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  • 02/15/13--00:38: B. Woofer Guitar
  • B. Woofer Guitar

    B. Woofer Guitar I got this for my daughter, who is almost 15 months; a bit under the recommended age, but we supervise her with everything. She LOVES this toy, and it makes us laugh. Three settings: acoustic, electric, and "howl", and boy, do we howl with laughter at the funny little songs it plays. It has a little bone-shaped whammy bar that plays a pre-recorded guitar bit. The strap has a velcro bit so you can open it (she was trying to put it around her neck, but I worried about her choking), and there are so many songs, not just the funny little dog parody songs, but instrumental ditties using acoustic, electric, and howl. True, it takes some effort to use the little strumming bit; it's not sensitive or intuitive. She's not interested in that part, though, and I tried it out at the store before I bought it, so I knew what we were getting into. It was a big hit. Sometimes we adults - parents, grandparents, and uncles - all play with it when she's sleeping. It's well-built, solid, super cute, and funny. Volume control, too, plus, if you bop him on the nose, he shuts up. :) The song parodies it does might teach your kids different words to common songs, like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is "Yip yip, bark bark, bow-wow-wow, how I wish dogs just me-owed, what a racket all night long...", "Fancy Poodle" for "Yankee Doodle", etc. I don't care, but some folks might. I think it's cute. He does whimper sadly if you ignore him, though. Just once, then he stops. -- By Stasia A

    B. Woofer Guitar This darling kids' guitar has a built-in "woofer," if you get our drift! Destined to become your little rock star's best friend, with three musical modes: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and hound dog (yes, the notes are entertainingly howled). This toy instrument offers toddlers endless ways to experiment with music, with strings to strum, eight chord buttons to press, and a working whammy bone bar. Pre-programmed songs include 20 kids' sing-along favorites and nine puppy-style songs. Includes guitar strap, volume control, two-minute auto shutoff, and song book. Batteries included. For ages 2 and up. The eight chord buttons play progressive low to high C chords Strummed guitar strings produce both chord progressions and pre-recorded songs Toy guitar measures 18"L x 3 3/4"W x 9 1/2"H Requires 3 "AA" batteries (included)

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - B. Woofer Guitar...

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    CASE B (2-Pack) Movie Moments have started to hit store shelves … There is one carryover from CASE A – two more Nigel Gearsley & Austin Littleton … nice … “New” 2-pack Movie Moments include 3 Airport Mater & Holley Shiftwell … As far as I can tell, Mater simply has an eye position shift [...]

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    Matty's February sale begins in 90 minutes screenshot

    With all the commotion of Toy Fair and Wonfes, some might completely forget about Matty Collector's February sale. Not me, of course, it's been hanging over my head like the Sword of Damocles. Unfortunately, time constraints and reporting overload means that I won't be devoting the usual level of attention to this Matty Sale alert.

    The main attraction this Matty Sale is Ram Man, the figure whose delay messed up my January plans (ie, the reason I won't own a DCU Saint  Walker). Ram Man, besides being a much beloved Masters of the Universe character for most '80s kids, was among the handful of He-Man figures that I really remembered owning as a kid (one of the others I remember, the Sorceress, had a MotUC that I missed out on and ebay prices top US$100 for her now. Given that Matty is seemingly eschewing reissues this day, I'm kind of boned. Let this serve as a word of warning for anybody not preparing themselves to buy a Ram Man the second the sale goes live). Although Matty held off producing Ram Man for a long while, he's definitely worth the wait: the figure looks fantastic. Ram Man, being a larger figure, will run you US$33 during the sale.

    The second new Masters figure is Jitsu, evil master of the martial arts. He's a character I don't remember at all but he seems to feature solid sculpting. He'll be available for US$27.

    Phantom Stranger is the latest addition to Club Infinite Earths / DCU. He's a mystical supporting character with a seemingly mysterious past... which I vaguely remember to involve something about a fallen angel who refused to take sides during Lucifer's Rebellion and was subsequently damned by both sides (although that might have been from Vertigo and thus non-canonical). At any rate, Phantom Stranger is definitely one of those characters who deserves inclusion in DCU collectors-only series. He'll run you US$20 during the sale.

    The sale's final items are Kobra Khan and Faker. Both are just drawing from remaining inventory rather than receiving a production run and, given the smaller quantities, may sell out quickly. They're US$27 apiece.

