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    Thundertron is a significant figure in a lot of ways: the first toy made from a character in a novel, first of a new faction, first Beast Mode-sporting figure in Prime-Robots in Diguise, and one of a handful of space pirate Transformers. But, is he any good? Continue to full review

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    outsmART originals has announced their next artist series release - The Black by Sergio Mancini. The Black T-shirt is available for pre-order through December 3rd 2012. Limited to only 200 shirts, this original design will be screen printed on 100% cotton American Apparel Fine Jersey t-shirts and is available in a variety of sizes for [...]

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    Medicom has released images of their newly announced Marvel Avengers Be@rbricks. Included in the images is a 400% Captain America Be@rbrick, which will cost approximately $90 and a 100% Iron Man Be@rbrick, which will cost approximately $350. Click the thumbnails above for a closer look.

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    I’m not a leggings-type of gal, but I really do love these Hello Kitty leggings. They’re part of the JapanLA Clothing for Hello Kitty® collection that is officially launching Friday, November 30. The new collection features an assortment of women’s apparel … Continue reading 

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    Big Bad Toy Store has updated their site with their latest pre-orders and new arrivals. Click through to get in on the latest Marvel Legends, Predator, and Figuarts items!

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    A detailed review of the beginner yoyo, the YoYoFactory Fast 201 Yoyo.

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  • 11/29/12--16:53: FERG Ice Sqube Drops on 12.3
  • Sqube releases are few and far between, so we’re pretty excited about the upcoming Ice Sqube drop from FERG and Playge. Limited to 200 pieces, this clear blue wicked blend of art and design will be released on Monday December 3rd @ Noon CST (10 AM PST) for $55 each...

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    Witness The Power Of The Teleporting Camera

    Okay, so if you haven’t heard of Wheezy Waiter, he’s this really clever dude with a beard who makes silly YouTube videos that make me laugh. They usually involve video editing tricks like explosions, punching bald eagles, and the creation and murder of human clones. This video where he accidentally makes his camera spontaneously teleport is just plain genius.

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  • 11/29/12--18:20: Do you own male figures?

  • Barnaby Brooks Jr. [バーナビー・ブルックス Jr.] is one of the main characters in the anime series Tiger & Bunny. He will be getting a new figure in the G.E.M Series made by MegaHouse.

    • Product Name: G.E.M Series Barnaby Brooks Jr.
    • Series: Tiger & Bunny
    • Scale: 1/8
    • Material: PVC, ABS
    • Height: Around 230mm
    • Spec: Painted
    • Sculptor: Piron
    • Release Date: February 2013
    • Retail Price: 7,560 yen

    Head along to MegaHouse for more info about Barnaby.

    After looking around my room - I only notice 1 male figure which is Figma Robocop ^^; Had a conversation with many folks in the figure industry about the lack of male figures. Its simply because there are not enough people who would buy them.
    The female otaku population tend to buy more items with a low price range but would rarely fork out for a scale figure that costs over 5,000 yen.

    Are there any male figures that you would see made into a figure?
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    If you are interested in pre-ordering this figure then check out the following trusted online retailers.

    And for those who are not familiar with Barnaby or Tiger & Bunny then check him out in action in the video below. If the video has been eaten then check out this search query on YouTube.

    There is a poll embedded in this article.

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  • 11/29/12--18:28: Queens Blade Grimoire

  • Queen's Blade Grimoire is an upcoming project from Queen's Blade series that is set in a parallel universe where characters battle each other using the Grimoires (magical books). The main character of this new series is the dark magician, Alicia in Wonderland [不思議の国の闇使いアリシア], who will be getting a 1/8 PVC figure in the Excellent Model CORE Series made by MegaHouse.

    • Product Name: Excellent Model CORE Series Dark Magician Alicia in Wonderland
    • Series: Queen's Blade Grimoire
    • Scale: 1/8
    • Material: PVC, ABS
    • Height: Around 210mm
    • Spec: Painted
    • Sculptor: Kibayashi Norio
    • Release Date: March 2013
    • Retail Price: 9,240 yen

    Head along to MegaHouse for more info about Alicia.

    Had no idea who the character is but like the look of this figure - nice set of upper and lower eyes ^^; I go for figures regardless of whether I know who the character is or not - if it's a nice sculpt and well made then thats good enough for me. I tend to see them as works of art rather than a particular character from a particular series.
    Do you buy figures that catch your eye even though you dont know who the character is?

    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    If you are interested in pre-ordering this figure then check out the following trusted online retailers.

    And for those who are not familiar with Alicia or Queen's Blade Grimoire then check out the official site.

