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  • 03/12/13--23:13: Tokyo Photos 4

  • The fourth part of the Tokyo Photo series where I aggregate all the latest photos I've been posting to my Instagram account ( ). While this series is called Tokyo Photos, I'm overseas for business trips nearly every month so it normally includes photos posted abroad. If you are not into Instagram then you can always follow these updates on my Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.

    Today we continue off from last time - I'm still in Tokyo but head off to Malaysia for business meetings and my first CNY (Chinese New Year) ever. I had no idea that CNY was such an important event for Chinese folks. Living in the UK and Japan, I've never experienced CNY like this. I also learned that Ang Bao (little red packets full O money) was not just for little kids because we only gave them out to the little ones.

    Previous Tokyo Photo updates listed up below.

    Saber makan beng beng. Saber omnom time. セイバーちゃんの3時のおやつ。

    This is a dish that we often eat back on my home planet. 僕の惑星でよく食う一品だ。

    Another hospital visit and more medicine >< 通院中。また薬もらった><

    Wondering which to start eating first. Which would you go for? どっちを先に食べようか?

    Blue skies in Tokyo. Lovely cold n crisp morning. 東京は腫れ。

    Mc Dees brekkie in Japan. たまに朝マックはいいよな。

    Tonight's feast is Matsuya! 今宵の晩餐は松屋。そして大声を出している酔っぱらいのおっさんは後ろに座っている。

    Lunch in Tokyo today is kua'aina who do da best burgers in town. クア・アイナでランチ。美味しいや。

    White Mocha at Starbucks in Gotanda. 520yen. About same price in your neck of the woods? 五反田スタバでホワイトモカ。

    今宵の晩餐は芝エビ焼きそば。Tonight's dinner is Shibaebi Yakisoba.

    There is a nice bike parked outside this restaurant. 外に痛チャリが止めてある。

    Today's lunch is Wakadori. 今日のランチは若鶏。

    About to head out on the blades tonight. ローラーブレードで今宵の晩餐を探しに行く。

    Tonight's dinner is Shio Ramen at Nishikoyama. 塩ラーメンあっと西小山。

    If you can't read this then you need Moekana.

    Mirai Nendoroid at Kinokuniya LA together with their official mascot who happens to be Mirai Suenaga ^^ Stocks while last dayo.

    Moekana also available at Kinokuniya LA. And at most of their branches worldwide. If they don't have then just request it to them!

    Sony RX100. Incredible pocket sized camera. ソニーRX100。こいつは凄い。

    Field testing my new Sony NEX-VG30. Can change lens. Will use for Culture Japan S3. VG30をゲット。これでカルジャパ3期に撮ります。レンズも交換できる。

    It's Mos Burger time. Do you have Mos in your woods too? モスバーガーたいむ。

    Chinese food is Japan is nice but very different from the rest of the world. 炒飯でらんち。

    Tonight's dindins is Oden. Have you tried before? 「おでんない俺俺の」の空耳アワー覚えていますか?

    仕方がない! 恋泉天音先生に描いていただいたみらいちゃん裸差分をあpしちゃえ! Im forced to upload Mirai's B'day photoshop layer.

    This morning's Tokyo Tower. Heading to Kanamachi now. 今日の東京タワー。金町へ。今日はすごくwkwkしています!(^o^)!

    This evening's Mt Fuji. View from GSC offices. 今日の富士山。グッスマのオフィスからの眺めは凄い。

    If you can't read this then you will need the up n coming Moekanji - Japanese learning changes again.

    This evening's at Tokyo Sky Tree. The building next to it is the Good Smile Company HQ on 17th! 今宵のスカイツリー。隣はグッスマの要塞!

    Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid 271. みらいちゃんねんどろいど。二七一だ。

    So this is what a 3rd leg looks like eh? グッスマ本社で見つけたデコマス??!

    Guess what this is. ド〜ンと見せちゃう。

    INO先生にみらいちゃん描いて頂いています!これはラフです。INO-sensei is in middle of drawing Mirai! This is WIP.

    Minami-ke on Tokyo MX TV now. They show anime on TV in your woods too? みなみけたいむ。

    Okonomiyaki for today's lunch. Have you tried it before? お好み焼deらんち。

    Creamy Cafe Jelly. The force is strong with this one. ドロリッチ。こいつはフォースが強い。

    Today's lunch is Pad Thai at Ebaramachi. Thai food enak! 荏原町でパッタイでらんち。

    Nendoroids are much fun! Do you know which face part this belongs to? ねんどろいどって楽しい!

    Tonight's dinner is sushi. My fave is yaki salmon and engawa. What's yours? 寿司でディナー。

    Kore wa ikura desu ka = How much is this? Or is this salmon roe? これはいくらですか?

