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  • 12/06/12--00:52: Words with Friends
  • The creators of Words with Friends have teamed up with Hasbro to produce a solid, real-life version of the game.

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    Thanks “JMDL Toys” for the nice photos. Oversized Dinoco Helicopter from CARS 1 – rerelease, looks about the same as the last release but it’s been a long while … Ivan Mater – Mater disguised as Ivan, first release. Kabuki Mater – first release. Nice & elaborate. Mack – note, this is CARS 1 Mack [...]

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    After much success with their Monkey King, Inflame Toys continue to surprise fans of 1-6th scale collectors with this new product, Cowboy from Hell (inspired from the video game/anime genre GUNGRAVE “Beyond The Grave”). Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia will be taking preorder now for this awesome figure! The 1/6th scale “THE COWBOY FROM HELL” [...]

    The post Inflame Toys 1/6th Scale Cowboy From Hell Collectible Figure appeared first on Toywiz and Toy Garden.

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    3A X Kow Yokoyama Ma.K. Kröte will be bringing us a 1/12th scale, fully articulated figure, pre-painted, with Real lights and a Rotating Gun! The figure stands approximately 11.8inch height in regular standing position! Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia will be taking preorder now!

    The post ThreeA 3A X Kow Yokoyama Ma.K. Kröte 1/12 Scale Figure appeared first on Toywiz and Toy Garden.

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    Funko's POP! Marvel Series 2 offers decent variety screenshot

    Funko's next POP! series will include Beast, Dark Phoenix, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Ghost Rider, and Silver Surfer. Series 2 is slated to release in January.

    While I've never been all that into the POP! line, it's hard not to respect the figures that were done well. The Beast is incredibly adorable despite its relative simplicity. However, the far greater work would have have to be Ghost Rider whose design and detail really helps it stand out (pop, even!) in this line. The Doctor Doom looks really weird at first glance and the bizarre proportions may turn off some people. However, the inherent dorkiness of the design (it looks like he's wearing over-sized glasses!) gives him his own brand of cuteness.

    The other three are more decidedly so-so. The Silver Surfer gets something of a free pass for being on his board. He's going to stand out by default like that. However, Dark Phoenix and Deadpool are just unbelievably bland, greatly resembling any number of previous releases. Both exemplify the aspects of the line of which I'm less than fond.

    How about you guys, though? Do any of these catch your eye?

    [ Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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    set database: LEGO 5220 styling pack

    image courtesy of bricklink
    image courtesy of peeron
    set number: 5220
    set name: styling pack
    theme: technic
    year: 2000
    pieces: 221
    price: us$12
    minifig: none
    small technic set.
    come with engine blocks with pistons and body styling pack.
    overall design is great.
    must have for technic lovers.
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    We've added the latest piece in Kotobukiya's DC Comics ARTFX Collection to our Photo Archive. Follow this link to check out the awesome The Dark Knight Rises Batman ARTFX Statue.

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    The CARS portion of the Walmart red bins is not supposed to be out until Sunday but may have made an appearance in your store. This was at the front of a Walmart but it might be in toys, or with the Christmas toys aisle (which may NOT be by the regular toy section) or [...]

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    1/6 Beatles not quite as expensive as a Yellow Submarine screenshot

    Factory Entertainment's 1/6 scale Beatles set has a US$550 list price. Although these figures themselves are based on the musicians' appearances in Yellow Submarine, an animated film based partly on the song of the same name, it feels more like Factory Entertainment is taking Maxwell's Silver Hammer to your bank.. Bang, bang, can they crack it open?

    Let me start by saying that they're a pretty good-looking group. The stylized heads and outfits are all really neat. Each of the figures has an interchangeable hand that holds a souvenir associated with the character (such a telescope for Lennon or George's flowers) in addition to personalized display stands. The set also includes a Nowhere Man Business Card and Pepperland Apple.

    For the curious, Factory Entertainment has a detailed explanation of the process used to create these figures as well as additional photos. They also offer an exclusive Yellow Submarine or Blue Meanie keychain for ordering through them while supplies last.

