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    DrilOne’s Blind-bagged Micro Drone resins in assorted colors done for his recent Empty World solo sold quickly. Now he’s about to drop a new unpainted pink blind-bagged edition of his post apocalyptic minis. Since these are blind-bagged, we don’t know exactly what to expect. However, from early WIP pics we...

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    LEGO Batman cover artTT ANIMATION PRODUCES FULL-LENGTH FILM BASED ON POPULAR VIDEO GAME LEGO BATMAN: THE MOVIE DC SUPER HEROES UNITE! COMING MAY 21, 2013 FROM WARNER BROS. HOME ENTERTAINMENT Clancy Brown reprises Superman: The Animated Series role of Lex Luthor on Blu-rayTM Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand & Digital Download BURBANK, CA (February 26, 2013) – DC [...]

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    A Little Bit on: Chew

    Those looking for a new comic book to read that is tremendously offbeat, fresh, and super crazy entertaining, I highly suggest checking out Chew by writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory.

    The world of Chew is original, to say the absolute least. Chicken and bird meats are now illegal after an outbreak of bird flu that killed 23 million Americans, so most meats are now a blackmarket item. As if that weren’t crazy enough, the comic revolves around Tony Chu, a detective who is a “cibopath,” meaning he can take a bite out of anything and instantly get a psychic reading of where the object has been and what its life was like all the way to the point of Tony Chu’s initial bite. And this is not limited to just food. Chu gets hired by the FDA to help solve different investigations by using his cibopathic powers, in which he discovers secrets, lies, murders, and more, instantly by taking a chunk out of victim bodies.

    The comic book debuted in mid-2009 and is an ongoing series published by Image Comics. If you haven’t been reading this killer title, definitely do yourself a favorite and pick up a couple of the series’ trades to catch up. The art is fantastic and the story is nothing you will be able to find in any other comic book series, guaranteed.

    Check it: More comic books on Albotas
    Buy it: Chew Vol. 1 Taster's Choice

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  • 02/26/13--19:21: Red Data Girl

  • RDG Red Data Girl [RDG レッドデータガール] is an upcoming anime adaption of Noriko Ogiwara's fantasy novel series. The series is being directed by Shinohara Toshiya [篠原俊哉] (Gunparade Orchestra, Black Butler) with animation production by P.A. Works [ピーエーワークス] (Angel Beats!, Another). Original character design is by Kishida Mel [岸田メル], best known for his work on the Atelier series of games.

    RDG Red Data Girl will begin airing on Tokyo MX in April, with a premiere airing at NicoNico on March 16, 11:30 PM JST.

    Suzuhara Izumiko has only ever known life between the shrine she was raised at and her school, and as the shrine is out in the middle of nowhere, she has never had much experience with the outside world. To make matters worse, she seems to have a negative effect on all electronics around her, and she has no idea why. Computers just seem to freeze up around her, and her cellphone broke for no reason whatsoever.

    Even though she hasn't ever experienced life away from home, she knows that she wants to change and experience life as a normal girl, so she decides to go to high school in Tokyo along with her childhood friend, Sagara Miyuki. But while she is in Tokyo, a mysterious being called Himegami appears before her and reveals something that changes her life forever...

    Main Characters

    You can find more details on the official character page.

    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    This is the PV for the series, if it was eaten by YouTube, you can try this search query to find a replacement.

    The OP theme is Sumoruwaru Drop [スモルワールドロップ] by Annabel and the ED is Yokan [予感] by Itou Masami [伊藤真澄].

    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    These screenshots are all taken from the PV seen above.

    You can find this wallpaper in high resolution over at the official website's specials page.

    Here are some magazine scans from the series. You can find HD versions over at minitokyo.

    More anime news and event photos listed up below.

    Find out more about the Culture Japan girls >>>

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  • 02/26/13--19:41: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

  • Space Battleship Yamato 2199 [宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199] is a remake of the original 'Space Battleship Yamato' TV series from 1974 using modern animation techniques and some storyline changes. The series is being directed by Izubuchi Yutaka [出渕裕] (RahXephon) with animation production handled by AIC (Now and Then, Here and There, Ookami-kakushi) and Xebec [ジーベック] (Heroic Age, Rinne no Lagrange).

