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    Ferg’s got a sweet Halloween treat for collectors. The black/grey + orange Playge Doctor s003[treats] brings the dark magic shrouded in his wizard cloak and wielding orange clear jeweled sword cane and clear katana. And finally, what would the 31st be without candy? Doc s003 comes with Playge logo treats...

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    Rack 'n' Ruin were created using a combination of two Gundam MSJ-06II-A Tieren Ground types in 1/144 scale and 3D prints of components I designed. The Paints are ModelMaster. The main green used is Olive Drab with some Dark Green and some Green Zinc Chromate. Rack'n'Ruin are Transformers from G1 who were surgically combined in a desperate attempt to save their lives. Check out more details and images for the Transformers G1 Rack'n'Ruin by Wheeljack-S70.

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    Following the release of the third party Toyworld TW-01 Hegemon Not Megatron toy. What looked like a great alternative design, appears to be a real disappointment due to extremely poor quality control. According to the post and images on Planet Iacon, the handle, body, nor the trigger guard snap together due to "gaps galore" in the plastic. Additionally, the toy suffers from lose ball-joints, abrasions on the plastic, cracks in joints, cracks around the waist, and warped plastic parts. Check out the images and details now.

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    Ty Beanie Baby Schweetheart Plush – Orangutan Review product guide for cyber monday Product ma

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    Hard to Find Nintendo Super Mario Brothers 6 Plush Petey Piranha Doll Swallowing Yoshi Egg Review pr

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    Ty Beanie Buddy – My Little Monkey – Pink Large Review product guide for black friday Pr

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  • 10/28/12--20:24: Dogs and Dairy Queen
  • kangaroo toy from the thrift store I almost feel like no matter how much I edit one sentence, there

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  • 10/28/12--20:24: Mushabellies Conan Cow
  • Mushabellies Conan Cow Review product guide for cyber monday Product manufacturer – Mushabelli

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    I posted before about  the pre-order for Zica toys trying to bring their female 8″ figure to market.   Now they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help bring this figure to production.  As of this writing there are a little more than 48 hours left in the campaign and they still have a way to [...]

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  • 10/28/12--22:00: JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (JAKK)

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    Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go! DC Super Friends Mr.Freeze Racer

    Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go! DC Super Friends Mr.Freeze Racer - Shake 'n go Racers put the control of speed and power into kids hands. Kids can play with cars inspired by their favorite Super Friends characters with the stylish and collectible vehicles. The Mr. Freeze Racer will have its own specific engine sounds and phrases that will be activated as kids shake the cars to rev them up and then watch them go.

    Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go! DC Super Friends Mr.Freeze Racer
    • Shake 'n Go Racers put the control of speed and power into kids hands
    • Just shake it up to start the "engine"
    • The more you shake it up, the longer it goes
    • Hear cool phrases every time you let it go
    • Collect all the Shake 'n Go DC Super Friends: Joker Mobile, Green Lantern Racer, Batmobile and Mr. Freeze Racer

    Buy this Pre-kindergarten toys - Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go! DC Super Friends Mr.Freeze Racer...

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    set database: LEGO 8300 LEGO technic team

     image courtesy of bricklink
     image courtesy of peeron
     image courtesy of Rober-to
    image courtesy of chiabep
    set number: 8300
    theme: technic
    year: 2000
    pieces: 7
    price: us$11
    minifigs: 2
    small technic set.
    come with 2 technic minifigs.
    included 2 helmets and 2 impact vests.
    overall design is great.
    must have for technic lovers.
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    Arkus by ridureyu, on Flickr

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    I found these winged wonders a little bit late for your Halloween plans, but I just had to share Big Bird’s Boutique’s amazing dress-up wings with you right away. I’m guessing they’re inspired by an amazing set of handmade wings I remember seeing around the web a year ago or more, but the beauty of [...]

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    Handpainted Monster & Adventure Time Plates By Anna Johnstone

    Anna Johnstone is an artist I’d never heard of before, but I cam across her stuff on Behance and it kind of blew me away. Just check out these plates! Her work reminds me of a cross between McBess and Amanda Visell.

