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  • 02/14/13--14:03: Halo 4 Series 2 Figures

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    Looks like Grody Shogun’s sofubi creations are about to invade LA once again. Giant Robot 2 will present the opening ‘Luke Rook is Grody to the Max’ on Saturday February 23rd. Expect plenty of Luke’s popular mismatched parts toys and more. Luke Rook is Grody to the Max Opening: Saturday...

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    SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --  CRAVE , a San Francisco-based startup specializing in making discreet and beautifully designed luxury sex toys, announced today that it has officially ...

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    What fitting Valentine's Day news! Half of one of Cybertron's rare power couples, fresh from her extended stay in low orbit, Strika, will be attending your "Machines of War" Botcon Box-sets this year! Apparently this year's "Machines" theme applies to either, "Beast" "or "Wars". This season Strika will be sporting a new coat of paint and a freshly molded head on a Classics Warpath chassis. (Lets face it, she was always kinda butch.) Could, perhaps, a new Obsidian be hovering, morally ambiguously, in our convention going future?

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    The Spot Barrio Logan and the Thumbprint Gallery have put together ‘We’re Not Playin’ Anymore’ a custom group toy show opening on Saturday February 23rd 2013 (6-10 PM). Check out the full artist list on the fb event page and hit the jump for a look at Stephanie Takemoto’s Labbit....

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  • 02/14/13--16:10: WF2013 Winter Dealer's Booth

  • More (more?) Wonder Festival coverage - next up are figures and garage kits that were found in the dealer booth area filled not only with inspiring work but also 3D rapid prototyping machines to help you make your own stuff as we talked the other day.
    Do remember that most of the work in this post is created not by companies - but by folks who have a day job or are schooling.
    What are you going to make in your free time?

    And the rest of the Wonfes coverage is listed up below.

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    No, we didn’t make it out to Hawaii (doh), but courtesy of Lightsleepers and photographer Chris Balidio, look at Monday’s Barnyard Animals artist meet and greet put together by Lightsleepers, Silent Stage Gallery and host venue 808 Urban Refuge which serves as a local art hub for the Honolulu community....

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    The Manga Festival Singapore launches today Feb 15th thru to Feb 17th this Sunday, with a multitude of activities celebrating Japanese Manga, with Lectures (Registration Required) and Exchange meetings (in Mandarin Orchard), an exhibition at The Arts House, and Autograph Sessions at the KINOKUNIYA BOOK Singapore Main Store. I've some handy-gifs of the events' time-tables posted below, or you could simply head on to for further details. I know "Anime" has an extremely huge following in SG and in Asia, but what about "Manga"?

    The last time I was surrounded by manga was in 2010, when I covered "Manga & Anime! Japan" - which was more "archival" and features the history of manga. Might try heading over for the exhibition over the weekend tho …


    WHAT-IS: "MANGA festival in Singapore" will include a joint expo by Japanese 10 MANGA Publishers Association*, as the MANGA department of CoFesta (JAPAN International Contents Festival). The event provides a forum for exchange of Japanese publishers and Singapore companies, and also appeal the charm of the MANGA, greatly to people of Republic of Singapore andCountries ASEAN, and is intended to contribute to the international business development andinternational competitiveness of the entire publishing industry."


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    Ben returns to the Toy Break couch for this week's new episode. Episode 249: Does Steve Have A Macbook? takes a closer look at Jaina Solo, Custom Robots, Doktor A goodies, and much more.

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    If you’re someone who enjoys puzzles and innovative ideas, you’ve come to the right webpage. The Inside3 team has created a box that holds all of your fears and puts your mind to the test – can you successfully navigate through total darkness and use the provided labyrinth layouts to make your way through the cube?     The above picture gives a quick glimpse at the different types of layouts that will be available once the project is funded on Ulule.  ...

    Inside3 Marble Labyrinth: Face The Darkness [Ulule] is a post from: Cool Gizmo Toys

    Inside3 Marble Labyrinth: Face The Darkness [Ulule] is a post by on Cool Gizmo Toys.

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    Hasbro and Universal Studios have come to an agreement, which will allow Hasbro to create action figures, plush, dolls, playsets, vehicles, role play, games, KRE-O branded building sets and novelty items based off of the Jurassic Park movies. Look for products to begin hitting during the Summer of 2014.

