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    Rotobox's 2013 starts off with more robots screenshot

    Rotobox has sent us news about two news customs they've just finished up. First off is a custom Celsius inspired by Akira: Yamagata's bike, with Yamagata at the controls. Part of the Rotobox Parallel Series, this is a bit more mech than bike, but it's still a great piece to look at with its metallic blue-gray finish.

    They've also put together a new figure for the Jumbo Suparobo Series: the Combattler, a one-off custom giant Qee. It's based on the Combattler V from Chōdenji Robo Combattler V a 1976 anime series created by Toei and Sunrise. Those of you old enough might remember them as part of Mattel's Shogun Warriors line under the Combattra name. Like those figures, this one does come apart into separate pieces should you choose to display it as such. I'm always impressed by how Rotobox manages to get them to separate so easily, then recombine into a larger robot.

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    Wonder Festival 2013 Winter: Dabadi Production screenshot

    For those of you unfamiliar with Daibadi Production, they're a spin-off of Dimension Diver that are so far specializing in super-deformed-style figures. At Wonder Festival 2013 Winter, they announced that their next character will be Gurren Lagann's Yoko with the above placard. Looking forward to see how they handle her myself.

    In the meanwhile, we got glimpses at some of their current line-up, which includes Queens Blade Rebellion's Annelotte, Tamaki in her ToHeart 2 Dungeon Travelers attire, and Haruna from Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Given the quality of these three, I'm expecting Yoko will look pretty good ... and be sought after by quite a few folks.

    [via Akiba Hobby]



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    Soundwave’s Spinning by nobudius5192 Submit your Flickr photos to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day!

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  • 02/11/13--05:32: The Useless Toy
  • Karlo Ghokasian aka The Useless Friend has released his first toy, simply entitled Useless Toy. This original character is cast in solid resin (no articulation) and has been hand painted white with a high gloss coat giving it a porcelain like finish. A limited edition of 4 pieces, you can pick one up for $65.00.

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    Is it just me or was there another category here – What was it? What was it? What was it?    Tweet This Post

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    Hi everyone! We’re here! We made it to the New York Toy Fair yesterday and went straight from the airport to the Javitz Center (after one craaaazy shuttle ride), where the event is being held. We had one appointment yesterday with Spin Master and we absolutely can not wait to share with you all ofRead More

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    Finding the perfect bag is of the utmost importance to any wardrobe. I think most women would agree with this – even those less fashion inclined still want something that will do the job, and do it well. For me, it’s about finding something that is a little unique, totally functional, and also totally awesome [...]

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    Thanks to ACToys who have posted images of hwat appears to be a first look at the remake of the Generations Grimlock figure as Beast Wars Beast Wars Megatron. Yessssss, this does make some sense to offer the Voyager class as another T-Rex in the Generations line that will have a new robot head that is is reminiscent of the the helmet head with claws and all. Check out the images of the un-colored proto-type for more details below.

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    The other main PLANES playset available at launch is the Sky Track Challenge Playset … Basically, you clamp this on a table and you launch the plane down the zip line to race them. It’s an air-venture for Planes fans! The five-feet of track on this set includes obstacles like a mountain tunnel and crash [...]

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    Thanks to Benscollectables we have a new review of the Planet X PX-01 Genesis WFC Omega Supreme action figure. Get the scoop on this much anticipated homage to the War For Cybertron Omega Supreme character that has been realized in big new way. This is a lot of figure to get your head around, watch the review below to learn more about Planet X PX-01 Genesis now.

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    J. Shackelford Associates LLC (JSA) has announced the launch of a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign to support the final production beta and launch of their 3-D Baby So Beautiful Virtual World. This life simulation game is for children ages 6 to 14 and casual and social gamers of all ages. Built with Unity 3D, the game [...]

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  • 02/11/13--07:27: Wrecker
  • One thing I noticed since I started playing the Facebook game Avengers Alliance, is a renewal of my interest for certain characters previously released in the Marvel Universe line by Hasbro that I had initially passed on.

