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    Stephen Singer formed Whistling Pony Toys in 2009 with the goal of creating art plastic meant for both the retail and gallery setting. Stephen’s first two figures, Death Light Monster (DLM) and Kachina Seijin, were produced in resin, and he is now exploring the possibilities of the vinyl medium. Surinama is Stephen’s first sofubi figure [...]

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    For the astronauts living on the International Space Station, it's time to put away their toys .

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    When it comes to buying shoes, the options are endless. Flats, heels, wedges, open toes, and loafers; the list goes on and, although we all love to shop for shoes, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin.   If you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes, here are few things that will help... [Continue Reading]

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    A Coquitlam health products company has donated space to house toys for the Christmas program

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  • 03/25/13--14:22: Inro
  • Finally, after nearly 4 months I am feeling comfortable in my new studio. I was having issues with the quality of the light and so much more that I was avoiding going down there to work.
    So I take these pictures of Inro and take the memory card, insert it into the reader and NOTHING. I'm going to die, right? I keep plugging the USB cable into different ports on the hub and NOTHING. So I go down and get the camera to link it directly to the computer and NOTHING.
    Is it the card, the cable, the snow? Seriously!!!

    My last attempt to upload the pictures was successful when I located an empty USB slot directly into my laptop and in seconds all the shots were on the computer. The darn USB hub is messed up. It's like the 4th one I've had. They all suck.

    Back to more pleasant experiences.

    I decided to trim Inro's lower lashes and I'm very happy with the results. They were masking the beautiful sculpt of her cheekbones and drawing her eyes down into the rest of her face. I may give a little color to her cheeks next time I get her out to play.

    After I trimmed them it was time to dress her and just for the heck of it I pulled out a Gene Marshall by Mel Odom (Ashton Drake) outfit I have never had on a doll. It is a two piece plus belt linen outfit that would be very fashionable today from the Star Wardrobe collection. It fits and looks hot! I never imagined that Gene clothes would fit Inro.

    I have Jamieshow shoes on her feet. I had to warm up the shoes to get them on and they still aren't fitting perfectly. I hope I find other shoes she can wear as Inro has very wide feet.

    Around her neck is a gorgeous OOAK neckpiece by Asher of New England called "Quezacotl."
    She is wearing a generic size 4/5 wig previously purchased for Avantguard dolls.

    What do you think about the lash job?

    Inamorata Inro by Emilia Couture

    Original Promo Photo


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    It was about time I started photographing and posting the Funny Face dolls, who have been arriving home one after another in all their elegance and finesse. I must say that the dolls are exactly or even better than the prototypes and it is a unique treat opening their beautiful packaging.

    I had written, in the post about their presentation, that "A Woman Who Thinks" is the best doll of the bunch. Her arrival confirmed my opinion. She uses the Anja sculpt to great effect. If you have seen the film, you know this is Marion, the model posing as "A Woman Who Thinks", the new target group and inspiration for Quality magazine. Marion is played by Dovima, a real model, and one of the best models ever. She parodies herself, and it is a great treat to see her in a film, as most of the images we have from her heyday are photographs. 

    The doll comes with two outfits and their respective accessories. She is already dressed with the black narrow dress with the irregular cut out neckline, which is a good approximation of the real one. I love the grainy fabric and it is stretchy enough to pose in. Unfortunately, using the Victoire/BoD body means that there is no waist joint, so the posing is a bit limited. I think that for this doll, the FR body would have been a bit better. The dress fastens in the back with hooks, which are a bit difficult to fasten as they are black on black.

    I was surprised to find out that she can stand on her own. The nice leather black pumps help with that. Black stretchy gloves and a pair of "diamond" stud earrings complete the look. She is wearing pantyhose, as all women did in that era.

    Her short hairdo should have been a bit less fluffy - the real model had her hair much closer to her scalp. The make up is great, the blues on her lids match her eyes and the red lipstick and nails are divine and era-appropriate.

    The second outfit from the film is the one called She-bop. It is a yellow gown with a matching hat that has a green ribbon and an orange crown. It is impossible to find a photo of it on-line so I had to make a capture from the film. In it I noticed that the actual dress could have a green fabric panel at the back to match the ones from the hat. The doll dress does not.

    The dress has a lot of fabric. There is a satin yellow fabric under the layers of billowing yellow chiffon over it. The draping on her bust is nicely made and the two satin straps complete the look. The dress also has a slim satin belt that fastens in the back with a pearl and a loop. The dress closes with a zipper and a hook on top (which I was unable to fasten). The shoes are yellow leather pumps, same as the black ones.

    This look has a "diamond" bracelet to finish it off. Again I had a hard time keeping this on her wrist, the fastening is a bit loose and it kept falling off. Dear Integrity, not all of us collectors have tiny fingers to deal with this stuff!

    The hat looks like a flower from the back.

    I was really happy they included this dress with the doll, even though it barely registers in the film. The set is incredibly well made and looks very faithful to the real costumes. I love the doll and will definitely photograph her in more vintage looking stuff as soon as I can.

