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    I just realized the other day that we have not posted any cool Vintage BATMAN Toys in awhile so here we go! SPOILER ALERT: These photos are gonna make you both drool and cry! First up is this Ultra-Rare 1960's ROBIN HAND PUPPET in the original packaging. It was made by Ideal Toys in 1966. This Puppet is kinda hard to find just "loose" but getting it "Mint in Box" is worthy of putting in a Toy Museum!

    Next, is another RARE item and it's also kinda fun. This is a 1966 BATMAN AND ROBIN TOY PRIZE Header Card that showed what toy premiums you could win in a Gumball Vending Machine. Wow! They were only 10 cents! I know I would have begged my Mom for a Dime, or two, or three, ha!

    Last, but not least, is an ultra super-rare BATMAN TOY that I have to admit, in 20+ years of extremely serious bat-collecting, I have never EVER seen before! This was on evil eBay awhile back and I almost cried when I saw it. It's an extremely weird toy, sort of a thin-plastic BAT-A-RANG on a string! It's shown here still in it's original box & the retro-style graphics are wonderful!! It sold for quite a bit and whoever owns it better take good care of it, ha!

    OK, I hope you've enjoyed some of these cool toys. Do YOU have an ultra-rare bat-item or a piece you just completely love? If so, then please shoot us a photo today. Remember: Sharing the love of Collecting BATMAN is what the BAT-BLOG.COM is all about!!

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    This Eustia Astraea is utterly divine screenshot

    I'd like to simply post this gallery and say "Wow", but somehow I don't think that would get me very far. I've made it no secret that I'm a huge fan of Kotobukiya's modeling a good 95% of the time or more, but even they've gone above and beyond with this stunning figure of Eustia Astraea from the eroge Aiyoku no Eustia.

    Not exactly one to partake in untranslated games, sadly, this one slipped under my radar. It is however made by August, the creators of Fortune Arterial, which would explain why I adore the character design so much. Eustia is really something else though. What could be a rather generic angel design is remedied with some gorgeous translucent wings in several colors, and a very attractive base swirling up around her legs.

    Sadly, such a stunning figure is a Kotobukiya Shop and SBCr Shop exclusive, but if you've got the ¥14,800 to pony up, Tokyo Hunter's got you covered until January 9th. Perfect timing for a birthday present, hint hint!

    [via GA Graphic]

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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  • 11/29/11--00:48: Article 56
  • CLICK HERE To Visit The SUPERHERO STUFF Website For NEW Batman T-Shirts, Toys and Action Figures!!

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    New All-Star Behind-the-Scenes Star Wars™ Video Tribute Featuring Outtakes Debuts   Iconic Darth Vader Design Joins Exclusive Line of SU2C Star Wars T-Shirts Available at   LOS ANGELES, CA, NOVEMBER 28, 2011— Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) and Lucasfilm will continue their collaboration this holiday season when they release never-before-seen outtakes from the highly [...]

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    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Brothersfree, Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Sepia Monkey Action Figure of its 10th Anniversary Version, a collaboration project of Brothersfree and Hot Toys, which is limited to 800 sets only. This figure is fully poseable, highlighting its unique style, detailed worker tools and accessories. [...]

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    Happy Holidays SourceFans!We're happy to announce that we are extending our Black Friday deals C-05 Henkei Rodimus reissue for $32, as well as free shipping on all orders over $150 through Cyber Monday! We've also started our Holiday Sale. Over 100 hot Transformers items, many deep discounts taken up to 75% off! FREE SHIPPING on all INSTOCK orders over $150! (Domestic, international is discounted) If that's not enough excitement for the week, we also have tons of Restocked items, new instock items, and 3 v

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  • 11/29/11--00:48: Tamashii Nations by Bandai
  • I have been tasked to bring your attention to the following locales to sate your toy-desires for TAMASHII NATIONS from Bandai. I've personally liked their aesthetics and reckon you might enjoy them too (if you do not already lol) - starting with a fan-blog @ Also check out their Facebook page at (and remember to "Like"

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  • 11/29/11--00:48: CHRISTMAS PARADE
  • Whose Christmas parade is to begin so soon? Children, parents, and despots from spring’s vigor of Ju

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    No, it’s not what you think it is.  Or, at least what those of you that watch our YouTube video reviews might think.  No, sadly, “Yea, We’re Gonna Fly” has not been picked up yet by T-Pain (YET!) as of this writing. But, I was on the [...]

