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  • 11/08/12--09:32: The Lunar Sprogs
  • Cris Rose has released four new Lunar Sprogs - in blank prototype form. These have little removable space-domes and are twice the size (3.75") of the first Sprogs released. The four new characters are: • Rigadon  (2 eyes, chiseled jaw) • Runcorn  (1 grumpy eye) • Rutherford (2 eyed brain in a jar) • Roemer [...]

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    On November 10, Leanna Lin’s Wonderland celebrates their last art opening event of 2012 with three fabulous artists. The main gallery wall features ‘Far Away Places’ showcasing the latest works from Artist Sisters: Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger. The November/December … Continue reading 

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    UK Based Toy Store, Cult of Toy has teamed up with Mr Mead to create their first in house figure dubbed, Johnny Birdman. This soon to come figure stands a whopping 16” tall with a ton of paint applications in the works. The translation from drawing to 3D sculpt is...

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    Instead of Santa and the North Pole, toy store chain Toys “R” Us is utilizing a newsroom and reporters in some of its digital promotional efforts this holiday season.

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    If you missed Lou Pimentel’s Junior at NYCC, here’s your chance to grab the new “Hellfire” edition produced by mph labs. This, what I feel may be the OG edition, will soon be available at all your favorite retailers. If you aren’t sure if they are picking this rad new...

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    The first In the TW-T series is one impressive figure. The quality improvements from Hegemon are astounding. Watch the ToyWorld TW-T01 Grind Rod video review for the ultimate Not G1 Rollbar toy now.

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    Brought to you by YouTube user doubble80, he shows off the comibind limb mode, some features and a much need hip fix. Check out the videos below. I will update when a full, extensive review is uploaded. Stay tuned, for now, enjoy the sneak peek!

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    Swoon Gallery presents Get the Lead out IV! A show featuring over 35 artists from around the world, using different mediums, which include pencil, crayon, ink, acrylic, and oils. Participating artists include: Anne-Julie Aubry, Amy Dover, Ania Tomicka, Ashley Voss, Bec Winnel, Christos Tsintsaris, Christopher Uminga, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Daisy...

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    Spooky Cool Labs and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced The Wizard of Oz game for Facebook. The game is based on the film and includes music from the original soundtrack. It also features video clips from the film and resemblance of characters , including Judy Garland and Margaret Hamilton. Players will have the opportunity [...]

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    [Business Wire] - Global branded play company Hasbro, Inc. today announced that it has been recognized in The Civic 50 survey as one of America’s most community-minded companies. Hasbro was selected in the top 10 by The Civic 50, the first comprehensive ranking of S&P 500 corporations that best use their time, talent, and resources to improve the quality of life in the communities where they do business.

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    Soon I will be back to taking pictures with a real camera. It's been so long. My studio is getting the finishing touches this week. It feels like forever. 
    Here is a partial view of the room.

    The big window is called an egress window. In PA all houses with basements built after a certain year have to be built with a way to exit other than using the staircase to go up.  I have another smaller window on the adjacent wall. Lots of light. My last studio was constructed as a darkroom - literally - and that's what it was. There was no light at all other than artificial. This will be interesting to see how and if I incorporate the light into my work.
    Yes, the black and white floor was intentional as it is exactly how I did the flooring in my darkroom years ago.

    Yesterday I finished redressing the last Fashion Royalty doll. They were the most time consuming of all dolls to redress and display. I did lots of body swapping as I'm tending to like the slimmer bodies of the Monogram dolls for some of my FR.

    Here are some random display pics from last night.
    My current crop of Eugenias.
    Another gorgeous Vanessa.
    She's been on display in our bedroom this past week.
    Silkies are the best for displaying early Fashion Royalty fashions.
    Poor thing is still naked. I'm not loving her.
    Only a few Gene dolls left to dress.
    The only Agnes (left) I have kept out of all of them.
    In this and the next two photos are some of my older FR dolls. Several have been re-rooted and all have been re-bodied. Dress on the right is a Huckleberry Jackson.

    The Kyori on the right is one of the very few dolls I own that has never been redressed. She was the last Atelier doll.

    I love my Mini Avantguard dolls.
    Somehow Liz doesn't belong.

    What a serious waste of money this doll was. I hate her hair. Her outfit is cheap. Only the sculpt is nice.

    She has been transferred to one of Angelic Dreamz demi-Jamieshow bodies. If I could, I'd put all my Silkstone dolls on these articulated, BJD bodies. They are fabulous.

    Currently I have two Dynamite Dolls. That's more than I usually have. The girl dolls' clothes are from Clear Lan. Boots on left are Azone. Green handbag is Purse of the Month from a while back.
    I purchased the outfit from the Kesenia "Your Kind of Model" doll after seeing IRL pictures. The doll's vampire mouth still doesn't appeal to me, but the outfit is wonderful.

    The base dress is a pastel pink strappy cocktail sheath and will stand alone as a lovely garment. It's beautifully designed and constructed. The over dress is sheer black with silver and black embroidery.
    The shoes are too small for FR2 feet but they are also nicely designed.

    My model is a re-rooted True Royalty Vanessa who is sporting an FR2 body. I had to 'tie' the straps on the pink dress to make the bodice smaller for this body.

    It comes with silver colored jewelry (earrings, bracelet and ring) an embroidered handbag with a magnetic closure and a faux fur jacket. That's a lot of fashion and well worth it. 

     And for a little comic relief:
    Modern Reproduction Ginny dolls.

