects is "The Future is Blight" by guerilla art group TrustoCorp, and the images previewed here are intriguing, as well as the TrustoCorp x Obey Giant cereal box dropped at Albertsons Culver City. Venice and Durango - whereby 10 boxes exist, with a "secret prize" inside! The event will also see the release of limited edition prints and "Trusto Poverty Kits". THE FUTURE IS BLIGHT exhibits thru May 11, 2013.

    EVENT-PRESS: LeBasse Projects is thrilled to announce the reemergence of guerilla art group TrustoCorp with a solo show of brand new work in 'The Future is Blight.' Known for their bold, unexpected artwork and in situ installations of meticulously fabricated billboards, highly produced street and subway signs and complex sculptural objects, TrustoCorp seeks to point out the follies of contemporary society and politics. The work is often entertaining and humorous, and always highlights timely, hard-hitting topics that unabashedly criticize and help draw attention to the ills of humanity.' (Read more here)

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    We've featured the "Standard" edition of "Spiki the Wolfman" from Maihiro x Kuso Vinyl, now here's a look at the "Teen Wolf" variant, with a 1-in-5 Ration from this blind-box figure aka 100 pieces out of the 500pcs limited run. Standing 4-inches tall with a SRP of US$15 each, and are currently distributed by DKE Toys - so do check with your fav retailers for availability.

    (Above is a screengrab from the 1985 movie "Teen Wolf" starring Michael J. Fox)

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    Ace Robo
    Ace Robo Hyper Hobby

    ACE ROBO by Cometdebris revealed! Or rather, it had been revealed before (in "Hyper Hobby"), but here's a clearer pic to share of this sofubi, look all so … dare I say it? … "Ace"! MUAHAHAHA

    FYI: The Red Glitter Edition shown up top will see a release at Super Festival. Neither quantities nor price mentioned.

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    RELEASE PRESS: "Originally released in resin as part of a Novelty Haus exclusive back in January, The Mark Ultra has teamed up with H.U.S.T.L.E's Tru:Tek for the re-release of Intruder-San in keshi-style rubber! Making a brief appearance at ToyCon over the weekend in an exclusive 'red/gold' colourway, the GI-Joe inspired M.U.S.C.L.E custom bootleg will be dropping in the Mark Ultra store this Thursday (April 11th) at 10pm EST alongside a ton of other new work. Available in 'M.U.S.C.L.E Flesh' and 'Neon Green', both have been limited to just 10 pieces, coming packaged in a vending capsule with Tru:Tek designed insert for just $9 plus shipping…"

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    Thanks for the heads up & photo, “Simba1814″ Thanks Simba1814! So, I’ve lost track – is that every Mattel SUPER CHASE CAR in 1:43 format also? Tweet This Post

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  • 04/13/13--01:39: Fun With Puzzles and Noodles

  • Two of the products I created for my "It's Raining Doll Parties Products Gallery" included three jigsaw puzzles with graphics that I had designed of the Hawk Family. One of the puzzles had the Hawk family children graphics on hearts, one had their square fabric images on it, and one had the Hawk Family graphics with the words "It's Raining Doll Parties" on it.

    The jigsaw puzzles come in two sizes: 8" by 10" puzzle in gift box and 10" by 14" puzzle with 252 pieces. The pieces are made of sturdy cardboard and mounted on chipboard and are printed in vivid colors with easy wipe clean surfaces. I decided to try two of the 10" by 14" size puzzles and ordered two of them.

    When they arrived I was anxious to try them as I LOVE puzzles of all sorts and have since I was a child. Give me a puzzle to put together, a crossword puzzle to solve, Rubiks cube, three dimensional puzzle of the Empire State Building, etc. and I will work on it until I've finished it or solved it. I spent hours one weekend when I was a teenager solving the Rubiks cube. I worked on it and worked on it and worked on it until I solved it. Sounds a little obsessive compulsive doesn't it?

    When I was a child I also adored spending hours on end putting jigsaw puzzles together. My mother did too and we spent many hours over the years sitting side by side doing our jigsaw puzzles. I was thrilled when the Monet impressionist paintings jigsaw puzzles first came out as they were harder to do. I was so in love with puzzles I even glued and mounted some of them on cardboard to hang on the walls in my room. I can't remember what the puzzles were - probably images of movie stars like Robert Goulet or Doris Day or the early rock bands like Hermans Hermits, Dave Clark Five, etc. Who knows. I'm definitely dating myself here.

    In any event I've never outgrown my LOVE of puzzles. Kind of like my LOVE of dolls -something else I've never outgrown a love for. I could go on and on but need to get back to the story.

