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    We at Tformers completely understand you are jonesing for Transformers Prime toys stateside after seeing your friends across the pond basking in the goodness. Well, the time may come to an end soon! Demovere Xeno of the AllSpark spotted a Transformers Prime Revealers/Deluxe/Robots In Disguise Wheeljack in a San Mateo, CA Toys R Us store, and has provided images to prove it. In addition to the Wheeljack he picked up, he also says he saw assortment-mates Bumblebee and Cliffjumper. There were not any Soundwav

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    Pre-kindergarten toys - Vtech - Musical Bubbles Octopus

    Vtech - Musical Bubbles Octopus

    Vtech - Musical Bubbles Octopus - Dive into the tub for a little musical fun with the Musical Bubbles Octopus! This playful octopus teaches animal names, sounds and characteristics as well as musical instrument names and sounds on each of its five legs. Add a little bubble solution and with the flip of a switch bubbles will be bouncing and popping all around you. Includes two modes of play and comes with a suction cup to attach to bath wall.

    Vtech - Musical Bubbles Octopus
    • On/off bubble switch allows parents to control the bubbles
    • Two whimsical modes of play
    • Suction cups allow for secure mounting to the wall
    • 5 Press buttons teach animal names, sounds and characteristics as well as musical instrument names and sounds in two modes of play
    • Automatic shut off preserves battery life

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - Vtech - Musical Bubbles Octopus...

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    IKEA customers and co-workers have partnered with the IKEA Foundation on a $16.2 million million gift for UNICEF and Save the Children projects to help realise every child's right to a quality education.

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    Each month, Kaiyodo puts out a new super-articulated toy for its Yamaguchi series, usually based on a giant robot. This month sees the release of BAPE’s Baby Milo mascot. Next month we’ll get an Eva Unit-04 from the Evangelion remake series of movies. And March will bring a plastic Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist. Hit the link for more pics and info.

    I haven’t been this excited about a Revoltech figure since the Jehuty figure was announced. Baby Milo finally gets a proper plastic treatment, complete with guitar and bananas.

    This Eva Unit-04 figure is as cool as Pen-Pen’s room. It comes with the Spear of Longinus, rifle, prog knife, umbilical cable, and 12 hands. Revoltech toys are usually numbered - Baby Milo is 115 for example. But this figure is labeled as “EX” rather than numbered. Weird.

    And here’s Edward Elric. I’d like to quote my browser’s translator here: Can pose drilling works in the liver, two-hander, left out, etc. I think the ground! Uh…yeah! Anyway, the figure comes with four faces, several plasma hand / foot attachments, and a set of different forearms for dramatic poses.

    Check back each month for Albotas’ Monthly Revoltech Report.

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    Kotobukiya has revealed their Marvel Studios The Avengers Movie Iron Man Mark VII ARTFX Statue. Click through to check out the image gallery and solicitation information on this stunning new statue.

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      Miles “Tails” Prower is an orange-yellow, anthropomorphic fox with two tails and is known to be Sonic’s best friend, sidekick, and an expert mechanic. When he spins his two tails like a helicopter rotor, he has the unique ability to push himself through the air to catch up with Sonic. However, when he takes [...]

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    As the 43rd issue of the Transformers Collectors Club Magazine is about to make it to members' inboxes, Fun Publications decided to provide a little taste of what is inside of the first issue of the seventh year of the official club. If the Transformers Animated Almanac was not enough to whet your whistle, how about the first ever installment of the Animated Almanac Addendum by Bill Forster and Jim Sorenson? Also, the magazine features an interview with LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Star Trek: The Next Gen

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  • 01/26/12--09:51: Patient No. 6 and Boda
  • Here is the collaborative custom piece by Patient №6 and the Ukrainian-based artist Boda.  The toy is hand-painted with oil paint in a fashion that catches the "atmosphere of times of the USSR". This 7.5" tall limited edition piece includes medical history and free shipping. Oh...and it's price at $96.00.

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    Third in a series of posts on preparing for the annual trade event by Julie Livingston, director, business development and accounts, Child’s Play Communications, New York City With Toy Fair less than a month away, how will you engage the media to ensure coverage for your toys or youth entertainment products? Here at Child’s Play, [...]

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    Majikoi's Momoyo shows she's tough even as a Nendoroid screenshot

    Just ending its anime season, adult visual novel Maji de Watashi ni Koishinnasai!! will be seeing its first Nendoroid figure though Chara-Ani has already jumped on the super deformed figure market for this title. Unlike Chara-Ani though, Good Smile Company is keeping tough, older sister type Momoyo Kawakami's clothes on.

    Mikaan's Blog updated with a preview of this new Nendoroid showing that even looking like a cute Nendoroid figure, you can still look tough. The figure exudes the confidence of Momoyo with those glaring eyes and smile as well as a set of arms placed at her hips. She knows she's number one. Momoyo comes with her jacket that can be removed but I say keep it on to add to her cool factor. Once again we are seeing action parts with Momoyo including a strike effect for her Kawakami Star Killer along with an accompanying face. And speaking of faces, one last face shows Momoyo's soft side with an embarrassed, crying face.

