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    Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin Carriage 

    Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin CarriageWith Mattel's Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin Carriage, kids--ages three and up--can recreate the magical movie moment from Disney's Cinderella by transforming a pumpkin into a horse-drawn carriage, and then back into a pumpkin when the clock strikes midnight! This pumpkin changes into a rolling carriage, ready for the Royal Ball, in three easy steps: lift the vines to pop up the carriage wheels, pull the cord to reveal the elegant carriage underneath, and attach the cord to the white horse's reins.

    Inspired by Disney's Cinderella

    To celebrate the release of Disney's Cinderella: Diamond Edition, Mattel has partnered with Disney to release a line of Disney Princess Cinderella dolls and play sets. The Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin Carriage is the ideal fit for your Cinderella doll to elegantly arrive to the ball in. Transform a Pumpkin Into a Beautiful Royal Carriage Simply lift the vines to pop up the carriage wheels, pull the cord to reveal the elegant carriage underneath, and attach the cord to the white horse's reins. Now, Cinderella is ready to go to the ball.

    Assembly and Construction

    Our tester found initial assembly (from box to playtime) took between ten to fifteen minutes. The carriage wheels smoothly turned and the plastic was high quality.

    What's in the Box

    Horse, carriage, horse mane,three reigns, and instructions.
    Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin Carriage
    • Inspired by the classic Disney animated film, Cinderella
    • Girls will love recreating their favorite scenes from the movie
    • Help Cinderella turn this pumpkin into something magical
    • All it takes are 3 easy steps to change this pumpkin into a carriage
    • A great gift that any Cinderella fan is sure to love

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin Carriage...

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  • 12/11/12--17:33: New Flavor Monsters
  • A new wave of Flavor Monsters have invaded Lulubell Toys. Currently in-stock are 5 Wild Strawberries, 2 Wild Apples and 4 Honey Buzzer colorways. These are selling for $15.00 (Wild Strawberries), $35.00 (Wild Apples), and $85.00 (Honey Buzzers).

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    Funko Pop Holiday Giveaway – 3 Prizes!

    The next giveaway is already here! Action Figure Fury is in a Christmas mood and this giveaway sure shows it. We want to give away some of the popular Funko Pop! Holiday Vinyl Figures. Last week we gave away a couple of the Star Wars Vintage Collection Figures and had 2 winners. This time we

    Action Figure Fury - Action Figure News, Reviews, and Guides Funko Pop Holiday Giveaway – 3 Prizes!

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    In what is seemingly becoming the new norm, Toys for Tots is making a last-ditch effort to fill empty or nearly empty toy donation bins throughout the county.

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    Time is running out on this year's Toys For Tots drive in Albuquerque.

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    National Entertainment Collectibles Association has released a prototype image of action figures slated for a series 8 release. Click the thumbnail above for a closer look.

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    Hot Toys has revealed their upcoming 1/6 scale TrueType Basic Series bodies. Set to be released is an advanced muscular body, regular body, and slim body. Click the thumbnails above to check them out.

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    With a bucket of innards ("human" presumably), a furry pink bunny suit (bloodied but "cute" perhaps), and a coffin-like packaging box, looks like THE EASTER BUNNY is ready to party! Since the last teasers, Marcof Lab's first release is now taking pre-orders for this Arno Maukar-sculpted-n-painted 12 inch tall fully articulated action figure! Made from solid resin from a concept by Marico Su,

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    Revealed on 12:12 on 12/12/12 is TOVI's first sofubi ~ MANJUUSAGI ♥ = ""manjuusagi are azuki bean-filled bunnies who are bored of manju life and want to become other delicious items"! Featuring an original sculpt by TOVI, with clean up and casting by Makino of TTToy, the little cutey is scheduled for an Easter 2013 release. So adorable I want to bite into it, yes I am a "beast", I know!

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    Winson Ma of Winson Classic Creations has taken his lurve for simians unto toys to yet another new release round, with an upcoming 12" vinyl figure line dubbed ICE DRAGON! Scheduled for a 2013-release, "Jungle" is no doubt the first figure from the ApeXVinyl art form series. Will bring you further updates when they are made available. With focusing on 12" articulated figures or most of the

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    Follow through to check out Toynk's list of new in-stock items as well as their steal of the week.