    Figures keep falling from the ceiling. Please help. 大量なフィギュア達。全部写真撮りて〜!

    Sony NEX-5N with power zoom. NEX-5Nにパワーズームはこんな感じになる。

    My fave business show Gaia no Yoake now on TV Tokyo. 久々のガイアの夜明け。

    Japan Facts: About 90,000 USD to make 1 episode of anime.

    New namecards - illustration by Koizumi Amane-sensei. 新しい名刺。イラストby恋泉天音先生。

    Tonight's dinner is Fish n Chips. 今宵の晩餐はフィッシュ&チップス。

    Retrokyu keyring desu. レトロキューキーチェーンだ。

    Packing. Heading to KL tomorrow. 荷造り中。明日はマレーシア出張。やっぱりゆきちゃん連れて行きます!

    Aoi−chan has some Yukimi Daifuku. Have you tried it? あおいちゃんはゆきみだいふくを。

    Missed the train.Taking taxi to Narita airport. 25000 yen! >< 電車乗り遅れ、今タクシーで成田に向かう。25000円があ""

    Boarding now. See you in KL ^^ 搭乗たいむ。またマレーシア出張。

    I must go now. My planet needs me. 昔JALでエンジニアを勤めた頃を思い出す。

    KL touchdown. First stop is poh piah. クアラルンプールタッチダウン。まずは現地のおいしい〜食事を。

    Grabbing some bubble tea before meetings. 打ち合わせの前にマレーシアのバブルティーを。

    Yuki-chan stretches after a long journey. お疲れのゆきちゃんはストレッチで回復。

    I dont think I shared this on Instagram yet. Introducing Mirai−chan 1/3 scale doll. More details on my site.

    Yuki-chan found a doll sized horse. ゆきちゃんドールサイズ馬見つけたようです。

    Yuki's first meal in KL is mee. ゆきちゃんも食事中。

    I think this is called Kuay Teow right? これクエイティアウでしたっけ?

    Good morning KL! View from my new office. 今朝のクアラルンプールは小雨。弊社からの眺め。

    Nomming some Prawn Mee at Publica food court. マレーシア料理エビ麺はほんまに美味しいや〜。

    How are your CNY festivities coming along? ゆきちゃんは旧正月ムードだ。

    Always ask for a baby chair. At Publika for makan. ベビーチェアは必ず貰うように。ゆきちゃんと食事を。

    God Eater on the PS vita when I get the chance. ゴッドイーターをVitaでプレイ。2を待っています!

    Culture Japan now on 8 TV across Malaysia. カルジャパ旧正月中にマレーシア全国の地上波やっているww

    Wonton noodles omnom. ワンタン麺食う〜。

    Buffer test

    Buffer API test.

    Island under the ocean. 海の中の島見つけた。

    Nendoroid Akarin so cute! ねんどろいどあかりん可愛いすぎ!

    Jimmy Choo wearing moekana t-shirt on TV in Malaysia ^^; 父親がゴルデンタイムにみらいちゃんのTシャツを着るwwみらいちゃんゴリ押し^^

    CNY lunch with the Malaysian Prime Minister. マレーシア首相と旧正月らんち。

    Its CNY folks - time to eat some baby green snakes. デザートはチェンドル。

    Horse Come West Ah = Malaysia.

    CNY greetings from Mon't Kiara in KL. View from our Malaysian branch office. 旧正月真最中。うちの事務所からの眺めをパシャリ。

    At the NT7 studios. On live from 8ish across Malaysia. 今日もマレーシアの朝の生放送出演。スタジオに来ています。

    Jimmy Choo likes Nendoroids. 靴デザイナージミー・チューがねんどろいどを持ってもらって生放送に出てもらう。OKですか @akitakanori 社長?

    Yuki-chan all mic'ed up ready for the live broadcast on NTV7. ゆきちゃんは今日の放送で初めて喋ってもらう。マイクセッティング完了。

    Lost in Kuala Lumpur. Where am I. クアラルンプールで迷子ごっこ。ここどこやろ〜。

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

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    Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie has just dropped an edition of 6 of his Mr. Sparkle Custom Qees. The very custom we saw a few years back at Designer Con, but with a few improvements. This custom edition features a nice shiny coat thanks to some Monster Kolor, removable head, and...

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    Was the Deathead S’murfs Exclusive Print not enough for ya? Well take a look at the Blackbook Toy exclusive pillow, featuring David Flores’ Deathead S’murf. This die cut pillow is a must get to go with either your S’murf figure, print, or even both! They are limited to 25 pieces...