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    Full-Size Robocop 2 ED-209 Is Yours for $25,000

    Similar to Griff’s hoverboard from Back to the Future 2 we posted the other day, Hollywood Parts is now selling the exact ED-209 that was used in Robocop 2, for $25,000, on Ebay. The prop stands up 10 feet tall. Wonder how shipping works out…

    Check it: More Robocop on Albotas
    Buy it: Robocop on Bluray

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    Topless Robot asked me to write up a quick list of the best action figure reveals from Toy Fair so far. I included a few things that were announced prior to Toy Fair but are basically part of the whole event. The Ten Best Action Figure Reveals at Toy Fair 2013 So Far

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    Custom Made Monday: A new coat of paint screenshot

    Today's my birthday, and as such, I figured today would be as good a day as any to announce the rebirth of Munn-day Morning Recap into a new, expanded feature — Custom Made Monday.

    Custom Made Monday expands on what Munn-day Morning Recap did; no longer will we just be rounding up Munnys and Dunnys, but a full assortment of customs from all over the place. You might see custom figures from Jin Saotome; Munnys from notable artists in the designer toy scene; custom gunpla, figmas and Nendoroids and garage kits when they cross our radar; and more. A lot of customs of all sorts will still get featured in their own posts on Tomopop too, so don't worry; they're not all going away. Heck, MMR may even return if we have a particularly good reason for doing so.

    For the first Custom Made Monday, we're giving you a taste of what to expect. This time, we have custom designer toys alongside Nendoroids, action figures, even prop replicas that have been made by hand. Not every Custom Made Monday will be this big ... but since this is #1, why not? Hit the jump to check it all out!

    Sigma by Jin Saotome

    Carrying over the old tradition from MMR, we start with the customs featured in the header. First up, Jin Saotome's custom Sigma from Mega Man X. Jin is apparently an impatient man, and not willing to wait for Bandai's D-Arts figure, he has made his own in a Marvel Legends style. It's 8.5 inches tall, and uses parts from the DC Direct Parademon and Lex Luthor, Orange Lantern Luthor's head, and capes from Magneto and Mr. Sinister. The beam saber is crafted from a acryllic rod and the whole thing looks fantastic.

    Knock Knock, the Trebuchet Mammophant by f+

    Next up, we have f+'s latest commissioned piece. There's a Dunny acting as the rider, but the entire piece is actually a highly customized 10-inch Labbit. While the trebuchet is small and only made of wood ... it actually works and slings a 3-inch Dunny head projectile, according to Josh. 

    Don't believe me? Watch it in action:

    I'm in love with it. Josh says he's going to make more Mammophants now that he knows he can do something like this, including a ballista and traditional catapult. I await them eagerly.

    Yukata Miku Nendoroid by unknown artist

    Sadly, I don't have an idea who is the artist behind this one, as the FG-Site page doesn't list the artist's name. But gosh, it's an adorable rework of Yukata Miku, giving her a more summer festival-style attire, complete with new accessories like the apple on a stick and cotton candy. Wish this could have been the original release!

    [via Nendonesia]

    Custom Mortal Kombat props by Mint Condition Customs

    Custom props aren't normally Mint Condition's thing (he generally does action figures), but he's done three prop replicas for a client: Sub Zero's ice ball, Liu Kang's fireball, and Scorpion's spear. Each one is meant to be a 1/1-scale replica, and both elemental blasts feature light-up capabilities. Be sure to check out the links above for all the WIP details and more specifics!

    Rusty Flamethrower and A Dude Monster, both by TazX

    TazX sends us two customs he did recently: a 3-inch Dunny named Rusty Flamethrower that, true to its name, is rusty and has a flamethrower; and A Dude Monster, a Dudebox figure that he's turned into a large-mouthed monster. Pretty simple to guess which is which, right? If you're interested, both customs are in TazX's shop. A Dude Monster is US$25, and Rusty Flamethrower is US$40.

    Wrath by Phu!

