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    Doctor Who fans are in for a treat, BIG Chief Studios Ltd. created this limited edition 1:6 scale collector series action figure of the Eleventh Doctor. The resemblance to the actor Matt Smith is truly remarkable. The miniaturized signature accessories of the Doctor looks great in his hands. Collectors will love to displays the Doctor...

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    Artransmitte x Brutherford Industries 1
    Artransmitte x Brutherford Industries 2 Artransmitte x Brutherford Industries 3

    Artransmitte (www) sends news of their (first) exclusive toy release for the first ToyCon in UK happening this April, with a selection of delightful teaser-images posted above of their figure made with Brutherford Industries (www) - a fancy ice-cream-head with a Droog-styled fancified-bowler? *NICE*

    Stay tuned for further details, folks!

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    No particular news-sery to share here but for toyjoysnaps on a Sunday of TOUMA's Megaforce Power Ranger figurine, with Red Ranger picking up a tussle with MechaGodzilla, "watching" the "Redline" anime, and facing off against some Lil Trickers (all toys designed by Touma too, no less) ... T'was a swell Sunday, indeed :)


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    Mimoco just released some new additions to their Mimobot line. Mimobots are collectible designer toy flash drives launched in 2005 by Mimoco, Inc. This time it’s the My Little Pony featuring Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Twilight Sparkle! prices are $19.99 (and up) Click here to buy.

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    I have been totally obsessed with ART & Art History my whole life so I thought it was extremely interesting to come across a website by a Graphic Artist by the name of GREG GUILLEMIN. This guy is completely inspired by many different styles of art and also loves comic book superheroes. His online portfolio shows many different takes on the subject using such diverse genres like Pop Art, Minimalist Style, Pixel Art, 8-Bit Video Games, Art Deco, etc...

    Here are two examples: 
    In the one up above he is sort of embracing 1960's Pop Art with the use of ben-day dots printing technique and use of flat primary colors. 

    Then, the next image is obviously way more Art Deco & probably influenced by Film Noir. The Gotham Girls: Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy have never looked better! 

    Hey, if you're enjoying his ART then please be sure to visit his WEBSITE!

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    Hey, Because you, the Bat-Blog Readers, demanded it... I'm posting a few CATWOMAN WALLPAPERS today! The 1st one is inspired by the last Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises. Here is Anne Hathaway as the feline character. Then, we have the lovely Julie Newmar from the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series. Enjoy!

    CLICK HERE For More FREE BATMAN Wallpaper Backgrounds!

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    OK, Here at the Bat-Blog we recently did a post about some new Diecast Batmobile Toy Cars that are being made in Japan for the Japanese market.  They're called "Takara Dream Cars" and are being made by TOMY. 

    Well, when I did the post ( CLICK HERE ), I didn't know the exact size or scale of these. A lot of the info was pulled off Japanese websites and that stuff is really hard for me to translate. Anyways, a Bat-Blog Fan, who owns some of these original toys, was very kind and shot a few photos for us.

    As you can see from the 1st photo the Takara Car has way more attention to detail and, to me anyways, seems more accurate. Then, the 2nd pic shows how they are just a little bit smaller than Hot Wheels. This is a great comparison because almost everybody knows the standard size of American Hot Wheels ( THANKS DUDE!! ).

    Now, this is where I feel kinda bad. I forgot to write down the name of the person who took these photos so that when I got around to doing this post I could thank him in person. I ALWAYS try to mention the names of contributors. But, for some reason, I totally screwed-up. So, he knows who he is...and I wanna thank him for taking these wonderful photos.

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    Ever since the last 2013 TOY FAIR all of us Bloggers who cover "Toy Collecting" have been scrambling to get our greedy paws on all the latest toy news photos we can, whew! So... Hey, check this out! 

    MEZCO finally released some pics showing what the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Mez-Itz Figures are gonna look like. We also get to see the 1966 Batmobile ( even though we already showcased a few pics of that car here before ). 

    WOW! I still can't believe they're finally making toys of the Adam West and Burt Ward characters. It feels like I have been waiting 40+ years for this to happen! In fact, until I hold some in my actual hands, I'm just not going to believe it, ha!!

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    This weekend, I finally had the chance to read What Will Hatch?, a new picture book written by Jennifer Ward and illustrated by Susie Ghahremani. You need a copy of this book if: You have young kids; You love cute … Continue reading 

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    Guy Makes Taser Sword and It’s Fucking Awesome

    user SeoirseN posted this video up today of his buddy’s taser sword that was just finished. No idea how this was made, and all I can really understand about it is the rubber tape being used around the handle, but it’s really fucking rad. And super terrifying to see, even on video. Don’t fuck with this guy…

    Follow Albotas on Twitter | Like Albotas on Facebook

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    Steiffgal's just going to have to take the bully pulpit here in reference to one of her latest finds.  Always on the lookout for the next great discovery, Steiffgal was floored to spot this delightful doggie on eBay with the most reasonable "buy it now" price.  She didn't think twice before hitting the purchase button... and is she ever glad she did!  Let's take a look at this beautiful Bully and see what makes him so special from a design and historical perspective. 

