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    Bubi Au Yeung and Crazy Label are ready to release their third rendition of the 5” Ren figure. Ren 3 will soon be available at your favorite toy retailers or through Crazy Label HERE for $40 each. This edition features removable eye glasses, paint brush, palette, and 1” GhostB figure....

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    PRESS: 'Hot Toys is going to present a series of 1/6th scale Diecast Collectibles ranging from Iron Man 1, 2 & 3 to The Avengers to fans worldwide! Fans, are you expecting a Diecast Iron Man Mark III, Super Drone (Whiplash Mark II) or any others? A series of Diecast collectibles is coming soon! Stay tuned!' Announced on their Facebook page, around the same time as Play Imaginative's press

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    I was gonna post images of exhibition and product-snaps swiped from other folks of the 1/6 Michael Jordan release in Hong Kong, until ENTERBAY posted these notes on their Facebook - self-explanatory, I reckon! Click here to read the Chinese/Mandarin-text version ... And yes, of course I will still post the swiped-pics, slightly later, I reckon ;p POINTS TO NOTE: 01. Bring personal identification

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    I do not hate the Micro Drifters but I think the “normal” pricing on them will be their death knell – $6 for 3 is at the far end of pricing that will garner much interest … they should have been a 2-pack for $1.99 or if you’re going to do $6 at retail, the [...]

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    set database: LEGO 10232 palace cinema

    image courtesy of Grogall
    set number: 10232
    set name: palace cinema
    theme: factory, modular houses, city
    year: 2013
    pieces: 2196
    prices: us$150
    minifigs: 6
    new factory sub-theme of modular houses series.
    modular style with colorful design.
    come with a palace cinema.
    the building has 2 storey levels.
    every floor levels can be opened for revealing the interior.
    come with some realistic details like interior and exterior.
    on first floor has a red baseplate, a lobby and a ticket area.
    on second floor has a big screen, a projector and 6 reclining seats.
    on top roof has a .
    also included a classic limousine.
    minifigs included a child star minifig, a chauffeur minifig, a female guest minifig, a male guest minifig, a photographer minifig and a cinema worker minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
    must have for city and modular houses lovers.
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    [Business Wire] - Max Steel™, a wholly-owned intellectual property from Mattel, makes its global debut in March with an animated superhero series premiere on Disney XD in the United States and globally on major network operators.

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    The Eleventh by fengschwing Submit your Flickr photos to Poe Ghostal’s Pic of the Day!

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    I guess Lorri R. & family were feeling bad that much hate was directed at Finny McMissile so she & they decided to build an extra cool pinewood derby version! Of course, they pretty much know what they are doing – last year’s was the extra cool Jeff Gorvette … Good luck! Tweet This Post

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    A Toys for Tots fundraiser brought in $17,000 in cash and 11 boxes of toys during its December drive.

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    I left for Alt Summit in Salt Lake City with the usual expectations: meeting bloggers, meeting sponsors, talking shop, invigorating sessions, and a few parties along the way. But there was one thing I had not counted on: finding the best toy store, like, ever. As a toy designer, believe me, I’ve seen many a [...]

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  • 01/28/13--06:49: Article 51

  • Just updated the shop with a ton of brand new items! 

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    Spend some exclusive time on the beach with Muv-Luv's Yui screenshot

    Everyone needs some time off from fighting horrific invaders, and fortunately for Muv-Luv's Yui, Hobby Japan's done just that with this upcoming exclusive bikini-clad version. Though perhaps they could give the naming job up to someone else, as "Beach of Embarrassment" version sounds more like a bad hentai.

    Luckily the figure itself is not quite so poorly done as its name. Yui's a little thin, but rather appealing all the same, with some nice motion in her hair and pose and some added touches of color like her bracelets and the tie around her leg. Sadly she's a Hobby Japan exclusive, and you'll only have until March 11th to find a way to get your order in. She'll be available in July or August and the retail is around ¥8,190.

    [via Wcloudx's blog]

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    Scramble Squares, from B. Dazzle, Inc., nine-piece brainteaser puzzles are “Easy to Play, But Hard to Solve!” and are fun for all ages. The newest addition to this puzzle family is the Elk Scramble Squares. The Elk is one of the largest species of the deer family in the world and one of the largest [...]

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  • 01/28/13--07:17: Ultimate Hawkeye
  • One figure I never got to see back when the first wave of Avengers action figures started to show up in stores, was this version of Marvel’s Hawkeye.

