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    Felt Mistress' creatures featured in Swedish ad screenshot

    The little ad you see above might be in Swedish, but it also features something familiar to plush fans: creations by Felt Mistress. The ad is for UMO, a Swedish website about health and relationships for younger folks, and this ad tackles mental health and self-esteem issues. With design work by Felt Mistress and Jonathan Edwards (of Inspector Cumulus fame), its the first time Felt Mistress' creations have apparently been animated.

    So check it out, even if you don't speak the language. It's a pretty nice little stop-motion ad that features some nice new character designs and I think touches on the subject manner in a way that's easy for folks to understand. 

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    The latest “Stunt Racer,” transporter is out – Andre, Raoul Caroule’s race hauler transporter. Thanks for the great pics, “John H!” It is nice that it seems to work with your Raoul diecast. And parked, it looks like a nice accompaniment/accessory. But I find the lack of details disturbing … I’m still leaning towards not [...]

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    The Stunt Racer “Crank Launcher” with Stunt Racer Lightning McQueen (plastic). Interesting it’s sniped as “Kid-Powered.” The other interesting snippet is it says “For Use with CARS Stunt Racers Only.” Is that a lie? Is it just to get you to pony up for the rest of the rest of the plastic Stunt Racer series? [...]

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    Check out the latest Pokemon Center goods! screenshot

    Lucky rabbit feet have apparently evolved into Pokemon tail accessories if the latest batch of Pokemon Center merchandise is any indication. The rear appendages of Pikachu, Eevee, Slowpoke, Sentret, Wobbuffet, and Minccino are the central focus of the limited edition collection that was recently released at the seven Japan-based Pokemon Center stores. The types of items featured in this set include mugs (¥1280), iPhone 5 covers with earphone jack accessories (¥2000 for the set or ¥600 for the accessory only), pens, clear files (¥280), and traditional phone charms. 

    It looks as though some of the goods feature some of the Pokemon and not others; so if you are hoping for a Slowpoke mug, you may be out of luck. This entire series is exclusive to the Land of the Rising Sun. So, for most of us, we must be content with staring at the images, dreaming of what might have been. Openly weeping works, too.

    [Source: Dengeki Online; via RocketNews24]

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    No debate, Studio HalfEye makes the perfect Gurren Lagann screenshot

    There have been a lot of Gurren Lagann figures. With each one that comes out, it's just a comparison between the last. The Revoltech has great articulation, the ver. Ka has a Giga Drill Breaker, the Riobot has great sculpting, and the list continues along with the debate. We'll sit here and debate which is the best, but that argument is completely moot at this point thanks to Studio Half Eye and their new Gurren Lagann.

    For those of you who are new to Studio Half Eye, they put just about everything they can into each figure. If a mecha transforms, you can bet it will transform in their version. As is the case with Gurren Lagann, everything transforms. Yes, it's easy to convert between the two parts, but putting the two into one has escaped every figure so far. Some how, Studio Half Eye has done it.

    Lagann, the tiny mecha with the face and the face of Gurren Lagann is fully-transformable. Move the arms back, legs up, and that's the way this can transform. It's seamless going from individual mecha to the head of Gurren Lagann. It is incredible that they can fit a perfect transformation like that into such a small piece. Gurren is just as versatile, being able to go from its fat, stubby self into a slimmed gattai mecha.

    Perfection isn't easy and it certainly isn't cheap. The colored resin kit will run you 42,000¥ to complete it yourself. If you want it painted and assembled by the masters themselves, it will cost you 59,850¥. While I would absolutely love to have this, I don't have the patience, let alone confidence, to build it on my own. Oh and yeah, it's going to cost over $600. Maybe I'll win that Powerball eventually, but for now, I'll stick with my Revoltech, ver Ka, and Riobots.

    [Studio Half Eye - Gurren Lagann]

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    The official Transformers page has posted some new updates for the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Shockwave voyager class action figure. Get some new looks at the Decepticon Shockwave figure fully painted and ready for Season 3 in his robot mode, alternate mode and read his character bio summary to find out what this one-eyed robot genius is all about about. See all the official Beast Hunters Shockwave Official Images below now.

