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    VID-DESCRIPT: 'From Eric Calderon and RZA, the creators of the smash hit Afro Samurai, comes a mesmerizing and hypnotic prequel to Universal Pictures 'The Man with the Iron Fists' which finds the Blacksmith (RZA) on his way to China via a Dutch trading vessel. At a typical port stop, the Blacksmith and the crew have an unfortunate encounter…'Source: Toploess Robot

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    [Screengrabs in time]

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    "It's Us! Ma, Pa, Sis, Bro, and Baby Walsh",  Terracotta Carolers E-Pattern - Christmas Series - Pattern Category - Skill Level - Beginner

    I just love working with terracotta and creating all sorts of wonderful decorations.  Several years ago I decided to experiment and try making Christmas carolers and Santa decoration out of terracotta.  They turned out wonderful so I made a bunch to give away as gifts.  Everyone loves them so I thought I'd create e-patterns so you can make your own group of terracotta carolers and Santa's.
    "It's Us! Ma, Pa, Sis, Bro, and Baby Walsh" is a pattern to create a family of terracotta carolers.  There's Ma and Pa, and Sis and Bro, and a baby.  All have painted terracotta bodies, painted wood knob heads, yarn or roving for their hair, knit caps, and scarves of various materials.

    "It's Us! Ma, Pa, Sis, Bro, and Baby Walsh" are fun and easy to make and are adorable decorations for the holiday season.

    For more information on my "It's Us! Ma, Pa, Sis, Bro, and Baby Walsh" e-pattern please CLICK HERE.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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    Copyright ©  2012 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh

    I just LOVE embroidering with basic chain stitches and Lazy Daisy Flowers.  Since several of my baby shower e-patterns require basic chain stitches and Lazy Daisy Flowers I thought I'd create an illustration showing you how I do this and add it to my group of free Linda's How-Do-I Series? of e-books.  Enjoy.

    Please respect My Terms of Use: All patterns, e-patterns, e-books, tutorials, how-to's, and e-products © 2004-2012 Linda Walsh Originals-Designs by Linda Walsh. All rights reserved, including downloading, mass producing, photocopying, enlargements, reductions,and all other forms of reproduction, website sharing, Email, RSS feeds, or any other means of redistribution. Commercial selling or reselling by any means, including eBay or any other website by permission only.

    Copyright © 2012 - All Rights Reserved - Written By Linda Walsh of Linda Walsh Originals, Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns, and Linda's Blog. Linda is a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

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    Before my sister's visit for our needle felting craft adventure I had decided to buy some of the Clover needle felting applique molds I had previously seen.  One of the molds I had bought was the Clover Applique Mold, Rose Design, which is shown below:

    Rose design

    While my sister was working on her free style needle felted landscape design I decided to try creating a pink rose using the rose mold.

    The mold contained two large front and back sheets with instructions.  The two sheets looked a little cumbersome at first until I realized there were different languages on each sheet.  So, I had to find the English section.  While I can understand the cost effectiveness of doing this it's not the most user friendly approach and makes the instructions seem way too complicated.

    One of the large sheets also contained basic punching text and pictorial information for the various sizes and pieces of their molds and how to use them with the roving which I found to be very helpful.

    The instructions for using the particular mold were of a text and pictorial nature and once I found the English version they were easy to follow.  They recommended in the instructions using their molds with the Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool and either the Clover Felting Needle Mat Small or the Clover Felting Needle Mat Large.

    I soon realized that some of the pieces of the the molds were pretty tiny so only the single felting needle or Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool would work. I had previously bought a large foam felting block but soon realized that the molds did work the best with the Clover Felting Needle Mat Large.

    I had no problem putting the pink rose together except I quickly found out that the needles for the Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool break very, very easily.  I ended up going through 4 needles before I was finished with all my flowers.  If you're going to embark on a needle felting adventure be sure to buy lots, and lots of replacement needles as you are going to need them.

    I was pleased with the way my pink rose came out but my sister thought it was boring (plus I had used up all the pink roving - bad sister!) so I decided to try a multi-colored purple rose next.

