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    They got in just before the steroid era … oops, wrong HOF … Just the two … you can check out the rest … Hot Wheels made it in last year and one you will never guess is actually a toy and got in last year – BLANKET. Yea, that cloth thing you sleep under [...]

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  • 11/30/12--07:19: Master Chief (Halo 4)
  • After a fairly successful run producing toys for the Halo games, McFarlane Toys is set to keep the winning streak with action figures based in the upcoming Halo 4 game

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    The Wince, Don't Feed The Worrybug App is slated to be released on December 6th 2012. WorryWoo creator Andi Green has teamed up with iMagineMachine to bring you the first ever digital WorryWoo storybook. The app "has dedicated interactivity, a rhyming story & stunning animation. It also includes a "Record and feed me your Worries" [...]

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    Third Party toy makers DR Wu have released an announcement for their new accessory kit, the Ex Blades for the Transformers Prime seluze calss Wheeljack action figure. The blades will be made of metal material and be packaged with extra grenades and a hand cannon. The Ex Blades will be in shipping in January of 2013. Check out the images below for more details on x Blades for Transformers Prime Wheeljack.

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    Made by RAMPAGE TOYS and limited to only 20 sets, the BLACK DINOS have left the shop! *Thanks for your support, folks*

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    Tomopop About Town: Cavey's American Cousins, Part 2 screenshot

    It may have been a while since part one of our coverage for Cavey's American Cousins, a pop-up art show that took place on November 10, but that doesn't make the event's custom Cavey toys any less awesome. Last time, we covered the first six of the twelve artists whose customs were at the party and we are going to close up with the remaining six. The artists left are: Frank Kozik, Luke Chueh, Mochi Mochi, Onell Designs, Scott Tolleson, and Sket One.

    So, everybody ready? Then on with the show!

    Frank Kozik's print

    Frank Kozik's print was kind of cartoon-y. It depicted a Cavey that looks very similar to his hedgehog character, Heathrow, mingling with woodland critters. The colors were very bright and the majority lines were bold, adding to the coloring book quality of the print.

    Frank Kozik's Cavey (front)

    Frank Kozik's Cavey (left side)

    Frank Kozik's Cavey (right side)

    Frank's Cavey was an excellent plush version of Heathrow (I assume that was what they were aiming for). The spines were a orange-ish red that stood out against the simple orange body without clashing. The Cavey's snout was absolute perfection. It was perfectly formed and I actually couldn't make out the seams. It was like magic!

    Luke Chueh's print

    Luke Chueh's print had a shocking (yet fitting, given who made it) take on the Cavey plush. The print very much resembled Luke's many of other works, right down to the color scheme. It was sad but oddly cute. The little spine in Cavey's torso made me smile for some reason.

    Luke Chueh's Cavey

    Luke Chueh's Cavey (side)

    Luke's Cavey looked very much like his print. I think the translation from print to plush was the most literal in this one. The little bone even made it in there. It looked liked the bone was velcro (I didn't touch it, so this is just a guess). If that is the case, perhaps The poor beheaded plush could be reattached and separated at will? In any case, the pool of blood was a nice touch.

    Mochi Mochi's print

    Mochi Mochi's print was a picture of her custom plush. At first, I wasn't too impressed, mainly because everyone else used a more artsy interpretation of their plush in their print. But when thought about how much I loved Mochi Mochi's Cavey, I appreciated the print more.

    Mochi Mochi's Cavey

    Mochi Mochi's Cavey (side)

    Mochi Mochi's Cavey (tiny gnome detail)

    The knitted Cavey customized by Mochi Mochi was a bit bigger than the other Caveys at the show. I loved the colors used and the fact that anyone familiar with her patterns would immediately recognize her Cavey-ified teeny tiny gnome on the plush's shoulder. It was very much a signature Mochi Mochi design.

    Onell Designs' print

    Onell Designs incorporated the traditional-looking Cavey as well as their custom one into their print. It almost looks as though they are meeting each other from across country borders (or am I reading to much into this?). The custom Caveys looked a little menacing but, judging by Cavey's simple smile, they must mean no harm. The print was an interesting one, to be sure.

    Onell Designs' Cavey

    Onell Designs' Cavey (side)

    Like Luke Chueh's custom, Onell Designs' Cavey looked very much like the one in the print. I thought the use of safety eyes against the black fabric of the eye pieces was an interesting touch and it caught my attention when I was walking from display to display. While the design is more simple than some of the others, it was executed well and looked great.

    Scott Tolleson's print

    If you want an overload of cuteness, you need only look to Scott Tolleson's print. The animated style of his Cavey in a slightly slumped pose just exudes adorable. Of course, an argyle pattern made it on there (they are always on Scott's Nosellots plushes).