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    Got introduced to this 1/6th-figure doused in "steampunk" glory at the addictive Forty42 (Facebook / Blog) store in China Square Central, and snapped mucho images of (unfortunately via my dismal iPhone 3) and posted here as well more HERE on my Facebook-album, and did a fair amount of digging "online research", to finally find what it is I have been looking for (which I had thought I was looking for, mind) all these years: STEAMPUNK 1/6 COLLECTIBLES!

    But first, this figure. Named "UNCLE ANDREW" - he is the 3rd figure to be released by "Steam Factory" (www) and cones with these splendid gear, and two mechanized-enhanced mice, along with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, with this particular piece numbered "069" out of 200 pieces available worldwide.


    Now I know the rayguns are diecast painted metal, and I regret not grabbing the mice (and gear), but they look pretty darn excellent on display! Folks interested to snag this particular numbered figure are to email (tell them TOYSREVIL sent ya! muahahaha) and enquire for price and availability. Click HERE for more snaps on my Facebook, and CLICK HERE to view a full-screen slideshow of production pictures of Uncle Andrew, and you can read this somewhat dodgy "story" (from
    Story About DOBBIT&RABBOG: "By the end of the world … He was just the beginning of the end, shaman darkness enveloped the whole world. Dark Kingdomof slaves from the ground below the climb out. The mice would charged Duobidisi rulers?

    Uncle Andrew has long been looking forward to this day - the end of the world? Well … interesting experimental material added, this is a new issue. He did not know if they are ready, a bit nervous? A little bit excited? Leather skirt a bit new to do does not fit, he is a little regret not letting that tailor to live for awhile ...

    Anyway, rats are actually very excited, Well, I will give you leavemeat. Andhra Luda Shu thinking, once again check their own tools, very good,very perfect, then the left away from the end of the world, how long?"
    ~from STEAM FACTORY.

    Besides "Uncle Andrew", the two other figures "released" before him are Dobbit Baron and Rabbit-Dog, and they indeed warm my toy-heart indeed! Click on either image-icons below to view full-screen slideshows for them! OMG, I think I'm seriously getting hooked here!...


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    The official Transformers page has posted some new updates for the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus voyager class action figure. Get some new looks at the Autobot Ultra Magnus figure fully painted and ready for Season 3 in his robot mode, alternate mode and read his character bio summary to find out what this blue repaint of Optimus Prime is all about about. See all the official Beast Hunters Ultra Magnus Official Images below now.

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    Thanks to FMH we have a look at some of the Transformers Generations box art images of the future releases for Blitzwing, Hoist, Orion Pax, Impactor, RID Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Onging Bumblebee, Trailcutter and Thundercracker. Most of these toys were announced at Toy Fair 2013 held recently in New York City. Get a look at the box art illustrations and a handful of package designs in the gallery below.

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    The official Transformers page has posted some new updates for the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Grimwing voyager class action figure. Get some new looks at the figure fully painted and ready for Season 3 in his robot mode and alternate beast mode. Check out the official Beast Hunters Grimwing Official Images below now.

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    Purchased at China Square Central today are capsule-sized Astro Boy series (sold loose, with further research required to vend out it's origins ;p), and the BLACK Shadow Storm Trooper figurine from Hero Cross (and the main reason I was in CSC in the first place lol). Expect more views for both items posted on this blog soon-ish … meanwhile click on either images to view more snaps uploaded on the TOYSREVIL Facebook albums! … yes, it was a pretty "conservative" day today :)


    [**All images viewable on my Instagram @toysrevil]

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    As a parent, if you don’t have a child who is a Thomas the Train fan, you certainly know one who is. If I had a dollar for every child I saw in the grocery store riding in a cart, clutching a wooden Thomas and Friends toy in either hand over the past several years, [...]

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    It was only a matter of time before the Harlem Shake has made it’s way even in Lego form and this time with Avengers minifigs made by SpastikChuwawa.