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  • 03/25/13--15:33: Mr. Toast at WonderCon
  • Dan Goodsell will be bringing a few exclusives to his WonderCon Booth #1168 (March 29th - 31st 2013) - one plastic and one plush. The Midnight Super Toast (pictured above) is limited to a run of 200 pieces. Each 7" tall plush includes a handmade numbered tag. It will be available for $10.00 each. The [...]

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    Markets in northern India have been flooded with Chinese pichkaris (water guns), balloons and colours this Holi, leaving jobless about one million people in small and medium enterprises in India, according to an Assocham survey. "A sharp decline in these units is creating job losses in the sector affecting over eight to 10 lakh people. Even the owners of SMEs are indebted to bankers and ...

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    It’s Saturday night (undoubtedly after a long work week). A friend is throwing a huge party for the big game, or a birthday, or just because, you know, it’s Saturday. So you set off on an adventurous evening, teeming with excitement, even braving the seasonal elements if necessary. Your friend welcomes you with a cheery embrace, [...]

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    JPopDolls is releasing CCC's (Charles' Creature Cabinet) Fidelia Firefly Faerie 2nd Edition and Fidelina Firefly Faerie 1st Edition for pr-order. The pre-order window runs through April 7th 2013, with an anticipated delivery date in July/August 2013. Both Fidelia and Fidelina are glow-in-the-dark BJD (blue GID). They include random 10mm glass eyes, a wooden CCC box, [...]

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    Chima Group ToyCon Exclusives

    Chima Group make two of my favorite sofubi toys, Ademas and Wool. Check out these “gradation” colorways, exclusive to ToyCon. These are pretty sweet because most of their stuff uses solid colors rather than gradients or sprays. Plus the light blue and pink color scheme is pretty metal.

    Check it: More Chima Group toys on Albotas
    Buy: I Am Plastic, Too: The Next Generation of Designer Toys

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    Pre-Orders are up for DoDonPachi: Saidaioujou

    Get ready to be obliterated over and over again. Cave’s (presumably) final Xbox 360 port will be released on May 30. Play-Asia are currently taking pre-orders, with a shipped total of under $80. That’s for the regular edition at least. There’s also a limited edition and and super limited edition. I was able to 1CC DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu after a month or so of practice. Hopefully I can pull off a 1CC on this one.

    Warning: This is an import. It hasn’t been confirmed to work on non-Japanese 360s.

    Check it: Albotas' Favorite Shmups Ever
    Pre-order: Dodonpachi Saidaioujou [Regular Edition] (Xbox360)

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  • 03/25/13--22:24: Name That…Ditch Plant
  • Looks like a naturally occurring corn dog.

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    Easter Eggs - Hide 'Em and Hatch 'Em Eggs - Watch Them Hatch Like Magic Three Different Pets!

    Easter Eggs - Hide 'Em and Hatch 'Em Eggs - Watch Them Hatch Like Magic Three Different Pets! I bought this for my kids for easter but they were so cute that I decided to let them open it early to get into the spirit of the holiday. They were so excited to watch these eggs hatch! And the toys inside are so cute. My kids just love them. What a fun activity for little ones to do - both my 5 year old and seven year old were into these which is a bonus because they usually like very different things. It's nice to find something that they can share in together. I definitely recommend this toy! -- By MTortora

    Easter Eggs - Hide 'Em and Hatch 'Em Eggs - Watch Them Hatch Like Magic Three Different Pets!Easter Egg Hunts have never been like this. These magical eggs really hatch! Once found, simply place them in water and within 24 hours, they will start to crack. Soon thereafter will pop out a special growing pet. A Baby Chick, Duck, or Rabbit will delight your young one and make for a very special pet they can treasure year round. Brand New for 2013 and an Exclusive. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Place Eggs in water. Within 24 hours your egg will begin to crack. Each day, replace water. The pet will continue to grow, out of its shell. You may help the pet out, but it will keep growing up to 10x its size with or without your help. When the pet hatches, rinse the pet off as it will be slippery, and either play with it, or place it back in clean water and watch it daily continue to grow.

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - Easter Eggs - Hide 'Em and Hatch 'Em Eggs - Watch Them Hatch Like Magic Three Different Pets!

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    Bruce Lee Fanatiks Action Figure: Enter the Dragon from the second wave of Round 5′s toy line Bruce Lee remains up to this day, one of the greatest martial arts icons and is also a key figure of modern popular culture. And any Bruce Lee Fanatics would want to have this Bruce Lee Fanatiks Action...

    The post Bruce Lee Fanatiks Action Figure: Enter the Dragon Wave 2 appeared first on Toy Scene.

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    Madness is coming again! The response to the first series of figures from from the hit video game American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns was so overwhelmingly positive that Diamond Select Toys is coming out with yet another version of heroine Alice Liddell! Joining the standard Alice and Hysteria Alice figures is Royal Suit Alice, featuring [...]

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