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  • 08/08/12--15:30: Toy2R USA Ceases Operations
  • Well...this is an interesting shift from Toy2R. We received an email this morning regarding the fate of Toy2R USA. I have posted, in part, the press release below. Any thoughts on this move? Personally, I was a fan of the USA site because it was easier to maneuver and find the information you wanted.  Toy2R [...]

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    Star Wars, Predator, Zelda, Ghost Recon, TF & More At BBTS

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    These days Mia is so happy go lucky, she sleeps almost the entire night and eats every 3 to 4 hours. She loves to be talked to and loves when her sisters are near her. She’s so into smiling these days and she’s even starting to coo. I love when she’s active for a while... [Continue Reading]

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    Join Nanoha for a second trip to the beach screenshot

    The re-releases just keep coming, this time with Alter's Summoner Holiday Nanoha. I've mentioned in the past being a huge fan of the series in all its forms, and this was one of many related figures that I took notice of when it showed up late last year.

    Now, I love Nanoha, but I find myself at odds nonetheless. My love for the petite types is no secret at all, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a curvier lady like what Alter's given us here. Nanoha has a nice, adult build going on with some lovely curves in all the right places! Even so, I'm not so sure it fits the character we see in StrikerS, either. Nanoha is a lean fighting machine, and is definitely very much in shape. I'm not 100% sold on the figure suiting Nanoha in particular, I think.

    Even so, it's not all bad! The figure is obviously named Summer Holiday for a reason, and you can definitely conjure up images of resting at the beach with that coastal breeze tossing her hair and top back slightly. Despite my misgivings on her form, I'd still love to get my hands on this one when she arrives in December. Expect to drop around ¥8,800 if you feel the same!

    [ Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | CD Japan ]

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    Custom Gundam Unicorn Munny

    This 6” Munny was done by Rohby for a private collector. This dude need to be mass produced and sold. To me. For free.

    (via Toys R Evil)

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    Thanks to dy over at ACToys who has posted an image that appears to reveal two possible new releases for the Asian Transformers market next year. The image scanned from a magazine show two figures that will be offered as exclusives for Chinese New Year, February 2012. lt;img src=quot;; /gt;Shown are images of an Energon Optimus Prime and an Energon Om

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    Big Bad Toy Store has updated their site with pre-orders for the summer's hottest toy lines. Click through to get in on the latest DC Direct, Halo, Marvel Select, and more!

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    [UPDATE]Persona 4: Arena figma Aigis is ready for battle  screenshot

    [Update: Pre-orders are going up at the usual places] 

    If you're reading this then you aren't playing Persona 4: Arena right now, but you should be... after you've finished reading. The game is only a day old here, a little less than two weeks old in Japan, (sorry, Europe, you're still a month out) and we're getting our best look at one of the first figures from the game: figma Aigis the ULTIMATE Ver.!

    I know what you're thinking, another Aigis figure and our third time seeing her in the figma line to boot, but take a good look because this version has a lot going for it. This isn't the same figma Aigis we've seen before, she's now sporting several tweaks to her design. Sorry if this sounds like a review, there's a lot to talk about here. Starting with the head she now has a slightly older, more mature look to her face. She only seems to have two faces, neutral and open-mouthed, but she also includes an upgraded visor similar to the one that came with the Heavy ver. from Wonder Festival [Summer] 2011.  Her hair is a little more "bushy", especially in the bangs, and her black and gold hair piece is now vented. Her body hasn't changed much, but she does now sport a red necktie rather than the former designs ribbon. The silver "buttons" on her pelvis are now gold. 

    She has big changes to her arms now. Her shoulders have been entirely redesigned with heavier armor making up the joint which really helps to fill it out compared to the old shoulder's bare-frame look. Even where the shoulders connect to the body looks more impressive. The gold also has a more polished look overall, giving the figure a much cleaner look, a little more like Bandai's Chogokin version. The forearms are now completely covered with the barrels which are now larger and even closer resemble the cylinder of a revolver. Of course the most striking thing about them is the polished silver look (which is also seen on the finger tips and in other areas) as opposed to the dull gunmetal coloring seen previously. It's a nice touch that adds a lot to her appearance.

    Moving on to her legs, the inner workings of her hips are now covered making them look more human than the exposed "shock absorbers" did. The gold portion is now larger and shown to be two pieces rather than the single piece of the previous design. The most obvious upgrade is the addition of thrusters to the sides of her hips. Colored in black, red, and more of that nice polished silver, it adds more variety to her leg design. The rest of the leg has nothing new to note, but there's only so much they can change. 

