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    BBTS Exclusive Dark Energon & More

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    set database: LEGO 4853 spider-man's street chase

     image courtesy of bricklink
     image courtesy of peeron
    image courtesy of brickset
    set number: 4853
    set name: spider-man's street chase
    theme: studios, spiderman
    year: 2004
    pieces: 79
    prices: us$10
    minifigs: 3
    great theme.
    great set.
    come with a small diamond store, a ramp and a street light with signs.
    also included a trike and a skateboard.
    minifigs included a spiderman minifig and 2 robber minifigs.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
    must have for spiderman lovers.
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    Thanks Christina P. for the nice photos. 6.99€ (@$9.50 USD) – presumably will be priced at $6.99 in the US. Not sure if TRU will offer the Buy $25, get one free anymore … but maybe towards the last part of Christmas in order to get rid of box sets … Thanks Christina P. for [...]

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  • 09/01/12--06:53: Darth Vader
  • For a character that hasn’t had more than a couple of outings in the Star Wars Vintage Collection by Hasbro, Darth Vader is certainly one that I didn’t feel the need to get once again. However, the latest Darth Vader (VC93) does represent a fairly needed update.

    0 0 has some fun subway-transit-the L signs … (sign in or sign up to view). Even custom ones where you can decide what you want on the sign to make your own stop … Tweet This Post

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    Here are some photos sent in by a Bat-Blog Fan named Martyn who is a serious Batman Fanatic. In fact, he's also a Toy Collector and that's the focus of these pics. The ones up above are mostly Toys and Collectibles. There's a great selection of both new and vintage, fun stuff! Then, the pics down below are his Action Figures. This is cool stuff and I appreciate him sharing this. It's always great to see what other people have. ( Thanks Martyn )

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    Here's a quick post to share some amazing new BATMAN Products that will be coming out later this year in November. Here are some BATMAN COOKIE JARS produced by Westland Giftware. One of them is shaped like a Large Bust Statue of the Dark Knight then the other one is a very cool Vintage-Style Batmobile. Yes, I love this car because it reminds me of the Vehicle from the 1980's Super Powers Action Figure toy line by Kenner!

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    Here's a video clip from a recent episode of DC Nation ( Cartoon Network ) where they featured a very stylized version of Batman called, "Bat Man of Shanghai". The animation is very excellent & it's an interesting variation on the character. I especially like how they did the BANE Villain, very cool!!

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    The "Dodi Blackout" print is a 3 series silkscreen print, limited to 15 piece edition variable of each colorway. This is an STGCC exclusive for Vinyl On Vinyl booth C24. Grab it quick, and as well the artist Gabriel Tiongson is in town, so this would be the perfect time to get him autographing the prints!

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    We've all heard the expression, "Finders, keepers... losers, weepers!" And in this particular case, the "find" is something with a wonderful and heartwarming story behind it. Take a look at this note from a reader who asks about a serendipitous baby gift he received almost 60 years ago.  Michael from New York writes...

    "Hello Steiffgal,

    I have had the attached bear since I was a little boy. My sister found him on the street in NYC in the mid 1950's and took him home to give to me - her new baby brother!

    He stands about 6 1/2 inches from tip of ear to foot. My sister tells me that he had a tag on him when found that said "Made in Germany." He has 5 joints, and if I recall correctly, he used to squeak when pressed.

    I am not concerned on his worth, because to me he is priceless and has been my companion for 58 years. I just want to know, after all these years, if he is a Steiff, and if so his year.
    Thank You,

    Wow... talk about a wonderful discovery and perfect timing!  What Michael has here is not only a Steiff bear, but a very dear example of the company's rare and quite desirable "Jackie" Bear.  Jackie is light blond mohair, five ways jointed, and has a distinctly round and chubby appearance, especially in his belly, hips, and thighs.   His paw pads are made from tan colored felt.  He is detailed with brown and black pupil eyes and a brown hand embroidered nose, mouth, and claws.  Jackie was produced in 17, 25, 35, and 75 cm from 1953 through 1955 only (which perfectly aligns with when Michael's sister found him on the street!)  Jackie was produced in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Teddy bear - specifically the 50th anniversary of the registration of 55PB (an early and famous Steiff bear design) at the Heidenheim (Germany) district court in 1903. 

    Steiff's Jackie bears have several distinctive characteristics which make them "O" so wonderful.  Some of these are still evident on Michael's bear; others have been lost to time and love.  These include:   

    • a light pink stitch across the nose (you can see where this might have been if you look closely at his nose)
    • an airbrushed belly button (you can see the slight remains of this right in the middle of his stomach)
    • when new, lots of facial airbrushing (lost to love and time)
    • a raised script ear button (lost to love and time)
    • a white fabric "US Zone" tag sewn in their arm seam (according to family history, was present when found on the street)
    • large hands that are proportionally large for her chubby arms and don't have the break at the wrist (yes!)
    • short, plump legs and belly (yes!)
    • a small booklet about Jackie and Steiff (lost to love and time) 
    Because of their brief time in the Steiff line, and their distinctive pattern, Jackie bears are among the most desirable post-WW2 Steiff items for most collectors.  The 2010 Steiff Auction at Christie's in London featured several of these beauties; the illustration above shows a "pristine" 17 cm example.  It is not unusual for complete examples of this bear with all IDs and their original booklets to sell in the high four figures. 
    And what does Jackie's owner make of all of this news?  According to Michael...
    "Thanks so much for your informative answer!  I always knew he was special! :) I have loved this guy since little and still do (Even though I am a retired cop! Weird huh!)  I will leave him to my daughter after I am gone as she knows how much he means to me."

