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    Sideshow Collectibles has revealed the newest character from their Star Wars sixth scale license - Yoda: Jedi Master. This Yoda is inspired by his appearance in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Currently available to pre-order (estimated to ship in June 2013) for $99.99, [...]

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    Tomopop Review: G.E.M Kotetsu T. Kaburagi screenshot

    It probably doesn’t come as much of a shock when I say I have a huge crush on Tiger & Bunny’s resident Oji-san (old man), Kotetsu T. Kaburagi. Naturally, when MegaHouse announced that they would be adding Kotetsu to their G.E.M. boys line, I was over the moon. As a big fan of the G.E.M. series, I have never been disappointed with any of their figures, specifically from this line. I was expecting quite a good amount of detail especially when it came to my beloved Oji-san.

    So, did MegaHouse live up my expectations and hit the mark? Hit the jump to find out.

    Figure Name: Kaburai T. Kotetsu
    Figure Maker: MegaHouse
    Retail/List Price: ¥6,800
    Available at: HobbyLink Japan | AmiAmi | Big in Japan

    As always, we begin with the box. Usually, I don’t really pay that much attention to MegaHouse’s box designs for their G.E.M series line. The boxes never really have any interesting design aspect to them; however, I am instantly in love with Kotetsu’s box. The front of the box beautifully features where our hero lives, SternBild City.

    On the back, we have Kotetsu, in his pose along with his alternate faces, along with Oji-san’s most notable quote from the series, "Let out a wild roar!"

    Kotetsu’s packing is pretty simple. He comes with his base and three additional head pieces. A definite plus in my book since there is no need to worry about any other loose items upon unpacking. Speaking of unpacking, let’s remove Oji-san from his plastic prison.

    Once Kotetsu is out of his packaging setting him up for display is an easy feat. There is nothing really to assemble, all you need to do is place Kotetsu securely onto the three pegs on his base. Speaking of the base, while MegaHouse, didn’t specifically make it fancy I do appreciate that it was shaped to look like Kotetsu’s “Call Wristband.”

    Since, there are four optional heads in total included with Kotetsu, you have quite a few options to display him. While, the pose may look a bit static with Kotetsu pointing to his hunting cap, it captures his Oji-san moe personality. What do you say we take a bit of a closer look at Oji-san?

    So, let’s start things with getting a closer peek at Kotetsu’s face, shall we? I admit; I am very much smitten with Oji-san. It’s pretty hard to resist that smile that Kotetsu is sporting along with his soft gaze in his eyes. You may notice that MegaHouse decided to paint Kotetsu's nostrils to accentuate his nose. It’s a nice touch that I really appreciate.

    As we move onto Kotetsu’s famous casual shirt and vest combo. The white and black vest is molded over his green shirt, which gives it a realistic appearance. Speaking of realistic, the folds and the seams along Kotetsu’s green shirt are flawlessly executed. The folds look very natural like the creases normally would on fabric. This wonderful detail is especially evident along the creases around the vests grey buttons, as well as, in the back around the buckle.

    Another eye catching detail are the silver buttons on the black tie. Each button is nicely molded over the tie and perfectly painted.

    One of highlights of this figure is definitely the attention to detail paid on the small things, like Kotetsu’s accessories. On his left hand, his Red Monkey inspired black watch, purple amethyst beads and his wedding bands are all molded over his hand. Kotetsu’s watch is carefully detailed, even the back nickel buckle closure is painted with precision. You can even rotate his beads if you choose to. Not to be outdone his Call wristband is painted with a neon green and white pearl paint.

    Now, before I move on to discussing Kotetsu’s black dress pants; I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my favorite feature on Oji-san. Yes, his butt! It’s quite the nice butt if I do say so myself. It’s also hard not to notice how tight those slacks are. Let’s move onto those… dress pants. Kotetsu does have some nice long skinny legs. There is notably lighter shading on the back of Kotetsu’s calf’s that does a nice job of accentuating them. I particularly love the creases behind his knee.

    At last, we reach Kotetsu's shoes. The shoes have a glossy finish to them, which is a nice offset to the matte paint used on Kotetsu's clothes.

