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    TV programmes, films, books and games give us the opportunity to explore distant worlds without even having to leave the comfort of our own bedrooms; they also allow us to see representations of countries and towns that we wouldn't be able to visit in person. Intercontinental travel is still as expensive as hell, and a lot of people still don't own a passport, since they don't anticipate being able to venture beyond their home country any time soon.

    I have never left the European Union (well, that will change next year...) I moved to Germany from the UK three and a half years ago, so I probably do have the desire to travel pumping through my veins, but the farthest afield I have travelled from my hometown of Rotherham is a holiday to Lanzarote when I was two years old. As a youngster, my parents were nervous about long-distance flights, and as a 26 year old, the funds for my dream holiday sadly need to go towards other more pressing matters, such as saving for a deposit.

    But games that do the globetrotting for me are adding to the list of places I would visit if I won the lottery. Who knows? Maybe if interest rates become anything less than godawful, I will be able to plan one or two of my dream vacations in a few years' time. So, here are the games that have wanted me to get out of my armchair and pop down to the travel agent's office.

    Did Catherine make you want to do a space tourism?

    The real-life places that games made me want to visit screenshot


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    This week on Radio Free Cybertron: Lots of fun stuff going on this week! We announce the winners of our Twitter contest, we are giving away Titans Return Arcee and The Last Knight Valvotron! The voice cast for Power of the Prime was announced! We share our thoughts! Plus we speculate on rumored upcoming Transformers assortments. Also, there's a ton of other news this week including a heavy third party week, with new Combaticons, Aerialbots, and upgrade parts. We talk about the upcoming Movie Masterpiece Ironhide, new photos of Volcanicus and much, much more! PLAYDownload MP3Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayRSS

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    Trump attacks Wall Street Journal as 'fake news' over his North Korea commentsThe president accused the Journal of intentionally misquoting him on North Korea to generate a story.

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    Could President Trump Cause Oil Prices to Top $80 a Barrel?The president is one of the many wild cards that analysts at Citigroup think might drive crude back into the $80s.

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    Intel and Micron Dissolve 3D NAND PartnershipThis long-standing memory industry joint venture is effectively coming to an end.

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    (Source: All right, I’m impressed. I’m not sure I’m $1,600 impressed, but I definite

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    3 Reasons It's Smart to Take Social Security Benefits at 62If you can swing it, there are some very good reasons to not delay starting to collect Social Security. Here are three -- see if they persuade you.

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    My guns or my ganja? Firearm-owning pot fans face a choiceThe federal government says grass and guns don't mix, and that is putting gun owners who use marijuana — and the strongly pro-gun-rights administration of President Donald Trump — in a potentially uncomfortable ...

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  • 11/28/17--12:27: Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit
  • One of the hottest Christmas toys this year, the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is perfect for kids who love to build or are budding inventors. In the age of maker technology, the Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is the latest release from littleBits, the maker of “Smart toys for Smart Kids”. Following their release… Read More

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    It's a three-day weekend for most people in the US (apology in advance if you're not getting Monday off) and there's no better time to scroll endlessly away on the web, basking in capitalism delight. If you've passed the holiday sales hangover, then this respite from our weekend deal hiatus may just be what the doctor ordered.

    This week we're spotting tons of sales event with GameStop continuing with their popular pre-owned game sale where you can pick up 4 used games under $4.99 for $10. It's the same set of titles you've seen before and about 3,000 titles qualify. Most are of the old platform variety, though there are a dozen Wii U and PS4 titles, along with about sixty Xbox One games.

    In Winter/New Year sale land, both GOG and Humble Store are continuing the PC digital game sale frenzy. If you missed out on Steam Store's Winter Sale because you were in a cave somewhere during much of December (just like us!), Humble Store's sale is essentially Steam Sale redux. GOG's New Year sale is slightly better in our opinion as we're spotting quite a bit more new historic low titles. In either case, check the links to both sales event below for a price breakdown on noteworthy picks.