    Steiffgal hopes the story behind Michael's Jackie adds a little luck to your day, too!

    Have a question about one of your Steiff treasures? Let's talk! Click here to learn more.

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    Action Figure Fury Action Figure Fury - Action Figure News, Reviews, and Guide

    One common way to grade you action figures is to use the C-scale. There are several different levels to the C-scale and it usually refers to the card more than the actual figure. When you are grading and your card receives a good grade it is more than likely that your action figure is going

    C-Scale Action Figure Grading – How To Guide

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    I Heart Guts adds five more giant organ plushes screenshot

    I Heart Guts recently released the final five huge plush anthropomorphized organs needed to round out their 12 piece set. The new releases, Big Bladder, Loud Lungs, Large Liver, Super Stomach, and Spectacular Spleen, were introduced in August at the New York International Gift Show. The 12 plushes in the giant organ set cost US$20 each while the smaller versions cost between US$16 to US$14 each. 

    The simple and colorful designs of these plushes manage to look like the organ they personify yet not so much as to gross you out. In fact, they look rather cuddly, don't they? And, with this giant organ series, there is even more plush to hug! Other plushes in this series include: Big Brain (my personal favorite), Colossal Kidney, Humongous Heart, Huge Uterus, Gigantic Gallblader, Powerful Pancreas, and Immense Intestine. Each one has its own humorous profile and comes with a illustrated booklet telling you all about the organ you chose. Who knew anatomy could be so cute?

    Check out the gallery to get a better look at the new plushes and head on over to I Heart Guts' online shop to purchase your own!

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    Cartoon Network's Thundercats Art Director Dan Norton has officially announced that the series has ended. Norton goes on to say: "Let me just say, nobody is working on ThunderCats. It would take years to get it back on tv if we started today. Draw your own conclusion. I love you guys and thank you for all the support". While the show and toyline were fun to watch and collect, we will surely miss this television series.

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    lt;img src=quot;; /gt;Transformers Legends Mobile Card Game Details Presented at PAX Prime: + Single player lets you pick a side Autobot or Decepticon to start out your deck. However on the cybertron mission map you can play as either Autobot or Decepticon. The interface for the map and the menu look very slick.+ You can collect cards for both factions

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    lt;img src=quot;; /gt; The ATamp;T U-verse online entertainment guide has been updated with some new details on the Transformers Prime Episode 45 quot;The Human Factorquot; cartoon airing on September 14th. Silas uses his second chance to join align with the Decepticons: quot;After being granted a new start in his life, the ever stone-faced Silas begins to see the world in a new light and makes an out-of-charact

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    Weta's new Dota 2 collectibles open for pre-order screenshot

    You might remember our earlier post on the Dota 2 license being picked up by Weta for collectibles, and now, all of that first wave is available for pre-order! But what does that include? Check out the four items listed on the Weta Limited store:

    • First, there's the statue of Axe, which will run you US$249 and is limited to 1,000 pieces. The 11-inch-high, 4-pound coldcast statue comes pretty intricately detailed.
    • For those who like replicas, Weta has you covered, too. There's the Butterfly Sword replica for US$249 that's a full 28 inches long and comes cast in urethane that's been hand-painted to look like you could slice someone in two with it.
    • Not big enough? Then try the Demon Edge Sword on for size! A full 50.8 inches long, this urethane bad-boy weighs more than the Axe coldcast statue (4.2 pounds) and comes ready to be displayed on your wall. Or held in your hands as you stare at it. It'll set you back US$299.
    • Or, for those of you wanting to strike a more defensive pose, there's the Vanguard Shield, also US$299. Measuring 26 inches by 23 inches and weighing in at 8 pounds, it is crafted from urethane and fiberglass, then detailed and painted to look like the real thing. It also comes with a wall bracket for display purposes.

    Everything is shipping in the second quarter (April to June) of 2013. Also, in news that will shock no one, buying any of these items gets you an exclusive Dota 2 in-game item, something Valve is probably going to keep doing in the future, so get used to it.

    [Pre-order at Weta Limited: Axe | Butterfly Sword | Demon Edge Sword | Vanguard Shield]



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    Top Toys 2012

    LEGO 9469 Gandalf-Arrives from Lord of the Rings

    Oh yeah … the time is almost here. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is coming to theaters in December 2012, just in time for Christmas 2012.

    And if you remember the Lord [...]

    Top Toys Blog - Top Toys Blog 2012 Best Toys 2012

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    4. Best LEGO Toys Christmas 2010
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    If there was any indication of how busy my time at STGCC Day One was, it would simply have to be the fact that I had remained in one single spot - specifically at the 2meters by 2 meters area of my booth F51 - for the duration of the convention day! Folks were buying toys, folks were stopping by to say hi, friends popped by for support, old friends gathered, i had essentially talked (near)

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  • 09/01/12--16:43: 12" PM Wild Tiger
  • 12" PM Wild Tiger

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    Sunday Day Two at STGCC 2012 is all about Print-Releases and Signings at TOYSREVIL Booth F51! I've got the entire day scheduled out for various artists to pop by the booth to autograph prints, doodle goodies and such exciting activities! Here's a wick run down of prints available, with each print measuring 17cm x 26cm, and limited to only 20 prints each run! Above-left: Limited Edition prints

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