    Now for the fun(ner) stuff. I'm sure by now you've noticed that this version of Aigis is armed to the teeth is an arsenal that easily rivals that of figma KOS-MOS! Aigis is packed with a missile launcher, Gatling gun, and canon. All are sculpted and painted in great detail, all the way down to the screw holes and wires. Thanks to the way the mechanism is designed you can break it down and mount as many or as few weapons as you want. The mounting system doesn't use the figma stand peg hole so it doesn't interfere with posing. Of course you can't have a figma with big guns without some muzzle flash effect parts.

    Pre-orders are expected to start tonight at ¥4,800 with the current release date set for December. 

    [via figma blog]

    [ Pre-order at Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Big in Japan ]

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    This morning we received some unfortunate news in our inbox – the USA division of Toy2R is closing it doors, though the parent company based in Hong Kong will continue developing and producing vinyl toys. Here’s the introductory and main portion of the official statement: ‘Thank you for your support...

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  • 08/08/12--17:37: Pearlescent Grey Garuru
  • Tomorrow (Thursday August 9th 2012), at Noon PT, Super7 will be releasing a new colorway of Itokin Park’s Garuru (from the Monster Family). The 4" tall Pearlescent Grey Garuru is cast from pearlescent grey vinyl and features metallic gold and silver sprays, with additional details in black and red. You can purchase one for $35.00 [...]

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    NASA Plays With Water In Outer Space

    To which we respond:

    (via BuzzFeed)

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  • 08/08/12--18:33: Paul Shih for STGCC 2012
  • PAUL SHIH [] is coming to Singapore, and TOYSREVIL Booth F51 will play host to a signing session with the New Zealand based designer, this coming STGCC 2012! Scheduled for a 2pm to 3pm session on Sunday September 2nd - expect some surprises and goodies from Paul exclusively at F51, along with the release of the TOYSREVIL-Exclusive BEVIL and KAIJU SUSHI Editions (in extremely

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    Martin Hsu will be bringing Dragon Boy back to his birth country of Taiwan for ‘Dragon Boy GO!’ (8.25) – a one day art exhibition + toy release/signing at Wingrow Gallery in Taipei. The show will feature several new paintings (WIP previews after the jump), the OG Dragon Boy vinyls,...

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  • 08/08/12--18:41: Shibuya in the Summer

  • The Japan Summer theme continues and this time we take a look at Shibuya. Shibuya used to be my hub when I worked at Amazon for a few years - loved working in this part of the city. The streets are always bustling with life and is home to the busiest crossing in the world.

    I used to sit in Shibuya recording the sounds of the area when I was first visiting Japan - would listen to the sounds when I went back to London while I studied Japanese. I think that Shibuya encapsulated much of what I wanted to be a part of my life.
    More photos from the Summer series listed up below.

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    Got me an awesome new watch to wear to STGCC now - courtesy of Streething x adidas Originals Timepiece! And as well a perfect ode to Singapore's National Day today! Designed by Kenneth Wong, only 470 pieces of this limited edition watch were produced in conjunction with Singapore’s 47th National Day. The watch was launched officially on 1st August at select adidas Originals stores and

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    The New Indie Games Uprising Makes Me Care About Video Games Again

    While “hardcore” gamers are stroking their collective boners over every bit of Black Ops 2 info that leaks, people with good taste in things are left wanting more from an industry that seems to be moving away from the audience that’s supported it for all these years. The only games I personally even give a shit about this year are Resident Evil 6 (please don’t suck!), Pokemon B&W 2, Sleeping Dogs, and SoundShapes (which hit PSN yesterday. Go get that shit.). Note how none of those games are online first person shooters.

    Thankfully, Microsoft is here to support creativity in gaming with the third annual Indie Games Uprising. Take a look at the games that will be available on XBLA this September 10th-20th in the video below.

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    Daily Graffiti: Hello Kitty, Snow White, Facebook, Apple

    Schizophrenic street art spotted by tofz4u.

    Check out the DAILY GRAFFITI ARCHIVES for more geektastic street art!

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  • 08/08/12--22:32: Name That…Sexy
  • This figure is sexy and they know it.

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    FUNimation Makes Six Year Old Meme a Shirt

    FUNimation posted a photo tonight on their Facebook fan page, in an album titled “Merchandise,” and uploaded a picture of some upcoming t-shirts the company will be selling. According the caption of the photo, the company will now be selling the six year old Internet meme on shirts in select retailers/Hot Topic stores around the nation. If you care enough, Dragon Ball Z shirts with “It’s over 9000!!!” are available for purchase in the very near future. 

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  • 08/09/12--02:13: New crayons on the block
  • Colourful and chunky, the Block Crayons are designed to appeal to children aged 18 months and over, with each crayon doubling as a building block.

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