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    Neo•Geo CD PS3 Pads Back in Stock @ Play-Asia

    Heck yes. I’ve been kicking myself for not getting one of these when they were launched. They sold out on launch day and were never restocked until now. Grab the USB version of one of the best 2D controllers ever for $47.

    Buy it: PS3 Neo•Geo Pad

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  • 11/29/12--19:58: Tokyo Walking Tour

  • Photos taken while out n about with wifey the other day in Tokyo. Please join us as we go on a walking tour which starts at Harajuku [原宿] and passes through Omotesando [表参道] and then onto Shibuya [渋谷].
    First you will need to look at the route which can be found at Google Maps - we did take some side streets though but that was the general route.

    First up - we take the train from our local station to head to Harajuku.

    Japan is full of kawaii - even posters warning folks that its dangerous to look at your phone while walking down the track - and also being drunk.
    There has actually been many cases where people have been injured or died because of careless behaviour like this.


    Charging our SUICA - the electronic payment card that you can use to buy stuff and pay for travel fares too. The other type of card is PASMO which does the same job. If you are not sure which to get then just pick up a SUICA as its been around for longer.
    Both of these cards can be charged at all train stations.

    At Harajuku station.

    The relatively new GAP store outside Harajuku station.

    All the leaves are turning yellowy brown at this time of year.

    Do you always feel like somebody is watching you? Well thats because there is. In Japan you will often see folks sitting at street corners counting not only the amount of people who walk by but also your age, gender and any other particularities that they have been asked to watch out for. This chap here has a load of counters so the data he is collecting looks pretty refined - the most I've seen is about 5.

    Photo from the pedestrian bridge outside Harajuku station.

    Down over to the left of this photo is Madoka.

    Tis a lovely route to walk at this time of year. Slightly chilly but you should be fine with a light jacket.

    Lady armor.

    Its that mysterious XAG sign.

    At the Meiji Jingumae crossing.

    Another recently-ish opened mini fashion mall - Tokyu Plaza.

    Just entered Omotesando.

    We turn into a side road to see a looooong (cat) queue of folks lining up for some waffles.

    Time to check out the Singaporean Hokkien Mee restaurant Yac Man - tis located in the small road below.
    [gmap=35.668486, 139.706560]

    Only a few more countries left to visit in Asia.

    Hokkien Mee!

    Lovely bright n clean interior.

    Carrot Cake portion is about 1/3rd the size of Singaporean portions though.

    Quite a few Christmas decorations up by now but more in the first week of December.

    Exploring the back streets of Harajuku filled with local brand fashion stores.

    Tokyo is not without its graffiti but its *usually* in places where there is a mutual understanding that its OK to scribble on. Rarely would you see graffiti on trains and peoples houses.

    Pedestrians and cars share the same space.

    The fashion store that all gaijin love - WOMB!

    A shop dedicated to selling stickers.

    Lovely stickers! But they each cost 300 yen. Which of these is your fave? The 2 oppai ones bottom left look cute ^^

    Got both NEX 5N and RX100 with me today - most of these taken on the SONY RX100.

    Our drink vending machines are colourful.


    Now outside Omotesando Hills - filled with shops that I never shop from.

    Omotesando Hills is filled with brand name shops. But have always thought to myself how do they make enough money to keep these shops open? I never see anybody in them.
    Maybe the marketing budget is used and the main purpose of these stores is for exposure and branding?

    They done up the inside with a lovely Christmassy theme...

    But they dont want you to take photos of it.
    Folks ask about the photos I take. I always take photo first and then ask later - but then forget to ask later.
    Dont bother asking if you can take photos because you know what the answer is going to be.

    Sometimes I do get asked not to take photos but when I politely ask the reason why, they freeze up and dont know what to say.

    Queues are people magnets in Japan. There was a TV report one day interviewing people queuing up and asking them why there were doing so - many people said that they didn't even know!

    Many folks thought that this robot dog was real at first - including me ^^;

    Now at Omotesando crossing about to turn right and head towards Shibuya.

    Chocolates look yummy!

    KFC got some new burgers. Soon the whole of Japan will be tucking into some KFC and this is why.

    At Kodomo no Shiro - this statue thingy is supposed to be for the kids to enjoy - but probably scares the death out of them.

    The middle tower building is the Amazon Japan offices - I started to work there 10 years ago as Website Manager - this is what it was like.

    110 Mbps 4G connection in your pocket for 4,410 yen per month.

    Most parking spots by the road only let you park for 1 hour - if you want to park longer then you need to move your car so that its out of the range of the parking meter sensor and then park again ><
    The meter sensor is located facing the actual car so just move your car forward and then back.

