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    Pick up this angelically adorable Ikaros screenshot

    The reactions of the uninitiated are always sure to either amuse or make one shake their heads, as evidenced by the response poor Ikaros here received this morning. Still with family over the holidays, poor Ikaros' angelic appearance didn't quite stop the cries of "Who is that whore?" from a passing relative. Unwarranted as the epithet may be, there's no missing the angeloid's sexy getup though.

    Still, fans are pretty used to seeing Ikaros in her usual garb when it comes to figures. The real noteworthy part of this version from Griffon is her fairly sizable wings, a rarity amidst most angeloid figures, let alone just Ikaros' offerings. They definitely add a nice touch to her design, and of course I adore her ribbon-entwined twintails hanging down over her back.

    I may not be entirely sure which Ikaros figure I'd pick if I had to choose just one, but this latest is definitely near the top. Get ready to fork over ¥8.800 when she arrives to heat up March!

    [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | J-List ]

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    Spoiler alert – if you’re a rose parade fan who loves to be surprised by every float – don’t look, it’s an artist rendering of the CARS Land Rose Parade float (not to scale) … appearing on your TV or live in Pasadena tomorrow. If you’re in Pasadena, afterwards they let grab the flowers or [...]

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  • 12/31/12--06:52: 2012 Year in Review
  • 2012 was a fairly uneven, yet varied, year for me, collecting-wise. I expected a much more exciting start of the year with the release of Episode I in 3D, but that just didn’t pay off for me.

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    Practically every superhero legend is the story of an ordinary person who finds a power that either he/she didn't know they had. An ordinary guy named Lenny B. Robinson learned if he dawns his cape and climbs into his Batmobile he can change the lives of sick children.  

    In March 2012 the cyberworld was introduced to Lenny B. Robinson, a Baltimore Maryland based business man who was pulled over by police dressed up as Batman --Batmobile and all -- in Silver Spring, Md. He was pulled over for a problem with his plates. This wouldn’t ordinarily make international news, but the car was his black Lamborghini, the license plate was the Batman symbol, and the driver was dressed head-to-toe in a full Batman costume.  When videos of this masked Batman went viral, the Caped Crusader's true intentions came to light for the world to see. It turns out Robinson is a real life hero. 

    Robinson, 48, has been visiting sick children in hospitals in the Baltimore area monthly since 2001, and has now ventured out nationally, and soon internationally, to bring his superhero to thousands of sick children in hospitals around the globe. He also visits schools to talk about bullying, but he does not do birthday parties. Trading in his Lamborghini for a custom-made Batmobile, that debuting in Coeur d’Alene Idaho on the 4th of July 2012, Lenny traveled around the country in July 2012 giving out Batman toys and goodies to hundreds of kids in children’s hospitals along the route.  

    To read more about Lenny's further adventures please be sure to visit his website. Also, while you're there, please be sure to make a donation. Thanks. 

    Here's the link, just click here: SUPERHEROES FOR KIDS 

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    I’ve mentioned before here several times that I love shopping online. I’m not one for dealing with the crowds or walking around the mall for hours browsing. I do love sitting in the comfort of my own home browsing my favorite stores online. Now don’t get me wrong. I do get out of the houseRead More

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    The creators of the Word Winder brand of board games, puzzle books, Nook app, and iPad app are introducing two additions to the Word Winder line: the Word Winder iPhone app, as well as a free update for the iPad app. Both are now available through iTunes. The Word Winder iPhone app offers six original [...]

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     OK, I'm not really sure what these sort of vehicles are called but they're basically 3-wheeled motorcycles. Well, recently these "tricycles" have become extremely popular with people who love customizing stuff. 

     Here's one I came across randomly on the Internet and, as you can see, it's design is inspired by the Batmobile Car from the 1989 Michael Keaton BATMAN Movie... AWESOME!!

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     Here's a fun photo we're proud to share because it features our good bat-buddy, Desmond! This cool kid is crazy for Batman and he wanted to show us this fun new hat he got for Christmas. It's a Fedora with a Bat-Symbol Logo on the side. Oh man, that is so AWESOME!! 

    Thanks Desmond, now I'm totally jealous, ha! But, seriously, your new hat is extremely cool! ( Yes, I'm still jealous! )

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    Kotobukiya gives you some audio/visual love for The Joker screenshot

    Back at NYCC in October, we were given a glimpse of the ARTFX The Joker. Taken right from the cover of The Killing Joke, the sinister smile was captured beautifully by Kotobukiya. We were told that it would not only include the light gimmick, but would also feature sounds. In their latest video, they show exactly how this gimmick will work.

    In front of the piece is a motion sensor. When an object passes in front of it, the click of The Joker's camera can be heard. In addition, the light can be adjusted and moved around the piece as you see fit. Personally, I'll move it in front the little cherub thing because it does its job well of creeping me out. Even without the gimmick, it is still a great figure to behold. I just wish it would also feature the laugh as well, as that would just make the perfect surprise for those walking by it.

    You can check the ARTFX The Joker from Kotobukiya for yourself after the jump!

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    Want to keep up with Cool Toy Review while you go about your day? If you haven't already, Click the thumbnails above to bookmark our Facebook, RSS, and Twitter pages and keep up with our updates on your smart phone!