    So, I was anxious to try my new puzzles but decided to wait until this weekend as I knew my grandson 'Noodles" was visiting this weekend and thought it would be fun to put them together with him. Noodles and I always have a wonderful time and a lot of fun when he visits. We do a lot of shopping and eating, shopping and eating, shopping and eating, and shopping with more eating. Come on now --- with all that shopping one does get hungry. At least that's what I tell myself after stopping for cookies.

    When we got home from all that shopping and eating I asked Noodles if he wanted to help me put the puzzles together as I needed to make sure the products would work for my 'It's Raining Doll Parties."  Yeah, sure Nana - make sure the products work???  Fess up - you just want to do the puzzles.

    He said, "sure" but warned me that he had never done a jigsaw puzzle before which surprised me at first. I thought for sure he would finish his before I even got my out of the box. Then, when I thought about it I realized he's from the Millennial generation where their scrolling phones are attached to their fingers shortly after birth and they have X-Boxes or Wii's in the corner of their cribs. The Millennial generation would't be familiar with such an old school dinosaur toy as a jigsaw puzzle. So, I shouldn't have been surprised.

    Since he had never done a jigsaw puzzle before I explained to him that I liked to build my puzzles from the outside in. Start with the straight pieces and built to the inside. Everyone has their own method - that's the one I've always used. So we set to sorting the puzzle pieces and finding the edges.

    To my surprise the puzzles were a little harder than I had thought. We didn't have enough time to finish ours before we went out to eat. Come one now with all that puzzle work I got hungry.....

    We ended up finishing our puzzles the following morning. I actually finished mine before Noodles did. YIPPEE for Nana. He didn't know it but I had secretly given him the harder of the two. Bad Nana! Bad Nana!

    Hey, come on now...... He can run circles around me when it comes to our phones. I won't even mention the video games he's been able to trounce me on since he was born. At two he was on the last level of the Mario video game before I had even figured out how to use the joystick. So, I cheated a little this weekend. In all fairness Nana has to win at something - don't she?

    Fun with puzzles and Noodles this weekend. I LOVED it.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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    Kotobukiya has released a photo gallery for its upcoming ArtFX+ Catwoman.

    Catwoman will stand roughly 8-inches tall, keeping the character in scale with Kotobukiya's previously released 1/10 ArtFX+ Justice League line-up (one photo shows her in comparison to the ArtFX+ Batman). The character seems to feature a removable pair of goggles (or alternate head?) which provides an additional display option. I think I prefer the unmasked (or ungoggled) face although I imagine I'd find it harder to decide if Selina's eyes weren't so visible beneath the goggles.

    The ArtFX+ Catwoman's pose is solid and seems very in-keeping with the character. The level of detail is equally cool and I feel that Kotobukiya did a much better job with her face than with the ArtFX+ Wonder Woman. There's certainly a good deal to like about this figure.

    Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Catwoman is slated to release in October. Be sure to check out the gallery after the jump for all the images.

    A purrrrfect gallery for Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ Catwoman screenshot


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    set database: LEGO 79107 comanche camp
    image courtesy of Grogall

    image courtesy of

    set number: 79107
    set name: comanche camp
    theme: disneythe lone ranger
    year: 2013
    pieces: 161
    prices: us$20
    minifigs: 3
    new disney the lone ranger license theme.
    come with a tepee, a canoe and a rock.
    the tepee has a removable canopy.
    also included a weapon rack.
    minifigs included a lone ranger minifig, a tonto minifig and a red knee minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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  • 04/13/13--04:43: Techno toys all the rage
  • DOLLS, teddy bears and yo-yos have been eclipsed by laptops and electronic tablets.        

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    Real Steel Atom Action Figure Here is the highly detailed Real Steel Atom Junkyard Robot Action Figure manufactured by Jakks Pacific. This robot stands approximately 7.5 inch tall and has an awesome light-up chest cavity feature. It also features a pop-apart and mix and match system that allows you to interchange Atom’s arms, legs and...

    The post Real Steel Atom Junkyard Robot V2 Action Figure appeared first on Toy Scene.

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    “John H.” and family took a visit to CARS Land and spent a few extra dollars inside the park. First up, from “Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree,” a replica of the ride … It looks in scale to the actual ride – in “CARS World,” (aka: the film CARS) Tractors are like cows – taller and larger [...]

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    Self Table Tennis Even when you don’t have a friend to play with, you always have the self ping pong paddle. While listening to the sound of the ball hits and bounces, you have a game with your imaginary opponent. As the sensor in the racket reflects by your swing, the racket stages to sound [...]

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    I was not there but here is the event Lizette.

    Very cute!

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  • 04/13/13--06:46: Ponda Baba
  • One of the more memorable aliens in the Cantina Scene from the original Star Wars movie is the Walrus Man, later named as Ponda Baba in West End Games’ Galaxy Guide 1: A New Hope, published in 1989.

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