    Phu!'s latest, for the Art Without Borders show on Feb. 23 at Art Whino, is an 8-inch Qee mech he's calling Wrath. Carrying a bladed shield and with a hidden Gatling gun in its belly, the Rebel Pilot-helmed Wrath features a different color palette than usual from Phu! This one is camoflauged in red and yellow with a military green backdrop. Some of the found objects Phu! used look really good on this piece, like the nobs or caps on the back tank and the extra gears in the head.

    Water Snake 2013 Qee by Patrick Wong

    From Patrick Wong, we've got a 5-inch Toyer Mini Qee here to celebrate the new Year of the Snake in 2013. Mixing in the zodiac element of water to go with the snake, and the end result is this cool blue and black custom that means business. It's available, too, if you want it: the price is US$100 in Patrick's shop.

    420 by melodreama

    The latest from melodreama is a custom Munny for a good little cause: she's made it for a Kickstarter that starts today for a vinyl documentary by Dope Vinyl. It'll be one of many customs offered us as Kickstarter rewards; stay tuned! We'll have a post up on it a little later tonight, probably.

    TMNT Casey Jones, Metalhead and Super Shredder by PackRat Studios

    While Playmates may be announcing new TMNT figures at Toy Fair 2013, PackRat Studios has made their own, featuring Casey Jones, Metalhead and Super Shredder as they appear in the Nickelodeon cartoon. I like the detailing work on Metalhead's wiring, and Super Shredder does look like someone you wouldn't want to cross ... though I don't know how he gets through doors with those big claws of his. Maybe he doesn't use doors.

    Jungle Critter Customs by David Stevenson

    From David Stevenson, we have these custom mini Buff Monster figures. Each of the figures is a totally different design, and they'll all be at ToyCon UK in April for £5 each. I love some of the whimsy in these designs, and how they feel like they might be just as easily found on the pages of a child's story book as they would on a custom designer toy.

    Nugglife Dunnys by Ian Ziobrowski

    Ian Ziobrowski has recently completed four new additions to his Nugglife universe, all Dunnys:

    • There's Leafy, which I believe is a customized version of DrilOne's Dunny due to the inclusion of his gas mask. And it's fase to say with a name like Leafy, he may be a fan of lighting it up;
    • Second is Waxy, who happens to make certain oils that are popular within the Nugglife world. Ian notes that Waxy's eyes never seem to be open, and he's not sure why that is; Waxy's never told him;
    • Third is a series of Nuggyeaters, yetis who live within the Nugglife world and likely live up to their names, if their designs are any indication. New to the yeti crew is a cyclops yeti.
    • Finally, there's a custom Ian did for Shawn Wigs' series, taking a resin Dunny and turning it into the Nuggy Inspector, a little robot who helps Nuggs figure out the cream of the crop of his stash. It's available as part of the blind-boxed Da Crusher custom Dunny series in for US$100

    Bowser Dunny by Ian Ziobrowski

    Ian's also done some commissions this year, and one of them, happens to be this little 3-inch Dunny based off the King of Koopas. The little guy still has his spiky shell and comes with a fireball accessory, though it leaves me wondering; could you do an 8-inch Bowser and have a series of 3-inch Munnys or Dunnys as the Koopalings? I think that'd be an awesome idea, but please feel free to leave dumb old Bowser Jr. out of the mix.

    Custom Flight Dunny by Scott Kinnebrew

    Scott Kinnebrew has a few new things going on, and one of those happens to be a quick customization he did of kaNO's Flight Dunny. Not only was it a little bit of a repaint, but Scott's also crafted some new wings for the Starscream-inspired Dunny. I think the new paint job adds a nice weathered effect and it looks nice, but sadly, I can't buy it; it's already sold out. Scott does take commissions, though, so be sure to contact him if you've got something you're interested in having done.

    If you're willing to wait a little bit, though, Scott mentioned to us that he'll have some new pieces in the upcoming Vinyl Thoughts Nation blind-boxed series. The series, which releases at the beginning of March, will feature 5 Banditos and a Senorita chase all customized by Scott; we'll have some more info and perhaps some photos coming soon on that.