    Now in Shibuya.

    Shibuya station ahead.

    Now inside the newly opened Shibuya Hikarie mall.

    Probably the same everywhere but traffic is heavy coming into Tokyo in the morning - then heavy in the evening going out of Tokyo.

    You can get a shot of Shibuya like this from the observation deck at Hikarie.

    Shibuya station from above used to look like this many moons ago.

    Lots of food to om nom nom on at Hikarie.

    Some after dindins dessert.

    My new wallet is the Mirai Carry Case - should be available to purchase online in January or so - but next available at Comic Fiesta!

    So far we have released Japanese learning cards, T-shirts, cases and soon something much bigger in size...


    I remember seeing these type of chairs in Malaysia many moons ago - very comfy.

    Newly renovated bridge in Shibuya.

    Lovely Japanese traditional style art used in this poster.

    A poster for the Evangelion manga. The movie Evangelion 3.0 Q You Can (not) Redo recently came out too.

    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    I think Japan is the only place where you can sleep in public.

    Back on the Yamanote line heading back to base.

    This post has been added to the Places to visit in Japan category and you can find more listed up below.

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

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  • 11/29/12--20:22: Barbie Adores Adam Lambert
  • I saw this a few minutes ago on Rebecca Berry's blog, Inside the Fashion Doll Studio, and had to share it here.

    Barbie® Adores Adam Lambert

    This doll is called "Barbie Adores Adam Lambert" and is up for auction on Charitybuzz.
    Here is the text that describes the doll:
    This show-stopping, spot-on likeness of Grammy-nominated Adam Lambert is the ultimate fan must-have! You’ll definitely want this original-one-of-kind “Trespassing” in your collection! Inspired by Adam’s performance with Queen at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, Mattel designer Carlyle Nuera meticulously recreated every detail of Adam’s concert look, right down to the spiked epaulettes on his leather jacket! Yes, Adam doll is wearing a real leather jacket; leather-look pants, gloves and boots are all rock-star worthy!

    The Adam Lambert doll features a hand-painted face in Adam’s likeness and his signature tousled hairstyle. His mic is fully embellished with Swarovski crystals.

    Your original one-of-a-kind collectible comes with a certificate of authenticity, a rockin’ display case, the bejeweled mic and mic stand shown.

    Designed by Mattel designer Carlyle Nuera.
    Terms: In condition as donated. Additional shipping charges may apply based upon the location of the winner. Cannot be returned or exchanged. Cannot be resold or re-auctioned.
    Shipping and Handling The minimum shipping, handling and applicable insurance for this item is $39.95. Additional shipping charges may apply based upon the location of the winner. Hard copies of tickets, travel certificates and merchandise are shipped via FedEx or professional shipping service. Detailed redemption information for non-tangible items will be emailed to the winning bidder.
    Donated by: Mattel
    There are several Barbie themed auctions - not all of them are items I'd want in my collection.
    For example:

    Barbie™ Locks of Light Chandelier by Chris March

    "Turn your home into a dream house with this truly one-of-a-kind chandelier. It was originally hand-crafted for the real-life Barbie™ Dream House 50th anniversary event in Malibu.

    Designed by Project Runway finalist Chris March, the chandelier is made from flowing locks of Barbie hair and yes, it really works! "

    Dimensions: 26” x 32”
    About Charitybuzz

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    Join The Franklin Institute and its Official Putty Partner, Crazy Aaron’s Puttyworld, on Dec. 8 as they drop 50 pounds of putty from the ceiling of the museum’s Bartol Atrium in a fun and interactive science demonstration     PHILADELPHIA – November 28, 2012 – Science will bounce off the walls of The Franklin Institute [...]

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      Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment unveiled Deathstroke as the latest addition to the growing cast of heroes and villains in Injustice: Gods Among Us, the upcoming DC Comics fighting game.  Known as a legendary assassin, Deathstroke utilizes a small arsenal of ranged and melee weapons to penetrate his enemies’ defenses. Accompanying [...]

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    NECA posted the following news today on their Facebook page:

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      This Saturday marks the beginning of a new story arc on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. R2-D2 is part of a team of Republic droids chosen for an important mission led by the diminutive Colonel Gascon (voiced by Stephen Stanton) to obtain an encryption module from a Separatist dreadnought. The droids must overcome numerous [...]

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    LOS ANGELES, CA (November 29, 2012) – Bif Bang Pow!, under a license from CBS Consumer Products, will produce tins, drinkware and other items derived from the Star Trek: The Original Series Art Program. The program includes inspiration from Star Trek: The Original Series with 80 movie-style pieces of art eclipsing every episode of the [...]

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