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    A Little Bit On The Pokégumball Machine Side: This illustration by Maicon MCM is amazing. Can you imagine if you could get actual Pokémon from capsule machines? This piece is available as a print from Society6.

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    Indonesia resin-slinger and designer Abell Octovan debuts a couple of smalls of his MAD GHOST Clear-Red Edition of his Barking Gun, and I am utterly smitten by it's awesomeness (anything "red" gets me excited these days LOL). And while availability is currently unrevealed as yet, you an bet this'll fly off the store quick, IMHO! And what about his new Barking Gun in "ATTACK" mode, huh? Something

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    Oh, I’m ready! Are you ready for Despicable Me 2 apparel? We loved the first movie so much and have high hopes for the sequel. We also just love those minions to death and would proudly wear a shirt with them on it. Despicable Me 2 is coming to theaters July 3, 2013. So, who’sRead More

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  • 04/11/12--23:26: DC Universe Tragic, Ctd
  • This was posted last night on Mattel’s Facebook page: You may have heard that the time is nearing for the end of the Young Justice toy line. While we’re as bummed as you are, we want to be sure you know this doesn’t in any way mean the end of DC toys from Mattel. In fact, it’s [...]

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  • 04/11/12--23:26: Desk Diary 2012/04

  • In the last installment of the Desk Diary series, I mentioned that we moved out of the office that we had been using since 2008 - we actually just moved up to the 2nd floor ^^;

    I used to call the first floor office "The Dungeon" as it was so dark down there - even during the daytime, the lights would have to be on as hardly any light gets in down there. There was always a mysterious breeze of cold air down there too. The Dungeon is also too small to hold the extra staff that are going to join this year.

    When I started my company, the office was on the 3rd floor which looked like this - now that we've used all 3 floors for office space, the next move will either be relocating the office elsewhere or making this house the company building as my wife and I move out.

    Going back in time - we used one end of the 2nd floor as the TV relaxation space.

    The dining table moved from the middle to the other end of the room.

    Still lots of stuff to move.

    When we first moved in, I didn't know about the existence of Clear Racks and so ended up installing these glass shelves...

    ...which meant I needed to make these huge holes in the wall ToT

    The speakers at the back of the room were wired against the wall like this. Now looking for a decent surround sound system with wireless satellite speakers - any recommendations?

    Cables really get on my nut!

    Meanwhile back downstairs - the move is slowly in progress.

    One table down - one to go. Dont know how much these Ikea Vika glass tables weigh but it must be at least 2.5 tonnes each.

    Standard issue injury.

    The carpet decided that it didn't want to part with the flooring after being together for so long - over the years it became stuck to the floor! If you are ever going to lay some carpet, place some paper or cloth down first or you may have a very tough time removing the carpet after.

    The move in progress.

    Brought one glass table down from the 3rd floor. Not too keen on the curtains - maybe a Ita-Curtain is in order? Will probably replace with some orange blinds.

    Office starting to take shape.

    The TV is going to go here until we get a new one to mount on the wall. Was thinking of getting a Freestyle Aquos - the selling point of that TV is that the tuner is a separate unit but then I found out that you cant attach HDMI (or any other appliances) to it wirelessly. What TV do you have and what size is it?

    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Enough moving for one night - going to carry on the next day.

    The walls need a treatment of Mirai.

    We are going to get rid of that orange carpet and replace it with some tatami - but the carpet is not going to leave without putting up a fight ^^;

    Just what the doctor ordered - a dose of Mirai.

    Jango Fett's Slave I and the Millennium Falcon come out to play.

    Bare bones office.

    In need of figure shelves!

    Wont be able to do any voice dubbing in this room as its too large and echoey - will use the 3rd floor instead.

    This TV will go down to the 1st floor after we get a decent replacement to stick on the wall.

    Clear pins come in handy to keep up posters and other bits n pieces in the new office.

    About to spend a morning putting up shelves.

    The Mirai poster board has been hiding the holes in the walls for a few days.

    About to patch up the holes.

    Ordered 8 Clear Racks from Amazon - they cost 2,330 yen each and are a figure collectors best friend.

    Clear Racks are mounted onto the walls with thin nails which can be removed easily - the small hole can then be filled up with toothpaste - standard practice in Japan ^^;

    2 Shelves done and 6 more to go.

    All done!

    Time to deal with all the other cabling.

    I probably wont be alive when they finally think of how to make all of this wireless. But where I'm going, there will be no need for wires.

    The old office that served us well for many moons.

    Currently planning on using this room as a living room - currently filled with crap though ^^;

    I have a bad habit of sitting on the edge of my chair.

    Its day time and we can now actually see without the lights on!

    New dustbin for the kitchen to replace the one that we had been using for the past 13 years.

    We need separate compartments as all garbage is recycled in Japan.

    New pet.

    Am thinking of making Moekana posters too.