    Bully's Collar and Closure
    It's time to sit and stay and check out this 17 cm Steiff bulldog.  Bully is sitting, head jointed, and made from black and white mohair. His face and muzzle area are tan velvet, which has darkened a little over time. His ears are lined in wire and are poseable. Bully has very large brown and black glass pupil eyes and a black, hand-embroidered nose.  He has black hand embroidered claws on his four paws. Most remarkably, Bully retains his original and traditional horsehair collar.  This is made from a long, thin strip of material which is doubled over width-wise; the horsehair fibers are sewn in between the faces of the material.  The collar is held together with a little knot under Bully's chin, and is finished off with a little brass bell.  A close up of the collar's construction is pictured here on the left. The horsehair collar was a typical accessory of the 1920s and indicated a "regal" nature of the item wearing it.  In terms of Steiff ID, this pooch is blue ribbon all around, he has his long trailing “ff” style Steiff button and his crisp, fully legible red ear tag which reads "Steiff Original geschutzt 3317 Made in Germany."

    Bully's Ear Tag and Button
    Steiff introduced Bully to the world in 1927 and he was an instant sensation. He was modeled on the French Bulldog—the “it” companion of those in the know all across Europe at the time. Like this bulldog under discussion today, all Steiff Bully dogs  were head jointed, had large brown and black glass pupil eyes, a hand-embroidered black nose and a simple snout and jaw constructed to give him his requisite jowls. Most were black and white or orange and white, but a rare blue-and-white version was also produced. Bully was made in velvet and mohair, as well as sitting and standing, in sizes ranging from 10 to 50 centimeters. 

    11 cm Bully on a Pincushion, c. 1928-29
    Like most popular Steiff patterns, Bully's basic design was integrated into many product variations.  Bully was produced as a pincushion, music box, dog-doll, nightdress bag, and even a puppet, among other product line extensions.  Today, these Bully product line extension characters are of great interest to collectors; a fantastic 11 cm orange and white Bully on a mohair pincushion was a highlight at the 2013 March Teddy Dorado Steiff auction.  This fantastic example is pictured here on the left.  The original Bully appeared in the Steiff catalog through 1939; today, this precious pooch is one of the most universally desirable and sought-after pre-war Steiff designs among collectors.  He has been replicated numerous times over the past few decades - most recently as a 750 piece Worldwide edition in 14 cm in black and tan velvet in 2012.  Even these newer models are coveted by enthusiasts all over the world.

    Steiffgal hopes this discussion on Steiff's Bully dogs has been worthy of a blue ribbon for you.

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.  

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  • 03/03/13--15:00: How to choose safe sex toys
  • While different studies have revealed the presence of phthalates in sex toys, recent research by 60 Million Consumers has proven that they are safe to use. However, to avoid any nasty surprises, read our top tips on choosing safe sex toys.

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  • 03/03/13--16:27: Drones in the Future
  • Government legal guidelines passed last year requires the Federal aviation administration to prepare a plan to open U.S. skies in 2015 to extensive use of unmanned aircraft through public organizations and private industry. Possible marketplaces include farming, shipping, oil research, commercial fishing, major league sports, film and television production, environmental monitoring, meteorological studies, law enforcement [...]

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    I feel really great this week. Probably because I’m finally feeling better after everyone; including myself was sick. I feel lighter and healthier. I finally feel like I’ve gotten over the plateau I’ve been on for the past few weeks. I’d really like to drop some major poundage this week but we’ll see. I’m hoping to get... [Continue Reading]

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    This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Obsidian Alternate Fighter Mode and Convention Details Releasesd, Comic News with Aimee and Transformers Robots in Disguise #14 Reviewed, Transformers Prime Retro Review: Darkness Rising Part #4, Transformers Rewind: Code of Hero. In our Third Party Roundup: First Looks FansProject Stunticons Menasor Combined Figure, Perfect Effect PW-01 Red and PW-03 Blue Master Sword Images - Die-Cast Fortess Maximus Accessory and lots, lots more. PLAYMP3iTunes

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    Thanks to The Cave Collection who have posted a heafty sized in-hand image gallery of the Mech Ideas DC01 Apex and DC02 Geminus In-Hand Images (Not Twin Twist and Top Spin) action figures. The Jumpstarters have gotten a makeover with all the goodness fans have been waiting decades for. See the images for all the details on the Mech Ideas DC01 Apex and DC02 Geminus toys.

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    Paper Mario Backpack is Super Stylish

    Etsy user GeekyU1 created this embroidered Super Paper Mario backpack that’s reeeeallll nice. I really dig Mario’s swanky mustache and his hand nubs — that’s a real nice and simple/cute touch there.

    The item’s on sale for $85 on GeekyU1’s shop if you need a new super cool backpack for school or other personal use.

    Check it: More Mario on Albotas
    Buy it: Paper Mario: Sticker Star (3DS)

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  • 03/03/13--22:07: TSA guys hard on sex toys
  • Airport-security screeners apparently get a kink out of rifling through your sexy baggage. “My checked bag is searched almost every time I fly. I guess I’m just lucky, or look suspicious!” said sex blogger Rori Sweet of the DC area. Kitty Stryker, a California sex educator, added, “They always...

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    We've updated the Kotobukiya section of our Photo Archive with the first three pieces in their new DC Comics New 52 ARTFX+ collection. Follow the above link to check out the Green Lantern, Superman, and The Flash statues, and keep your eyes on Cool Toy Review for all the other pieces in the Justice League series!

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    PORTSMOUTH — The puppets are back on their perches and the puzzles are back on their shelves.

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