    As I mentioned earlier, MegaHouse included an additional three head pieces so you could vary how you display Kotetsu. Although the expression is the same for each face, there is a variety of ways he may be displayed. You can choose without his trademark hunting cap, wearing his hero mask, or wearing both. I personally have him displayed wearing his hunting cap without the mask, but it’s great to know you have four different ways to pick from.

    So, what’s the final verdict? I definitely give it two thumbs up. MegaHouse has added another excellent figure to the G.E.M line. Arai Kyousuke did a wonderful job in capturing Kotetsu’s personality in the sculpt. Out of all the Kotetsu’s that have been released so far, this is the best one in my opinion. Even if you’re not a fan of the Tiger & Bunny series, Kotetsu would make a great addition to any collection. I can’t recommend Kotetsu enough.

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    Iron Man 3 figures appear at retail screenshot

    Iron Man 3 may not hit theaters until around May, but apparently its merchandise is already appearing on store shelves. 77kustoms over at Toyark found the 12-inch "Arc Strike" Iron Man and Iron Patriot at an Illinois Target.

    While the 12-inch sound effect figures may not appeal as much to collectors, fans will no doubt be interested to see that Hasbro has opted to use the name Iron Patriot rather than War Machine. Comic fans are, of course, well aware that War Machine's all-American deco in Iron Man 3 greatly resembles that of Norman Osborne's iconic Dark Avengers persona, Iron Patriot. I like the fact that the influence is acknowledged and it makes me a little curious whether they might swap the superhero's name at some point during the film.

    At this point, we still haven't seen confirmed photos of the 3.75-inch figures although leaked images suggest that Hasbro may have gone the cheap route. I'm really hoping that this isn't the case (and the figures seen were vehicle pack-ins), given that Iron Man 2 line had a selection on par or better than Marvel Universe at the time.

    [ Toyark ]

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    PopCultureSlogoLOS ANGELES, December 27th, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE)—Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is making waves in the hi-end collectible product marketplace, announcing today it is moving to a Direct To Collector business model starting immediately. “I started PSCS in 2008 as a fan who just wanted to make statues for other collectors like myself,” stated Jerry Macaluso, [...]

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    Day11_010413_PacificRimWe’re in the home stretch of Sideshow Toy’s holiday reveal-fest “12 Days of Sideshow” and today, Day 11, brings the news that Sideshow has picked up the license for “Pacific Rim” the highly anticipated film from Guillermo del Toro.  Below is the teaser image they posted: We’ll keep you posted as more news develops…

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  • 01/04/13--09:29: Tsuro: The game of the path
  • Wisdom is an elusive thing, but in Tsuro, you have no choice but to find and draw from your inner source. If you do not plan wisely, you may just find that your path ends sooner than you’d like. Contents/Game Details Age: 8+ Game play time: 15-20 minutes (average) Number of players: 2-8 Contents include- [...]

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    (Thanks to TNI for the heads-up.) I don’t think I’ve been as excited for a movie since The Dark Knight as I am for Pacific Rim. One of my favorite directors doing a movie about giant monsters fighting giant robots? I’ll admit that I worry a bit about this film suffering from audience fatigue with movies [...]

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    Crochet your own Orko or Claptrap for free!  screenshot

    One of the many things I love about Ravelry is that they have a treasure trove of amigurumi patterns, many of which are free. Two of the more recent uploads to the site are Emjay Bailey's Claptrap from Borderlands series and Jersey Ali's Orko from Masters of the Universe. Aren't they great? 

    Both of these patterns are crochet. Emjay Bailey's Claptrap, which can also be found at Nerdigurumi, seems to be the more complicated of the two, requiring a greater variety of stitches to be in the crafter's repertoire. Don't let that frighten you off, though. None of them are terribly hard. Jersey Ali's Orko is pretty straightforward. Crocheted from the top-down with the body and head worked in the round as a single piece, the pattern seems to mainly make use of single crochet stitches (with a few half-double ones in there, too) along with the basic decreases and chains. 

    Are there any crafty types out there thinking about making one or both of these plushes?