    While US$550 sounds like a lot, bear in mind that you're getting four 1/6 scale figures (featuring 32 points of articulation) at that price which works out to US$137.50 apiece. That's not an unreasonable price, is it?

    [ Pre-order from Big Bad Toy Store | Factory Entertainment ]

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    Kotobukiya has released images and information on the next (stunning) piece in their Marvel Comics Bishoujo collection. Carrying forward right where they left off with the Storm statue, the Kitty Pryde with Lockheed statue evokes Claremont/ Cockrum nostalgia instantly. Click through to find out more on this must-have X-Men collectible.

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    Cook up a pre-order for Mayo Chiki's Masamune screenshot

    FREEing sure is fond of bunnygirls, aren't they? When they exhaust possibilities (temporarily, no doubt) for new girls clad in bunny uniforms, it's on to the next best thing--she of the lagomorphic nickname, Masamune Usami, or Usamin. It's easy to forget Mayo Chiki's other cast members given the popularity of Subaru, but it's nice to see others getting some love, especially if it means more figures like this.

    While that expression certainly plays up the more comedic aspects of her character, it's hard to ignore the less-than-subtle sexiness shown off in that pose, particularly with the very attractive thigh high boots. It's hard to miss that undone top as well, even if poor Usamin is a bit lacking in the department compared to come, it's a nice look!

    Between her face and the rest of the figure, it's an odd juxtaposition but I think it works. While that may just be my penchant for thigh highs talking, I think it may be difficult to pass this one up. You'll have til April to decide for yourselves, and she'll run about ¥7,429.

    [Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan | J-List]

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    MILWAUKEE, Dec. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Five local CITGO Marketers are teaming up to make 73 CITGO locations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin collection points for this year's Toys for Tots program to ...

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    “You’ll find that the title of Fairest In The Land is already taken,” said the Snorkmaiden. by Mister Mushroom Poe’s note: My father informs me that we used to watch Barbapapa when I was 2-3 years old, when he was up with me early in the morning. I remember nothing of it, but it looks really [...]

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  • 12/06/12--05:18: Nendoroid Koujiro Frau

  • Those familiar with the series Robotic;Notes will know that Koujiro Frau [神代フラウ] is quite a cutie who is also a genius programmer who loves boys-love doujinshi. Now she is faithfully transformed into a Nendoroid by GSC.

    She will have three expressions including a composed expression, an expression with a cunning smile and an expression that makes her look half-asleep. An alternate hair part is also included so that she can be displayed with her hair untied as if she just woke up. She will also bring along her Poke-com for important data collection, some Pockii, a boys-love doujinshi, as well as her beloved Gunvarrel plushie. Her outfit can also be changed using a companion AR application.

    • Product Name: Nendoroid Koujiro Frau
    • Series: Robotic;Notes
    • Scale: Non
    • Material: PVC, ABS
    • Height: Around 100mm
    • Spec: Painted, articulated trading figures.
    • Sculptor: JUN (E.V.)
    • Release Date: April 2013
    • Retail Price: 3,500 yen

    Head along to Good Smile Company for more info about Nendoroid Koujiro Frau.

    If you are interested in pre-ordering this figure then check out the following trusted online retailers.

    And for those who are not familiar with Koujiro Frau or Robotic;Notes then check her out in action in the video below. If the video has been eaten then check out this search query on YouTube.

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  • 12/06/12--05:28: Swiss Otaku - Rayun

  • Production is in full swing for the Worldwide Otaku Report but I'm sure you are wondering why its taking so long. The reason is that we had so many quality submissions that we felt that it was not fair just to feature 1 person from each country.
    We are featuring multiple representatives from each country but that also means that it needs that much longer. Everything is being translated into Japanese as Japan is the main market for this book - although it will be available worldwide.

    While the book is still under production (ETA is Q1 2013), I'll be featuring some of the folks who have made it into the book. Last time we showcased Rob from the UK and today we feature Rayun from Switzerland who is an eroge otaku.