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    Diamond Select Toys has published images showing off the packaging design for their 9" Femme Fatale Medusa PVC vinyl statue. Follow the above link to check it out!

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    While everyone was out fighting the Black Friday crowds I was in crafting heaven - pleasantly sprucing up the artificial Christmas wreath decorations for the front of our house.

    And, I have to say, I was actually reveling in the fact that after 20 years my artificial wreaths are still as good as new. I thought to myself, "Now that's a GOOD BUY."

    I dare say most of the items purchased on Black Friday would not be as good as new 20 years from now.

    The first few years that we lived in our house hubby and I would go out on Black Friday and buy fresh evergreen wreaths and fresh evergreen garland to decorate the front of our house for the holidays. The fresh greens always smelled great and looked beautiful but, they weren't cheap. I was always amazed at how expensive fresh greens were.

    When we first started decorating the outside of the house we decided to not only decorate the house, but to decorate the three blue spruce trees that we have at the front of our house. Back then the blue spruce trees were small enough so we could decorate them. We used three blue flood lights and shone them up through the blue spruce creating a wonderful snowy effect.

    We put small electric candles in the windows, hung fresh garland around our front door and lamp post, and hung four fresh evergreen wreaths with red bows on the front of the house.

    We also added two large grapevine deer that my brother and I had found on a shopping trip to Sturbridge one year to the front yard. We quickly learned that we should stake them into the ground so the wind wouldn't blow them over.

    White flood lights were used to light up the front of the house and when everything was on the house just looked so festive. We both loved it, but it was a lot of work to get it looking the way it did.

    While we loved the fresh evergreen wreathes we both thought that the wreaths could be a little bigger as they really couldn't be seen from the street. However, we both knew that the cost of buying fresh evergreen wreaths the size we needed was just too expensive.

    So, one year we decided to buy four very large artificial wreaths and decorate them with pine-cones, red tie berries, and small multi-colored glass bulbs. So, off to Michaels I went to buy the largest artificial evergreen wreaths I could find. Fortunately they had four 3-feet to 4-foot wreaths that I knew would be perfect. I bought four of the large wreaths and bought four smaller artificial wreaths that I had in mind to use elsewhere.

    I also bought red tie berries, some multi-colored glass bulbs, wide red with gold trim wired velvet ribbon, and some other silk floral greenery I thought might be nice. I had in mind to create a pine-cone cluster on each side of the wreath but didn't need to buy any pine-cones as I had plenty of my own that I had collected myself and dried. I had already spray painted some of the pine-cones silver, some gold, and some with clear acrylic to preserve them.

    When I brought the wreaths home I decided to decorate them right away. I made four large bows with multiple loops out of the red and gold trimmed wide wired ribbon and fastened one to the top center of each wreath. I added pine-cone clusters to the sides and bottom of each wreath and adorned these with the red tie berries. The small multi-colored glass bulbs were added throughout the wreath for decorative affect. The wreaths looked wonderful and I loved them and thought they would be a really good addition to our Christmas decorations.

    We put these wreaths out for many, many years along with the blue flood lights, window candles, white flood lights and grapevine deer. It was always a LOT of work, but the end result was always so pretty to look at.

    While the wreaths themselves looked beautiful every year and could definitely be seen from the street we both thought that, despite the flood lights, the decorations on them could only be appreciated when viewed up close. However, we weren't about to make a change so they would just have to do.

    As the years went on the outdoor Christmas decorations started to change. We stopped lighting up the blue spruce trees as they just got too big. Eventually we stopped using flood lights to light up the house as it was just too much work. One year we stopped using the candles in the windows. And, several years ago my sister took the grapevine deer to her house as we weren't using them anymore and she thought they'd look great on her farm.

    When we put the artificial wreaths away last year we realized that the years of being outside had finally taken their toll on the red berries and small multi-colored glass bulbs. Many of the red tie berries had corroded and many of the glass bulbs had broken. The pine-cones I had collected from the yard looked as good as new as did the artificial wreaths.

    We decided that we would need to spruce them up before we could put them out next year. So, this year, we purchased several boxes of large multi-colored plastic bulbs that were 3" - 4" around, and some beaded swirly silver and red accents for the sides of each wreath. I thought they would add some wonderful color to the pine-cone clusters that were still on the wreath. We wanted large bulbs as we definitely wanted them to be seen from the street. And, we wanted them to be plastic so they would last.