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    This is in fact the very FIRST time I am seeing more than just one image of Ron English's CAP'N CORNSTARCH vinyl figure! Every other image seen thus far had been a singular frontal snap = and I am grateful for that = Thanks to Plastic Culture! So be sure to hit them up for availability at!

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      As much as some of us may scratch our heads at this growing phenomenon of “bronies,” the research shows that these fans may not have awful taste after all.  The idea of ponies having little masculinity is one that is slowly changing as society alters its ideals, and the numbers of My Little Pony show that the show has an incredibly large base of fans that is growing every day. Note that this article is based solely upon facts – I personally ...

    RESEARCH Suggests That Bronies Aren’t Crazy: The Numbers of My Little Pony is a post from: Cool Gizmo Toys

    RESEARCH Suggests That Bronies Aren’t Crazy: The Numbers of My Little Pony is a post by on Cool Gizmo Toys.

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    It's the season of giving and Toys for Tots in Clearfield County is continuing to do what they do best, making Christmas special for hundreds of children.  Every year the Toys for Tots campaign in Clearfield County distributes thousands of toys to area children.  John Hibner, coordinator for the Toys for Tots campaign in DuBois told 6 News last year they distributed toys to 1,137 children in ...

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    Besides making awesome designer resins, Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins seems to be going to the "bakery" business, with this yummy looking Gingerbread … NOWAITTAMINUTE! Is that a Mini Tuttz figurine? A "Chase" too? Hot out of the oven and into the online store for serving @ 11pm sharp! Only one to go, folks!

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  • 12/11/12--17:33: New Flavor Monsters
  • A new wave of Flavor Monsters have invaded Lulubell Toys. Currently in-stock are 5 Wild Strawberries, 2 Wild Apples and 4 Honey Buzzer colorways. These are selling for $15.00 (Wild Strawberries), $35.00 (Wild Apples), and $85.00 (Honey Buzzers).

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    Dynamite Rex rolls out its Raar! prototype screenshot

    You probably remember seeing Dynamite Rex's wares at DesignerCon, and now they've passed along to us the first photos of their first Raar! prototype. Yes, we saw some pieces at DCon, but now we're getting a little closer look at the explosive-carrying reptile we'll see in a few months. 

    So what does Raar! come with? Well, accessories-wise, he has a stick of dynamite you'll be able to plug into his mouth so he looks like he's chomping on it, along with articulated hands and neck joints. Raar! is coming next year and will have my attention when it releases; how about you?

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  • 12/12/12--01:10: My BIG Handmade Santa's

  • I know that over the years I've mentioned the BIG dolls hubby and I made. Some of my favorites are the BIG Santa's and Mrs. Claus that I get to display at the holidays.

    The tall wooden old-fashioned Santa shown above is 45" tall and 16" wide. He was created based upon a "From My Heart To Yours" pattern by Heidi Markish. The pattern called for the Santa to be holding a box filled with candles and artificial garland. I opted for just a sign and gold bell instead. I named him "Kristopher."

    He is made our of 3/4" pine wood. He is a "sponge" painted Santa and was painted a deep burgundy red for an "olde fashioned" appearance. The fur along the bottom of his outfit, along his shoulders, and on the edge of his hat are all "sponge" painted with ocean sponges. His pompom is "sponge" painted as well. And there is blue, black, white, and red "sponge" painting all along his edges.

    Kristopher is carrying a "sponge" painted sign that says "An Olde Fashion Christmas" and is carrying a medal bell. His beard and moustache are painted with multiple colors and applied using "wispy" strokes.

    My dining room fireplace display includes three of my BIG dolls. A large bear, tall Mrs. Claus, and tall Santa Claus all of which are shown in the picture above.

    The large bear on the left in the picture above stands 36" tall and was created based upon a Design Farm pattern designed by Lori Gardner and Sharon Reynolds. I named him "Harry."

    Most of the year Harry is proudly displayed in my front hall. He stands there quietly surveying all that is going on in our house. Harry never makes a fuss or disturbs anyone. He's just there to watch and observe. During the holidays he gets included with the rest of the decorations.

    Harry is wearing my Grandson's baby jeans. If you look closely you can see the diaper snaps that run along the inside legs. Harry doesn't need to have a diapers changed - my Grandson definitely did.

    Harry is also wearing one of my Grandson's thermal tops. His vest is lined and decorated with 3 triangle top pockets with buttons. It is also decorated with a tree with cotton puffs for snow and embroidered with zigzag stitching all along the edges.