    Finally, in the hardware department, GameStop is offloading a number of pre-owned Wii U system starting at $139.99. You'll find a Wii U 32GB system with two games for $139.99 (Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed); or the better bundle for $169.99 with Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario 3D World; there's also a console-only Wind Waker themed for $139.99 but we feel this is a moot deal given no games are included.

    Top Weekend Deals

    Sales Events


    Upcoming Releases

    PC Game Deals

    Console Game Deals


    Xbox One

    Nintendo Deals

    HDTV Deals

    Hardware Deals

    Game deals from Dealzon. Sales help support Destructoid.

    Weekend deals: GameStop's 4 used games for $10 and Humble's Winter Sale screenshot

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    As a gay, there is nothing more infuriating than when critics and the press praise a straight actor for playing a gay character. Unless he is being teabagged and fisted on camera, that shit ain't brave. That's just a guy doing his job. By the way, maybe if Armie Hammer was getting fisted and teabagged on camera, people would have gone to see Call Me By Your Name.

    But second to that is the argument that you can't be homophobic because at one point in your life a gay was in close proximity to you. That's the position Quantic Dream founder David Cage is taking following a trio of articles accusing the studio of being of a toxic workplace. As reported in Le Monde, Mediapart, and Canard PC -- side note, don't click that last link unless you have a container of eye bleach nearby -- Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière, Quantic Dream's co-CEO and CFO, are facing a variety of accusations including overworking staff, overlooking racist and sexist jokes including 600 crude Photoshops, and inappropriate behavior.

    Le Monde -- the only paper without a paywall -- interviewed 15 former employees about their experience with the company. While Cage's work ethic is almost universally praised, his management style is not. In February of last year, an IT manager for the company was sent a cache of 600 Photoshops featuring employee faces pasted onto sometimes sexist or homophobic imagery, the earliest of which dates back to 2013. Also, there's some Nazi stuff thrown in there because of course there is.

    Cage and de Fondaumière told Le Monde they only saw the images considered funny even though they were cc'd on emails containing a link to the folder with all of the questionable material. Le Monde spoke with Cage at Quantic Dream where he argued the company is not a "rugby locker room," which sounds like a play on that "locker room talk" nonsense we had to deal with in 2016. The best part of this entire piece comes directly after that when William Audureau, the article's author, notes that just behind Cage is a picture of a dick with balls dropping a fart.

    Perhaps most damning is two employees recounted an incident where Cage was viewing security camera footage of a burglary and he turned to an employee of Tunisian descent and inquired if he was related to them.

    David Cage can't be homophobic because Ellen Page screenshot


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    This weekend saw not only the first Splatfest of 2018 take place, but also the first global Splatfest in some time. Players worldwide battled it out on Nintendo's arena-shooter Splatoon 2, in a fight which saw Pearl's love of the Action genre take on Marina's penchant for Comedy.

    After a day of colourful carnage, Action cleanly won the vote, taking 58% of the public poll. Comedy, however, pulled itself back into the game in both Solo and Team play, scoring a narrow 51% in both modes. Thus, Comedy takes the final victory 2 - 1. I guess the power of laughter should never be underestimated, even when compared to an uzi-wielding Chuck Norris' flick.

    Marina is probably pretty damn stoked to win the first Splatfest of 2018. Perhaps this could be a reversal of fortunes for the funky octopus, who came in second place to Pearl over the cumulative course of 2017. It will be interesting to see whether she builds momentum over the coming months, or whether her adorable gremlin buddy will maintain dominance.

    Splatoon 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch.

    Splatoon 2's first Splatfest of 2018 reaches its conclusion screenshot


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    Well, that was a clothes call! Steiffgal saw a wonderful antique Steiff doll in a really eye-catching outfit listed online, but the seller would not ship to the United States. After a little back and forth with the seller - including assuring her that this doll would love her new home in America and would have lots of new Steiff friends here - everything worked out and the transaction was completed. All's well that ends well! Now it's your turn to check out this darling girl and see what makes her, and her costume, so appealing.  Does she call to you as well?

