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  • 01/01/18--04:49: Sticking 2 It
  • This one contains real wood! They don’t make sticks like they used to.

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    It’s not just a RC … yep, you can literally drive your cake & eat it … I need this.

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    I don’t think I’I ever seen this version actually on the road but it looks pretty cool … Where’s the WiFi button? Available for sale – check it out HERE.

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    Good luck explaining Columbia House to kids … or 8-tracks … do kids even know how to write a check?  Or how to put a stamp n a letter? Ir how to mail a letter? 🙂

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    I hate snow, but I love snowmen.  Go figure!!!

    If you love making snowmen too, you'll be happy to know that we have several free tutorials, e-patterns, and e-books for creating adorable snowmen.  Just click the links below.  Enjoy!

    Please respect My Terms of Use:  All patterns, e-patterns, printables, e-printables, e-books, tutorials, how-to's, articles and other e-products © 2004-2016 Linda Walsh Originals-Designs by Linda Walsh. All rights reserved. Commercial selling or reselling by any means prohibited without the written consent of Linda Walsh.

    However, you may link to my website(s)/blog(s) and the individual page(s)/blog post(s) (including 1 picture) but do not copy, reprint or duplicate my website(s)/blog(s) or individual page(s)/post(s) without my permission.

    Items made from Linda Walsh Originals Products are intended for personal use for fun or small scale personal and business profit as long as you credit us with the design. Large scale commercial use (i.e. mass production) of items made from Linda Walsh Originals products are by permission only.

    Please see my Terms and Conditions for additional information.

    Copyright © 2004 - 2016 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

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    It's no secret that I hate snow, but love creating snowmen. Go figure! As a result I've made quite a few snowman of all different shapes and sizes. Some require a lot of work and some are quick and easy.  All have product lines of their own.  Here's a few of them:

    Stick Me Right Ornament

    I love working with popsicle sticks as they are easy to paint and can be made into just about any seasonal or holiday ornament decoration you might want - like a snowman.  So, I decided one weekend to make a few.  I'm happy to report that they were very easy to make.

    As snowmen go they don't get much cuter than "Stick Me Right Snowman Ornament."

    Stick Me Right Snowman Ornament is a handmade 5" painted wooden Popsicle stick snowman with an adorable face,  fringed flannel scarf wrapped around his neck, and long fabric cap on his head.

    "Help Me I'm Sliding!" Snowman Ornament

    "Help, I'm Sliding!" loves a good snowball fight and couldn't say "no" when his friend, "Give Me More Snow!" asked him to participate. So he eagerly agreed and has been helping to stockpile the snowballs all week. He, too, noticed that someone was stealing their snowballs and doesn't like that one bit. But, who is it? They have to find out and find out quickly before all their snowballs are gone.

    "Help, I'm Sliding!" is a 10" primitive flannel snowman ornament. His body is two-tiered and his face is embroidered. He has blushed cheeks and is coffee stained throughout. He is wearing his favorite flannel cap. A fringed flannel scarf is wrapped around his neck and tied in a knot on the right side.

    "Marsh Me Snow!" Snowman Ornament

    "Marsh Me Snow" just loves snowballs and loves a good snowball fight.

    In fact, he brags about being quite good at a snowball fight.

    So, what do you think? Do you want to have an old fashioned snowball fight with "Marsh Me Snow!"

    "Marsh Me Snow!" is a 9" primitive flannel cloth snowman. His face is embroidered with black X's and his cheeks are blushed. He is coffee stained throughout.

    "Marsh Me Snow" has a fringed flannel scarf wrapped around his neck. That is - if you can find his neck! He is a snowball after all!

    "Give Me More Snow! Snowman Ornament

    "Give Me More Snow!" and his friend, "Help, I'm Sliding!" are getting ready for the big snowball fight. They've been stockpiling their snowballs all week and hiding them all over the park where the snowball fight is going to occur. But, someone has been stealing their snowballs and they are trying to find out who it is.

    "Give Me More Snow!" is a 9" primitive flannel snowman ornament. His body is two-tiered and his face is embroidered. He has blushed cheeks and is coffee stained throughout. He is wearing his favorite knit cap with pompom. A fringed fleece scarf is wrapped around his neck and tied in a knot on the right side.

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    I like various kinds of decorations for the winter season. Some of the decorations I like to put out during this period are snowmen, polar bears, skaters, Victorian snow-ladies, and mittens. That's right - mittens!

    I made an adorable 5" woodcraft mitten a few years ago and love putting it out every winter season. It makes an adorable decoration and the graphic I used for my free e-book made an adorable graphic for some custom fabric.  Hope you like it.

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  • 12/31/17--23:39: Ghostbusters – LEGO Video
  • just a few million bricks …

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  • 12/31/17--23:44: Have a Fun & Safe 2018
  • For the best of times … YUM! I do give them credit for total honesty in calling them “flavored beads” instead of some fake marketing phrase.

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    The R-Type series was one of the first shooter franchises I remember playing outside of my random jaunts with Galaga and the like, so I'm always happy to see it maintain its relevance. Retro-Bit is doing just that by re-releasing it in physical form on the SNES, which will bring with it a giant bundle with various goodies.