    I had bought two 5" by 5" unfinished picture frames each with a 2 3/4" by 2 3/4" opening.  The opening was just slightly smaller than my roses but I had decided that gluing them there and having them projecting out of the frame would be interesting.

    So, I painted both unfinished wood frames first with pink acrylic paint and then sponge painted them with lilac acrylic paint using natural ocean sponges.  Then I applied one coat of varnish.

    I added felt backing and a small amount of batting to the 2 3/4" by 2 3/4" picture opening as backing for my roses and then hot glued them to the felt.

    I like how they both roses turned out and will probably create some more of the roses as the mold is really easy to use, despite the 2 page instructions.  You could make a rose to use as a corsage, to embellish a purse or vest, to decorate a large picture, to make long stemmed needle felted roses for a floral bouquet arrangement, decorate a hat, etc.  I'm sure if you give me long enough I'll have a hundred other uses for a needle felted rose.

    Posted by Linda Walsh Originals- "Doll Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns - "Instant Download E-Patterns for Grown-up Girls!"
    Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - "Handmade Dolls & Crafts for Grown-up Girls!"

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    These were originally scheduled for around April, 2012 for the US market but never arrived and now reside in some inter-dimension of time and warehouse space where nothing is real and nothing gets hung up on pegs … well, except in Germany. “Dodger” sends these nice pics. Of course, from the straight line diecut card [...]

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  • 10/23/12--02:23: New Bratz ranges
  • The glamorous Bratz dolls were made to dazzle and shine, especially in the three new ranges from MGA Entertainment.

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    Good Smile scans has RAH Mami, swimsuit Rouna, more screenshot

    Though we've some of what Good Smile Company has to offer at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival from last weekend, the latest magazine scans show that they still have some other products up their sleeve.

    The collaboration with Medicom Toy continues with Puella Magi Madoka Magica having Mami selected as the next RAH figure to follow up on Madoka. She'll include all six muskets as well as Charlotte. Two additional faces also look to be included. Tony Taka has more swimsuit ladies from the Shining series with the next being Rouna from Shining Hearts. She has a trifecta of fetishes covered with the animal ears and tail, maid apron, and swimsuit that she's pouring out of. Only artwork is available so details are scare at the moment. Max Factory also has the stunning 1/7-scale Elf from Lineage II. It seems like anyone who produces figures for this title brings out some amazing scaled figures.

    Nendoroid figures from FREEing for Queen's Blade will be seeing Melona as the next character to be turned into chibi form. I don't want to think of the accessories for this one those hair hands. Also for chibi figures, the Petanko series from Penguin Parade will be getting a squishy version of Popura from WORKING!!. Blast their adorable looks!

    Finally, nothing new for figma figures since we already saw tham at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival. This includes figma Yui from Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse, figma Labrys from Persona 4 the Arena, and figma Black Gold Saw TV ANIMATION Ver. from the TV anime Black Rock Shooter.

    2013 is shaping up to an amazing start it would seem. What do you think based on the offerings from Good Smile Company et al?

    [via 2chan]

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    Takaratomy announced a repainted cartoon color of the Transformers Encore #20 the constructicons Devastator, and this time comes with a new head mold as well. Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia will be taking preorder for this Encore-20A G1 Devastator which is slated for a Jan 2013 release! More Description: Scrapper: Despite his modest nature Scrapper [...]

    The post Transformers Encore 20A G1 Color Constructicons Devastator By Takara Tomy appeared first on Toywiz and Toy Garden.

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    Takaratomy Masterpiece series is among the best Transformers line in the world and the much anticipated figure of all time, the Soundwave is finally making his way into this line! Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia will be taking preorder for this figure as he is coming our way on Dec 2012! Counted among Megatron’s earliest [...]

    The post Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak appeared first on Toywiz and Toy Garden.

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    set database: LEGO 8240 slammer stunt bike

     image courtesy of readersrealm
    image courtesy of lugnet

    image courtesy of bricklink

    image courtesy of peeron
    set number: 8240
    set name: slammer stunt bike
    year: 2001
    pieces: 152
    price: us$15
    minifigs: none
    medium technic set.
    come with a quad bike and a slammer.
    overall design is good.
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    Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-10B will be the black color Nemesis Prime! Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia will be taking preorder now for this figure, but the trailer and roller which comes with MP-10 previously will not be included.

