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  • 11/05/12--05:43: Farmville feeding frenzy
  • Zynga has joined up with traditional games company Hasbro, and created a new range of Farmville games.

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    Sometimes a stuffed toy’s personality leaps out and grabs me before I can even be certain I know what animal it is. This Warthog would be a perfect example of that – her cuckoo colors, patterns, and fringe made my eyes go wide. Part animal, part sofa cushion, part reject from the Lion King (but [...]

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    My fondness for Mars Attacks is a bit random. I never owned any of the cards as a kid, and my interest in the franchise came about solely due to the hype around Tim Burton film – which, it turned out, I hated. I’m not going to get into whether it’s actually a bad film or [...]

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  • 11/05/12--06:35: S.H. Monsterarts Destroyah

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  • 11/05/12--06:38: FiguartsZero Killer

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  • 11/05/12--06:40: Robot Spirits Tallgeese

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  • 11/05/12--06:43: Ultra-Act Nexus Junis

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    Congrats to the following two TakeFive winners in the Bellywasher juice contest: John in Mo Unixed You can read the original post here. Just drop your mailing address to Tizmanian (tizmanian(at)yahoo(dot)com) and I will get the goodies out to you! Thank you for reading and participating here on Take5! Tweet This Post

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    DesignerCon 2012: Gary Ham and Rhode Montijo screenshot

    Gary Ham always seems to have something new and shiny to talk about when he shows up to a big event. For DesignerCon, that meant a new Wooper Looper in translucent (and very shiny) violet vinyl, along with a chance to get a peek at his recent Monster Toytem release. While we've seen both those pieces on Tomopop before, there was a nuce surprise for event attendees: new custom Toytem pieces and toppers that Gary had made, including an Invisible Man head and a fez Toytem topper that seem to go well together. Gary had mentioned on Twitter before the show that he was thinking about doing a translucent Invisible Man vinyl piece, and after seeing how the design looks in these photos, I would hope he does one day!

    But Gary never seems to be at these events alone, and this time around, he was tag teaming DCon with indie comic book artist Rhode Montijo, whose merchandise was centered around his Skeletown series. There were T-shirts, tops and a plush Skully on display that would look right at home alongside any of Gary's wares. Hit up the gallery for some shots of everything, including some of Gary's older toys like Fonzo, and let us know what you think.

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    Universal Orlando Resort announced that its next blockbuster attraction will be Transformers: The Ride – 3-D. The ride, created under license from Hasbro, Inc., and based on its Transformers brand, will bring the intergalactic battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons to Universal Studios Florida next summer. Universal worked closely with Michael Bay, the director of the [...]

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  • 11/05/12--07:05: Volstagg
  • Hasbro released Volstagg as part of the Thor movie line last year. He was part of a wave that apparently didn’t see a wide release anywhere, so I was fairly surprised to find him in a street vendor’s cardboard box in one of my trips to downtown in Mexico City.

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    Meteor Operation have posted news and images for the new Beelzeboss Healing Hands Custom Kit. This kit will transform your TFP Ratchet into a IDW style First Aid figure! The set includes the following accessories: IDW style headsculpt of First Aid, IDW style headsculpt of First Aid (with microscope), IDW style chest armor, and Handheld healing device. The pricing and release date are still to be announced. Check out the image below for more details now.

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      You read it right! New Big Time Rush video games are coming to a store near you November 13th. For those of you who know of or are a Big Time Rush fan, you’ll be very excited to hear about these new video games for the Wii and Nintendo DS coming just in timeRead More

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    Monster Hunter Beginner’s Guide From Culty

    I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game in my life. Always wanted to, but they just seem too huge and daunting. After checking out a sample of the 60-page Monster Hunter Beginner’s Guide from Culty, I’m 100% prepared to begin ignoring my loved ones and adult responsibilities to dive into the epic world of Monster Hunter.

    The guide is available in a few different ways:

    The Monster Hunter Beginner’s Guide was written by Roy Blakely from and is chock full of adorable art by Sarah O’Donnell, creator of Rumbirds. Together they host the podcast My Fair Hunter. Check them out because they do pretty rad things.

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    DesignerCon 2012: Toy Art Gallery screenshot

    For their DesignerCon booth, Toy Art Gallery stocked up on some exclusives — like a black and red colorway of Nathan Hamill's Strife and Sire piece or new Paul Kaiju colorways — and zombies. Yes, you heard that right: zombies, as in the Zombie Art Project. It appears that Mikie Graham's Playmobil-based custom series is back, and as you can see in the header, there's some new pieces to take a look at. You know, like a truck carrying survivors that can shoot fire at zombies.

    Also at the booth was another glance at TAG's lifesize figure series, of which we use the term "figure" loosely. They're actually fiberglass statues of popular figures, just a bit bigger. Blamo Toys' Billy, Paul Kaiju's Boss Carrion and David Flores' Deathhead are among those who've already gotten the lifesize treatment: I almost have to wonder who's next?