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    “LaneChange” sends along some great photos and info on the Aldi’s Easter sale. CARS & Monster Jam $2.99 (plus Barbie) They got a special dump bin for their promotions. It’s essentially CASE D but a couple extra Sarge’s and only one Krate Rainson-Wash but close enough … From “LaneChange,” The shipper I saw had the [...]

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    Do you remember the Coraline doll that I received from the Coraline Team way back in 2008? Well, if you'd like to get a replica version of it, there's a Coraline doll now available on NeatoShop. The doll stands around 10 inches tall, and her raincoat is removable. She has embroidered details, and is definitely a limited edition doll. As of writing this article, it says there are only 8 left in the store.

    This doll will cost you US$39.95, and as far as I can tell she should ship to you immediately when you order. The box she comes in is pretty cute too, so if you were a fan of the book, or movie, head on over to NeatoShop now and check her out. 

    [via Neatorama]

    Want a prop replica Coraline doll for your very own? screenshot


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    Fuller is hard at work on his ComicDroid Custom Series featuring unique (1 of 1)custom Androids celebrating the X-Men (heroes and baddies). The series will be released exclusively by Vinyl Riot on April 27th 2013.

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    It looks like you cannot use this with regular diecasts as you need a stunt racer to lock into the launcher device as it passes along the potential energy generated by the crank … The regular series one is out in the US and covered here. Thanks, “John H.” for the photo.   Tweet This [...]

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    DC Collectibles' next convention exclusive 3.75-inch 2-pack will be the combination of Guy Gardner and Larfleeze, to be sold at both WonderCon and C2E2.

    Larfleeze, also known as Agent Orange, is the de facto "leader" of the Orange Lantern Corps (being its only real member). His power is derived from the Orange Light of Avarice (greed) and, in keeping with this idea, his corps is the more powerful for having fewer Power Batteries and Rings in circulation. While Larfleeze is something of a recluse, he's not entirely alone as he has the habit of creating avatars of his various victims whom serve as his Orange Lanterns.

    Larfleeze's incredibly lanky body is a hard thing to translate into figure form. I'm not sure that the proportions are entirely correct but, if they're off, I can't pinpoint where it would be. Larfleeze comes with his (former?) subordinate, Glomulus, which is a really neat little accessory.

    Guy Gardner's name may be not be as recognizable among non-fans as Hal Jordan or John Stewart (best remembered among casual fans for his Justice League Unlimited run), but he's had his fair share cartoon appearances over the years including a recurring role on Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Guy Gardner's costume looks fantastic. DC Collectibles has done a solid job on his outfit especially considering the smaller scale. Although I imagine more people might end up buying the pack for Larfleeze, but Guy Gardner is a surprisingly good pack-in.

    The Larfleeze/Guy Gardner 2-pack will be available for US$30 at both WonderCon and C2E2. I believe that this is the fourth 2-pack released and I have to say that DC Collectibles' 3.75-inch is growing steadily between these con exclusives and the Injustice: Gods Among Us line. I just wonder what else we might see in this scale down the road.

    [ DC Collectibles ]

    DCC's 3.75 Larfleeze & Guy Gardner to hit WonderCon, C2E2 screenshot

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    From David Ten aka DeeTen comes "The Seer, circa 1886" - a new custom 7-inch Munny, made out of metal, vinyl, acrylic, wood and clay - and currently available for purchase at
    Background story: The Seer was a menacing robot discovered during the Expedition of 1886 into the parallel world. While our explorer were touring the 13 great cities they happened upon what appeared to be a ghost town while on route to Netro City. The town was deteriorated and resembled the abandoned western towns of our world, the only difference being that people still lived here.

    The residents were noticeably paranoid when our travelers conversed with them. Before answering any questions they always said they needed to ask the Seer first. Our first encounter with the seer was not worth noting, just simple parlor tricks.

    However, the town locals were caught in its strange "ability" to predict the future. It seemed that whatever it said the town would follow. The people would go from dancing wherever they walked to not making eye contact with each other for days on end. Our explorers had seen this type of trickery in our world before and quickly put an end to their suffering. They smashed the robot and disabled its voice box to stop it from trapping the citizens in an illusion of false predictions.

    The people of the town were frightened at first, not knowing what might happen since the machine could no longer tell them what would keep death at bay. our team and its guides left the town, taking the remenants of the seer with them. This only showed them another example the seemingly harmful motives of New Alexandria.'

