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  • 10/28/12--04:16: Super Sonico Museum

  • When I saw the first photo in this post over at, judging from the name of that post, I actually thought that Nitroplus went and made a Super Sonico Museum ^^;

    This room belongs to ULd-san from Japan who is also a figure sculptor too - you can check out his work at the end of this post.

    My office is turning into a Mirai Suenaga museum - how about your room? Is it dedicated mostly to a particular character, anime, game or genre? Do share photos of your room!

    And this is the figure that ULd-san is currently sculpting.

    One of his previous works.

    And for folks who are beknowist - Mirai and Sonico are good friends! Mirai appears in the Nitroplus game Sonicomi - I'm in it too!

    Sonico appears on my TV show Culture Japan.

    Sonico sometimes sneaks infront of the camera without me knowing!

    She did it from time to time ^^;

    Sonico logo in Culture Japan season 2 ^^;

    And the poster that Nitroplus printed to promote Sonicomi.

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    Creamous is currently on crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo soliciting for funds to convert his original 3.2 inch self-made “MISERY” figurine into a 6 inch vinyl toy, along with accessories. Check out the link here and as well the video and photos.

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    Check out Megan Schmidt's Pudgenstein and Bride! screenshot

    Megan Schmidt of Camp and Co. (formerly Campfire Culture, previously featured on Tomopop) is getting into the Halloween spirit with her sweeter-than-candy Pudgenstein and Bride plushes. Each of these plushes measures in at 10 and half inch tall and 12 and a half inches round. You can purchase the patterns either from Megan's Etsy shop or Ravelry shop. They are available as either a pair (Etsy, Ravelry), just Pudgenstein (Etsy, Ravelry), or just the Bride (Etsy, Ravelry). It should be noted that the prices are different for each site. Individual patterns cost C$5 and the pair costing C$8 (available until the end of October) on Ravelry. On Etsy, single patterns are C$5.50 and the pair are C$9. The skills required to make these plushes are: knit, purl, pick up stitches, and knit two stitches together. The pattern is written assuming you will be knitting using the magic loop method (on a circular needle) but Megan says it can easily be adapted for double-pointed needles. I should mention that I have knit several of her previous patterns and the knitter should also be comfortable switching between different colors whilst knitting. 

    If all those terms are making your head swim and you just want the darn plush without acquiring knitting skills first, Megan has also kindly listed made-to-order versions of these plushes on her Etsy shop. You can choose between the pair (C$65), only Pudgenstein (C$35), or only his Bride (C$40). 

    For those who breeze through these patterns and still want more spooky goodness, Megan's Ravelry shop still has last year's Halloween pattern, the Pudgageist, available for purchase. You can check out more of Megan Schmidt's work at her Facebook page. Be sure to have a look-see!

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  • 10/28/12--05:07: INKTOBER by Steve Talkowski
  • And while I've just posted Dacosta!'s BOTOBER aka a-robot-drawing-a-day, Steve Talkowski (creator of Sketchbot) has his own INKTOBER going on as well! His work includes robots and as well others, with the theme being an "inked drawing" a day, for the the month of October! Check out some of the sketches montaged above (which I collected only robots of ;p), or go direct to his dedicated

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    Now, this is honeydo list … The Evanta DBR1 kit … Good luck! Tweet This Post

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    Squid Kids Ink will be releasing a Limited Edition Mini 10-Doh! at Designer Con Booth #600. The Dcon 2012 Limited Edition Mini 10-Doh! features the Dcon mascot Vincent - designed by Scott Tolleson - and will be limited to a run of 50 pieces, running $20.00 each.

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    Here we have a collectible statue of Captain America: Rescue Version from Hot Toys via Sideshow Collectibles, the makers of the best looking figures on the planet. This statue of Captain America was based on the early version of his uniform at the time he infiltrated Hydra in order to free P.O.W.s who have been...

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    DKE Toys has announced their 4th Annual Graveyard & Garage Sale to take place at Designer Con on Saturday November 3rd 2012 from 9:00AM to 6:00PM at the Pasadena Convention Center. All year DKE Toys puts broken toys under the stairs in the DKE warehouse in what has become known as “The Graveyard.” Come check [...]

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    KAWS Astro Boy Now Available

    KAWS’ most recent figure is up for sale today. Toy Tokyo is selling theirs for $350 while Toy Qube is charging $380. I think this is my favorite toy of his so far other than the Baby Milo one. But I definitely don’t have $350+ to spend on a single toy.

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  • 10/28/12--10:58: Buy, Sell, or Hold: Hasbro

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    Though I guess the patent has expired … Tweet This Post

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    Robert Butler, of Cedar Rapids, browses for a gift for his son at the Toys for Tots distribution event at Hawkeye Downs on Thursday, Dec. 15, 2011. Boxes were distributed to 90 locations around the corridor for gift donations; and food was donated by HACAP, churches and purchased at Wal-Mart.

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    Thanks to Canadian fan Jo Paulin who's posted news and an image to the Reprolabels facebook page about Toys "R" Us offering the G2 Devastator Kreon action figure that reported on previously. According to his post, you can one of these by asking for them at the store: "G2 Devastator Kreon ToysRus Exclusive Giveaway! Ask about it in store!" It is not known if these are exclusive to Canada only. Cannot hurt to ask at your local TRU stores. Leave a comment is you find one in the USA. Check the image of the G2 Devastator Kreon figure in the box now.

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    ACToys have posted lots of new images showing new releases from the FansProject and MakeToys third party toy makers. Get some new looks at the Assaulter figures his new head. Also shown is MT-04 Mobine, Dreamwave Productions' The Fallen character homage toy in full colors. The Causality Warbugs are also on display that pay homage to Venom, Chopshop and Ransak. Lastly, we have some first looks at protos of the Stunticons homage toys. Check out the images below for more details on these new figures.