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    Truth be told, when I first saw images for C.I.Boys Superheroes series, I was not particularly impressed. And while I have been accustomed to seeing alterations - of designs for obvious references to pop culture characters - to avoid legal and licensing entanglements for a huge variety of figure releases particularly from the East (yes, some folks call them "homage" or "inspired by" pieces lol

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    Amanda Visell has released a pair of new posters. Both The Life Cycle Of The Worker Honey Bee and the Little Red Riding Hood posters measure 16" x 20" and are printed on archival poster paper. The Honey Bee poster similar to The Reproductive Cycle Of The Chicken poster, is a fun, informative illustrated diagram...while [...]

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    Thanks to Joel at BBTS who let us know there will be yet another new masterpice figure coming this year. With the Prowl / Smokescreen mold on the table, it only makes sense that we will see the other variants like MP-19 Masterpiece Bluestreak Transformers action figure coming from Takara Tomy. The are no images yet, just the G1 character art as a placeholder. The pre-orders are open now with an estimated to arrival of September 2013 for $79.99 USD. Check out the order page now to get yours at

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    I had absolutely zero intentions of picking up a BOBA FETT Kubrick - even after posting a myriad of Kubrick-incarnations on this humble blog of mine … but as always, there is a glaring loophole in my preconceived plans - if I don't see or touch the item in person, my decision is resolute. I am invincible to toy-temptation! But alas, once said toy touches my hand/s, my resolution is inevitably

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    Thanks to e-Hobby who have posted a YouTube video previewing the Transformers Collectors Club Shattered Glass Soundwave vs. Blaster set. Get a preview of the box, figures, comic and more in Japanese language. Watch the

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    Tomopop Review: Good Smile Company's Ultimate Madoka screenshot

    Among the many wonderful figures released during 2012, there was a certain mahou shoujo that was at the top of my “most anticipated figure" list, Good Smile Company’s Ultimate Madoka. Since debuting at Wonder Festival 2012 Winter, Kamidoka (as she was aptly named by the fans) instantly grabbed my attention with her larger than life sculpt and unparalleled beauty. As a fan of Good Smile’s Puella Magi Madoka Magica line thus far, I had high expectations for this figure, especially considering her ultimate price tag. After months of patiently waiting (along with a slight delay), the lovely Madoka has finally reached my hands.

    So, does Madoka live up to her Ultimate name? Hit the jump to find out more!

    Figure Name: Ultimate Madoka
    Figure Maker: Good Smile Company
    Retail/List Price: ¥14,096
    Available at:
    HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | Plamoya

    OK, let’s get the ball rolling by taking a look at the box. Now, I've seen a lot of boxes in my years of collecting, but the size of the box is worthy of the title “the Ultimate Box.” It’s a very big box! The box itself is accentuated with the same circular design patterns that appeared during the last episode, along with a medium sized window giving us a slight peek at the lovely Madoka.

    On the back, Madoka is featured in various shots highlighting the different focal points of the figure. In a nutshell, the ultimate box does a very job of making sure the magical girl arrives at your doorstep in one piece.

    Included in the package are two bows (regular and the ultimate), an arrow, the base, ankle wings, and of course, the Kami (God) wings. As you can see, Madoka is packaged quite nicely. It actually took me approximately 10 minutes to free Madoka from her plastic prison. Those twisty ties are the death of me!

    Once Madoka is freed from her packaging there is the task of assembling her, luckily Good Smile does provide a good set of instructions for the job at hand. The first step was placing Madoka onto the base via the large fold on the bottom of her dress onto the two pegs located on the base. You can rest assured Madoka will stay on her base and won't topple over in the near future. Now, I had a bit of difficulty placing the left wing since it involved maneuvering the piece through her hair to fit it onto the opening on her back. It was a bit nerve wracking, but once I got both wings on they remained securely in place. Her left ankle wing also gave me a bit a problem, but after a couple of minutes I was able to fit it in the slight opening located on Madoka's foot. The final task was assembling the ultimate bow and arrow. The ultimate bow was rather easy since it can be separated into two pieces allowing you to place into her gripped hand. Madoka's arrow has a peg you insert into an opening on her palm. Her left wrist may be turned which allows a proper alignment of the arrow directly on her right thumb.

    Although assembling the figure is a bit time-consuming once the task is complete, Ultimate Madoka is breathtaking! Madoka's resolute determination in fulfilling her one wish is wonderfully captured by Hiroshi (Sakurazensen) sculpt. I am completely mesmerized by Kamidoka. Why don't we take a closer look at the little lady that has left me awestruck?