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    That’s right! The hit Disney movie “Wreck-It Ralph” is coming to DVD and Blu-ray on March 5, 2013. Whether you saw it in the theaters and you want to see it again or you didn’t get the chance to see it, Wreck It Ralph will make a fantastic addition to your Disney movie collection. ThereRead More

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    Today’s Toy Deal of the Day is a Disney video game. For a limited time, you can get $10 off select platforms for Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. Game description: Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is an Action-Adventure Platforming game set in the Disney themed gameworld of Wasteland. The game utilizesRead More

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    Have you seen Monsters, Inc. in 3D at your local theater? Monsters, Inc. was the first movie we took our two oldest to see in the theater. This movie has and will always bring back great memories. Disney just announced today Monsters, Inc will be available to own for the first time on 5-Disc Blu-rayRead More

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    Final Product Images For Hot Toys Bane Figure The Final Product Images For Hot Toys Bane Figure have been released via the Hot Toys Facebook page! There are a few of the images uploaded below and...

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  • 01/04/13--10:43: Hasbro Partners Callaway

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    Genevieve Santos just added some new items to her online shop, including a few new rubber stamps. This Little Girl Rubber Stamp is awesome!! I also love the Rawr Rubber Stamp. Both stamps are made of high quality red rubber … Continue reading 

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  • 01/04/13--11:33: Help Kickstart the Stompadon
  • Kelsey Wailes has taken to Kickstarter to try to get the Stompadon plush produced. The character of Stompadon was invented by performance artist Kelsey Wailes as part of a competition called Super Art Fight. Wearing a massive mask, gloves and a tail, Wailes became the bug-eyed dinosaur that drew, creating mad-cap murals in a 25-minute [...]

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    It's kind of funny, but Steiffgal has always had a fascination with Steiff's interpretation of famous cartoon figures. So of course she was delighted when a colleague gave her the heads up about a great group of vintage Steiff comic strip dolls coming up for auction at Theriault's January, 2013 "Stars - A Celestial Collection of Antique Dolls" three day event.  Three items in particular really caught her eye.  Let's take a look and see what makes them so interesting from the design and historical perspectives. 

    Foxy Grandpa, lot #237
    This first selection clearly proves it is possible to become more handsome the older you get!  Here we have Steiff's Grosspapa or Grandpa, produced from 1904 through 1915.  He is lot #237 and is described as...

    "14" (36 cm.) Felt swivel head with press-modeled facial features, pronounced nose, center seam, stitched ears, black shoe-button eyes on felt pads, mohair wig, attached hat, firm ball-shaped stomach with jointed arms and legs, shaped knees, over-sized feet, wearing original sewn-on blue wool costume. Condition: fair, some fading, few moth holes, wig very sparse. Comments: depicted is the comic character "Foxy Grandpa" from the early 20th century comic series, Steiff, circa 1910. Value Points: very rare early doll by the firm, he has an early Foxy Grandpa celluloid pin and a first prize award from a 1944 doll show."

    Original Foxy Grandpa comic strip from 1905, click to enlarge
    And just who is this silver fox?  "Foxy Grandpa," a US cartoon series introduced in 1900, was penned by Carl E. Schultze.  It ran through the 1930's.  The strip told of the (mis)adventures of a grandfather and his two grandsons.  You can see an example of the strip above.  Steiff also manufactured the two grandchildren as dolls in the overall 1904 through 1924 time frame.  Steiff produced Foxy Grandpa with both a velvet face and a felt face, but the velvet face is much rarer.  According to Steiff records, both versions had a press voice box hidden under Grandpa's felt hat.  In 1996, Steiff reproduced Foxy Grandpa as a replica in an edition size of 1,200.

    Barney Google and Spark Plug, lot #235
    It's time to hit the ground running with our next cartoon highlight.  Here we have Barney Google and Spark Plug, his faithful racehorse.  The pair was produced from 1925 through 1927.  They comprise lot #235 and are described as...

    "5" (13 cm.) 5"(13 cm.) Barney, 8"l. Spark Plug. The set comprises stockinette Barney with press-shaped and painted features, prominent nose, large felt eye whites with black bead eyes, whiskers, armature padded body, wearing original purple vest and blue jacket, shoes and hat, plaid cotton pants; along with Spark Plug, who has grey mohair coat with sparsely-inset yarn mane, bead eyes on felt pads, felt tongue and feet, harness, and yellow felt blanket with patches and printed Spark Plug name. Condition: generally excellent, bright fresh colors, few moth holes on blanket. Marks: Copyright 1923-1924 by King Features Synd, Inc. DeBeck (muslin pad on one foot) Steiff (silver button in ear). Comments: Steiff, Germany, the set was issued in 1925-1927 only, and according to company archives only 615 sets were sold. Value Points: very rare Steiff comic character set is well-preserved and delightful."