    Since 2012, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 has been released in an ongoing series of movies, but starting in April 2013 these will be broadcast on TV as weekly episodes on MBS.

    The story is set in the year 2199. The Earth has been reduced to a wasteland by aliens known as the Gamilas, forcing mankind to live in underground cities. Many fear that the human race will not be able to survive much longer. But just when all hope seems lost, Kodai Susumu and Shima Daisuke retrieve a capsule sent to them by friendly aliens known as the Iscandar.

    The capsule tells them that mankind's last hope lies on the planet Iscandar, and also provides blueprints to construct the Space Battleship Yamato - a ship that will be able to make the trip to planet Iscandar and return with a new hope for the human race.

    Main Characters

    See their full details on the official character page.

    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    If any of the PVs above were eaten by YouTube, try this search query to find a replacement!

    The composer for Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is Miyagawa Akira [宮川彬良], the son of Miyagawa Hiroshi [宮川泰] who composed the music for the original Space Battleship Yamato. The opening theme for Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 [宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199] performed by Sasaki Isao [ささきいさお]. Each of the movies has had a different ending theme, so why not have a listen?

    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    These screenshots are taken from the PVs above.

    And here are some of the battleship designs.

    Some magazine scans about the series, you can also find HD versions over at

    More anime news and event photos listed up below.

    Find out more about the Culture Japan girls >>>

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    LittleBits: James MacAvoy is the New Crow, ‘Wind Waker’ Inspired By 60’s Cartoon, and More!

    This guy’s awesome Calvin & Hobbes site was shut down due to a copyright claim and that makes me a sad panda. [via]

    James McAvoy is the new Crow? Man, that guy really loves superhero movies. [via]

    Paperman producer kicked out of the Oscars for throwing paper airplanes. Don’t worry, they let her back in. [via]

    New set photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. God, why couldn’t they have just cast my future wife Emma Stone as Mary Jane from the start? [via]

    J.J. Abrams wanted Mark Wahlberg to be in Star Trek, but the actor turned the job down because he didn’t understand the script. Obviously, he now regrets his decision. [via]

    The Wii Mini is set to drop in Europe next month. So if you live in Europe and planned on getting a Wii sometime soon, congratulations. [via]

    Jay & Silent Bob have a new animated movie and it’s touring the U.S. I hate to say it, but I kind of feel like I grew out of these guys in my early 20’s. [via]

    Marvel Comics is teaming up with horror movie legend and godfather of zombie flicks George Romero for something zombie related that will release this fall. [via]

    Not really news, but check out this trailer for the 1963 Japanese animated film The Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon. It’s art style inspired two little titles you may have heard of: Samurai Jack and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. [via]

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    It Took 400,000 Lego Bricks to Build Hogwarts

    Alice Finch built this humongous Hogwarts replica using 400,000 Lego bricks, not just completing the outside of the school accurately, but also creating an interior to just about every room Hogwarts has to offer as well. We’re talking Snape’s classroom, the Chamber of Secrets, potions lab, the Great Hall, and everything else you can think of. Photos of the entire school can be found on her Flickr.

    Brothers Brick has an interview with Finch about the massive creative feat. Flip through her photos to see numerous references and characters to the beloved book/film series.

    Check it: More Harry Potter on Albotas
    Buy it: The Forbidden Forest Lego set

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    Daily Graffiti

    The Royal Crest from the Zelda series spotted in stencil form by cjhwang.

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  • 02/26/13--20:22: Doll Show Yokohama

  • The Doll Show is Japan's doll event that takes place several times a year throughout Japan. The show features various brands of dolls and accessories. The latest Doll Show was held in Yokohama Sanbo Hall Marineria to celebrate the 15th year anniversary of Doll Show.
    The Doll Show only lasts for a few hours though from 11AM till 4PM which is a short time to get through the amount of stuff they have to see and buy.

