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    set database: LEGO 4209 fire plane

    set number: 4209
    set name: fire plane
    theme: city, fire, forest
    year: 2012
    pieces: 522
    prices: us$60
    minifigs: 3
    new forest fire sub-theme set.
    come with a fire plane and an off road fire truck with trailer.
    the plane has twin rotatable propellers, an openable front cockpit, top opening door and bottom water release  door.
    accessories included 2 brick built trees, flames, water bricks, a chainsaw, an axe, a walkie talkie, a flashlight, a storage box and a water hose.
    minifigs included a forest fireman minifig, a male pilot minifig and  a female pilot minifig.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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  • 01/03/12--07:53: Announcing – Toy Boarders
  • What do you get when you cross old school green army men with skate boarders?  “Toy Boarders!”  Check out their new promo ad below.   You can check out more information on Toy Boarders here at the official site

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    OK, Now, How Cool is This?! Recently, a Bat-Blog Fan named Jeffery got married and for the special occasion he made a BATMAN and WONDER WOMAN Wedding Cake Topper! He used some Action Figures from Mattel's "Justice League" line to make it & it's really GREAT! Thanks Jeffery for sharing this special moment & wonderful photos. Oh yeah, and CONGRATULATIONS!

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    Shawnimals are excited to be releasing the first Ninja of the Month figure next Wednesday, January 11th at 1PM CDT. But for now, all they’ve given us was this little teaser. This ninja is definitely rockin’ some headgear. Who do you think it could be?

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    Some CARS books are showing up as available in color and viewable on the Kindle but it looks like it’s ONLY for the COLOR Kindle Fire and not available on the monochrome Kindle’s nor the Kindle reading apps on another device. For instance, the Kindle pricing on Mater’s Treasury of Tall Tales is a great deal [...]

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    Art work by Mark Nagata (of Max Toy Co) for upcoming show GARAMANIACAL at FOE Gallery. Saw this on Mark's tweet and had to post about this. Looks so retro-rad, it NEEDS to be made into a print!EVENT: GARAMANIACAL, an homage to the clunky, crusty, fish-lipped, oil-belching, high-rise-wrecking meteorite monster Garamon and his "recycled" alter ego, the friendly and excitable Pygmon. February 10-

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    Virtual Non-public Servers (VPS) have turn out to be extremely popular technique of net hosting. Creating VPS’s principally involves splitting the assets of a very highly effective server into several parts and making those parts behave as if they had been impartial servers. With this strategy, every half, i.e VPS, can have its personal working [...]

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    Jin Saotome's custom Zero is a force to be reckoned with screenshot

    Just as promised, Jin is continuing his journey through the Mega Man universe with a new custom. You may have seen his Mega Man custom from about a week ago (which ended up selling at just over US$350 by the way), but the time of Mega is past; bring on Zero!

    I'll be quite frank: I'm not a diehard Zero fanboy. I always liked Mega Man better, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate Zero now and then, and it especially doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good custom Zero when it comes along, which it has. Jin has found a nice comfortable spot with the Marvel Legends 6" scale for custom figures, and Zero is no exception. The reason I can't get enough of this figure framework is because it means articulation out the wazoo (do robots have wazoos?). Don't believe me? Zero here can move and move well. Hell, even his hair is made to be double-ball jointed, meaning he's set for endless posing.

    And accessories? Yes please! You've got Zero's energy sword, a standard of course, but also a sick looking blue blaster...blast. Apparently, any of those blaster accessories, such as the energy shield from the Mega Man figure, are all compatible between other figures in Jin's Marvel Legend Mega Man line. So if you're that lucky guy who got Mega, well more accessories for you.

    Those interested, Zero's eBay auction is well underway. At the time of this writing it's only up to US$30, but there are five and a half days left, so expect a bidding war to ensue that will break you and reduce you to tears. Yes, I'm speaking from experience. and I can't get mad as Jin's auctions all start at one cent! Go out and bid on this for me! I'll just be waiting with bated breath for Vile, Bass, and an assortment of Robot Masters. Bring 'em on!

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    A Little Bit On The Hank Venture Side: Olly Moss reimagines the iconic cover of The Dark Knight Returns for the upcoming Adult Swim art show at Gallery 1988. Of course, we all know what happens when The Bat puts his faith in the gliding power of an umbrella.

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    Buy Now Magic: the Gathering - Sutured Ghoul - Magic 2012 - Foil's price decreased by 100% from $2.30 to $0.01 at the Gathering is a collectible card game created by Richard Garfield. In Magic, you play the role of a planeswalker who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest. Your deck of [...]

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    The ninth entry in Sideshow Collectibles' 12 Days Of Sideshow event gives you the chance to win their 1/6 scale G.I. joe: A Real American Hero Cobra Viper figure. Follow the above link for a chance to take this rad figure home for free.

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  • 01/03/12--07:53: Toys for Tots this weekend
  • There is still time to help low income families through the Douglas Fire Department´s annual Toys for Tots.

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    Hot Toys starts off the year with Iron Man Mk. 1 ver 2.0 screenshot

    Back in October, Hot Toys announced that it was going to remake the Iron Man Mk I armor. Upon that news, people began to rage over their lost "investments". Meanwhile, I lost my mind at the prospect at finally being able to get one, not to mention how good this new figure would be. Hot Toys decided to ring in the New Year with a preview of the armor made from a box of scraps.

    As you can tell, it's something that is going to be amazingly well-done and constructed. The paint job has been completed by the artist, Lalla. The weathering effects look amazing and Lalla's work on this piece is something I'd like to see done on some of their other figures. There's still no price or release info, but just put "expensive" and "2012" and you have the info you need to make your decision.