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    One of the hottest sellers last holiday season were iPod Touch Deals. We received emails, Facebook messages and comments on our blog asking where you could find the best deal for an iPod Touch. Last year, the best deals online were Walmart and Amazon. Walmart definitely has the best bundle deals, where you can chooseRead More

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    Sideshow Collectibles has revealed the newest addition to their sixth-scale G.I. Joe license - the COBRA meanie - Major Bludd. Available in both Regular and Sideshow Exclusive Editions, the 12-inch figure is slated to begin shipping in June 2013. Both of those versions can currently be pre-ordered for $174.99. The Major Bludd Sixth Scale Figure [...]

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    Get ready for a battle in summer 2013 between the Autobots and the Decepticons at Universal Studios Florida! A new ride that Transformers fans everywhere will be freaking out about was just announced. We’re talking about Transformers: The Ride – 3D! Already a “must-see” at Universal Studios Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood, TRANSFORMERS: The Ride – 3D isRead More

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    "This group of industrious survivors have pooled all of their resources and skills to build this seemingly invincible moving fortress for one explicit goal... get hell out of the dead infested city. Everything is going well as they begin their dangerous journey but who knows what this rag tag group of survivors will face out on the open road.""The Ultimate Escape Vehicle" is a custom Playmobil

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    Tomopop Review: Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu: Series One screenshot

    When Brian first previewed these figures, he was definitely excited for the release, even after it was pushed back. From the beginning, Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu (MAD x Round5 with Collect Bruce Lee) looked like a winner.

    With 28 different designs, some of which are variants or mystery figures and most of them featuring extra molding and accessories, there's much fun to be had with these figures. Check out my full review based on some samples after the jump!

    Bruce Lee's Temple of Kung Fu (Series 1: Blind Box figures)
    MAD, Round5, Collect Bruce Lee
    Retail: US$9.99 per blind box
    Available at: Entertainment Earth (5-pack | full tray), Bruce Lee Official (single | tray)

    Before I get into the actual figures, I suppose we should look at the box! Each blind box is predominantly yellow with, of course, Bruce Lee on one side, the figure series logo on another, then the designs and probability ratios on the other two sides, minus variants or mystery figures. These boxes are not any bigger than they need to be, which is a welcome space-saver for those who keep the trays. 

    I happened to get five unique figures in the five sample blind boxes I received in the mail, which is great for the purposes of my review. Even better, among those five I got a regular and variant of the same character for comparison. Seen from left to right, we've got Ninja, Mr. Han (variant), Bruce (variant), Mr. Han again, and Jim Kelly.

    We'll start with Mr. Han since there are two of them. I liked getting a variant here. It isn't as simple as a re-color, rather he's got his gold claw thing on one hand, a totally different expression and some damage details painted onto his purple suit. You could also kind of see here how the head posing works - it doesn't just swivel to the sides. Their heads can tilt in various directions.

    The legs don't move, but the arms do. I'm not too bothered by this though, because the payoff is a very stable base for the rest of the figure. They're all super solid/sturdy and are in no danger of falling over, which is an issue I've had with some kinds of blind box figures (particularly Funko's).


    I like the use of shading and thick lines to make the face. It's flat rather than rounded, so there's no physical depth to it here. MAD's choices with the line work definitely shine in the expressions. Also note the extra molding details with Mr. Han's hair.

    Next, we'll look at Ninja. I wasn't really able to identify this as a specific character, though do correct me if I'm wrong about this guy just being an "inspired by" sort of deal, or a goon.

    Ninja comes with a sword accessory and rather than having a detailed expression, he's got a detailed outfit. Besides the blue lines, there's extra molding on his head for where his mask ties on and for the belt. That's another big plus I've got for this series: each figure has its own touches and extras that make them unique besides being built upon by the same mold.

    Next, here's Jim Kelly. I love his fierce expression and of course, the obvious extra molding is with his hair besides the belt. There's also a little extra work there to make his shirt short-sleeved.

    Jim Kelly is a little tougher to pose in terms of tilting his head because of those epic mutton chops. This isn't a complaint though, simply an observation. His face more than makes up for it.

    Finally, of course, we've got Bruce Lee himself. The figure I pulled has him shirt-less and comes with a nunchuck accessory. He's also sporting a fun expression, has extra molding on his arms and torso for muscle, his belt and hair. The nunchuck itself fits snugly into either hand and has real string holding the two pieces together so you can swing it around a bit.

    If you're really picky, I guess you could complain that none of the accessories really slide in too far into the fists, rather you kind of have to wedge them in a little bit. They won't easily pop out, but it was a little tough to get these on Bruce as well as the sword on Ninja. Problem? Not at all. I actually have no complaints at all about this release if these five figures are representative of the kind of quality and fun I'd get out of buying the rest of the set.

    I thought it would have bothered me more that the legs aren't poseable on these figures, but really it didn't. It's nice to know that I will never have to worry about these guys falling over no matter how I pose their arms and heads and accessories. I could probably put accessories in both hands of one figure and still not worry about them tipping over.

    MAD and Co. have a big winner in this set. It's made up of entirely Bruce Lee movie and -inspired characters, so any blind box would probably be a great gift for that big martial arts movie fan you know. Everyone has a friend like that, right? Or maybe you are that person, dear reader.

    Thanks to MAD and Round5 for setting us up with these samples! They were a pleasure to review and make for great pictures. Readers, be sure to leave your comments and feedback below this article!

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