    Rayun is a big fan of Yuzusoft and I'm happy that I've been able to hook him and the Yuzusoft team together to work on something that neither he nor I can talk about just yet ^^;

    The following submitted by Reto Rayun for his Self Intro.

    Reto is a young, proud and funny guy from Zurich whose mother tongue is German but also speaks English, French and a little Japanese. Currently he's working at the Swiss Railways as Conductor on the long-distance trains. His curiosity is endless and he loves travelling trough his beloved Switzerland.

    In his spare time he sometimes work with a friend in the e-business sector. They've a small web design firm through which they're able to earn some money for their further goals.

    Because of his age (21) many outside people thinks he's ordinary but the truth is quite different, isn't it? During duty he's the serious one but after work he enjoys being a child in his spacious sanctuary.

    Rayun tells us about his otaku interests.

    I'm interested in merchandising. Especially character goodies like dakimakuras, figures, pillows, shirts, sheets, straps, tapestries and more. I’d also like to watch some anime if I could find time after a hard day’s work. What else? Ah, playing eroge en masse to improve my Japanese skills. I know this sounds wrong but I’m sure you guys get it.

    My otaku life is the cream of the crop and I wouldn't change anything. Everythime when I get up or come home from work I can smile happily at a load of sugar-sweet girlies in my rooms. Always in my spare time I wear my otaku stuff with pride and I try to visit each otaku event in Switzerland and abroad but very often I have a full schedule. It's my real pleasure to share that culture with other people.

    I'm a member of the "Otaku Gurupu Switzerland". It's one of the biggest otaku circles in Switzerland and entirely organized via Facebook. Currently there are over 400 members and the majority of people know each other in real life. Joining them turned out to be a great idea. The group focuses on organizing events for members and cosplay shootings.

    Rayun tells us about the otaku/anime culture in his country.

    In my opinion the culture is still unknown in Switzerland and many people don't have a fancy for it. But I'm still glad that there are some groups who give their best to show the most beautiful side of the otaku culture. Especially I refer to diversity!

    Everybody should have the chance to learn about the diversity of the beautiful Japan culture. I wish more and better planned events in different regions of Switzerland. More cooperation is needed!

    Let the world be a part of your fantastic culture and passionate work . There are so many restrictions in case of license or especially amusement products. And also there is a language barrier in Japan. English is already difficult for some people and Japanese is the most difficult goal. I'm hoping that they will look for new horizons. I'm pretty sure there is a market for more stuff from Japan!

    And if you want a better look at Rayun's room then check out the video below.

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

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    Vannen Watches has teamed up with the Triple Crown of YoYo to release a super limited matte grey wristwatch, featuring their contest mascot designed by Chris Ryniak. Limited to only 50 pieces and retailing for $65.00 each, this is one of the smallest runs of a Vannen watch ever produced. The Triple Crown of YoYo [...]

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    The "announcement" trailer for J.J. Abrams' STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has arrived, and viewable via hi-res via Shown above is the UK-trailer for the sequel to the rebooted Star Trek, while the one shown below is a Japanese version, with an added few seconds of pathos: "Is there anything you would not do, for your family?" (via). Selected screengrabs viewable HERE. I am a tad

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    3A Toys announces that their Adventure Kartel Removalists will go on pre-order on December 7th @ 9:00AM Hong Kong time at Bambalandstore - and this time you'll only have one hour to buy (no 24 hours window for 3AA members). Price for the set is US$200.00 (with shipping included in the price) and includes a poster and a 1/6th scale brain. Also check out the above image of the "comics" cover.

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    The queue for purchasing the items for the 8th Post-It Show at Giant Robot starts whenever before the doors open at 6pm. If I were there, I would've been clamoring to get in line, so that I could have a chance to snag at least one of these drawings from Jeremiah Ketner. Price is US$25 per across the board for all pieces. Cash and Carry. Read the "rules" of the event via Note:

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    Every year about this time I worry I’ve become a sell-out. That I’ve succumbed to all the beautiful kidorable finds out there and made gift lists for Birdie that are way too long. The kind of gift lists that will lead to spoiled rotten ruin for my sweet angelic girl!  Then I find something amazing [...]

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