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    The $150, 7-inch Tabeo tablet from Toys 'R' Us. (Credit: Toys "R" Us) Toys "R" Us will sell a new Android tablet aimed at the younger crowd. The 7-inch Tabeo tablet sounds like a lot of entry-level Android tablets. Powered by a 1GHz processor, the multitouch device comes with 4GB of built-in storage but can handle up to 32GB with a micro SDHC card. Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, the Tabeo lets ...

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    Tomopop Review: Alter's Rita Mordio screenshot

    Rita Mordio, the fifteen-year-old "genius mage," is not only a cool tsundere with a giant spell book. She is also my favorite character from Tales of Vesperia, which is one of my favorite games of all time. However, I'm not writing to tell you about how awesome Tales of Vesperia is.  I want to show you how cool Alter's rendition of my favorite magician is.

    Hit the jump to take a closer look at her.

    Figure Name: Rita Mordio
    Figure Maker: Alter
    Retail/List Price: ¥8,800
    Available at: Otacute | J-List | Plamoya 

    If you purchased ALTaiR's Yuri Lowell or Flynn Scifo, the design of Rita's box should be very familiar to you. The design is clean cut and simple. Those of you who like to keep your figurines in their boxes will be pleased. The boxes of Alter's Tales of Vesperia characters have generous wrap around windows that let you see your figurine from many sides without un-boxing them. 

    Rita comes in a few pieces: her figure, her stand, a forearm attached to her spell casting scroll, a loose book to hang around her neck, and a little version of herself. Assembly is very simple.

    I had to pull out Rita's mini figure first. Maybe I am just a sucker for these things but minis always add something extra to the value of the figure. Speaking of her mini, her pose is really adorable! I love how the mini managed to capture all of the key elements of Rita herself, her book and magnifying glass are represented, as well as many of the ribbons and key pieces of clothing!

    Ah, I can't get enough of that adorable face! I'm not sure if she is cheering or if she is embarrassed ... maybe both? In any case, it is nice to see a Rita with a different expression on her face.

    For a comparison, here is mini Rita with the minis of Yuri and Flynn. They look really cute together!

    Like Yuri and Flynn, Rita comes with a stone path style base.  It seems earthier, but it should match fairly well to the other bases in the set. I was really impressed by the amount of texturing put into this stand. I know her base is supposed to be made from plastic, but it feels like stone to me and there are a lot of fine details. It is much heavier than Flynn's or Yuri's and more stable. Rita stands on this base on only one foot; while this concerns me a little, she is very well balanced.

    Rita is really awesome, and I have always loved her character design. Her clothes are eccentric and mismatching, yet they seem to blend perfectly together. She has lots of flowing ribbons, bows, little books and tons of points of detail. There is a lot to love about this figurine. What's really cool is Alter managed to sculpt her into an action pose. She almost looks like she is about to launch a salvo of fireballs!

    Rita's scroll certainly has a strong presence in her figurine as she is twirling it around herself. I appreciate how wavy it is, yet all the lines are cleanly painted and adjust for the waves. 

    One thing I wish Alter had added would be a whip for an alternate weapon. Her scroll is really cool and well done, but I was always amused by how she would fight with a scroll, or a whip in the game. Maybe it's because I am also a fan of Soul Calibur, as one of Rita's spells "Ivy Rush", and one of her late game weapons, "Valentine", reference Soul Calibur's Ivy. However, it would also be nice for those who do not wish for the scroll to obstruct as much of her figure.

    The gadget geek in me loves all the pockets and little extras Rita has all over her outfit. Is that a measuring tape attached to her sash? Who knows what secrets that little book in her pocket may hold? There are lots of little details. For example, if you look closely, you can even see the holes on the belt that is hanging from the book on her back. It's all of the small stuff that makes this figure so cool.

    Her goggles are shiny and her face is cute as ever. I couldn't ask for a better expression for Rita.

    Check out Rita's magnifying glass; it magnifies and distorts the line on her top.

    I believe her book is called "Song of Gaia" in Tales of Vesperia. I am amused by the fact that it seems to be locked shut by key and belt. There was a lot of attention to detail to the patterns and etchings on this book.

    Rita's mismatched leg gear is also part of her charm. I love her boot with its silver buckles and how it has pants that go all the way up, while the other leg has a stocking of sorts that comes up to her thigh, but still shows a little skin. This is a key part of her outfit design and is very creative. 

    One minor complaint I have is how obvious the seam is in her hair, and it's really hard to get around this. I think it could be that her hair does not have much detail directly around the seam, thus making it stick out more.

    Here is Rita displayed with Yuri and Flynn. They really do look great as a set together, don't they? I think fans of the series will be pleased with Rita.

    You can see here that clearly Rita's base design is different than Yuri's or Flynn's. This is just speculation, but perhaps the designers wanted to make her base resemble something more from Aspio, Rita's home city rather than Zaphias, which is where Yuri and Flynn come from in the game. 

    Here is Rita pictured in my collection, for comparison's sake. She is accompanied by many other Tales characters. My active Tales party is looking a little heavy here with Momohime and Gintoki bringing up the rear, but it is a fun group irregardless!

    I think that Rita is a really sweet figure. Fans of Tales, mages, and oddly dressed characters should try to hunt her down. Hopefully, she will get issued reprints in the coming months like Yuri Lowell and Flynn Scifo did; however I am still waiting on a reprint of Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss, so I would not hold my breath. Grab Rita if you still can!

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    Buy Now Celebrikitty Tween Costume - Paper Magic - MCC_PM731168's price decreased by 7% from $28.98 to $26.99 at Here, kitty, kitty! Being the independent feline that you are, being called can either mean responding to the call right away or whenever your little heart desires. Our sassy kitty costume is pretty and classy [...]