    And if you’re not sold on this chick’s radically artistic ways, check out this adorably gnarly hipster Pikachu!

    Yup. Definitely the shiznit.

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    As a long time Star Wars figure collector, I’ve gotten use to the fact if I wait long enough I’ll see a character from that universe in figure form. However, the Marvel Movie universe is another story. While heavy on the main characters, these lines have been rather small in scope and depth. That said [...]

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  • 10/29/12--06:57: Hot Christmas Toys 2012
  • Surprise your children with the most desirable toys of the 2012 holiday season, so they won’t feel left out in the cold. From tablets to dinosaurs, with LEGO sets and princesses in between, there are toys to meet the desires and interests of every kid on the planet. To give you a heads up to [...]

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    Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, Universal Studios built their reputation on horror films. The “canonical” Universal Monsters are Dracula, Frankenstein(‘s Monster), the Wolf Man, the Mummy, and the Gillman from Creature from the Black Lagoon. However, there are other Universal Monsters who aren’t quite as well known; Quasimodo from The Hunchback of [...]

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    When, back in spring 2012, Integrity Toys announced their line up for the year, one of the most talked about dolls was She's Not There Poppy Parker. The dominant theme of the Poppy collection was swinging 60's and London back in the days of Mary Quant and Vidal Sassoon but this one stood out as she channelled uncannily the model that defined the image of an era: Twiggy. Her short, boyishly cropped hair, her mod outfit and accessories, her bold make up, all reminded us of her. Anticipation ran high, until collectors started receiving the doll. Many complaints were written on boards and blogs about how different she was from the prototype, how washed out she looked and many people felt disappointed. I was one of the people who got the doll so let's see how she measures up to expectations.

    First impressions: she is a very beautiful doll. Even inside the box she looks lovely and cute and does remind me of Twiggy a lot. People complaining she looks nothing like the promotional photos should remember that photos can be retouched/overexposed etc.  to make them look a certain way. Even Twiggy did not look like her photos did. The trick would be to see how she looked in photos taken of her and how close she would come to the prototype (which for me was not that different to begin with). 

    A major problem was immediately apparent: the hood of her coat could not be fastened under her chin. Not only was the strap a bit smaller than it should have been, the hood itself could have been cut a tiny bit bigger. And the design of the hood is completely different than the one shown in the promo photos. This was indeed disappointing.

    On a previous post I had written about the inspiration for this outfit and how it came from an identical (minus hood and boots) one that Diana Rigg as Emma Peel was wearing in the Avengers series. The same dress and coat were also photographed for British Vogue on Jean Shrimpton (who is another Poppy Parker look alike) and was designed by Jean Varon for the Avengers Collection.  I love the outfit. If you can forget the hood mishap, it is pure mod sixties in it's best. It consists of the white coat over the black dress with contrasting stripes, red fishnet stockings (which stain terribly, remove them immediately from your doll), boots, handbag, ball striped earrings (Twiggy was wearing many pairs in this style in editorials) and red Jackie O sunglasses like the white ones that Sweet Confection Poppy is wearing.

    The bag is one of the prettiest I have seen on this line so far. And she comes with a second set of white painted glove hands to maximize the mod effect. The boots are nice but I would have preferred them without the open toe. The original outfit had shoes that looked more like a negative version of the ones Bus Stop Darla is wearing.

    Her make up is, to my eyes. just like the promos - neither washed out nor pronounced. I forgot to set her eyelashes properly for most of the photo-shoot but she still looks great. Her hair is nicely cropped and I have seen many people who washed and re-set them with even better results but I still have not tried this.

    When I got Bus Stop Darla, I had to re-dress Poppy with that outfit: it is one that the real Twiggy was wearing in many photos and is very iconic. The results are breathtaking.

    She looks even better with this outfit than with the mod one (which looks great on Darla, but that's another photo shoot). It inspired me to have a series of photos tampered with to make them look vintage, like they were lifted off magazines of the 60's. I hope you like them.

    The set was made by using Karim Rashid's chess - the colours and design matched mod-Poppy very well!

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  • 10/29/12--08:26: Mixed Media angel completed
  • Completed my angel on a wooden plate. Mixed media portrait.

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