    Personally, I just wish that Ram Man fell into a different month given he's the only thing I plan on picking up this time around. I would've also bought Saint Walker had Ram Man been offered in January and had it instead been March I likely would have caved on Elongated Man. Times like these I wish Mattel would just do larger, bi-monthly sales.

    [ Matty Collector ]

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    The Color Metallic Raoul Caroule has arrived in Canada. (Toys R Us exclusive – just like in the US). This has been available in Europe for a while so it’s finally winding its way to us … these have tended just to pop up on the shelves without much warning so when you spot it [...]

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    Fizz Creations' Giant Water Cannon is like the granddaddy of all water pistols.

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    Toy Fair 2013: Kotobukiya (part 2) screenshot

    Did you see part one of our Kotobukiya coverage? Ok, great. Now it's time for part two. In this gallery, Keith captured images of:

    • ArtFX Isaac Clarke, which will feature lights in the helmet, hands, and back. The head is on a ball joint and the wrists will also have joints. 
    • Korejanai Justice League blind box series
    • Justice League ArtFX Cyborg, Flash (the whole team, really)
    • The artwork for Bishoujo Black Canary
    • [unpainted] Marvel Bishoujo Kitty Pryde (release date in June, is actually already painted)
    • Mass Effect Bishoujo Comm. Shepard(s) - the black hair ver. is a Bioware exclusive and limited to 2,000 pieces.
    • TEKKEN Bishoujo Jaycee (release in March), Lili, artwork for Ling Xiaoyu
    • YuYu Hakusho statues (reviews: Hiei, Kurama, Yusuke)
    • Yu-Gi-Oh! statues (Dark Magician, Katsuya for April)
    • Some other stuff on display, like Evangelion and Trigun figues

    This concludes our overview of the Kotobukiya booth. Of course, my favorite of the bunch here is definitely going to be Isaac Clarke. H:is statue is impressively huge, and I love how he looks like he's just finished stomping some alien's head in the ground. Which is your favorite? 

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    Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Anime Garage Kits (Part 3) screenshot

    Nope, your eyes do not deceive you! That really is a Pantsman figure from Wonder Festival and he's ready to do battle with arch nemesis, Yotsuba!!

    We also get a good helping of manliness, courtesy of Iskandar and Mami gets more love for the Madoka Magica crowd... Well, Kinda. And even some of the more obscure shows like [C] and Un-Go get some representation here along with more than a couple more male kits!

    And yes, that is also a 1/1-scale replica of the Dominator from Psycho-Pass, providing a super easy cosplay option if that floats your boat! Or if you just want something cool to flash about in private. Do it in public and you might get yourself arrested...

    Bet you still want one though, right? Just remember that this one doesn't transform into lethal mode!

    [photos via Temporary feelings, ToshGK, Plus Alpha, Dengeki Hobby and HK-DMZ]

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    set database: LEGO 60001 fire chief car

    image courtesy of Grogall
    set number: 60001
    set name: fire chief car
    theme: cityfire
    year: 2013
    pieces: 80
    prices: us$12
    minifigs: 2
    nice city set.
    come with a fire chief car.
    also included a tree and a cat.
    minifigs included a fire chief minifig and a female cat owner minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment revealed Aquaman as the newest character to be added to the roster of heroes and villains featured in the upcoming fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Witness the moves and fighting style of the King of the Seven Seas and reluctant ruler of Atlantis in an all-new [...]

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    Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Game Garage Kits (Part 3) screenshot

    Capcom may not have any love for the blue bomber but there are plenty out there who still hold the torch for megaman. And I can't think of better evidence than the various kits for the series! Aside from the various robot master kits, we have Ciel from Megaman Zero and even a Servbot from Megaman Legends and the misadventures of Tronne Bonne! Tronne is awesome in pretty much every game she's in!!

    There's also an adorable Nanako to pose proudly next to Narukami Yu and the ladies of Super Robot Wars Original Generations going to the beach! There's also a chance to get a closer look at the OZ sculpted Youma and the Gravity rush custom figmas! 765 Productions also gets a lot of love as the original Idolm@ster cast get some kits for themselves once again. I'm sure that Kotori holding the various pushies of the other characters will prove popular but I like the Takane cosplaying as Valkyrie from Valkyrie no Bouken, an old famicom game which was never released outside japan (though you'll get to use valkyrie when Project X zone is released in the west on 3DS). Last year, we had Haruka cosplaying WonderMomo, but, for some reason, Takane as Valkyrie works better in my eyes!