    Currently no date has been set for pre-orders other than being stated as "shortly". We'll definitely keep you posted when those pre-orders go up. Any fans of Majikoi looking forward to this title getting a Nendoroid release? Any specific character you would want as a figure?

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    By now, Munster fans have likely picked up the first three Munsters action figures from Diamond Select Toys: Herman, Lily and Grandpa. Well, your family is about to get bigger! Lily and Herman’s werewolf son Eddie Munster and his older cousin Marilyn Munster are the next two family members to arrive, and they’ll be sharing [...]

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    set database: LEGO 9457 fangpyre wrecking ball

    set number: 9457
    set name: fangpyre wrecking ball
    theme: ninjago
    year: 2012
    pieces: 415
    prices: us$50
    minifigs: 3
    new ninjago theme.
    come with a wrecking ball crane.
    the crane has a free swinging wrecking ball, a working winch, a flexible snake tail, a biting snake head, rotatable body and wheel treads.
    weapons included a golden double-bladed axe, a lightning bolt axe and 2 mini-snakes.
    accessory included a golden fangpyre snake staff.
    minifigs included a kendo cole minifig, a lloyd garmadon minifig and a fangdam minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is good.
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    Voltaire is working once again with Toy2R to produce a couple of new 5” Mini Bunee Qees. Here we have Deady and his Comic book nemesis Sleezter, who are expected to drop in April. Deady will soon be taking over your favorite toy retailers.

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    If you liked the Bash ‘n Go series of plastic launchers … there are more coming … Falcon Hawk Did anyone buy Siddeley (out now at Target?) – Does he fly? McQueen Hawk So, while these are all plastic, it does give us a pretty good idea of what the diecast releases will look like. [...]

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  • 01/26/12--09:51: Hot Toys’ Nick Fury Teaser
  • Hot Toys continues to release teasers from their film licenses. This time it's from The Avengers. Nick Fury, the director of SHIELD, is being portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson. However, about the only thing you might be able to recognize from this the bottom of his goatee.

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    The Toy Hunters pilot episode did exceptionally well when it premiered the other week, and now the Travel Channel's is going to rebroadcast it this Sunday in Prime Time. We have a feeling that this is a very positive sign for the show, and know that it will positively affect our community if it goes to series. That said, we ask that you check your local listings and make sure to tune in and watch it when it airs. Remember, the ratings are based on live veiws, and DVRing it won't count. Let's get together and make this show happen!

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  • 01/26/12--09:51: Good Smile Company

  • Just another regular meeting at the Good Smile Company offices - thought I'd take photos of the goodies in the office between sessions.
    All photos taken on the Sony NEX-5N with the Zeiss Sonnar F1.8 24mm.

    The tree by the entrance has been inhabited by some interesting animals.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Gumako kawaii!

    Cant wait to see the Vocaloids in action again. Oh damn what am I saying?! I sound as if I knew something that I'm trying to keep quiet!

    Load of Three A goodies in the office.

    Mongrol is huge!
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    The meeting area by the entrance.

    Had an external meeting with the big boss Aki Takanori before coming to the offices where he said "I've got a blue racing bicycle in the office - its yours."
    I was like @.@!!! Thanks Aki-san! Will give it the Itachari treatment ASAP ^^;

    And this is one of Aki-sans other bikes.

    A new darts machine appeared in the office.

    Cute girls in the office. Annotate the part that you looked at first when you say this scroll.

    Brought my AFA co-host Yoshimi along to the meetings as she will be involved in the next project which is

    The Good Smile Seijin!

    The main office - more photos in this post and you can have a virtual visit in Season 1 of Culture Japan.

    Also, more photo reports from other anime company offices listed up below.

    Then its off to Indotei - the Indian restaurant run by figure maker Max Factory. Indotei is located within a bricks throw away from the main office and Good Smile Cafe.

    The food at Indotei is just incredible!

    Indotei also make Mirai-chan's own brand of curry - Mirai Curry!

    Yoshimi-chan was also joined me in the studio for Episode 10 and 11 of Culture Japan Season 2 which I accidentally uploaded to YouTube below.

    Heading back to base and take more photos of the snow.

    Picked up a Nendoroid Calendar before leaving the office - Mirai-chan on it next year?!

    If you could ask or request absolutely anything from Good Smile Company - what would it be? Use the poll or comments.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

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    I’m trying not to collect Re-Ments, since I don’t need another addiction. But these may break my willpower. Sugoilife just received the new San-X Rilakkuma Re-Ment Miniature Sets. (The prices listed are for the entire set which includes every item … Continue reading

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    February will see the start of two new Serial Feature Projects on TOYSREVIL: "IN MY SKETCHBOOK" and "ON MY WORKTOP" - two very literal meaning projects, with the intention of providing a platform for artists to showcase their work, and of course for me to have 'original content" to feature on the blog :) The Projects begin right after the completion of my 11 PIXS for 2011 Project by the end of

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