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    It's Raining Doll Parties Hawk Family Spoonflower Fabrics

    I have been having so much fun with my "It's Raining Doll Parties" website, products, and fabric designs.      They are just so colorful and cheery.  I can't help but smile every time I look at them.

    There are 30 fabrics in my new Doll Parties Fabric Collection.  Some are cut and sew doll ornaments fabrics, some are individual Hawk family members square fabric designs, and some are designs including all the members of the Hawk family, like those shown above and below:





    We're working on all sorts of surprises for you and suggestions for using our new fabrics so stay tuned.  There's more "It's Raining Doll Parties" fun to come.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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    set database: LEGO 70505 temple of light
    image courtesy of Grogall
    image courtesy of brickbrowse

    set number: 70505
    set name: temple of light
    theme: ninjago
    year: 2013
    pieces: 565
    prices: us$70
    minifigs: 5
    new ninjago theme.
    come with a temple of light and a golden mech.
    the temple has openable sides, a blades holder, a trapdoor, a weapon rack, a gong and a ladder.
    the golden mech has an openable cockpit, movable hands and legs, an adjustable hat and a large golden sword.
    weapons included 4 elemental blades fire, ice, lightning and earth, a spear, a ninja sword, 2 sai, a crossbow with quiver, a lord garmadon's staff, a sensei wu's golden staff and a katana.
    minifigs included a golden lloyd minifig, a lord garmadon minifig, a sensei wu minifig, a scout minifig and a swordsman minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is good.
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    Since the next Batman movie is at least 2-3 years away, WB is really working hard at reviving the licensing revenue for the classic 1966 TV series Batman – and why not, after all these years, it holds up as forever weird – forever cool. Mattel is doing some fun action figures – Metzo adds [...]

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  • 03/31/13--05:39: Radio Free Cybertron - 304
  • This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Robots in Disguise #15 Reviewed, Q&A with Rob Springer--send questions to or tweet us @tfradio. The last Monthly Third Party Roundup: Boxbomber Unofficial Beastbox & Squawktalk Cassettes, Mastershooter Collectibles NOT Targetmasters Toys, IGear Mini-Warriors Duneraker and Cogz packaging photos. All that and more! Also: Don't forget to circle us on Google+ to join our weekly post-show hangout! PLAYMP3iTunes

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    While walking around in the Amazon Rainforest, trees aren’t usually something that you needed to be worried about.  Sure, there are spiders, beetles, beasts, and creepy crawlies, but never before has there been a carnivorous tree on the mind of tourists! But, don’t start worrying yet – Jeff Oakbren, the head of a group of dendrologists, has said that only slow, sessile, and small animals can become a victim to this carnivorous tree, which has been named salix babilonicarum.     Several ...

    Scientists Discover First Carnivorous Tree In Guyana, South America is a post from: Cool Gizmo Toys

    Scientists Discover First Carnivorous Tree In Guyana, South America is a post by on Cool Gizmo Toys.

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  • 03/31/13--07:36: Ron English x Slash Bust
  • When SLASH, arguably the world’s greatest guitar player, embarked on a solo career with his album SLASH & Friends, collaborations with his favorite singers, he asked artist Ron English to collaborate with him on the cover. Ron interpreted SLASH’s iconic skull with a top hat using Ron's unique glowing color technique in a boudoir atmosphere [...]

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    First thing this morning I checked out the S&S site and everything was back to normal. There was no more warning about closing. Could it be that the begging worked? I am sure Steve and Rae became aware of the outpouring of emotion from collectors and the tremendous offers of help.
    If they have had a change of heart, I hope that they make the rules of membership stronger and I hope they do accept some assistance in dealing with the nut jobs.

    I have taken some measures just in case the site is shut down permanently. I didn't have a problem with losing photographs because I save all of my pictures in a SELL folder on my computer. When the item is successfully sold, I delete the picture. The problem is the description and the price. I don't want to lost that information again to I took screen shots of every listing. On a Mac the keyboard strokes are Shift/Command/4 and then you select the part of the screen you want to save. I don't know what the keystrokes are on a PC but I'm quite sure you can do it.

    This is what a general screen shot of my listing looks like:


     If I needed more specific information, I would click on every ad and take a picture of each individual one.

    This way, if I have a detailed description, I can copy it to another site when I list it.

    Hopefully I will not have to do this.

    Another site that Rae and Steve operate is a picture hosting site. This has been around for years and some collectors have hundreds of their photos stored there. If those sites close, they will lose their images if they haven't backed up their files.
    Just like Flickr and other (free) hosting sites, they have no responsibility to stay open if they choose to shut down. If something with their software fails or their server goes down, you will not have access. Always back up your photos so you have access to your files. External hard drives are relatively inexpensive these days. Get one and back up your stuff.
    Then, every so often, fill a CD with the files and store it somewhere else safe just in case. If your files are important, protect them. Don't rely on the internet, the cloud or anyone else.

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    NEW JERSEY: Toys R Us Inc withdrew its proposed initial public offering on Friday, ending months of uncertainty as the world's largest dedicated toy retailer also issued a quarterly report card showing disappointing results for the crucial holiday season. Toys R Us is determined not to pursue the IPO due to unfavourable market conditions and executive leadership transition, said Toys R Us ...

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    Whatever happened to the ex:ride series? Max Factory and FREEing released more than 35 of them in 2010, everything from roller blades to jet skies for figma. But then the line simply dropped off. 2011 saw only one new release while 2012 saw release of a mere two. That was it. And those last three were all special SPride releases, not something more common like surf boards or skis. They even managed to not release the Black Trike from Black Rock Shooter: the Game, the only unreleased ex:ride release to date. We'll probably never know for sure why the ex:ride line only had one good year or why they haven't announced any future releases, but I doubt it was an issue of quality.