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    SK Full Tall w-logo small

    Adam Saul sends word of a sofubi toy he released this past weekend. Named "Semi Korosiya", these exceptional looking retro-kaiju-styled vinyl is produced by Cop A Squat Toys and is currently available to purchase now at for US$70 + shipping. Truly wish I could afford both versions tho, but I can't wait to receive my order!
    "There are two versions, one painted and the other is blank green, very few blanks will be sold. They come bagged with a screen printed header card." ~added Adam.
    SK Blank Full Tall w_logo small

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    A limited print version of this adorable clear Nendoroid of Akari Akaza AKA "Akariin" from Yuru Yuri was announced and it seems to have sold very fast. 7,777 copies are to be made and it will ship with 3 CD's with some tracks seeming to be music while others are drama related. The only place we found it for sale was over at Amazon Japan but it looks like it sold out for now, impressively this cute little Nendoroid got to sales rank #16 within a day.

    I'm really fond of this little Nendoroid, she seems cuter than the original painted version. Of course that that is because in Yuru Yuri, they portrayed Akari as being so generically cute that she became invisible. Sure, it’s been done before with beach queens, yet somehow this just seems better to me.

    Via Figurenews


    Rare Invisible Akari Nendoroid spotted, it sold quickly! screenshot


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    ENTERBAY releases an image of a 1/6 "Leslie Cheung" which they will be releasing in the 3rd quarter of 2013 - depicting Leslie as the "12th Young Master", from the 1988 Hong Kong film "Rouge", directed by Stanley Kwan (The movie is the adaptation of the novel by Lilian Lee). Fortunately for collectors this is a different depiction compared to Hot Toy's Tuxedo Concert appearance of the late entertainer/actor, so folks can collect BOTH versions! The of course there might be the incarnation of Leslie's role in "A Chinese Ghost Story" to be had too? Srsly? Ho-boy… MUAHAHAHAHAHA


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    Netossa_13 by Kwehttamm Submit your Flickr photos to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day!

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  • 03/13/13--05:30: DAM Toys' Spade J in SG

    Got my SPADE J figure from Forty42 today (thanks for da lurve, Chris!) and even with these quick snaps of the figure straight out of the box (review in detail to come alters) I am loving it already! The "Jason Statham-ish" headsculpt is as awesome as the product pictures showed it to be, the accessories splendid, and the general body integrity seems great! And the box, ho-boy the box is a nice plus, as is the "playing card", to which if DAM Toys made 52 versions/editions of this Gangster Kingdom series, would make collective wallets cry and collectors tear for enjoyment, methinks!

    More at a later time! Be warned, apparently future editions will be "made to order", so you are advices to snag this when you have the chance, IMHO. Retail price has this at SGD$130 per, which in my mind is absolutely worth the moolah! Go see individual pics uploaded HERE on FB from my instagram @toysrevil :)


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    Ben returns to the Toy Break couch to share his Japanese toy finds with George and Ayleen. So tune in to Episode 252: Benzilla!

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  • 03/13/13--05:42: Toys Doing the Harlem Shake
  • Have you heard about or seen the Harlem Shake videos that are taking over the interwebs? Our youth group made one and it was pretty funny. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s an internet meme where the video opens with one person dancing and then the next thing you know, theRead More

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  • 03/13/13--06:00: better “brika” brack
  • I have two important things to note today! First, have you heard of Brika? It’s this gorgeous little site full of curated handmade goodness. It’s like Etsy without the filler. You can thank Brika for helping me find these amazing soft books, I’d recommend checking them out (Brika, that is. Ok and these soft books [...]

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    Mr Sparkle turnaround3

    ZombieMonkie has just released a new edition of "Mr. Sparkle" customs currently available via the webstore at for US$250 + shipping. This is what artist Mikie Graham had to add about the item:
    "It has been nearly two and a half years since I debuted my Mr. Sparkle Qee custom at Toy2r's 2010 Dcon booth and since that date I have received dozens of e-mail requests to re-make the design... including one from the creator of Mr. Sparkle himself, Mr. Donick Cary!

    To answer the demand I have decided to release a edition of 6 new Mr. Sparkle customs through my website. This round of customs has three notable improvements from the first incarnation.

    #1: most importantly, these Mr. Sparkle customs boasts a new uber shiny coat of Monster Kolor paint.
    #2: Mr Sparkle's head is now removable from his body!
    #3: customized packaging."

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    I last reviewed a Ram Man figure over ten years ago, on September 14, 2002. So, if you’ll excuse me for a moment… HOLY **** WHERE THE HELL DID THE TIME GO?!?!?! ohmygod i’m so old DEATH APPROACHES…! Ahem. Anyway, after nearly five years, Mattel has finally given what we’ve all been waiting for to [...]

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    Yesterday, at a big Disney event, the plans for the 2013-2014 programming line-up for Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior were unveiled. They talked about the favorites that are coming back and the new shows coming to a TV screen near you. The exciting 2013-14 slate also includes new episodes of the hit sitcoms “GoodRead More

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