    It took several hours to update the decorations on the wreaths. By the time I was finished my hands and lower arms were not too happy with me and ready to go on strike. My hands were covered with tiny wire cuts from working with the artificial evergreen wreaths, wired floral, and plastic bulbs. However, when I was done both hubby and I were really pleased with the results. My hands might not have been - I was.

    So, we took our newly decorated wreaths outside and put them up. We were thrilled with the results. The wreaths looked great and the 3" - 4" bulbs could definitely be seen from the street.

    Twenty years ago I had bought the four artificial wreaths from Michaels for $20.00 or so each. It cost another $20 or so for the red tie berries and small multi-colored glass bulbs for a total of $100.00 or so for the 4 decorated wreaths. If you divide the cost of the wreaths ($100.00) by the length of time they lasted (twenty years) that translates into an annual cost of $5.00 a year for the wreaths to decorate the outside of our house. That's a GREAT buy. I dare say we would have spent a LOT more than that for the fresh evergreen wreaths. We probably would have had to mortgage the house by now!

    Twenty years later and the pine-cones and artificial wreaths were still as good as new. I didn't need to replace them. Hopefully, we'll get twenty years out of the new decorations. My guess is in twenty years we'll have to replace the plastic decorations, but the pine-cones and artificial wreaths will still be as good as new.

    Now that's a good buy.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!

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    NEW YORK (MainStreet) -- Toys don't need to be outfitted with gizmos or gimmicks to get top billing at a local toy store this year. According to data from Panjiva, a consulting firm that tracks suppliers across the globe, shipments of timeless toys far outnumber shipments of many items on this year's hot toys lists. Shipments of timeless toys far outnumber shipments of many items on this year's ...

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    I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting Dragatomi, but my boyfriend Rodger was in Sacramento over the Thanksgiving weekend. He took some (iPhone) photos of their current Plush-o-Rama show, and I shared them on my Flickr. The Plush-o-Rama … Continue reading

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    While some shoppers may have gone a little crazy … they left a few things on the shelves … yea, both CARS 2 items from Target & Walmart seems like they will be getting a new “SALE SALE SALE” in the next 4 weeks or wait it out for the 75% off sale … If [...]

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    This Letia Adolf gallery is wunderbar! screenshot

    A few months ago we took a look at this adorable little liebchen from Kotobukiya, featuring the most moe führer you'll ever set eyes on. She didn't seem to get a rousing response back then, but perhaps a look at this gallery will give you a refresher or change your mind.

    Being a simple figure, this gallery doesn't reveal too much that's new about the design, though I must say I do like the gradient effect along her skirt instead of it being merely shaded or one solid color. Plus, of course, still a big fan of the cutely curly tips of her hair! What do you think? Does this Adolf have anyone saying jawohl? 

    [via Shimazou Report]

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    The Five Families that run the CARS underworld … the Corleone, Barzini, Tattaglia, Stracci, and Cuneo families … er, whoops, wrong franchise … The Trunkov’s, Pacer’s, Hugo’s, Grem’s and Professor Zundapp. Vladimir Trunkov … & family. Tubbs Pacer (no diecast info as of yet) heads the Pacer Group. Victor Hugo heads the Hugo family. Ivan [...]

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  • 11/29/11--00:48: Name That…Tatters
  • Yes, this looks like a bunch of tattered threads. It almost is.  

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    Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Samurai Predator Collectible Figure inspired by the 2004 sci-fi movie Alien vs. Predator. This figure is from the Hot Toys' Artist Collection, a collaborative project with great collectible figure artists. This figure was designed and painted by Mr. Takayuki Takeya and sculpted by Mr. Yuji Oniki. [...]

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      The other day my mom’s group was talking about an ant farm for Christmas. Apparently one of the kids is obsessed with the ant farm in her preschool class- so mom was thinking that it might be something different to get her. I know an ant [...]

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    Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Samurai Predator Collectible Figure inspired by the 2004 sci-fi movie Alien vs. Predator from the Artist Collection for Hot Toys series, a collaboration project with great collectible figure artists. This is the first entry in the Hot Toys’ Artist Collection. Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia will [...]

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