    Ride the tiger You can see his stripes but you know he's clean Oh don't you see what I mean.

    You don't? Oh, right, Holy Diver wasn't just a rockin' song by Dio, it was also an NES platformer, and it's coming back too. Retro-Bit is also doling out the NES game in physical form, and both are coming to Switch!

    Coming Soon [Castlemania Games]

    Super R-Type is back with an SNES reprint from Retro-bit screenshot

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    It's January 1st, that means we get to do all of this over again, except hopefully better. However 2017 went down for you, the new year brings new potential and fresh opportunity, and I hope all you guys 'n' gals grab hold of that and run to the moon with it.

    However, some of you right now might not be feeling that "get up and go", and are instead nursing hangovers, or struggling to simply roll out of bed, having spent a squalid night of debauchery ringing in the coming of the new year.

    Not me though, I welcomed in 2018 with eggnog, playing some Pinball FX3 and beating that frikkin' robot on Cuphead (just Wally Warbles left and Expert is done). Perhaps some of you also chose video game battles over actual pub brawls with that fella who was your buddy five minutes ago, but now wants to kick your head in over Brexit*

    Some of you may also be lucky enough to be off work today, and as such will settle down with your controller and a full day's worth of gaming. So, did you spend New Year's Eve in the company of some the year's best releases? Do you have plans to relax with vidyagames today?

    Let us know what you got up to and, of course, have a very happy and successful 2018.

    *insert local political debate

    Did you ring in 2018 with video games? screenshot

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    Transformers Generations Power of the Primes Leader Class figures are 9-inch-scale figures that come with a Matrix accessory and converting Evolution Armor. Use the Evolution Armor to evolve these figures. With the Matrix of Leadership, Orion Pax becomes leader of the Autobots: Optimus Prime. Autobot Hot Rod becomes leader of the Autobots: Rodimus Prime. The set is priced at $99.99 or each single it $54.99.

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    The staff at wishes a happy and prosperous new year to Transformers fans everywhere. Here is to 2018, and a new year of filled with excitement and surprises! May the Power of the Primes fill your shelves, the fury of the Transformers be ours in Titan Returns, and Bumblebee: The Movie not totally suck.

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    Is There a Right Age to Retire?What's the right age for you to retire? Answering these five questions will tell you.

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    Air Force Could Test "Flying Aircraft Carriers" as Early as Next YearNext step: Building stealthy motherships.

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    Cutting Social Security Benefits Might Actually Be a Good Idea -- Hear Me OutThough the American public overwhelmingly supports raising tax revenue in order to fix Social Security, cutting benefits might also be a prudent choice.

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    Recreational marijuana is now for sale in California — here's what you need to knowSales of non-medical marijuana began on Monday, January 1. Adults over the age of 21 can buy up to an ounce of marijuana and grow as many as six plants at home without a doctor's letter. California has issued temporary licenses to over 40 dispensaries, which allows them to sell non-medical marijuana starting January 1.

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    Here's when Google, Samsung, and LG's 2018 flagships will potentially launch (GOOGL)The devices on the list are all expected to run Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor. The release dates of many of the devices had already been rumored. As 2017 rapidly comes to a close, many smartphone manufacturers are likely in hyper drive, putting the finishing touches on their 2018 devices.

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    One of the biggest letdowns in Destiny 2's first expansion (and Bungie's entire history, actually) is the "Infinite Forest." Initially this was billed as some sort of repeatable activity, and some fans even thought it would operate like the fun endgame Rift system from Diablo III -- but we were all dead wrong.

    Instead the forest is actually quite finite, as it ends quickly with one of several activities that all feel the same, then it kicks you out entirely, and only lets you back in if you pick up a quest. You can't even enter it whenever you want on the tiny new Mercury map. Oh what could have been with just a few tweaks! Pheonise took it upon themselves to just do the heavy-lifting for the AAA developer, instead opting to crafting their own version of the system.

    As an improvement it's now truly infinite, as players earn a loot chest at the end of a segment, then have the opportunity to choose to keep going on as much as they want for more rewards. The assets are a little rough (and the author admonishes that they didn't have to work with the pre-existing codebase) but incredibly impressive for a two day development time from one person.

    Player shows Bungie how it's done, makes an Infinite Forest mockup for Destiny 2 screenshot


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    Goldman Sachs Sees Economy Stregthening in 2018, Warns About Crypto, - Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) expects the U.S economy to be robust in 2018, but warns about potential detrimental effects from the credit and cryptocurrency markets. Jan Hatzius, economist at Goldman Sachs noted Friday in a report that "Asset valuations in some areas - especially credit - have risen to high levels by historical standards. While we have not seen the type of large credit expansions that would be most worrisome for Fed officials concerned about financial imbalances, there are now some signs of speculative behavior in financial markets, for example the cryptocurrency boom."Among other predictions made by Hatzius for 2018, he sees four Federal Reserve rate hikes, a 3.5% unemployment rate, and the GDP growing at 2.6%. According to the report, core inflation is expected to continue rising in 2018, and U.S wage growth is expected to resume.However, the crash of a potential bubble in cryptocurrency assets, fueled by returns of over 1290% for Bitcoin in 2017 could derail what is projected to be a strong year for the U.S economy.

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