    Here's more about this (sort of) dynamic duo.  Barney Google, penned by artist Billy DeBeck, debuted in the Hearst Newspapers in 1919.  Barney was a silly, bumbling little man who seemed to find even the simplest things complicated. In 1922, DeBeck gave Barney a new companion, a race horse named Spark Plug; a few years later they were joined by an ostrich named Rudy.  Barney Google was so popular that he inspired the 1923 hit tune "Barney Google (with the Goo-Goo-Googly Eyes)," as well as the 1923 record, "Come On, Spark Plug!"  You can listen to the song above by pressing on the white arrow in the middle of the record.  In addition to this Barney/Spark Plug set, Steiff also produced several Barney Google themed pull toys on wooden during this same period.  Rudy was made as a sample, but never put into widescale production.  

    And just how rare are Steiff Barney Google themed items?  Steiff was asked to set up an exhibit of incredible rarities at the FAO Schwarz store in New York City in honor of the retailer's 150th anniversary in August, 2012.  From the archives, Steiff sent over a Barney Google and Spark Plug on wheels  - along with things like the earliest rod bear, an original hot water bottle Teddy, and a turn of last century tumbling bear.  So even Steiff considers these characters quite legendary!

    Happy Hooligan, lot #232
    Let's move happily along to our third and final Steiff cartoon auction highlight.  Here we have Steiff's Hoolygan or Happy Hooligan, produced from 1904 through 1927.  He is lot #232 and is described as...

    "14" (36 cm.) Firmly-stuffed felt character with egg-shaped head having center-seam, shoe-button eyes, caricature face, upturned nose, stitched-on ears, red attached cap, big plump red felt stomach with painted circle designs, green felt jointed arms and jacket, and long spindly jointed legs with patched knees and over-sized leather feet. Condition: good, some shelf dustiness, few moth holes. Comments: Steiff, from their premiere series of character dolls, representing the popular comic strip character of Happy Hooligan, circa 1910. Value Points: delightful character exactly captures the beloved figure from the comic series."

    Original Happy Hooligan comic strip from 1904, click to enlarge
    Steiffgal's happy to tell you more about this rare comic character Happy, who is actually usually unhappy, was penned by popular and prolific writer Frederick Bur Opper and introduced in 1900.  According to the artist, Happy is "a sad, smiling victim of wayward children and heartless adults... and a direct ancestor of (Charlie) Chaplin's "little man"."  He and his two brothers, Montmorency and Gloomy Gus, were Irish tramps who traveled across Europe.  They were sometimes joined by two Frenchmen named Alphonse and Gaston.  Steiff produced a 35 cm version of Alphonse from 1904 through 1928 and a 50 cm version of Gaston from 1904 through 1927.  Steiff records also show that these Frenchmen were also produced as pantom or marionette style puppets on roller skates.  Like Foxy Grandpa, Happy Hooligan also had a press voice box hidden under his red felt hat.

    Steiffgal hopes this review of Theriault's cartoon doll auction highlights has been as delightful as reading the Sunday newspaper comic section!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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    NECA Rambo Series 1 Figure is Coming Soon! We have recieved news that the NECA Rambo Series 1 Figure is Coming Soon! The long-awaited anti-hero comes to figure form from NECA. He represents his...

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    Poe’s Pick of the Week TG01 – Optimus Prime – Fall of Cybertron So for anyone who doesn’t know, these are Japanese-made repaints of the Fall of Cybertron-based figures that have already been released here in the States. They feature shinier (and more detailed?) paint jobs. I’ve been trying to convince myself not to buy [...]

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    The official Pokemon Twitter recently teased an announcement coming on January 8th. I kind of hope it’s a new Pokemon game for either the Wii or Wii U that will let me and my friends battle our Generation V dudes on the big screen with fancy graphics.

    What do you think it could be?

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