    He is wearing a large lined hunters cap with ear flaps. Harry's body is made of wood covered with flush felt. His feet are made from my brother's old white socks embroidered with DMC floss for ties so they loo like sneakers. Harry's face is embroidered and he has large brown animal eyes and a lighter color plush felt for his snout and the inside of his ears.

    I just love the expression on Harry's face. Sometimes he appears sad to me and sometimes he appears happy. You never know. I think he's just happy to be out and on display. I think I'll go and give him a BIG hug.

    My BIG Santa and Mrs. Claus wood and cloth dolls (shown in the picture above) were actually made to decorate the area just outside my mother's apartment.  They were both created based on Shari's Country Classic patterns by Shari Johnson.  Santa was supposed to be holding a bear and a list and Mrs. Claus was supposed to be holding a doll and small bear in the pocket of her apron.  I opted to have my Mrs. Claus holding a basket filled with Christmas cookie molds and Santa just holding a "naughty or nice" list.

    When my mother lived in an apartment building for senior citizens each and every year my mother and I would decorate an area just outside her apartment for Christmas. She loved it as did all her neighbors. Many of them commented to her about how much they loved our display.

    Santa is wearing his favorite pair of jeans, his favorite green striped shirt, and his favorite embroidered vest. He has multi-colored buttons on his shirt, white socks, and 1" pine painted black for his shoes. Rope is glued to the tops of his shoes for ties. He has a full beard, glasses, and is wearing a Christmas cap.

    He is carrying a candy cane tucked into the waistband of his pants. You never know when he might get hungry, so he wants to be prepared.

    Mrs. Claus is a wood and cloth doll that stands 36" tall.  She is wearing her favorite lace decorated Christmas dress and favorite coordinating apron with a pocket. She has to have the pocket as she never knows when she may need to carry something and one only has two hands.  She also has her favorite Christmas shawl wrapped around her shoulders and is wearing her favorite white Christmas socks.

    Mrs. Claus has a wire ribbon bow just under her chin and cloth bows on the tops of her feet. She has a full head of white hair and is wearing her favorite Christmas bonnet.

    Because she never knows when she has to drop everything she's doing to bake Christmas cookies for the elves she is carrying the cookie molds around with her.

    Santa and Mrs. Clause have their place in our dining room at Christmas time. Sometimes Mrs. Claus even helps me bake the Christmas cookies. Never Santa. He's too tired.....

    One of my favorite BIG Santa's is the one I made in the blue Santa suit. I have to watch out for him. He's my sister's favorite color and she has wanted him for years so when she visits I have to make sure she doesn't take him home with her.

    He stands 40" tall and was made based upon a Tenderberry Stitches pattern designed by Sharon Reynolds. He is a wood and cloth doll with dowels for legs and I named him "Blue To You Santa." The pattern called for a bald Santa in a green velour outfit to I opted instead to add a long flannel hat for Santa, lengthen his pants, add a large bear to his "Toy" bag and add a sled at his feet.

    He is wearing his favorite blue Christmas outfit with embroidered hearts adorning the lower band of his jacket. The nightcap he is wearing is one of his favorite as it's a very long one and he likes that for the cold winter nights. He can wrap it around his neck to stay warm. He sports a full beard, socks, and big stuffed boots.

    I hope you like my favorite BIG Christmas dolls and wood crafts.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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    Gaming Heads lines up it's next TF2 statue, The Sniper screenshot

    So far, I've been impressed, and some might say enamored, with Gaming Heads' Team Fortress 2 statue line. After the Heavy, Medic, and Soldier all got their releases, I was hoping my favorite class — the Pyro — would be next. Alas, that's not the case yet, because the fourth entry in the series is none other than the Sniper.

    Coming in both RED and BLU versions, the 14-inch Sniper looks very much like his in-game model, complete with sniper rifle in hand and glasses on his face. The exclusive versions include an alternate part, which in this case is the Razorback shield for the Sniper's back. You can never be too careful about those Spies ...

    All four figures will be out in Q2 2013. The regular versions (RED and BLU) are US$219.99 each with 750 numbered pieces being made, while the exclusive versions (RED and BLU) are US$234.99 each with 350 numbered pieces being made. I'm not sure if I'll plunk down for one yet (as the aforementioned Pyro and the Spy are the two I really want), but it looks like a good figure for any Sniper fans out there.

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