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  • 10/13/12--08:40: Jamieshow Alejandro
  • This handsome fellow is my first resin male doll. He is a 2012 basic Jamieshow Alejandro that I purchased at Angelic Dreamz during the Prohibition event. I loved the optional outfit so much that I had to purchase a doll to wear it.
    He is wigged and I would like to get another wig that is shorter. I like that his 5 o'clock shadow is done very well. This is one good looking doll!

    His outfit is so well made and the fabric is very fine. It's the first pair of male pants I've ever had that doesn't have the fly zipper tab sticking out. I love everything about this outfit.  I have no idea how to tie a tie.

    Why is he standing in a window, you ask? Well, work on my studio has just begun. As of today, all the framing is done. It will be a simple room with two windows and a black and white checkered floor similar to my former darkroom.  We're also having a cedar lined closet built right outside the studio. Currently, I have my photography equipment in a corner of the basement all covered up and protected from dust. (Hopefully)

    I've begun deboxing and redressing dolls but it is slow going. Gradually as the chaos of boxes subsides it becomes a little easier. I've had to come up with a new organization system and that keeps changing. There are three glass cabinets waiting to be assembled. Where is that magic wand?

    The rest of the house is shaping up nicely. Dealing with workpeople who can't do it right the first time is such a pain. It's unbelievable the damage one person can do. The moldings need to be touched up and repainted in many places from the installation of new flooring. The floor installers damaged the front of my new refrigerator and they are paying to get another one. But I have to do the calling and arranging. I was so pissed!!!
    Of course I'm finding places the painters messed up as well. They were here for two months, you'd think they would have gotten it right. They might have if they were sober the entire time. Sigh.
    The main moving company has had my claim for a month. I called yesterday and was told it could take 3 to 6 months to finalize it. It didn't take them that long to take my money. Their excuse is that it's the busy season. So hire more people. Seriously.

    Back to dolls....I have a huge backlog of dolls to photograph. I'm enjoying the ones I've taken out and dressed and put on display. It's nice to see them again. Really nice.

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    Monster Worship brought an impressive lineup of new releases to NYCC, which includes the debut black release of the Mini Greasebat figure from Jeff Lamm. Adding to the excitement for Greasebat fans, they are showed off a proto of sitting mini during their Friday timeslot at the Onell booth (#3216)....

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    The second in DC Collectibles’ 3.75″ convention exclusive Green Lantern 2-packs were released this weekend at New York Comic con 2012. This set consists of John Stewart and red lantern Atrocitus. This set is again being sold at the Graphitti Designs booth. It appears it will also be on Graphitti’s website after the show as [...]

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    NYCC 2012: The CS Moore Studio screenshot

    We saw CS Moore's fantasy figures at C2E2 and SDCC, and I went away from their booth fairly impressed. A lot of their stuff at NYCC was featured as the San Diego con, although the Black Queen figure is painted this time.

    There are a pair of dinosaur-looking guys (Jurassic Strike Force 5): the one with the sword is Rex, and the one with the minigun is Spike. We also spotted two entries in their Monster Hunter's Survival Guide line: Pitt, the guy in green, and a white version of their Sasquatch. The Jurassic Strike Force 5 figures with be US$15.99 each while the Monster Hunter's Survival Guide figures will be US$19.99 each. There's no word on when they'll be available, though.

    The last group of figures are the vinyl Mondo-Chi line, which will now feature articulated arms and necks. CS Moore says they'll be revealing more info at New Orleans Comic Con (which I didn't even know was a thing).

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    MAD signed for fans and collectors at the myplasticheart booth on Friday afternoon. He brought along the new Bruce Lee minis from Round 5, as well as sever resin mini MADLs, a few solid color 10” vinyl MADL’s and a black proto of the upcoming Modern hero resin. Since the...

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    At NYCC 2012 there was a sneak peek of Batman: Dark Knight Returns part 2, the movie looks great. Bruce Timm and Andrea Romano were on hand to promote the film. Trailer Below:   I spoke to Bruce Timm briefly and asked him about JLU: Look for the movie on Bluray next year! 2 comments

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    An innovative yogurt retailer since the opening of its first store in West Hollywood, Calif. started a phenomenon in 2005, Pinkberry will debut its mobile app this week.  The new app allows Pinkberry to engage on a personal level like earning rewards and locating your favorite flavors.  The app features exclusive user rewards, including the... [Continue Reading]

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    Are you planing on staying at any hotels this month? Why not add the spook factor with these creepy tales form some of Omni Hotels best properties. Omni Mount Washington Hotel: Guests have woken up to the original hotel owner’s widowed bride sitting at the end of her old bed, brushing her hair. Omni Shoreham... [Continue Reading]

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    Snaps of the TOYSREVIL-Edition "Heart of Lava" MINI GOJI from The Yellow Dino, made by fellow Indonesia resin-slingers extraordinary My Tummy Toys, with the above-pic from his new owner, Edmund, and the below in-hand pic courtesy of Plastic Culture! Available to purchase HER for US$100 (excluding shipping costs) for this 5" tall resin mini din, limited to only 10 pieces, and comes house in it's

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    NYCC 2012: Hasbro - Marvel Legends screenshot

    Hasbro held a pre-NYCC event at Studio 450 on Wednesday night, allowing them to have a booth where they could also serve booze... which our reporters on the ground ended up missing. I can only assume that Tomopop's invitation was lost in the mail.