    Need some new Itamado for the windows.

    The Strike Gundam hanging from the ceiling is actually my earthquake detection device - its swinging velocity gives me an idea of how big the quake is.

    In deep thought about something or other. Probably thinking its about time there are some Mirai Suenaga mugs.

    The new office is on the same floor as the kitchen which means easy access to snacks = danger of gaining weight ><

    Under the skylight windows you can see some Japanese amulets which have to be placed in a high location. You can see another example of them placed in a high location at the Good Smile Company offices.

    Now there is much more room for guests who come to the office.

    I have a feeling that shelf of figma and Gundams is going to get longer.

    Currently working with just the iMac as my main machine but when TV production starts to ramp up then I'll need to bring back the other monitor.

    Been using the current iMac since last Autumn-ish. Would like to be able to pull the screen closer to me at an angle and heard that the 2012 iMacs may have such a feature which means I would probably switch to that ^^;
    However I do tend to use a machine until it starts to become too slow for my needs - applications tend to want more resources from the machine as they get versioned up. How often do you change your main computer and what are the reasons?
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.
    There is a poll embedded in this article.

    Somebody came and removed the Oppai Covers on some of these figures.

    My main clock is now MiraiClock3 - free from the App Store!

    Need to throw out some old office chairs and to do that in Japan you need to pay for them to be picked up for recycle. Go to your nearest convenience store to pick up some of these stickers for Sodai Gomi Shori [粗大ごみ処理[そだいごみしょり]] - they cost 200 yen each.

    Once you got your stickers, stick them on the items that you want to dispose and then call the local ward office. They will arrange for a time to come and pick them up. The stickers are an indication that you have already paid the recycle fee.
    What happens when you want to dispose of large stuff in your neck of the woods? Do you just throw it out with the rest of the rubbish?

    Most Japanese households use slippers indoors - we tend to use them during the cold seasons. These ones from UNIQLO for only 500 yen a pair. Do they have UNIQLO in your kingdom?

    More sample Moekana T-Shirts and a Tote bag.

    Soon to join Mirai figma is...

    Nendoroids go well with plants.

    Our lazing-about-corner is often used by wifey who loves our Mirai-chan dakimakura!

    More installations of the Desk Diary series listed up below.

    About Mascots Subscribe by Email Twitter Facebook

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    Most popular wooden blocks puzzle eBay auctions:

    The Original Post is Located Here: Melissa & Doug Pattern Wooden Blocks and Boards * Geometric Shapes Puzzle

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    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bain Capital LLC is considering raising $6 billion to $8 billion for a new global buyout fund and offering investors up to three options on fees it charges to manage the money, according to two people with direct knowledge of the matter. Bain's last global fund, Fund X, launched in 2007, raised $10.7 billion and is about 70 percent invested. ...

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  • 04/11/12--23:26: DC Universe Tragic
  • I’ll admit I’ve been remiss in covering this, but Mattel’s DC toy lines are in trouble. Young Justice’s 4″ and 6″ lines have been cancelled; JLU ends this year. But what about the DC Universe 6″ lines? To quote the Magic 8-Ball, “Outlook  not so good.” It’s all covered thoroughly in an excellent editorial by [...]

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    Daily Graffiti: Apocalypse now! X-Men inspire street art by Deejo.

    Check out the DAILY GRAFFITI ARCHIVES for more geektastic street art!

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    $1,300 Resident Evil 6 “Premium Edition” Is Just Bananas.

    Capcom, always down for absorbing sums of money, big or small, have truly outdone themselves this time. The Japanese “Premium Edition” of RE6 comes with 4 different tablet covers, a copy of the game, and a replica of Leon’s snazzy leather jacket in your choice of small, medium, large, or extra large. All for ¥105,000 or US $1,293.

    I mean, it’s a nice jacket and all, but damn! $1,300? Really?

    One Kotaku reader cleverly commented:

    No worries, gang. Capcom will release DLC for the jacket that should’ve been included in the first place. DLC has already been listed as things like: The zipper, an additional ability to add a row of snaps instead of the zipper, an American Flag tattoo (Guile reference,) and let’s not forget the entire left arm of the jacket can be “unlocked” after paying an additional $300 for the Day 1 DLC.

    Speaking of DLC, if I’m going to pay over $1,000 for a game, that shit better get me a free pass to every piece of DLC for that game for the rest of time.

    (via Kotaku, 4Gamer, e-Capcom)

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    “What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son? What if “Luke, I am your father” was just a stern admonishment from an annoyed dad? In this hilarious and sweet comic reimagining, Darth Vader is a dad like any other—except with all the baggage of being the Dark Lord of the Sith. [...]

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    Capcom showed off new trailers for these games at their ultra elite Captivate press event in Rome last week, but now they’re available to the general public for mass consumption. And they’re not even trying to sell it as DLC! Thanks, Capcom!