    SPride.01 was a set of folding bikes called BD-1s. SPride.02 would turn out to be the largest in the ex:ride line, the Daihatsu Midget II available in both green and white. SPride.03 was the first vehicle based on a non-real-world vehicle: The GANTZ bike. SPride.04 was actually the fifth release, Joseph from Fireball Charming. And then there's SPride.05, actually the fourth release, the Saber Motored Cuirassier from Fate/Zero.

    Let's take a moment to appreciate the finer points of what is possibly the most popular piece of the ex:ride series in this review of SPride.05 Saber Motored Cuirassier!

    Tomopop Review: SPride.05 Saber Motored Cuirassier screenshot


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  • 03/31/13--11:48: Rad Raygun Paper Foldable
  • The paper toy maven, Bryan, over at Paper Foldables is at it again. He's created a Paper Foldable for Trufun Entertainment promoting their XBLA indie game, RAD RAYGUN. RAD RAYGUN must travel the world fighting communist robots, and save the 1980′s by shooting his way through 5 decade spanning levels. Ultra sharp 144p resolution graphics [...]

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    The Anime Contents Expo took place over this weekend and, while the focus was on the new anime shows which are due to air (I'm keeping an eye on invincible machine girl!), there were also some new figures on display. 

    Many of the companies gave the event a miss but Ichiban Kuji was there and they took the opportunity to show off some of the figures which we can expect to see in their lotteries. There are a large mix of prizes on display as well, with many different shows. There's Bakemonogatari, Steins;gate and even Prince of Tennis and Gintama!

    Some have been displayed before, such as the K-ON! and Fate/zero figures but I really like the Horizon figure. Why? Because there's a figure for Aoi Kimi!! Kimi!!! She seriously needs more figures! But what have caught your eyes, readers?

    [images via akiba hobby]

    Ichiban Kuji shows the ACE up its sleeve screenshot


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  • 03/31/13--13:46: Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter from your friends at tokidoki <3

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    DC Collectibles had, not surprisingly, a bunch of comic book figures on display at WonderCon. What I found most interesting were the figures for the upcoming Man of Steel movie. I'm kind of a Superman hater, but I have to admit the Man of Steel trailers have gotten me interested.

    The list of figures:

    • An Arkham City Solomon Grundy figure coming in September
    • A Batman Black & White statue by Sean "Cheeks" Galloway
    • A two pack of New 52 action figures: The Flash vs. Vibe
    • A New 52 Green Arrow
    • An Injustice action figure two-pack: The Flash vs. Raven (he's just fighting everyone)
    • The New 52's Martian Manhunter, coming in July
    • 1/6-scale Zod from Man of Steel in some crazy armor, coming in May
    • 1/6-scale Superman from Man of Steel, also coming in May
    • 1/12-scale Superman Vault figure which will be an online exclusive
    • A Superman statue by Lee Bermejo, due in April
    • A 1/6-scale Faora statue from Man of Steel, coming in - guess when? - May
    • A 1/6-scale fat Russell Crow Jor El statue due out in May
    • Injustice Wonder Woman vs. Solomon Grundy action figure two-pack
    • The New 52 Green Lantern Simon Baz coming in May
    • The New 52 Darkseid deluxe action figure, out now

    That does it for DC Collectibles. It looks like they're really making a push for their new properties, so hopefully they'll attract a following.

    WonderCon 2013: DC Collectibles screenshot


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  • 03/31/13--15:00: WonderCon 2013: Kotobukiya
  • This year's WonderCon was a rather big event for Kotobukiya. Not necessarily for what they had at their booth, but because what they announced at their WonderCon panel along with a few of the things they had at their booth. Long story short: the table has been set for a pretty big 2013 for Kotobukiya.

    After the jump, we'll go over all the big details, both from the booth and from the panel.

    WonderCon 2013: Kotobukiya screenshot


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  • 03/31/13--15:29: Skinner @ WonderCon
  • Wild man Skinner set up shop at WonderCon in his Critical Hit booth. For his first solo convention exhibition, he offered a wild collection of numerous large bold and colorful prints featuring barbarians, demons and more. Fans of the Lurker had vinyl toys, mini prints, jewelry and more to choose...

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    The Vinyl Thoughts Nation crew are putting together a blind-box Dunny series for release this April, and the whole thing is a heaping spoonful of Texas. The Made in Texas series drops on April 11 at a live release party at ATAMA (5307 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 140, Dallas, Texas) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Central, featuring work from more than 20 artists. They include Jason Chalker, Motorbot, and more. The leftovers (if there are any) will be on the Vinyl Thoughts shop April 12.

    One hundred Dunnys have been customized, and inside three of the boxes are gold, silver and bronze tickets for larger sculpted pieces. There are also different colorways of customs and three artists (Motorbot, Jason Chalker and ianthegamer) are giving away Artist Card art with their releases.

    Our gallery features two of the pieces: the bronze ticket prize, The Second Fastest Gun in the West by Mr. The Sanders; and the 1/100-ratio Warm Fuzzy by Pure Cane Sugar. More teasers will be made available as we get closer to the event. Oh, and price-wise, the Dunnys are US$50 each. Texas Tomopop readers, are any of you excited by the series or thinking of going to the event?

    Tomopop Exclusive: Two Dunnys from Made in Texas series screenshot


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    The Hang Gang has gotten their hands on a few more sofubi exclusive releases for ToyCon UK. They’ve got goods from folks such as Super7, Uamou, and Max Toy Co. Coming from Super7, they’ve got an all new Mummy Boy, who is cast in a pearlescent vinyl with gold, silver,...

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