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    [at AllThingsD] - AllThingsD's Ina Fried spends a weekend with her two young cousins and walks away with some interesting lessons about the future of computing.

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  • 01/03/12--07:53: It’s Coming…
  • Today’s January 1st. New Year’s Day. And, like any good little toy collector…one of my first thoughts, come the new year is… …Toy Fair is next month!! What are you looking forward to? Oh, and by the way…HAPPY NEW YEA...

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    A Little Bit On The Lion King Side: MovieMaestroTen made this amazing trailer mashup of The Lion King and The Dark Knight Rises.

    (Via The Mary Sue)

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    The Original Post is Located Here: Watering Hole 250 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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    A Little Bit On The Animated Comic Side: Kerry Callen has animated the covers for Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 and Lois Lane #29.

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    Buy Now Magic: the Gathering - Sutured Ghoul - Magic 2012 - Foil's price decreased by 100% from $2.30 to $0.01 at the Gathering is a collectible card game created by Richard Garfield. In Magic, you play the role of a planeswalker who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest. Your deck of [...]

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  • 01/03/12--07:53: Japanese Amulets

  • Japanese amulets (charms, talisman, omamori, ofuda, gofu etc) are carried or displayed about ones person which either bring good fortune, ward off bad luck or evil spirits or protect us from calamity.

    The amulets come in different shapes and sizes but are usually made of paper or wood with some of them being wrapped in cloth. Smaller amulets are known as Omamori [御守り[おまもり]]. These ones are usually carried about ones person. Many school children tie them to their randoseru.

    Lately there have been anime themed Omamori but many dont mention whether they have been blessed or not. If you are picking up an anime themed Omamori then you should treat it more like a novelty item or a token rather than something spiritual.

    This arrow is called a "Hamaya" [破魔矢[はまや]] and is directly translated as an arrow that destroys evil demons. This Hamaya has been protecting us for the past year and must be brought back to the temple to be renewed.

    This is our local temple called Meguro Fudouson Ryusenji temple located in Meguro.
    The temple was built in the year 808. In 1615, the temple was burned down in a fire but was restored under the Tokugawa shogunate in 1624.
    The nearest stations are Musashikoyama and Nishikoyama on the Meguro line.
    [gmap=35.628640, 139.708059]

    Inside the temple grounds is a place where you return all the amulets or talismans that have been protecting you throughout the year. From here, they are all burned as a respect to the deity who has been protecting you.

    Amulets and talismans can be purchased from shrines or temples but you must return them to the place that you got them from - dont try to return an amulet that you bought from one temple to another temple. The difference between a shrine and a temple in a separate post - I (and even local Japanese folks) get confused between the two.

    Inside the main temple. In the middle there is a box called Saisen Bako [賽銭箱[さいせんばこ]] where you would throw money before making a prayer. You would often see the box drawn in Tohou illustrations.
    Usually one would throw a 5 yen coin - the pronunciation for "5 yen" in Japanese is "Go-en" (pronounced "goh en") and is the same pronunciation as "ご縁" meaning "good luck or fate."

    Behind the Saisen Bako is where one will see many priests blessing the amulets and talisman before they are handed over to the owner.

    This chart outlines whether you are going to have a year of bad luck or not in 2012.
    Male 42
    Female 37
    Female 33
    Male 25
    Female 19
    Youngster 4
    Male/Female 61

    If your gender and age match any of the above then you can luckily ask a priest in the temple grounds to ward off evil spirits and purify you - and yes it will cost you extra. Amulets and talisman will also help negate the bad luck. But even after a blessing or being armed with an amulet, you are not rid of your year of bad luck - just proceed with caution for that year ^^;
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Here are the different types of amulets and talisman that you can buy - all of these do different things. Once you have placed your order, you will need to wait for a while because your personalized amulet or talisman are blessed in the main temple. You can sit and watch if you want but remember to take off your shoes.

    This form needs to be filled in and boxes should be checked depending on what type of protection or luck you want which are:-
    -Ward off calamity
    -Flourishing business
    -Safety for family
    -Good health
    -Prayers are fulfilled
    -Prevent my current illness from getting worse
    -Save me from these rough seas
    -Safety for family+Flourishing business combo pack
    -Safety for family+Good health combo pack

    Which would you choose?
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Time to pick up a new Hamaya.

    Not all Hamaya ward off evil - some of them bring good fortune too like these ones.

    We usually get one with the Ema (the wooden plaque) so went for the one with the ceramic dragon instead. We got a small one that cost 1,000 yen.

    Yuki shows us what amulets and talismans we have for 2012. This is the Hamaya.

    This is a talisman called "Ofuda" [御札[おふだ]] which is usually displayed at home or in the office. This is a wooden one but there are paper versions too. The 3 pieces of paper that Hakumu Reimu from Tohou holds are Ofuda.

    These are Omamori amulets - one for wifey and one for me. These have been personalized and blessed to protect us.

    Whatever you do - never open an Omamori!

    You are not restricted to having Omamori or Ofuda from one temple or shrine - the Ofuda on the right is from a different shrine. Hamaya or Ofuda should be placed in a high location - which is why you will see these near the ceiling when entering a Japanese household or office.

    Our Ofuda for the office is displayed in this corner - we chose "Flourishing Business and Safety for Family."

    My Omamori is kept in my business card holder until this time next year.

    And if you are wondering what Yuki is holding - its called an Oonusa [大幣[おおぬさ]] which is a wooden wand with zigzag shaped paper on the end its used during purification rituals. If you have seen this in anime or games - now you know ^^

    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Leaving you with more photos of Yuki.

    All photos snapped on the Sony NEX-5N.

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