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    Recently, some Loyal Bat-Blog Readers sent us some amazing photos from the SUPER-MEGA SHOW & COMIC FEST that happened in New Jersey on June 9th & 10th. Here are some pics from our Good Pal & Ace Bat-Reporter BatDave and we'll be sharing even more later. These sort of focus on the Batman Bat-Vehicles that were there and they had an amazing assortment! 

    OK, Outside ( right near the front door! ), they had a beautiful pair of 1966 BATMAN TV Show Replicas: The '66 Batmobile and Bat-Cycle!! Also appearing at the show was Captain Gene Nock who brought his Original 1960's Batman Movie Batcopter, also known as the N3079G!! 

    Oh yeah hold on, one last thing! The Actor Robert Vaughn, who was a Special Guest at the show and you might remember him from THE MAN FROM UNCLE 60's TV Series, was kind enough to pop outside and get into our friend John's 1966 Batmobile for a photo op! As you can imagine everyone loves to sit inside that car and, sometimes, it's even kind of hard to get them to get out of it, ha ha!

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    HIT Entertainment, one of the leading providers of children’s entertainment, is finalizing plans with Fisher-Price, Inc., to market and manufacture a global master toy range for Mike the Knight, excluding the UK and Japan. The toy line will be based on the CGI animated series, Mike the Knight, which transports kids to a world of [...]

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    Baby Aspen, a manufacturer of boutique baby gifts, has a new line of baby clothing and accessories that will begin showcasing late this summer. The collection pictured features a firefighter layette complete with black suspenders, yellow boots, and a firefighter hat.  The Sock Safari set features four pairs of animal printed socks. The collection also [...]

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    Sea slugs can be ugly and unpleasant to hold, but some of their relatives are much more pleasing to the eye.  (This might also be the case with your family members.)  When you’re under the sea, anything is possible!  By anything, I mean “beautiful” and “slug” being in the same sentence.  Yes, these critters may look like shell-less snails, but they are a ton of fun to look at and will give you a greater appreciation for the weirder things in life! ...

    10 Sea Slugs Beautiful Enough To Be The Next Miss Universe is a post from: Cool Gizmo Toys

    10 Sea Slugs Beautiful Enough To Be The Next Miss Universe is a post by on Cool Gizmo Toys.

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  • 06/19/12--17:33: Lego Man Dissections
  • Jason Freeny has completed work on a trio of 18" Lego Men dissections. Jason has documented the creation of these custom pieces over at Facebook in a special photo album. And I thought they were just solid plastic on the inside...

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  • 06/19/12--18:47: AFAMY 12 Culture Japan Booth

  • Pictures of our Culture Japan booth at AFAMY (Anime Festival Asia Malaysia 2012). This is the 3rd booth that we've done and each time we improve learning from our previous mistakes.
    Our first one was last year at Anime Expo. Our second one was also last year at AFA 11.
    We dont have experience selling stuff yet so this time was only a showcase of Mirai Suenaga illustrations and merchandise.

    I would like to thank everybody who dropped by and especially thank all the folks who worked on the booth who are:-
    <<Itasha Traveller>>
    - Alvin
    - Wei Sheng
    - Zechariah Ho
    - Wen Jun 藤原雪野の冒険

    <<Itasha Decal>>
    - Nick Tan
    - Zechariah Ho

    <<Blog Media>>
    - Alphond Tan(Malaysia)
    - Chun Kah
    - Shane Mok

    <<Blog Media>>
    - Yunamon(Malaysia)

    Folks from AFA also helped out too - thank you everybody!

    The Itasha was produced by Alvin and decalized by Nick and Zechariah from

    Not a lot of Mirai goodies right now but there will be twice as much this time next year - but probably 3 or 4 times more ^^;

    Originally wanted to have more iPads showing videos but didn't have time to prepare.

    If you are wondering about the clone - it was a prezzie when filming at the cloning factory a while back.

    Mirai Music - Its ready but just sorting out logistics right now.