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    Steiffgal must take this reader's inquiry quite purse-sonally, but in the best way possible.  Take a look at this note from Juliet, who asks about a recent addition to her collection - a little bulldog that doubles as a handbag. Could it have been made by Steiff?  She writes in part...

    "Dear Steiffgal,

    This looks like a Steiff Bulldog face.  
    I can't find any info on this item.  
    Did Steiff ever make child's handbags? 

    Best regards, 

    Steiffgal's got this one in the bag.  Yes, Steiff has a long history of making handbags.  In most cases, they were not designed specifically for children, but their diminutive size does suggest that they were designed to hold few or very small things!  As far as Steiffgal can tell, the first Steiff purses, or "handtasche" were produced starting in 1927.  These earliest bags were actually based on Steiff's most popular designs of the time, and included beloved characters including Jocko the Chimp (pictured here on the left, sold for $890 at the 2010 Steiff Auction at Christie's in London), Petsy the blue eyed baby bear, Bully the bulldog, and Molly the puppy.  Items were sitting or standing, but in either case, were modified to have a hollow back pocket to hold purse-related items.  This pocket was lined in silk or velvet, and closed with a zipper.  In some cases the zipper had a pull, in others it had a circular round handle.  As time went on, Steiff added additional characters to its purse line, including Strupp the foxterrier, Treff the bloodhound, and even Pip, the cartoon dog, as late as 1941.  Steiff's early mohair character purses ranged in sizes from 17 to 29 cm overall. 

    Steiff's purse line re-emerged in the late 1970's with a series of flat woven fur items.   These included a Teddy bear face in 12 and 26 cm, a little rabbit face bag in 26 cm (pictured here on the left), and a special edition Lake Placid Olympics raccoon souvenir purse in 18 cm.  Then, in the late 1980's, Steiff launched a new series of woven fur animal purses.  This introduction included a Teddy bear, panda bear, rabbit, and dog - all 17 cm heads - and a mouse, fish, owl, and hedgehog - all in full 18 cm body.  Since 1996, Steiff has also produced small plush animal faced handbags in the forms a Teddy bear, elephant, cow, cat, frog, and pig.  Steiff has not done much recently with handbags; the company's most recent purse creation was done in 2005 and was a replica of the 1927 through 1940 mohair Charly handbag.

    Now, getting back to Juliet about her bulldog bag.  Although this is a charming and interesting treasure, Steiffgal does not believe he was made by Steiff.  A photo of Steiff's standing Bully purse, which was produced in 22, 23, 28, and 29 cm in black and white or sandy tan mohair from 1927 through 1934, is pictured here on the left for comparison.  The illustration is from Gunter Pfeiffer's 1892-1943 Sortiment book.  Steiffgal does think, however, that Juliet's bulldog bag was most likely produced around the same time as Steiff's model, and may even be based in part on his design.  

    Steiffgal hopes you now have a handle on the history of Steiff's wonderful handbag production.

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.  

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    Let Ume Toys' Pepper Popcorn butter you up screenshot

    Richard Page of Ume Toys is gearing up for April 6th's ToyConUK in London with several releases, including the limited edition Pepper Popcorn figure. This corny cutie originally launched last year, courtesy of Big Kev's Geek Stuff.  I absolutely love the buttery texture on the popcorn. It looks good enough to eat! You'll have a chance to snag one for yourself at this year's event.

    Is anyone planning on attending ToyConUK? Sound off in the comments!

    [via Ume Toys' blog]

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    More Injustice Hype: Solomon Grundy vs. Green Lantern

    This game is getting cooler every week. Here’s a fight trailer for Solomon Grundy vs. Green Lantern. I’m really digging Solomon’s moves, and what Green Lantern does with his ring throughout the entire match is ridiculous and funny. Real stoked for this.

    Game drops April 16.

    Check it: More DC Comics news on Albotas
    Buy it: Injustice: Gods Among Us Pre-Order (360) (PS3)

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    NECA Prometheus Series 2 David 8 Figure Review Since we first saw Prometheus Series 1 hit shelves back at the end of September 2012, fans of the movie were crying for more. The two Engineer figures...

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