    This post covers everything in the dealer booth section which also includes a load of Azone dolls. Here you will find a load of accessories including wigs, jewelry, shoes, eyes, weaponry and so on.

    Other doll related posts listed up below.

    Find out more about the Culture Japan girls >>>

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    It’s been a few weeks since we first posted about the collaborative ARThropod Brain show (3.9) @ Toy Art Gallery which fuses the talents of Tokyoplastic and Emilio Garcia. During that time, tokyoplastic has been generously posting previews of their in-progress efforts to fuse their love of insects and taxidermy...

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    On Saturday evening, Giant Robot presented the opening reception for ‘Grody to the Max’, a custom sofubi toy show featuring eclectic mashups from Luke Rook (Grody Shogun). While Luke wasn’t in attendance, he created a large amount of work for the show out of his own toy parts and that...

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    Sarah Jo of DKE Toys guest-hosts and the folks at Toy Break showcases Bunnywith figures, Jaguar Knight, Temper Tot (WANT), Touma x Phalanx's Mazinger-Z (WANT), and more.


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  • 02/26/13--23:31: Arkham City Nightwing Figure

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    Cris Rose is out to release his latest run of his Maintenance Sprogs Mk2s, this time in his classic copper colorway. They will be available on Wednesday, February 27th at 18:00 London Time on his Online Store HERE. They are limited to only 5 pieces each and will retail $65....

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    Joe Ledbetter has recently come out with his very own Photo app! Working alongside Rombee Games, they’ve developed a new app for your iPhones or iPads to add a fun Jled twist to your pics. Mr. Bunny’s Photo lab features over 220 of your favorite Joe Ledbetter characters, artwork, accessories,...

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    Otto Björnik announces that the 3-inch version of all the KWADRO KWIN Royal Couples (spade, heart, club and diamond) will be available for purchase on February 28th, via "lottery". Folks interested are to let Bjornik know by Feb 28th 11pm PST (via "") which suit they want and he will get back to them if they are picked. To increase their chances, you can also provide your "top choices" so if they missed out on their first choice, then they have another chance with the other.
    "I will also have one slot for anyone who is interested in getting the entire set (all four pairs). Each pair will cost US$225 plus shipping fee and will be sent off starting March 4th." ~mentioned Otto, who also added; "Just a reminder, the pair they will get might not be the ones they see in the attached photo. So they can expect them to differ slightly."

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    Cavey first started life as a plush designed and created by A Little Stranger?, and now transitions into a vinyl figurine, standing 7-cm tall, ever ready to jump into your toy-loving-hearts!

    Featuring a sculpt by Ali Coleman, who added a slight fold in the finished vinyl, providing further character to the ambiguous critter. A further nod to the plush origins, is the embroidered fabric tag embedded into the vinyl figure's side, and a nice touch indeed. Kudos to producers Unbox Industries for making this seamless.

    Header-card art is provided by Ralph Niese (for which one day soon I would have to decipher what/whom the character holding Cavey is, actually).


    Four colorways exist, with BRILLIANT WHITE and CAVEY PURPLE currently available for purchase via at £9.00 each, whereas we'll have to wait and see where BLACK and PINK turns up at.

    Palm-sized and adorable, with the body ever so slightly squishable (meaning, it can be cut open for customization, and not to hug it to sleep lol), and has a solid flat base for the figure to stand steady (unlike it's plush-brethren).

    Personally, the "thing" for me about Cavey's "charm", is the sheer simplicity of it's aesthetics, especially where the plush figure is concerned. Sure there are numerous moments of "cosplaying-fun", but the simple ones tug at the heartstrings. Currently the white one which I own, is extremely adorable by itself, and I can not really imagine it to be too overly customized (although I have in my KIV-folders a custom-piece by Jay222 that defies this LOL).

    Is "cuteness" the only path accessible to Cavey? With the advent of this vinyl editions, perhaps it opens up a whole new world of "possibilities", innit? We'll see :)


    **More images posted HERE on my dedicated Facebook-album!

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