    Hit the jump for trailers, hype, hoopla, and obligatory reaction gifs.


    Lost Planet 3 Cinematic Trailer

    Check out Capcom’s obvious attempt at marketing to a western audience. Could that dude be any more intentionally white? He’s like a space barbarian version of Nathan Drake. Not saying it’s a bad thing, just that’s it’s obvious a table of designers thought his overall caucasion-ness out way too much. This has lots of potential to not suck because of the fact that giant mechs disguised as glacial mountains are awesome, but they’re made even more awesome when they’re fighting giant bug aliens that burst from the icy ground. This game needs to be Shadow of the Colossus, only you get to be a colossus too. This game needs to be Godzilla on Hoth.

    Resident Evil 6 Cinematic Trailer

    While there’s no gameplay in this one, it’s a gazillion times better than the first trailer in every conceivable way.

    Leon: “I need you to fake our deaths.”

    Leon: “Sherry? What are you doing here”

    Ada: “So, you’re Wesker Junior…”

    Trailer ends with Chris and Leon in a Mexican stand-off.

    Dragon’s Dogma Undead Gameplay Trailer

    Another attempt at appealing to western gamers. I played this at NYCC and wasn’t impressed. Why is everything so dark? And the characters move like sticky action figures. Not even name brand figures like G.I. Joe either, but shitty dollar store figures made with thick cheap paint. Everything about this game just seems lifeless, but I’m sure people will buy it because it has the word dragon in it and the explosions are pretty.

    DmC Public Enemy Trailer

    I only played the first Devil May Cry, but I never finished it, so I’m not particularly attached to this series. The new Dante looks like a Hispanic scene kid. And I would know — I used to be a Hispanic scene kid. Even had the same stupid haircut. (It was a phase. I’m over it. Whatever.) This looks pretty decent, but I’m expecting the obnoxious smart-ass comments and forced Hot Topic rebellious attitude to get really annoying really quick.

    What do you guys think? Anything you’re especially pumped for?

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    I was pretty excited to take my grandchildren to the library after work last week. We arrived at the Lacey Timberland Regional Library and headed to the children’s area — ready to read and experience the joy of all those choices — only to find that there were several really fun toys to distract the children. It was certainly a perplexing situation. There were about eight other children already ...

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    DC Direct Becomes DC Collectibles & Expands Online Offerings

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    This morning brought all kindsa-Unchartered Nathan Drake toy-news in my humble inbox - where ESC Toy is releasing a trio of colorways for fans! I'll let the product-text do their own 'talking', and so soon after my earlier post about this other prototype Drake too :)SILVER DRAKE @ US$400 per: 'These custom Silver Nathan Drakes by Erick Scarecrow will be available here at 11am EST. One of these

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    You’re in the The Hot Zone This Retails for $14+ Monsuno Core Combat 2-Packs equip you with double t

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    Infinite Stratos' Laura is on guard at the beach screenshot

    I think someone needs to tell poor Laura here exactly how to relax. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with that leg sheath, but it certainly doesn't look like it's anything needed for some fun in the sun. Besides that, I've never quite understood Japan's eyepatch fetish. In most cases, particularly the medical version of the kink, it's an outright turnoff.

    I'd say the rest of this figure's enough to forgive the character designers for such a slight though! Laura's bikini is, to say the least, exceptionally tiny, allowing fans to get a fine look at her slim figure, though what really stands out is the decor of her swimsuit. With a gorgeous deep violet butterfly motif reminiscent of Guild Wars 2's Mesmer, this design is definitely right up my alley.

    There's also an option for her to have her hair down and remove the eyepatch, though being unfamiliar with the show I'm not quite sure what's going on under it. Kind of creepy! Take a look through this gallery from Akiba Hobby and see if you agree! Any pre-orders forthcoming?

    Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

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    When I saw She's Not There Poppy Parker, I knew I had seen the dress before - not necessarily on Twiggy but it was engraved somewhere in my memories.

    Looking around at old Vogue issues, I discoverd why. The original dressed was designed by John Bates a.k.a. Jean Varon for his Avengers collection. Take a look at Diana Riggs sporting it along with the coat in an Avengers episode:

    I also found Jean Shrimpton wearing the coat over the dress in a British Vogue 1965 issue, photographed by Bailey (small photo, bottom right).

    Some more photos of the dress.

    (Vogue scan courtesy of Youthquakes - Avengers photos courtesy of Vintage Chic)

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    lt;img src=quot;; /gt; Thanks to Snakas who has shared some exciting news. Takara Tomy listed new pre-orders for Transformers Prime Arms Micron clas action figures AM-18 Arachnid and AM-17 Swoop that are slated for release in August 2012. The Arachnid deluxe class figure was reported last month. However, news of a Swoop voyager class figure us something totally new and are a pretty

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