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    Nintendo 3DS Pro

    This 3D mockup by Justin Quinn envisions a slimmer, more durable 3DS redesign with backlit buttons, a second analog stick, and either brushed metal or carbon fiber finishes.

    Peep it: Justin Quinn's PS Vita redesign

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  • 09/10/12--09:37: AFAID 12 Culture Japan Booth

  • For a very long time, I've wanted to visit Indonesia to visit my user base and Anime Festival Asia Indonesia made it possible a few weeks ago. It was just so awesome to be able to meet folks who read my ramblings and watch my TV show Culture Japan (season 2 is being rerun on Animax in Indonesia right now).

    I was also so delighted to meet so many Mirai Suenaga fans too! We also sold my Japanese learning product Moekana in the thousands - much more than at any anime event so far - thank you to all those who picked up pack or two!

    Thanks to all who helped setup and man the booth including...


    And we have winners of the Share and Win giveaway!
    Nori Robz, niallsimon and teptepp_ who all win Mirai Nendoroid! I'll ping you soon for your address and send you when she's out in December.

    Thanks to everybody who helped to share!

    Read more about Mirai Suenaga >>>

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    Even though Bravo canned "Work Of Art" after two seasons, they - for some reason - want the Sucklord to return. For one night - tonight (September 10th 2012) - beginning at 10:00PM, The Sucklord and his gang of miscreant masked Supervillain friends shall "Occupy" Bravo's hit show Gallery Girls. Oh...and expect, as usual, "a [...]

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    Buy Now Birdseye Maple Reversed Points Sneaky Pete Cue - Weight: 21 Oz.'s price decreased by 7% from $58.99 to $54.99 at Features: -Pool cue.-Forearm: Birdseye maple reversed points with dark chocolate stain points.-Sleeve: Birdseye maple.-Rings: None.-Available in four weights: 18, 19, 20 and 21 oz..-Ferrule: 1'' Fiber ferrule.-Joint: Flat faced wood-to-wood.-Pin: Stainless steel [...]

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    Buy Now Birdseye Maple Reversed Points Sneaky Pete Cue - Weight: 19 Oz.'s price decreased by 7% from $58.99 to $54.99 at Features: -Pool cue.-Forearm: Birdseye maple reversed points with dark chocolate stain points.-Sleeve: Birdseye maple.-Rings: None.-Available in four weights: 18, 19, 20 and 21 oz..-Ferrule: 1'' Fiber ferrule.-Joint: Flat faced wood-to-wood.-Pin: Stainless steel [...]

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    Buy Now Birdseye Maple Reversed Points Sneaky Pete Cue - Weight: 20 Oz.'s price decreased by 7% from $58.99 to $54.99 at Features: -Pool cue.-Forearm: Birdseye maple reversed points with dark chocolate stain points.-Sleeve: Birdseye maple.-Rings: None.-Available in four weights: 18, 19, 20 and 21 oz..-Ferrule: 1'' Fiber ferrule.-Joint: Flat faced wood-to-wood.-Pin: Stainless steel [...]

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    Buy Now Svan Bouncer (Vanilla & Lilac)'s price decreased by 7% from $119.95 to $111.99 at The bentwood Svan Bouncer is the perfect seat for your baby from birth until they are ready for the Svan High Chair. Features: -Bouncer. -Color: Vanilla / Lilac / Espresso. -Natural bounce. -Toy loops. -Safety certified. -Ergonomic backrest. [...]

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    The animated film “Hotel Transylvania” is set to arrive in theaters September 28, 2012. The movie is about Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, and goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count’s teen-aged daughter. Coming out on September 25th is a Hotel TransylvaniaRead More

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    A prominent company jumped in to the 7-inch tablet competition Monday, but it wasn’t Apple, Microsoft, or HP — it was Toys “R” Us. The toy retailer announced the introduction of the Tabeo, a seven-inch, Android-powered tablet for kids that will cost $149.99. The device is aimed solely at younger users, complete with specialized browser controls, pre-loaded educational apps and a curated app ...

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    Swing Kingdom vinyl swing sets are becoming the backyard adventures of the future and for good reason! Vinyl clad is proven to last longer than the average wooden or metal swing set. It does not rust nor does it create splinters. So when you purchase a play set from Swing Kingdom you are protecting your [...]

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    Thanks to the TCC on twitter who have posted a new image of the Transformers Collectors Club TFSS Ultra Mammoth Opening The Matrix! That's right, this guy's got a chrome Matrix in his chest as the caption reads: quot;25 years later a Matrix can be opened by a Magnus (or Ultra MAMMOTH as he is known now...)quot; Don't forget, the TFSS service ends at midnight tonight. Get a look at the Ultra Mammoth and some of this TFSS friends after the jump.

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  • 09/10/12--10:57: 14 New ThinkFun Games!
  • Are you a fan of ThinkFun games? They’ve come out with quite a few new games this year that we are very excited about. We reviewed their new game Path Words last year and now they have a new Jr. version. We still break out the original one every now and then when we areRead More

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    Kidrobot shows off their vinyl Nibbler screenshot

    Kidrobot has previewed the next entry in their Futurama vinyl figure series, and it's the one and only Nibbler. Standing 6 inches tall, Nibbler — dressed in his signature cape and diaper — comes with a tray of kitty litter filled with his Nibblonian dark matter poo (which you can use to fuel a starship or two). No word if he also comes with a voracious appetite ...

    Want your own Nibbler? Check, Kidrobot stores and the usual retailers on Sept. 20. You'll be able to pick up Nibbler there for US$50 (£40.10, €46.50). Any Futurama fans going to pick him up next week?

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