    This lovely little lady is named Lena. She is 35 cm tall and arm and leg jointed. She is one of Steiff's late 1930's era pressed felt faced dolls. Her seamless face comes to life with inset glass pupil eyes, a well formed and dimensional nose and mouth, and painted eyebrows. Her cheeks and lips are also highlighted to give her more contrast and coloration. Her long-ish blond hair is made from mohair, and her body and limbs are made from flesh colored felt. Lena's Steiff IDs include a small trailing F style button and yellow tag which are worn on a red rubber bracelet around her wrist (as her ears are molded as part of her head and cannot accommodate a button). She may have had a named, watermelon style bear faced chest tag when she left the factory in Giengen almost 80 years ago, but it has been lost to time.  

    Lena's all original costume is as pretty as a picture. She wears a blue felt dress and a cotton blouse with white sleeves. Her apron is made from a light blue floral fabric; her bodice is decorated with red, blue, white, and green embroidered trim. Under all these layers she dons a red, white, and blue calico skirt. Her thigh-high white socks are made from cotton, and her black Mary-Jane style shoes are felt. Her "proper topper" is a black head scarf.

    Lena, and many of her dolly brothers and sisters, are featured in Steiff's 1938/39 product catalog. You can see the page here on the left; Lena is the middle doll in the middle row. Please click on the illustration to make it bigger. She appears to have caught the attention of a sweet Waldi dog, as well as the handsome boy named Jockel on her right. The numbers around her correspond to 35 = 35 cm tall, 220 g = how much she weighs, and 8.40 = she costs 8.40 German marks. She is the heaviest, and also the most expensive, doll model on the catalog page; in today's dollars she would cost roughly $55. It is also interesting to note that she also has another word in her brief documentation - "Vierlanderin." 

    Such a morsel of information made Steiffgal hungry to learn more. It turns out that Vierlande is a four district area of about 77 square kilometers located in Hamburg in southeast Germany. Digging a little deeper, it appears that Lena is wearing a traditional Vierlande outfit which includes a dark dress, white shirt, lighter apron, elaborate bodice, and a large hat. Steiff has a long tradition of producing dolls in national or ethnic clothing, starting at the turn of the 20th century when they made a series of regionally dressed farmers from different areas around Germany. The picture of the Vierlander on the right is from 1900 and is from Museums Victoria in Australia. As always, Steiff has done a masterful job capturing the details and authenticity behind this lovely outfit.

    Steiffgal hopes you are totally in-to this great doll out-fit!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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    Interested In United Technologies Corporation (NYSE:UTX)? Here’s What Its Recent Performance Looks LikeFor investors with a long-term horizon, examining earnings trend over time and against industry peers is more insightful than looking at an earnings announcement in one point in time. InvestorsRead More...

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    How North Korea's 2018 playbook may workRichard Harris of Port Shelter Investment Management says North Korea appears to have a playbook in place in its talks with South Korea on the Winter Olympics.

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    Pickup trucks the stars at the Detroit auto showFord, GM and Fiat-Chrysler are all looking to pickup trucks in 2018, says Matt DeLorenzo at the Kelley Blue Book.

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    Initial US bank earnings show regulatory loads easingU.S. banks will become more willing to consider M&A, share-buybacks and increased lending after the tax cuts, says Kevin Miller of Systelligence.

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    Trump defends self after comments, says: 'I am not a racist'President Donald Trump defended himself Sunday in the wake of recent disparaging comments about Haiti and African nations, declaring that "I am not a racist." Trump addressed the issue briefly ...

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    Allianz's Dwane Sees Underlying U.S. Economy Struggling to GrowJan.14 -- Allianz Global Investors Portfolio Manager and Global Strategist Neil Dwane discusses Fed policy, the dollar and the economy. He speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia."

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