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  • 11/08/12--11:35: Catch These Crooks…
  • above image is a video capture of a couple of thieves who stole over $200 worth of merchandise from Dragatomi's shop in Sacramento. They just walked off with it. One thing the designer toy community is known for is coming together to help fellow toy enthusiasts...whether it's finding stolen art, calling out plagiarized material, [...]

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    I have been meaning to post this new BATMAN Product Review for awhile but finally got around to it today, sorry! About 2 weeks ago I was at my local Wal-Mart. If you shop there you know that they now have a mini-bookstore area where they display bestsellers & popular books. They also have a "Children's Book" section. There, I found this very cool BATMAN Book that I knew I could not pass-up. It's called "My Busy Books" & is published by Phidal Publishing, which is located in both Canada & the UK. So, for that reason, it was kind of weird to find it at my local store. 

    Anyways, this book is extremely cool! It's more than just a book, it's also sort of like a mini-playset. This book is pretty BIG & I'm talking it's almost 1 1/2" thick! But it's not big because it has a lot of pages to read ( there are only like 6 or 7 to read ) but it has an area in the back which is kind of like a "storage area". This "box" contains a Playmat with 4 different Gotham City Street Scenes and 12 PVC Plastic Figurines.

    For me it's these figures which totally sold the thing to me. They're really cool & very detailed. The list of characters include: Batman, Robin, Nightwing, The Joker, Catwoman, The Penguin, Ra's al Ghul, Riddler, Manbat, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, and Two-Face. They measure approx. 1 1/2" tall & are very detailed. Another cool bonus about the book is that the artwork is really great!

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    From the celebrated one-shot DC Comics Graphic Novel, "Batman: The Killing Joke", comes the Clown Prince of Crime himself, The Joker! Other than an interesting origin story for him, the book also features one of the most famous scenes in the history of comics: Joker shooting Barbara Gordon (which would in turn lead to her becoming the hero Oracle).

    Almost as famous as its contents is Joke's iconic cover image, captured for the first time as an
    ARTFX Statue! Featuring a portrait inspired by the graphic novel cover art coupled with an original pose by Kotobukiya, this new statue brings the maniacal clown to life as you've never seen him before. Joker stands with one foot resting on a crate of dynamite, smiling his huge toothy grin as he snaps a photo on his old school film camera.

    The sadistic villain's costume is incredibly detailed, showing off every seam, cuff, button, crease, and more on his purple three piece suit and trench coat. His outfit is even topped off by authentic studded spats, fedora, iconic white gloves, and lapel-pinned flower.

    The Joker's elongated white painted face leaps right off of the graphic novel cover with its deep laugh lines, left eye squeezed shut, and unruly green hair peeking out from under his hat. There's even a motion sensor built into the base that activates an LED spot lamp and camera shutter sound after a brief delay.

    As an added bonus, the lamp is movable and can be placed at any angle around the statue! The Killing Joke Joker stands 11 inches tall (1/6th scale) on a special display base that includes the broken crate of dynamite, LED lamp, and a creepy cherub henchman. It has a Scheduled Release Date of June 26th, 2013. But, you can pre-order it now from TFAW and save 20%. Lights, camera, action!

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    It's no surprise that I totally love the BATMAN character but one thing many people will probably not know is that I also like 2 other things as well, Books and Philosophy! So, when the opportunity came along for me to read this new paperback book by Wiley Books, titled, "BATMAN AND PHILOSOPHY: THE DARK KNIGHT OF THE SOUL", I totally jumped on it!

    Well, I gotta say that after reading it I can only say a few things about it without giving away too many plot points. One, it's an extremely interesting book even if you are ONLY a Fan of the Bat AND have no interest in Philosophy. The book does a great job at being both a "Batman History" book AND a series of essays all about philosophical theory.

    This book does a pretty good job at answering many questions like:
    • Why doesn't Batman Just kill The Joker & end his crime spree?
    • Can we hold the Joker responsible for his actions?
    • Is Batman better than Superman?
    • What is the Tao of the Bat?
    • Is Batman a Moral Exemplar?
    • What is the Social Order of Gotham City? 
    • Can anybody become the Dark Knight?
    The book is basically broke down into approx. 20 different essays which all try to answer these questions & many more. Almost every essay is written by a different Author, so each one has a very unique writing style. But this doesn't take away from the story in any way, it actually adds many fresh and different view points & that keeps it interesting.

    I'd also like to add that the 3 Editors of this book: William Irwin, Mark White, and Robert Arp all did a fine job here. The book, in paperback form, has about 294 pages & was published ©2008. If you're a serious Batman Fan then you're gonna love this book. So, Please, Go Check it Out!

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    With Christmas right around the corner I have the perfect gift for baby this year. This has got to be my must have baby gift as it grows with your child and has plenty of features they’re bound to love. We were sent the new Playskool Rocktivity Center to review. My 3 year old immediately took... [Continue Reading]

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    0 0 announces a new idea for fundraising that helps both schools and retailers. Retailers such as Walgreens, Shutterfly, Omaha Steaks, and ProFlowers will team up with schools, with 20 to 50 percent of earnings going to the purchaser’s school of choice.

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    DesignerCon 2012: Vaud Villain Toys screenshot

    At first glance, the Vaud Villain Toys booth might seem like any other toy retailer's set-up. But it was also the place where you could find Vaud Villain's Nick Bane and his two handmade pieces: the resin Bi-Polar Molar and the custom Mono Martian Munnys. The molars are relatively simple designs, but also relatively inexpensive at around US$15-20 depending on the set you want to buy.

    For those who couldn't attend DCon, the Bipolar Molars and my Mono Martian Munnys are up in the Vaud Villain store for purchase. Through November 10, you can enter the code "DCON 2012" (no quotes, obviously) to save 15 percent off your total order.

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