    Scott Tolleson's Cavey

    Scott Tolleson's Cavey (side)

    I can't actually pick out which aspect of Scott's Cavey I like the most. Was it the layered hair piece? That cute little smile? Or the comically large tie? I honestly can't say. All I know is all the components to this custom worked in wonderful harmony. I also noticed that the print on the actual plush's "pants" matched perfectly with the print.

    SketOne's print

    Sket One's print was a colorful depiction of their Cavey, right down to the scars and Santa cap. The bright yellow against the green almost made the print look illuminated. For some reason, when I walked past the print, it felt like the eyes were following me. I blame the Cavey's demonic-looking eyebrows. 

    Sket One's Cavey

    Sket One's Cavey (side)

    I was impressed that the details on Sket One's Cavey were pieces of cut fabric that were sewn on and embellished. It made the eyes and scars on the face more noticeable and added depth the face. The santa hat could be removed but I don't know why one would want to. I looks so nice with it on.

    event flyer

    That wraps up my coverage of Cavey's American Cousins! The show was great and it was nice to see Holly Stanway and the artists who participated in the show. The plushes themselves have all found homes but the prints I talked about are still available for purchase over at Holly's online store

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    This toy made it into our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! I still remember my first doll that would tinkle after giving her a bottle. It was so exciting and I would sit there and feed her the bottle, have her go, fill up the bottle again and start the process all over again. I thinkRead More

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    This toy made it into our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! If you have a young Sesame Street or Cookie Monster fan to buy for, the Cookie Monster Kitchen Cafe is a good intro kitchen for a little one. It’s gender neutral and is perfect for both boys and girls. Ages: We recommend ages 18 monthsRead More

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    Round 2 will release their latest model kit based on the classic Star Trek TV series this December. The USS Enterprise space ship is a 32-inch model that features windows, an interior bridge, a shuttle bay, accurate decal sheets, and parts in accurate colored plastics. The space ship is based on the original filming model [...]

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  • 11/30/12--09:06: Yummy Pancake Giveaway!
  • A pharmaceutical project manager by day and uber crafter by night, Yummy Pancake creates cute amigurumi plushies from her own designs. Jigglypuff is one of her adorable pieces and is a one-of-a-kind. She made it, didn’t jot down the pattern, … Continue reading 

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    [PR Newswire] - EMERYVILLE, Calif., Nov. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE:LF), the leader in educational entertainment, today announced LeapPad2 ™ was the top voted item in the Educational Toys ...

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    "It's screaming"? "It can feel pain?

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    Everyone knows kids that have been good all year reap the most rewards during the holidays. (toys), (sports and activities), and (books) – a new family of kids sites from the folks at – are taking goodness to an extreme this holiday season with the Search for the “Goodest” Kid contest. ... [Continue Reading]

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    This toy made it into our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide! It’s official! We’ve found one of our favorite construction toys for little girls ages 1 to 5. It’s the Mega Bloks Lil’ Princess 3-Story Enchanted Castle by Mega Brands. There are many reasons why this is one of our favorites this season and why itRead More

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  • 11/30/12--09:31: Sunburst Boris
  • Today (Friday November 30th 2012) at Noon PT, Bwana Spoons is setting Sunburst Boris out into the wild. This unpainted neon orange Boris will include a signed and numbered giclee mini print on archival bamboo paper. Thee winter bone is upon us. Boris is hella bummed about hibernation and missing christmas and new years. Boris [...]

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    Ever wish your shoes were lighter? HEAD’s Speed Pro Lite Men’s Tennis Shoes are great for the tennis player who wants a lighter shoe. These shoes were created to optimize tennis players’ performance on the court. With lightweight mesh and flexible materials, these shoes have been described as “ready to play out of the box”... [Continue Reading]

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    Calling all Tim Burton fans! Disney and the creative genius Tim Burton partnered up for the theatrical release of “Frankenweenie” and now the announcement has been made that on January 8, 2013, the film will be released as a 4-Disc Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Digital and On Demand. Frankenweenie 4-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack Description A must-addRead More

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    Taylored Curiosities' new Seedlings get festive screenshot

    Taylored Curiosities' latest creature release is just in time for the holiday season: Christmas Seedlings! The 2-centimeter-high Seedlings (5 centimeters if you include the sprout stems) come in two colors (red and green, of course) and have a glittery resin look to them. I like their design, and if you happen to pick one of them up, you'll get an illustrated Seedling sticker and a miniature bag of Christmas tree seeds included with your order. Neat! Plus, each Seedling is signed and dated.

    You can pick up either Seedling colorway in the Taylored Curiosities shop for £12 right now. Anyone thinking of doing just that?

    [via toysrevil]

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