    Let’s start with Madoka’s stunning face; her determined expression instantly captivates me. Her wide golden eyes and furrowing eyebrows reflect her absolute desire to rid the world of witches. I particularly love the darker shade inside the iris; it adds more depth to Madoka’s eyes. I love how her bangs frame around her face as strands of hair flow onto her cheeks.

    Speaking of hair, it’s pretty hard not to be impressed by these beautiful pink locks. The flowing, long strands of hair give the figure a lot of dimension. I would like to mention that the hair strands don’t feel flimsy at all to the touch. They’re pretty sturdy; however, I wouldn't poke at them too much, just in case.

    Modoka has a pair of cute white bows that adorn her mini twin tails. The white bows are molded underneath Madoka's mini twin-tails, quite well. There is also a nice fold in the center that accentuates them.

    As we move along to Madoka's elegant long white dress, let's have a look at the bodice first. The dress has a revealing, plunging V-shaped slit that shows off a bit of Madoka's skin. Along the bodice, there are little creases that flow naturally with the movement of our magical girl. The dress also has a double sleeved top that is molded over the dress. The eye catching top also has V-shape in the back that pops out a bit. Before we move on, I need to mention the wonderful details on gorgeous double sleeves; the top sleeve has folds all around it with some subtle shading between them. The secondary sleeve is painted with glossy pale pink paint; even the insides of the sleeves are painted with a dark purple finish.

    The neckline has five beautiful jewels which adorn her top. The center jewel is tear-shaped and looks just like her soul gem. You can also catch a quick glance at her lovely pink choker.

    The multi-layered skirt is just as impeccably detailed as the bodice. The top two skirts have pleats all around it giving the sculpt a voluminous vibrant movement. Like the folds in the sleeves, the multi-layered skit has subtle shading, which emphasizes each fold. Of course, the third skirt is painted with the same pale pink glossy paint as the secondary sleeve. I really love the fact that Good Smile decided to use a satin white paint on the dress it truly gives the dress a realistic appearance. It's a nice contrast to the glossy finish on her third skirt, as well as, the purple used underneath the top two skirts.

    At last, we arrive at Kamidoka’s legs; she's got rather slender legs. Her thigh highs are painted in the same glossy pale pink hue as the bottom skirt. Once again, there is a wonderful contrast between her thigh highs and her white matte colored high-heeled shoes. The mini wings on her ankles are painted in a glossy finish. The highlight for me, of course, is the painted detail of the universe underneath Madoka's third skirt. It definitely is one of those attention grabbers!

    In case you were curious as to what color pantsu’s Kamidoka wears underneath it all, wonder no more. Yes, they are white, but let’s move on to Madoka’s…

    ..wings. The wings are breathtakingly beautiful as they stretch out from her back. I love the way Good Smile decided to paint the wings. It was a wise choice to have the wings transition from clear onto a frosted white and pink paint on the tips of the last five feathers. The wings look absolutely stunning!

    Every magical girl needs her weapon to battle those pesky witches and Madoka’s choices of weapon are her trusty bow and arrow. The pink arrow has some light shading along the icicle-inspired fletching, as well as, the point. I also want to point out the split where you can separate the bow in order to place it in Madoka’s hand. Although you can see it on this picture, don’t worry once she is on your shelf it’s not noticeable to the naked eye. This was a case of a micro lens picking everything up.

    The ultimate bow is a very impressive sight to behold! Pink flames snake around the wooden bow which resembles budding roses. The flame on the top of the bow has some dark shading on it along with some icicle-shaped thorns sticking out from it. I really love how powerful Madoka looks holding her bow.

    If you're not keen on displaying Madoka with her ultimate bow you have the option of switching it out for the regular bow, the bow is much lighter than its ultimate counterpart and has a single rose bud on the tip.

    Did Ultimate Madoka live up to her name? Indisputably, yes! From the sculpt to paint on the figure, each was impeccably done. Good Smile did an exceptional job with Ultimate Madoka, there really is nothing to complain about. It's quite easy to understand why the magical shoujo was the company's top selling figure for 2012. Although this is one of the pricier figures which have been released from the series it is definitely worth every penny. Ultimate Madoka is one of those figures you can look at from any angle and be in complete awe of her beauty. Honestly, I can’t recommend her enough!

    Don't forget to check out the gallery for some pictures that didn't make the review.

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