    The Mirai card sleeves are out!


    Mirai-chan Touch N Go!

    Cutie Esther in Mirai's Solar Marine uniform! And check out her Millennium Blade too!

    Abunai Usagi as Kanata on the right of photo and Sumire Lee as Mirai-chan.

    Official artwork for Anime Expo 2012 - how many of you joining us this year?

    The Edo Ward in Mirai Millennium.

    Some Moekana artwork that you may not have seen yet.

    4th Generation Retrograde Suit in the hangar.

    Mirai Cheerleader by KD!

    Reina-chan looks after the itasha.

    Our team!

    Our team grows over night!

    Hammy as Mirai in Winter Uniform and Mintochuu as Mirai in Summer uniform. Catch them in the video below!

    Our Alvin on Fuji TV!

    Jimmy Choo loves the little ones too!

    We need a bigger booth next time!

    I can see where I'm going to start balding from...

    Got to meet Cantabile94!

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    Daily Graffiti: I am your FATHER!! Darth Vader spotted by Rashard&Erika on Flickr.

    Check out the DAILY GRAFFITI ARCHIVES for more geektastic street art!

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    With Brooklin getting older and starting to explore the world more and more she needs shoes that will keep up with her very busy feet. Shoes that run, climb, jump and play and that’s exactly how Pediped keeps up with her. We were recently sent a pair of Pediped Flex Minnie shoes to review and... [Continue Reading]

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    iCarly: Groovy Foodie! is a new title from D3 Publisher and is based on Nickelodeon’s popular iCarly show for kids and tweens. Carly and her best friend and co-host Sam have to do community service after getting in some trouble. Their service is to serve creative food concoctions to patrons at the Groovy Smoothie, Webicon,... [Continue Reading]

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    OMG! I just saw a couple of episodes of Tron Uprising, and I was blown away.  To be honest, I wasn’t exactly expecting this reaction from me at all.  I [...]

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    For The Nintendo DS Kai, our 7 year old, has been playing Madagascar 3: The Video Game by D3 publisher on her Nintendo DS. This adventure includes the cast mates of Madagascar 3 like Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe and some others from the movie. Their mission... [Continue Reading]

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  • 06/20/12--01:02: ThunderCats action figures
  • The ThunderCats are back, and Bandai has a range of figures to help you get in on the action.

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  • 06/20/12--02:21: LEGO’s feeling tyred
  • If you were asked to name the world’s largest tyre manufacturer, you might think of Pirelli, Goodyear or Michelin, but you’d be wrong.

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    Too cute … The remix version … Tweet This Post

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    RAF Cosford will play host to final of the 4th annual Scalextric4Schools competition this weekend, with 10 finalists in the running.

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    set database: LEGO 9476 the orc forge

    image courtesy of Grogall
    set number: 9476
    set name: the orc forge
    theme: lord of the rings
    year: 2012
    pieces: 363
    prices: us$40
    minifigs: 4
    new lord of the rings theme set.
    come with an underground orc forge.
    the forge has a workable winch, a slide chute, a furnace and an uruk-hai growth pit.
    the furnace has a light brick function.
    minifigs included a lurtz minifig, an uruk-hai minifig and 2 mordor orc minifigs.
    great playability.
    overall design is great.
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    I’m trying to help Birdie understand that it’s ok if I win, or if we both win, or if no one wins! But, then I see these amazing brooches from Cookie Cutter and think I need to give one to every single person I know. It’s important to show how much we appreciate people too. [...]

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    [PR Newswire] - EAST AURORA, N.Y., June 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Touch-screen technology is everywhere and it comes as no surprise that today's children are practically born digital. It's second nature for even the youngest ...

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    This is the eighth in a series of articles about the practice of toy reviewers being given free samples for review, and whether that represents a problem for readers looking for honest assessments to make purchase decisions. You can find the other articles in the series here. Today’s Q&A is with Josh Bernard of 1.) When [...]

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