    However, thanks to Action Figure Pics and Marvelous News, we at least have photos of the three new Marvel Legends on display. Phoenix, Hawkeye, and Black Panther are believed to be part of 2013's second wave, with the Phoenix speculated as being a running change / variant for the Jim Lee-styled Jean Grey.

    Hawkeye and Black Panther both appear to have ankle rockers while Phoenix will most likely use the same moderately outdated female mold as Madams Masque and Hydra (among many others...). While I'm personally excited over the prospect of a new Hawkeye, the other two seem less thrilling. Plus one has to wonder where is that Stryfe that Hasbro mentioned several cons ago?

    [ Action Figure Pics | Marvelous News ]

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    Bkids, an exciting and innovative line of toys designed specifically for newborns, infants and toddlers is ready to turn tub time into fun time with an adorable new collection of bath toys.  As Mia starts to get older she’s starting to play with toys more than ever. In fact if she has a grasp on... [Continue Reading]

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    I love finding new ways to enjoy some of my favorite seasonal foods like butternut squash. There’s so much you can do with squash this time off year and one of those ways is to make a creamy soup that’s perfect for those gloomy fall days. I kind of made up this recipe as I... [Continue Reading]

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    Fresh from the Mattel Panel at NYCC 2012!

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    Bitsy’s Brainfood introduces the world’s first smart snack for kids. Designed as delicious treats to nurture kids’ bodies, minds and imaginations, Bitsy’s Brainfood is a tasty and nutritious snack that provides healthy and wholesome ingredients in appealing flavor combinations. Bitsy’s Brainfood encourages children to crave the right foods and makes learning fun with letter shaped... [Continue Reading]

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    Juanito Maiquez aka QUICCS shares his step-by-step stages in the making of Bulletpunk: Mongolian Amulet of Protection of the Family Jewels."Back in Tiger Translate Mongolia, we were tasked to bring home some souvenirs to put our art on them. I purchased this green skull amulet to work on. I sculpted new parts, heavily sanded it smooth, primed it in grey, spray painted it in chrome, and finally

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  • 10/13/12--12:00: NYCC 2012: ThreeA
  • NYCC 2012: ThreeA screenshot

    ThreeA's trademark grungy/scary/quasi-Asian style was on display at NYCC, making for a booth full of raw visual interest. Even with their unpainted figures, you can tell it's ThreeA through and through.

    All of the ThreeA staples were there: large and small-scale figures bearing real cloth outfits, gas masks, camo patterns, dirt, rust, and, uh, a sandwich. While their mechanical designs might be the most striking, I love the way they outfit their humanoid figures. The costume designs are a combination of hip urban wear and practical survival gear, creating an interesting post-apocalyptic feel.

    Check out our extensive gallery for everything that was on display. You can't really have ThreeA described to you... you just have to experience it for yourself.

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  • 10/13/12--12:12: Darth Malgus
  • Straight from the Star Wars: The Old Republic videogame, by developer BioWare, comes Darth Malgus, the 96th figure in Hasbro’s Star Wars Vintage Collection.

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    NYCC 2012: Good Smile Company screenshot

    Although typically associated with American comics, NYCC also featured an appearance by Good Smile Company. If you're a reader of this site, you must know what that means: Nendoroids. So many Nendoroids.

    All types of Nendos old and new were on display, including the Madoka Magica cast, Kuroyukihime, Yukata Miku, Cheerful Japan Saber and Rin, and some of the Lucky Star gals. Needless to say, the Nendoroid display was extensive.

    They also had some PVC figures on display, although it's all stuff you've seen: Tony's Luka (reviewed), Love is War Miku, and Fate/Zero Saber on her Motored Cuirassier (that's an annoying word to type). The booth was a good mix of GSC products from the past to the present. Check out our gallery and see if you can name them all!

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  • 10/13/12--13:00: DC Collectibles @ NYCC 2012
  • Display from DC Comics Collectibles (renamed from "DC Direct") at New York Comic Con 2012 - featuring all kinds of coolness, from Superman sculpts, statues to the "reveal" of their Arkham City series action figures! Check out the still images below (courtesy of Superhero Hype): [16 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]

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