    There's also the usual assortment of fighting game characters with even Poison getting into the act! And yes, we have a Tao! Hopefully, that should have everyones bases covered, right?

    [photos via Temporary feelings, ToshGK, Plus Alpha, Dengeki Hobby and HK-DMZ]

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    Sherlock & Watson LEGO System Minifigures by Prfkttear Submit your Flickr photos to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day!

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    Toy Fair 2013: McFarlane Toys screenshot

    The McFarlane Toys booth at Toy Fair was chock full of licensed character goodies. Chief among those are new figures based on the Rabbids, all set to start coming in January 14. Figures in 4- and 8-inch varieties are in the works, as well as a mix-and-match series. 

    Coming in August are some Assassin's Creed 3 figures (which Tomopop's Keith Polott tells us look great in person), along with a multipack that includes assassins from some of the previous games. There's also a role-play blade gauntlet on the way with a hidden blade, clearly intended for an adult audience (i.e. don't buy this for your kids). 

    More Halo figures are on the way, and as we've heard, they'll be bundled with DLC codes from Series 2 onwards. There's also a new Didact figure from Halo 4 on the way that will have a DLC code with it. Oh, and as you can tell, Halo-flavored Xbox Avatar figures are indeed happening.

    Finally, McFarlane's The Walking Dead line will continue, with new sculpts shown and new releases coming later this year. There's also more Walking Dead merch on the way, too, beyond figures.

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    I think the best moment of my week can be summed up in this conversation with Birdie: “Momma, I’m scared of the monsters down there. Aren’t you?” “You know what, I’m not scared, because I know I’m strong enough to fight back – and I know you are too.” “But Mom, I’m not. Not without [...]

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    From toys that are “So Retro!” to arts and crafts inspired by “DIY Design” television shows, and playthings for sociable teens and tweens, the hottest toy trends of the year were unveiled by the Toy Industry Association (TIA) during its 110th American International Toy Fair. After searching high and low through 150,000 products on display [...]

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    The World of Eric Carle has renewed its license with master toy partner Kids Preferred for an additional four years in a deal brokered by The Joester Loria Group. Kids Preferred has been a partner for more than 7 years with successful programs consisting of plush, plastic, and wood developmental toys in retail accounts including [...]

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    Besides organizing and curating the "Arts Without Borders" charity vinyl show (covered on TOYSREVIL), Pranay Parikh and Konfucious have decided to do a raffle, where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the charity!

    Raffle tickets are priced at US$10 each (Purchasable here) and are available now thru to March 31st, 2012. A drawing will be held on April 3rd. This event needs a minimum 50 tickets for raffle to go through, so get supporting, people!

    Further event details and as well Raffle-items are listed on Facebook and on this KR-forum-thread. Shown here are swell items from:

    - Tristan Eaton Vote for Change print (Signed by Tristan)
    - MADxKr Bent World Vandals Print.
    - Luke Chueh x Ford Print Set.


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  • 02/15/13--07:17: Wild Bill Hickok
  • Mrs. Nerd and I got hooked on HBO’s Deadwood during this past holiday lull in TV programming. We burned through all 3 season. Of course, I blame this on the Final Shot Saloon Podcast. Of course, that would be payback for point out a line of Western Action Figure to the host, Clint. That line [...]

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    K.Olin tribu is proud to present Bunniguru Black by Nathan Jurevicius (previously featured a look HERE) - now ready to be pre-ordered from February 15, 2013 @ 18:00 French time (12PM New York / 9AM Los Angeles) via

    Limited to only 50 pieces worldwide, this 20 x 20 x 8cm sized porcelain piece is priced at 250 Euros each, and comes housed in a wooden case. Looking exceedingly swell in white, now shrouded in mystery-noir and suspense in black, especially given the form by Nathan, IMHO. *NICENESS*

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    Wading through an abundance of digital toys is no small feat for parents who may feel pressured to introduce early digital learning to their kids. Experts shares their tips on how to find and use the right technologically-enhanced toys.     

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    Josh Mayhem (www) presents the "Mundam Wing" - A custom 7" Munny for the "Arts Without Borders" show @ Art Whino. This exceptional piece includes 47 points of articulation including the head and both arms, and is truly epic a sight to behold, IMHO. Less talking from me, more pics for you to gawk at!

    [9 x images in slideshow above]

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