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  • 10/28/12--11:38: Popobawa Sneak Peek
  • Disturbia Clothing is offering up a sneak preview of their first ever vinyl toy collaboration with pop art illustrator Drew Millward. Above is the turnaround illustration of the vinyl toy Popobawa. The vinyl is expected to launch through Disturbia later on in 2012 (although time appears to be running out on this year).

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    Christmas is just around the corner and to help parents with gift ideas, Toyworld has put together its Annual Top 10 Hot Toys for Christmas List.

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    Talk about a treasure trove of remarkable Steiff collectibles!  Steiffgal recently had the pleasure of attending a Steiff event at Teddies of Mt. Holly, a beautifully merchandised store in New Jersey specializing in new and vintage Steiff treasures and Teddy bears.  And what a perfect day it was... gorgeous fall weather, delightful collectors, and of course, remarkable Steiff of every size, shape, and era.  Take a look at just a handful wonderful items brought to the show for identification and valuation - and the stories behind them. 

    No, you are not seeing stripes!  Here we have a fantastic 100 cm Steiff Studio baby zebra.  This black and white beauty is standing and made from off-white mohair which has been painstakingly hand stenciled with black stripes. He has a white and black mane down his back and his tail is tipped in long black mohair.  The insides of his ears are lined in white dralon.  Zebra has huge brown and black pupil eyes and mile-long blond eyelashes.  Steiff made Studio zebras in 100 cm in 1960 and in 150 cm in 1960 and again in 1967. 

    According to his owner, this zebra was purchased at an antique show a few years ago in the mid-Atlantic area.  The dealer was selling a few Steiff items on behalf of a friend, and sold this item to the collector "at a price to die for!"

    Viewing this next Steiff treasure was a moving experience - literally.  Here we have a fantastic example of a Steiff Automaton or moving window display.  It measures overall about 18 inches deep by 24 inches wide by about 20 inches tall.  The Automaton is made from wood; the background is stenciled with trees and the base is lined in short, green plush to resemble grass. The Automaton features two caramel colored mask Teddies, a blond mask Teddy, a woolen miniature black Hucky raven with plastic legs, a green woolen miniature frog, and a soft plush squirrel.  When the Automaton is plugged in, the smaller caramel Teddy starts sawing the downed log, which is made from paper mache, and the larger Teddy drinks from his "honey" mug.  Based on the animals in this Automaton, and their ear tags and buttons, it is Steiffgal's best estimate that this dynamic display was produced around 1984 or so.  

    According to its owner, this Automaton was purchased from an elderly woman who was looking to rehome her treasures to an enthusiastic collector.  These Automatons can range in dimensions from a foot or so to several yards long; this is a wonderful example of a smaller scale one that could easily displayed and appreciated in most home collections.

    No monkeying around with this next Steiff surprise!  Here we have a delightful 35 cm example of Steiff's somewhat rare Schimpanse or Chimpanzee.  He is a close relative to Steiff's beloved Jocko Chimp is five ways jointed made from long brown tipped mohair.  He has chunky limbs and felt hands, feet, and ears.  His prominent brown and black glass pupil eyes are set dramatically into felt eye pocket.  Chimp was made in 25, 30, 35, 40, and 100 cm from 1928 through 1934.  A tail moves head version of this model was produced in nine sizes ranging from 13 through 66 cm from 1931 through 1934 as well.   

    According to his owner, this marvelous monkey was purchased for a song from an older collector who kept this pet outdoors on her porch for many years.  That may explain why the chimp's felt hands and feet are a bit in distress - perhaps from moth damage - and why his mohair has faded overall to a light blond, except for in his joints and crotch area.   

    It's always a good idea to go out in big way, and this last find accomplishes that in largest way possible.  No, your eyes do not deceive you.  Here we have a 100 cm Studio Zotty bear - the very largest size of this design on record.   This humongous heart throb was produced for one year - 1967 only.  From the historical perspective, Zotty was one of the first new bear designs introduced after the Second World War, in 1951. He has appeared in the line, in one form or another, almost continuously since then. The early 1950's were an amazingly busy time at Steiff, as the company looked to rebuild its pre-war reputation for quality, while at the same time introduce new, innovative, contemporary designs to an expanding global marketplace. Zotty’s debut was one of the most significant efforts towards those goals. To “qualify” as a Zotty, a Steiff Teddy bears needs these three things: an open felt lined mouth; a front insert bib made of a complementary colored mohair to his body; and of course, be made from very shaggy material.  Overall, Steiff's original mohair Zotty was produced in nine sizes, ranging from 17 through 100 centimeters, from 1951 through 1978.  

    According to his owner, this tremendous Ted was purchased at a yardsale around 25 years ago.  And for how much at the time?  Are you sitting down, with a seatbelt on?  If so, read on... because he joined her hug for a mere $5.  See, Steiff dreams can come true!

    Steiffgal hopes this "brag book" of Steiff treasures from the Teddies of Mt. Holly Show has added an interesting chapter to your Steiff day.

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more!

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    LIMBANG: The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (KPDNKK) reminds the people here to ensure they only [...]

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    We're excited to announce that we will be opening pre-orders for a 2nd release of WB-002 Warbot Steel Core, pre-orders start Sunday, Oct 28th 2012 - 9pm CT and will be available while supplies last. This is a limited run so hurry and pre-order yours today! Special Member Only Pricing Available when you sign up for an FPC account! Already a member? Then you are all set... just log-in before you checkout to take advantage of the special members only exclusive pricing.

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    Christmas toy buyers have scouted, sourced and now they're about to sell.

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