    The post Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-10B Optimus Prime Black Convoy appeared first on Toywiz and Toy Garden.

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    Finally the biggest transformers ever made is coming back to us, the Fortress Maximus Reissue from the Takaratomy Encore line. Toy Garden and Toywiz Malaysia is taking preorder now for this Encore #23 Fortress Maximus, which converts from city mode to vehicle mode to robot mode and is accompanied by Cerebros, Cog and Spike figures. [...]

    The post Takara Tomy Transformers Encore #23 Fortress Maximus appeared first on Toywiz and Toy Garden.

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    Eaglemoss adds more Batman with 2 Batmobiles, Alfred screenshot

    Eaglemoss Publications' latest additions to its wealth of Batman merchandise include two Batmobile sets (part of their new Batman Automobilia Collection) and an Alfred Pennyworth white pawn chess piece.

    The Batman Automobilia Collection works on a format similar to other releases where a figurine is paired with a magazine detailing the (sometimes) rich history behind the character or item depicted. The Batmobiles are listed as being 1/43 scale and feature neat diorama displays replicating some of the scenery associated with that particular Batmobile. The first entry is the version seen in Tim Burton's 1989 blockbuster Batman and features a scaled figurine of the Dark Knight next to his car as explosions happen in the background. The second, and arguably cooler, Batmobile set features the version seen in the 1960s Adam West Batman series and is displayed in an environment resembling the Batcave.

    While I've personally lost track of all the Batman chess pieces (Are we at a full set yet? Are we at a full set yet? Are we... oh, Eaglemoss just turned this collection around), the white pawn Alfred bulks the set out further and presumably brings us one step closer to completion... assuming that Eaglemoss does indeed have an exit strategy for the line. Not that I entirely mind, considering that making the usual figurines into chess pieces gives them additional purpose and I hope to see the practice more widely adopted. In other news, Batwoman was added as a white rook at some point.

    The Batmobiles seem to be priced at a fairly reasonable (or unreasonable?) US$20 each while Alfred and Batwoman are US$16 apiece.

    [ Pre-order Alfred | Batwoman | 1960s Batmobile | 1989 Batmobile from Big Bad Toy Store ]

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    See more pics here.

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    If you didn't get to New York Comic Con last weekend, artist Avri Rosen-Zvi and his label Studio Eccentrina have announced that a handful of the NYCC Edition Cosmos, the Lonely Giant resin figures are available via his webshop. This 4.5" tall hand cast and hand painted resin is limited to an edition of 5 [...]

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    It won’t cost you very much – you can get full cases of Finn McMissile, well about 16,800 cases are all that’s left.* What a deal – only $23.52 a case and if you want more, I’m sure they’ll work out a deal … BTW, when a consolidator-liquidator sells something for $.98, you can be [...]

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    ST. PAUL, Minn., Oct. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Fantastic Floatables' new neutral buoyancy toys hover in mid-air simulating anti-gravity in outer space, neither rising to the ceiling or falling to the floor. ...

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    Nyan Cat is getting its own rainbow-flavored plush line screenshot

    Nyan Cat, that strange yet adorable lovechild sired from a threesome between a rainbow, a cat, and a Poptart, is finally getting its own plush line. According to a post on the official Nyan Cat Facebook page, Jakks Pacific will be turning the character into a series of cuddly musical toys. The picture in the post shows three variations of Nyan Cat (check the full picture out in our gallery) but given that there are many more in the game and online, I wouldn't be surprised if other designs show up later on.

    The plushes themselves look like they are of a layered two-dimensional design. I love that the rainbow is a different, more shiny fabric than the rest of the body. The plushes are sure to be a hit when they become available at Toys "R" Us this November. 

    Are there any Nyan Cat fans excited about this news? What particular iterations of Nyan Cat would you love to see made?

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    Spoonflower held a stuffed toy contest a couple weeks ago – and the result is a plethora of quick-to-make Zombie dolls. Just order a yard of fabric, cut, sew, and voila, you’re Zombie-ified. Now, I think my Birdie may be too young for a zombie – unless I just call it a monster doll – [...]

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