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    Oh how I love the Disney Store. And oh how I love them even more when they have their Twice Upon a Year sale. Starting from today and going until the middle of January, you can save up to 50% off Disney toys and plush. You can also receive free shipping on orders over $75Read More

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    I must say, I am definitely relieved the potty training years are behind us. They can be tough and extremely challenging and of course, every child is different. When it comes to top priorities for parents in the New Year, potty training their toddler tops the list. Statistics show that parents will spend around $2,000 on diapersRead More

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    Tomopop Review: Master Stars Piece Kotetsu T. Kaburagi screenshot

    Without a doubt, the biggest merchandising surprise in the last couple of years is Tiger & Bunny. I don't think anybody figured that both men and women would flock to a show inspired by western super heroes, but lo and behold, everybody loves it. What's even more interesting is how that the most popular character is Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, the main character. He's a guy in his late-thirties, which is quite a bit older than your usual protagonist, yet everybody snaps up every bit of merch that's got his face on it. Believe me, there's a ton of it.

    Shows that get this popular usually get a bunch of prize figures. Since they're on the cheaper end of the figure scale, companies can take risks and make obscure characters and/or different outfits for popular characters that usually wouldn't get any love. Then again, that lowered price usually means lower quality. However, just because a prize figure is cheap doesn't mean it's bad quality. The Master Stars Piece Kotetsu is definitely an example of a nice figure that's available for a lower price.

    Hit the jump to find out more!

    Figure Name: Master Stars Piece Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
    Figure Maker: Banpresto
    Retail Price: ¥2,000
    Available at: HobbyLink Japan 

    Yep, that's certainly a box containing a figure. Unlike a lot of prize figures I've seen, Kotetsu is being held within a close box. There's no way you can see the build of the figure itself, which worried me at first. At least in my experience, if a company doesn't show you a figure, it's because something is bloody wrong with it. Whelp, enough of the cardboard prison, it's time to get Kotetsu out into the warm Miami air!

    Huh. Another cardboard prison. Overly-cautious figure packers, or nefarious plot to hold back all of Kotetsu's potential sexiness? Considering the tube-like nature of the package, I'm leaning toward the later. However, I will not be denied. Release Kotetsu at once!

    That's better. Am I the only one that finds it strange that he's been separated into half? Usually, he's either in one piece or in several, depending on the maker and the class of figure. It's a strange middle step. Either way, the real strange thing is the "base."

    I say "base" in quotes because it doesn't do a particularly good job of keeping Mr. Kaburagi standing up. At best, it keeps him from immediately toppling over, but as you'll see later he can do a good job of keeping himself up. Since it started to get uncomfortably warm, I decided to take Kotetsu inside to finish things up. Let's go into the Cortes Studio.

    Well well well! Color me impressed. While it won't beat Megahouse's version of Kotetsu, this is a nice representation of our intrepid hero. It does a great job of capturing his personality. Oh, and they got a nice smoldering look on the figure. It's as if he's saying "Ladies, ladies, one at a time please!"

    The next several shots are highlighting Kotetsu's details. You'll notice that the seam at his waste has been covered by his vest. That's some good work by Banpresto. You'll also see that Kotetsu's arm connects at the watch, cleverly hiding another slot. While you're looking at that area, take note of the details on his hands and the wedding band on his finger. Most other prize figures wouldn't have captured stuff like that.

    Here's a better look at Kotetsu's vest and face. Banpresto added stitching to the paint job on his arm. Yet another rare detail seen in prize figures. I'll also give Banpresto major props for the detail on his face. It's pretty damn close to what he looks like in all the still material. One of my big criticisms of prize figures is that there are usually some...liberties taken when adapting the faces of characters. Some times they don't even look like the people they're supposed to represent.

    Oh my, did somebody leave these buns in the oven? Besides having a decently shaped butt, I love the creases on his pants and the belt line. My only problem? The obvious copyright mark and "Made in China" stamp on his right cheek. Did it really have to be there? It's one of the only downsides I have with the figure overall, but come on!

    Here's a closer shot of Kotetsu's shoes as he's being slightly propped up by the base. As you can see, the base is made for him to slot into the mold, giving him a wider area to keep balance. Truth be told, he can stand just find without it, but will probably take a dive if a shelf is moved around. Anyway, the shoes look pretty damn good. Usually, feet/shoes/boots on prize figures are hunks of plastic that get little to no attention. Here, there's stitching, whether marks and shoe laces. A lot of love was put into molding Kotetsu, shown by the little details that have been included.

    All in all, I think Banpresto's Master Stars Piece Kotetsu is a great buy for anybody that loves Tiger & Bunny. While he doesn't have the same material quality as a Kotobukiya, Megahouse or Good Smile figure, the figure itself looks great. It's got plenty of details that even more expensive figures might miss. At the retail price of ¥2,000, it's less than half of the larger static PVC figures. If you love Tiger & Bunny and either can't afford or get the G.E.M., you owe it to yourself to pick this up!

    [Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing a review sample!]

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    It’s hard to believe that we left only days ago from Oregon and are now full blown into our vacation. It took two days to get to California and I must say that we had a great ride in the 2013 Dodge Journey. We went up to my parents house in the mountains where it... [Continue Reading]

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    Pudding Monsters, the new game from ZeptoLab, is now available on iOS and Android devices. Pudding Monsters is a puzzle adventure with wacky characters and innovative stick-‘em-together gameplay. The player controls the Pudding Monsters, who are on a mission to save their friends from the cold-hearted fridge owner. Through the 75 levels, fans will meet [...]

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    Heads up, Marvel Select collectors! Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select Rhino will be in-stores this January. If you're like me, this is one action figure we've been waiting for since it's reveal last May. Click the thumbnails above to get a closer look at the 8.5" tall Rhino action figure!

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    Regular Show X Call Of Duty

    One of the greatest cartoons of all time meets one of the best selling gaming franchises ever in these clever illustrations by Matthew Byles.

    Check it: Regular Show X Sonic The Hedgehog 2
    Buy: All kinds of cool Regular Show stuff 

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  • 12/31/12--10:18: Happy New Year!
  • Happy New Year! <3 tokidoki

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