    Electro Spawn by Scott Kinnebrew

    Also new from Scott is a customized 8-inch Medicom Hamburger Head Spawn figure, featuring a bright new paint job (with lovely pink accents for fighting the agents of Heaven, I see). This custom is available in Scott's shop for $US(PRICE) at the moment, with free shipping for purchases within the U.S.

    Ren the Moth by Stitches and Glue

    Finally, we have another custom QiQi for the Creo Design QiQi show at ToyCon UK, this one from Stitches and Glue. They're normally more known for their creative plushes and the like, and this certainly fits the bill even though it's a vinyl figure. They've taken the regular QiQi body and flocked it, added some antennae and other hand sculpted features, attached some taxidermied eyes, and created some gorgeous mesh wings. The whole thing sits upon a custom tree branch base, and as a note to it's size, the QiQi is only 3 inches tall, so this is a pretty big piece. Definitely one of the more eye-catching customs I've seen for the show so far; I'm looking forward to seeing more of them!

    [That wraps up this week's installment of Custom Made Monday! If you have any customs you'd like to see featured, or just spot something that's eye-catching and fits the feature, be sure to e-mail us and let us know!]

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  • 02/11/13--08:21: SIMPLY RIGHT For Baby
  • This post brought to you by Simply Right Infant Formula. All opinions are 100% mine. Being that my baby is busy and active it is so important for her to get all of the nutrition that she needs. Balanced nutrition for my baby is what is most important to me and I know all moms... [Continue Reading]

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    Yes, it's official, I'm stressing out trying to keep-up with all news of the brand-new 1966 Classic BATMAN TV Show Action Figures and Toys that are coming out, ha ha ha ha! Here are some excellent pics I got last night where Mattel showcased a few more of the 1966 Classic BATMAN TV Series Action Figures they plan on coming out with. 

    In these pics we get to see 3 main things: One, They're making Robin, The Boy Wonder! Yeah! Two, They're making a version of Batman where he appeared in an episode wearing swim trunks over his bat-suit. He also comes with a surf board. Then, third, we get to see an idea of what the packaging will look like. there will be Blister Cards and Boxed Figures.

    Oh yeah, one last thing, that 1966 Batmobile Vehicle we reported on yesterday. It looks like that toy car might be a Toys-R-Us Store Exclusive.

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    Great Caesar's ghost! NECA's Batman figs up for pre-order screenshot

    NECA's new 1/4 scale Batman figures (which you may remember from Toy Fair) are now up for pre-order. These gigantic, slightly scary figures stand roughly 18-inches tall and feature twenty points of articulation as well as interchangeable parts.

    Both figures feature a strange photo-realism to their faces, although the Adam West Batman figure on display at Toy Fair seemed to sport an unnaturally pale complex which greatly contributed to the figure's all-around creepiness. There's something at least a little frightening about this one. The figure seems to use a lot of fabric for the costume which, while in keeping with the show, doesn't exactly make for a flattering figure. Plus the Adam West is missing much of the actor's trademark paunch (as, Adam West explained in Back to the Batcave, the skin-tight outfit made him look out of shape). If you really don't like the look of this figure, you can just wait for the numerous other Adam West Batman figures due out this year.

    The Michael Keaton Batman fared a good deal better, as the darker skin complexion and the costume is considerably more flattering. For many years, Michael Keaton was the definitive Batman for me although that opinion gradually changed thanks to Batman: The Animated Series. That said, Keaton's Batman costume and portrayal will always have a special place in my heart. It's really a nice outfit and seemingly more practical than the normal costume (albeit that yellow logo would make it hard to blend into the night).

    Both figures seem to come with a bunch of accessories including alternate hands. The Adam West Batman supposedly has a working utility belt but I'm not sure what that entails. These figures will set you back US$85 apiece but, given the size, that's probably not an unreasonable price. Anybody here planning on picking up an overly large Batman figure?

    [ Pre-order Adam West | Michael Keaton at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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