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    You saw the Lifesize Ryu Bust last week, and now, Pop Culture Shock has released images of their Evil Ryu bust. This version of Ryu will be clad in a blue Gi with glowing red eyes. Click the thumbnails above to check him out.

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  • 02/14/13--18:45: Go Figures! Debut Exhibit
  • BLOGgofigures-openI love taking pictures of the little plastic people. Its kinda my grown-up way of playing with my toys. As an adult, I don’t think its quite possible to replicate that very imaginative space children occupy when playing with their toys. Trust me, I’ve tried. Through the eyes of a child, toys become more than inanimate [...]

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    Bicycle of the Future Doesn’t Fly, But It Still Looks Pretty Damn Awesome

    This beautiful baby just won first price at Taipei D&I awards in the bicycle section, and you can easily see why. The bike, created by Italian designer Jonny Mole, combines both contemporary and conceptional design for an extremely solid and futuristic look.

    According to lead designer, Jonny Moette, the bike was designed to look and feel “perhaps futuristic, but feasible and useful.” The frame uses a single tube from headset/stem to the rear of the wheel to increase stiffness and improve aerodynamics. The white finish really gives a clean, polished look. This bicycle may be the perfect cycle for the future.

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    This past Monday night, we were invited to attend a party hosted by Kotobukiya, celebrating their 60th anniversary. Follow through for details of this amazing night.

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    Indie Royale: The Valentines Bundle 2.0

    Indie Royale is hosting another one of those name-your-price (with a minimum amount of price-naming) indie game bundles they always host, except this is the special Valentines Bundle edition. And what says Valentines better than Serious Sam?

    In this game  bundle, simply pay the minimum price (currently at $5.81), and you get six indie games for way less than they would usually cost. The games are:

    Here’s the trailer, if you wanna see some of these games in action.

    If you want to purchase this bundle, simply head over to Indie Royale’s official website

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    We’re launching a Kickstarter on March 1st to make this site fresher, radder, more… adequate. We want to film a regular series of minidocumentaries about passionate people creating fantastic things. We want to finally be able to afford travelling to all the press events we get invited to. We want to bring you video interviews with your favorite actors, directors, cartoon creators, game developers and more.

    In a nutshell, we want to bring you more of the fresh content that brought you here in the first place, only on a much LARGER scale.

    Not only that, but we want to turn this site into a legitimate business - a full-blown brand. Original videos, podcasts, livestreams, t-shirts, stickers, convention booths, the whole 9 yards.

    Our goal is gonna’ be pretty big, but with over 120,000 Tumblr followers and around 1,000 new followers every day, we’re pretty sure we can make it happen. A project like this takes way more to finance than the site makes from ads in a month (which is about enough to buy a used sports game if we’re lucky).

    So far we have some pretty amazing incentives planned. Check it.

    • PC/tablet/smartphone wallpaper pack with a buttload of wallpapers designed by some insanely talented artists like Byron BusligMaré Odomo, Erick Scarecrow, and former editor of Electronic Gaming Monthly/founder of Shawnimals, Shawn Smith!
    • An Albotas Papercraft figure designed by Mekazoo
    • A compilation of exclusive chiptune tracks by swell dudes like Ro-Bear and a bonus track by DJ Cutman
    • A hardcover book featuring some of our favorite Daily Graffiti pix from over the years
    • A hardcover book featuring some of our favorite geeky custom toys we’ve featured over the years
    • An exclusive resin figure of our Albotapus mascot produce by Shinbone Creative

    We’ve been hard at work planning this project for close to three months now and we’d really like to see all the effort we’ve put into this site over the years pay off. This is our chance to create something truly unique and shine a spotlight on creators and projects that would otherwise go unnoticed. This is our chance to bring all corners of geek culture and creativity into one place like never before.

    If you are an artist, brand, or chipmusician who would like to be involved with our Kickstarter backer incentives, please email brownkidd@albotas.

    It would mean the world to us if you’d kindly share this post with your friends and loved ones through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

    Thanks and stay awesome,
    Robby “brownkidd” Weiss

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    The mysterious Phantom Stranger from Mattel's DC Universe Signature series joins our photo archive. You can pick up the Phantom Stranger today, exclusively on

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    DSC_0932_1Someone’s been bulking up… and it shows! This beefy boy is ready to knock some sense into Skeletor® or anyone else who tries to get past him. Ram Man®, one of the earliest figures from the vintage MOTU line, is finally available in the Classics line as a fully articulated figure, with a new tool [...]

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